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So you got fucked up last night…

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Texas? Not Florida?

WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS — Police were called to a Texas Walmart after a woman was reportedly drinking wine from a Pringles can and riding an electric cart in the parking lot. MORE

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“No worries, Boss – they’ll never notice”

A New York man was arrested for the second time in six days on suspicion of driving under the influence after he allegedly drove drunk to the Modesto area California Highway Patrol Office to inquire about the location of his … Continue reading

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She’s a keeper!

This is the hilarious moment a woman piggy backs her husband to bed after he came home drunk from a night out with his friends. Waanon Lamnarai, 28, had been drinking whisky with his friends and had to be taken … Continue reading

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I’ve been that fucked up before

And drunk enough to where I ate the crust anyway.

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When you mix alcohol and gunfire

A 33-year-old man ringing in 2019 with gunfire in a Cleveland field accidentally shot himself in the leg early Tuesday while trying to holster his gun, WOIO reported. He wasn’t alone. In Kansas City, Kansas, a man shot himself in … Continue reading

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At least they weren’t slaughtering whites

Thirsty motorists ditched their cars on a busy South African motorway to loot a beer truck that dropped thousands of bottles of cider and lager. Putting their own lives at risk the drivers pulled over in their droves near Johannesburg … Continue reading

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Children – The Leading Cause of Alcoholism

Well, for my mother, anyways…

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Yup, she’s Irish

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Hey, nobody ever said detoxing was easy

A man in Washington reportedly cut off his own testicles while he was undergoing an alcohol detoxification. MORE -MadMarlin

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Seems like a fun loving guy

Hold the bottles in place, heat them up and as the air cools it sucks the skin up into the bottle creating a seal. Don’t ask me how I know.

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And it’s only 9 AM…

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Stay home if you can’t maintain

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I’ve been that fucked up before

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Missed it by thaaat much…

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Another one of those life lessons

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Icelanders must be a bunch of fucking lightweights

After American troops landed in Iceland in preparation for a major NATO military exercise, locals found that their visitors drank every single beer in their capital city. MORE -WiscoDave

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