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Well hell, I’m pretty hateful, don’t you think?

Facebook monitors the offline behavior of its users to determine if they should be categorized as a “Hate Agent,” according to a document provided exclusively to Breitbart News by a source within the social media giant. The document, titled “Hate … Continue reading

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How soon before they ban ‘white’?

Bad news today for those who love to chat on Facebook about cars, especially when you need to your horn. Even worse news for those country music fans who can’t get enough Blank-y tonk music. And if you’re an old … Continue reading

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Haha, I’ve got Matt beat

He’s gotten eight 30 day suspensions in a year and a half and I’ve gotten four in 5 months. Matter of fact, I’m sitting out #4 right now with another 16 days until my next suspension.

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Well shit…

I’m suspended off Facebook again. I don’t know what the deal is, but it’s getting harder and harder for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m tightening my parameters, but the first couple times I’d come back from suspension, I’d be … Continue reading

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Cool, FB’s helping me out for my next suspension

The banning of multiple political commentators from Facebook and Instagram, including conservatives Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer, is an outrage against the ideals of an open Internet on its own. But beyond the bans on individuals, Facebook has deployed … Continue reading

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Success at last!

I came off my last 30 day FB suspension last Thursday and have been busting my balls trying for another one. I’ve picked on blacks, whites, Asians, muslims, illegals, dogs, cats, little fuzzy Easter chicks and damned near anything else … Continue reading

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The Masters of the Cyber-Sphere Can’t Even Master Themselves

Sundar Pichai, head of Google, had a problem. The public at large as well as various elements of the government were concerned about the ethics of Artifical Intelligence (AI) and especially about leaving its application up to Google. Pichai decided … Continue reading

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Good question

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Facebook under criminal investigations

Facebook reportedly under criminal investigation for secret data-sharing deals. Is this why Facebook was down all day yesterday? Were they conducting a massive purge? Federal prosecutors are probing Facebook’s illicit data-sharing partnerships, reportedly subpoenaing data from smartphone manufacturers as the … Continue reading

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That’ll teach Facebook to fuck with me

A slew of Facebook-owned sites are experiencing a worldwide outage, leaving thousands of users unable to connect. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram have all been having issues since around noon (ET), in some cases resulting in a ‘total blackout.’ The three … Continue reading

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I’m suspended from Facebook again for either 30 days or 90, I ain’t sure. I posted my usual shit yesterday after my heartfelt and most sincere apology on my first day back, and when I got up this morning I … Continue reading

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I think I covered all the bases here

Today my latest Facebook 30 day suspension was up. I had to do a post on it to stay in their good graces. I’m out of FB jail again. Out of the past 61 days, I’ve been suspended for 60 … Continue reading

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FB pulls Tommy Robinson’s page

Facebook has taken down anti-Islamic leader Tommy Robinson’s official page and Instagram profile for violating its policies on hate speech. The former English Defence League leader was deemed to have been engaged in “organised hate”. A number of posts on … Continue reading

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Yet they suspend me for posting a picture of a goat

U.S.A. – -( A Washington “gun control activist” is facing federal charges after threatening to shoot sheriffs who have publicly pledged not to enforce citizen disarmament edicts. On Friday, posted one of its “Five Fast Facts” on the young, … Continue reading

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All about the FB snowflakes that keep suspending me

Over the past three months, I interviewed a dozen current and former employees of Cognizant in Phoenix. All had signed non-disclosure agreements with Cognizant in which they pledged not to discuss their work for Facebook — or even acknowledge that … Continue reading

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Damn, that’s worse than Facebook jail…

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TN School Board member criticized for making sense

A Hickman County School Board member is facing criticism after making a post on social media. “Do you think this is OK?” News4 asked April Martin as we showed her Hickman County School Board member Ronald Gammons’ Facebook post. “No … Continue reading

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24 hours…

So my latest 30 day Facebook suspension ended at 9:01 Friday morning. By 8:57 Saturday morning, I was suspended again for another 30 days for an ‘offensive’ post. I didn’t even make it the full 24 hours I said I … Continue reading

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When you just don’t give a fuck

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And that’s that

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