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When you absolutely have to post that felony to FB

A Missouri man is behind bars after authorities say he removed his ankle monitor and posted video of the stunt on Facebook, providing an online how-to lesson for others. Court records said Dustin Burns, a 33-year-old Springfield man on probation … Continue reading

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And the sheeple will buy it…

After calling off the launch of a smart display device earlier this year, Facebook is reportedly planning to announce it next week. Here are the details from Cheddar‘s Alex Heath, who cites unnamed sources: MORE

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Facebook Wanted Banks To Fork Over Customer Data Passing Through Messenger

For years, Facebook has publicly positioned its Messenger application as a way to connect with friends and as a way to help customers interact directly with businesses. But a new report from The Wall Street Journal today indicates that Facebook … Continue reading

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Fucking Michael…

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Marc needs is ass whipped

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Oh man, that’s fucking cold…

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Hookers/hookups don’t hug

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Fuck. that. shit.

Facebook has been asking banks in the United States for their customers’ financial data, including account balances and transactions, according to a report. The Wall Street Journal revealed that the social network has been asking major banks to “share detailed … Continue reading

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Now FB’s trying to act all responsible and shit

Facebook announced Tuesday that it has removed 32 inauthentic Instagram and Facebook profiles and pages because the company believes they were part of a coordinated disinformation campaign. “We’re still in the very early stages of our investigation and don’t have … Continue reading

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I may have dated her once

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I just don’t see how a man can survive on only 70 Billion

(Bloomberg) — Mark Zuckerberg is counting the cost of user disenchantment with Facebook Inc. His fortune tumbled by $16.8 billion in late trading Wednesday, as shares of the social media giant slid 20 percent at 5:37 p.m. in New York … Continue reading

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Fast learner

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FB flags Declaration of Independence as hate speech

In the week of America’s Independence Day, the algorithms of Facebook decided that the Declaration of Independence was hate speech. The Liberty County Vindicator, a community newspaper between Houston and Beaumont, had been posting the whole declaration in small daily … Continue reading

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FB backtracks and aplogizes, the fucking punks

Facebook has apologized to a Texas newspaper after flagging a post containing text from the Declaration of Independence as “hate speech.” As Breitbart News reported Wednesday: MORE –John Deaux

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Right hand fast left hand slow

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“You don’t love me anymore? Is there someone else?”

Breaking up with Facebook is apparently as difficult as breaking up with a bad boyfriend or girlfriend who won’t accept your decision. That’s the experience Henry Grabar of Slate had when he stopped signing on. He stopped logging in on … Continue reading

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Are you surprised? Really?

Four of the world’s biggest tech platforms have working partnerships with a left-wing nonprofit that has a track record of inaccuracies and routinely labels conservative organizations as “hate groups.” Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all work with or consult the … Continue reading

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If that happens, it’ll fold within a year

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Attorney General Maura Healey (D-MA) that she would like to be CEO of Facebook, while receiving the Radcliffe Award at Harvard on Friday. “If you could be a CEO of any company right now, … Continue reading

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