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Well, this oughta be interesting

Magic mushrooms could soon be legalised in one US state after officials took a step closer to a potential ballot on the issue. Oregon’s Secretary of State approved the language needed for the ballot which means those in favour of … Continue reading

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Dope fiends, I swear…

Over the course of two weeks at one house near Spartanburg, South Carolina, there was a stabbing and a killing, and then a suspicious fire gutted the home, according to WSPA. Spartanburg sheriff’s deputies arrested William Tommie Smith, 63, after … Continue reading

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Crooked cops? No way!

A Texas man is accusing several police officers in Northern California of stealing three pounds of legal marijuana from him during a traffic stop, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed earlier this month. And he’s not the only … Continue reading

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Should’ve bought them on the street like everybody else

A registered pharmacist was charged with second-degree robbery after he allegedly stole narcotics from a CVS pharmacy in Danville while brandishing a gun and wearing a blue surgical mask, officials said Thursday. Jonathan Szkotak was arrested April 3 after he … Continue reading

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Busted for drugs on live TV while watching porn

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The day Johnny spun out

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Damn, I wonder what a chili dog would’ve got her?

A Georgia woman is suing after she served jail time for a drug charge due to a roadside drug test falsely labeling a bag of blue cotton candy as methamphetamine. WMAZ reports Dasha Fincher spent almost four months in jail … Continue reading

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That would go quick on Kentucky’s Craigslist…

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With friends like that…

Three meth users caused a Walmart in Vancouver to lockdown briefly on Black Friday after one of them flew off the handle and took his two friends hostage, according to reports. The trio was getting high inside a stolen car … Continue reading

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Dope fiends…

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Your Afternoon Florida Report

A Polk County woman brought a small clear plastic bag to her doctor’s office and asked for it to be tested because she was “scared” what smoking it was doing to her and wanted the doctor to “check her well-being,” … Continue reading

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Mississippi? Not Florida?

This is the shocking moment a man deliberately rammed his pickup truck into a courthouse in Mississippi. Keith Cavalier, 28, told officers from Gulfport Police Department that he intentionally crashed into the Harrison County Courthouse early Saturday because it was … Continue reading

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Your Friday Morning Florida Report

Two jail inmates face murder charges for supplying the fatal fentanyl that killed a fellow inmate at the Miami-Dade County Jail, authorities said Thursday. MORE

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A 24-year-old woman is in jail after being accused of breaking into one of Aurora’s newest fire stations, flooding it, ransacking the building and even decapitating a bird. MORE

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One for the road

Thirty-six-year-old Kristi Rettig of Eastpointe, Michigan, led sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed car chase through the dark of night, the Sheriff’s Department says. And when deputies finally got her to stop, they ran up to her car with their guns … Continue reading

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Note to self: Don’t yawn

Police in Missouri say there were several pieces of evidence that pointed them toward the 514 pounds of marijuana in the Chevrolet Suburban driven by 61-year-old Ricky Allan Martin. He denied a trooper’s request to search the vehicle during a … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’ve never shot up marijuana before either

In a few weeks, Utah will vote on Proposition 2, a controversial measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Regardless of the result, lawmakers have vowed to re-legislate the issue and will consider a compromise bill that, compared … Continue reading

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Reminds me of Jack(ass) for some reason

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Everybody must get stoned!

New York City employers are squarely blaming a raging drug epidemic for much of the trouble they have filling jobs in one of the tightest labor markets in a generation. More local prospective workers are testing positive for substance abuse, … Continue reading

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That’ll get your attention for sure

Eli Himebauch got quite a surprise when he pulled over to report an abandoned Ford Focus as it sat on a Southeast Portland street. Just then two men crawled out from underneath the stripped car. Apparently they were still at … Continue reading

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