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TN School Board member criticized for making sense

A Hickman County School Board member is facing criticism after making a post on social media. “Do you think this is OK?” News4 asked April Martin as we showed her Hickman County School Board member Ronald Gammons’ Facebook post. “No … Continue reading

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24 hours…

So my latest 30 day Facebook suspension ended at 9:01 Friday morning. By 8:57 Saturday morning, I was suspended again for another 30 days for an ‘offensive’ post. I didn’t even make it the full 24 hours I said I … Continue reading

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When you just don’t give a fuck

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And that’s that

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I’m in the jaihouse now

As y’all may recall, a few months ago I reopened my FB account in a quest to be suspended, and after each one I try again. Sometimes they blow hot and sometimes they blow cold – I’ve posted shit that … Continue reading

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Blame Shawn

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Got Facebook?

Facebook gave tech companies such as Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify, access to user data — including private messages — in ways that were not previously disclosed by the social media giant, the New York Times reported. Facebook gave Netflix and … Continue reading

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Hey, they wanted to be like the big boys too

Social media outrage has given rise to the saying, “Never read the comments.” Well, in this case, you can forget that — the comments in this case are everything. Police in tiny Tenaha, Texas, have either deleted or made private … Continue reading

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Damned snowflakes

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True Romance

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“Lord, why have you forsaken us?”

Facebook and Instagram have both been hit by severe outages. Users on both popular platforms have been left unable to load the sites and hundreds of people are unable to access their accounts. The global outage has affected users in … Continue reading

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It’s true, I’m an outlaw

I just copped a 30 day suspension from FB after putting in some serious work to get another 3 days off. I’m not kidding, this time it was work. I posted all kinds of weird ‘offensive’ shit and didn’t get … Continue reading

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Yeah well, what can you say…

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And here’s the meme that got me a FB vacation

Found it right there on my desktop of all places. But yeah, this is it. This is what got me suspended. Now go back to my Trolling Facebook post from yesterday and tell me this is worse than any of … Continue reading

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Trolling Facebook

Okay, check this shit out. I’ve had a FB account for about 8 years now. I started it to look up old friends that I’ve lost touch with and that’s been pretty successful, but I got into the posting thing … Continue reading

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Well, I’m fucked

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Two New York lawmakers are working to draft a bill that would propose a social media check before a gun purchase. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer’s proposal would allow authorities … Continue reading

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Just sayin’


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A guaranteed ban from social media


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Needs a maxi pad worse…

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When you absolutely have to post that felony to FB

A Missouri man is behind bars after authorities say he removed his ankle monitor and posted video of the stunt on Facebook, providing an online how-to lesson for others. Court records said Dustin Burns, a 33-year-old Springfield man on probation … Continue reading

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