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You know he’s desperate when he makes his fish smaller

A Wood County grand jury has indicted a fisherman accused of cheating in a fishing tournament. Terry Keith Long from Bridgeport allegedly trimmed the tail of a bass to meet weigh-in requirements, in order to qualify for a tournament prize … Continue reading

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Hell yeah

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His First BAT*

A little angler named Zach used his Spiderman fishing rod in epic fashion, pressing the thumb button on his little spincast rod to haul in a beast of a rainbow trout in Jamaica Pond! With his dad and biggest cheerleader … Continue reading

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Priorities – worry about the car later

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Trotlines and banklines

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Oh, hell yeah!

It’s not every day you rack up 30.22 pounds with just five bass in one day. Largemouth bass fishing is the pinnacle of all freshwater angling for a reason. These fish put up a dramatic, exciting fight, and when you … Continue reading

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What did he use for bait, a calf?

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Nice crappie

A larger than life crappie gets caught in East Tennessee. The giant weighed in at 5.46 lbs and is confirmed as the new Tennessee state record and possibly the new world record. MORE -Greg

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A Great Day

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Nice mess of perch there

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I’m sure she’s taken, men – Part II

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A woman who caught an 88-pound catfish out of Kentucky Lake now has massive bragging rights. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resouces Agency, calling the catch a “river monster!” Paula Cathey Smith caught the fish while … Continue reading

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Catch of the Day

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The Home of Big Ass Trout

That’s at New Melones Reservoir just outside of Angels Camp. I know the place well, that’s where I spent most of my free time in the winter when the BATs would come up into the shallows. There ain’t nothing like … Continue reading

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Realism in creature baits

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Must be a baby Largemouth

I can’t begin to tell you how many bass I’ve caught that were smaller than the lure I was using to catch their mama.

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Good Morning from Florida!

I posted a video a week or two ago about some guys fishing and a snowflake that came along and tossed one of their fish back in the water. Here’s the rest of the story. CLEARWATER — A dying fish … Continue reading

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The fish bite better BEFORE a storm, bro

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Adam Calhoun


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Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

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Catch of the Day

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