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And in Florida…..

An eviction turned deadly Friday night and a landlord is now in jail on a first-degree murder charge after police say he shot a tenant living at his parent’s Duck Key home. Ryan Wilder, 32, of Winter Springs, Fla. is … Continue reading

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And in Florida news…..

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A Delray Beach man wasn’t happy that a nearby McDonald’s didn’t have any ice cream, so he pulled out a replica AR-15 rifle while he waited in the drive-thru line, police said. Jerry Henry was arrested … Continue reading

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Florida News

KEY WEST, Fla. – A male stripper from Tampa was arrested Monday in Key West after he stabbed his partner in both eyes and shoved a piece of wood down his throat, police said. Justin Calhoun, 24, faces a charge … Continue reading

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Time for a selfie!!!

The felon claimed the shooting was an accident, a mishap that occurred as he mugged for a selfie in the men’s room at St. Petersburg’s Club Lust. The single gunshot last December has landed Rorn Sorn in federal prison for … Continue reading

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And in Florida news…..

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – A Florida woman lit a cigarette, sparking an explosion of a propane barbeque grill being transported in her SUV. Orlando police Lt. Cindy Lane tells news outlets that the grill was turned on and the propane … Continue reading

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Florida, baby…..

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Florida, baby…..

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Florida, baby…..

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Well, they didn’t make 127

Several teenagers who were involved in a deadly crash after stealing two cars had a whopping 126 arrests between the six of them. Keontae Brown, 16, Jimmie Goshey, 14, and Dejarae Thomas, 16, died after allegedly racing a stolen car … Continue reading

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Florida, baby…..

It’s Friday rush hour and Hector Herrera tries to change lanes on a busy Hialeah street. Jairo Linarte won’t let him in. What happens next turns violent, goes viral and lands Herrera in the back of a police car. It’s … Continue reading

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Speaking of Florida…..


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Florida – where you don’t fuck with a man’s hedgehog

GREENACRES, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested on aggravated assault charges after he allegedly armed himself with a machete and a baseball bat during a dispute with his son about a hedgehog, reports CBS affiliate WKMG. MORE -Jon

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And in Florida news today…..

A 73-year-old Daytona Beach man was banned from all Volusia County beaches Saturday after he was caught handing out business cards that said, “Sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby,” according to a report from Volusia County Beach Safety. Richard G. Basaraba was … Continue reading

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“I’m the only one in this room professional enough…..” or….. Florida, Baby…..

ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando police said a federal agent accidentally shot themselves in the heel Tuesday while attempting to catch a gun falling from their holster. The incident took place inside Orlando International Airport around 11:20 a.m. when the agent … Continue reading

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Florida, baby…..

Poor Lance or Bruce or Caitlyn or whatever needs to calm the fuck down.

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Florida, baby…..

Before 14-year-old boys Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos headed out on a boat one Friday morning in July 2015, Perry’s mother, Pamela, kissed and hugged her son goodbye, expecting that the two friends were just embarking on a fishing day … Continue reading

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Fucking Florida, man…..

Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cantaloupe is pursuing criminal charges against five teens who were accused of involvement in filming the drowning of a man in Cocoa, but did not call 911 for assistance. Cantaloupe said he will seek misdemeanor charges … Continue reading

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Florida, baby…..

A naked Florida man who allegedly drove around town with electrical wires attached to his penis has been arrested. Cops say Kurt Jenkins, 56, of Boynton Beach was charged with nudity in public. Jenkins wasn’t hard to miss, investigators said. … Continue reading

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Well, some Floridians must be living right

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – A South Florida family is perplexed after recently waking up to a loud thud, only to find that the mysterious sound was several packages of frozen Italian sausage. “It was like thunder, and it awakened me … Continue reading

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Even Florida hates Floridians

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