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An honest and hardworking people…

Border agents near California’s U.S.-Mexico border arrested a driver Sunday after finding cargo that “did not look like gasoline” in one of his gas tanks, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Rene Elizalde, a 22-year-old U.S. citizen, was driving … Continue reading

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Beyond the Stigma: Chronic pain is the other side of the opioid epidemic

Chris Sounia’s spine was crushed and his leg shattered when a drunken driver going the wrong way on I-495 in Massachusetts crashed head-on into the limousine he was driving. Twenty-five years later, Sounia is among the estimated 19.6 million Americans … Continue reading

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Fucking lightweight

A 15-year-old Ohio high school student went on a rampage that included groping school employees’ breasts and buttocks, and it might have been fueled by LSD that the teen said was given to him by his dog, Liberty Township Police … Continue reading

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Your Friday Afternoon Florida Report

MOUNT DORA — Mount Dora police arrested a pregnant woman Monday night after she allegedly attacked her boyfriend over a smashed meth pipe. MORE -Gordon

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Hey, gotta pay off those student loans somehow

“Black Rice” was code for black tar heroin. “Chinese White Rice” was powdered heroin, often laced with the potent and deadly synthetic opiate fentanyl. “Xavier Cabbage Patch Dolls” were the party drug ecstasy, and “tram jam classic dolls” referred to … Continue reading

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Messing with the tweeker


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How does somebody forget 2 pounds of killer bud?

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Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate

Members of the Sackler family, which owns the company that makes OxyContin, directed years of efforts to mislead doctors and patients about the dangers of the powerful opioid painkiller, a court filing citing previously undisclosed documents contends. When evidence of … Continue reading

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Pass the joint, Grandma

As attitudes towards cannabis shift, the fastest-growing group of users is over 50 – and marijuana’s popularity among seniors is beginning to change the American experience of old age. Why are more seniors getting high? It might make more sense … Continue reading

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Guess the Race

A substitute teacher in Detroit has been hospitalized after a student viciously attacked her because she informed the administration he had brought drugs to school, and the aftermath was captured on cellphone video. MORE

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Well, Chico always was known for being a party town

CHICO — One person is dead and four are in critical condition following apparent drug overdoses Saturday morning at a house on Santana Court in an incident that Chico police Chief Mike O’Brien described as “horrific.” “Every indication is that … Continue reading

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Your Monday Afternoon Florida Report

HOMESTEAD, Fla. (WFOR) — A Florida man was arrested Thursday night after more than 40 grams of cocaine were found in his possession during a traffic stop near in the Florida Keys, but not before he decided to eat part … Continue reading

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

A hypothermic man found near a Bend-area visitors center late Thursday told deputies he walked over 10 miles in the nude before getting help, according to the local sheriff’s office. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office said Adam Gilliam, 27, showed … Continue reading

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Now now, dry those tears up, Buckaroo

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“Can somebody please come feed my puppy?”

MOUNT MORRIS TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A 6-year-old Michigan girl who was left alone in her home was rescued after posting photos of her dead father online. WJRT reported that the girl was left alone for up to 24 hours after … Continue reading

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Fucking tweekers…

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — An Atlanta-area family says they returned home from holiday travel to find someone else living in their house. Janice Henson said the key wouldn’t turn when they returned Wednesday. A man who came to the door … Continue reading

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Your Friday Morning Florida Report

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida man claimed ignorance when jail officials found syringes in his rectum during an early morning strip search. MORE -Padawan

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“Latte and a speedball, please”

Starbucks is installing boxes for safe disposal of syringes in the bathrooms of certain locations, following workers’ reports of discarded needles and sometimes concerning conditions. The coffee giant is exploring remedies after employees expressed fears about being pricked by uncapped … Continue reading

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Aimo Koivunen -The Original Tweeker

Aimo Allan Koivunen (17 October 1917 – 12 August 1989) was a Finnish soldier in World War II and the first documented case of a soldier overdosing on amphetamine during combat. MORE -WiscoDave

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