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“We’re gettin’ to the bottom of this right now”

D.C. Police on Sunday detained a man armed with an assault rifle outside of a popular pizza restaurant that became the focus of internet conspiracy theories during the election. According to the Washington Post, police received a call about a … Continue reading

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Taking care of our Vets – you bet

Four staff members have resigned from a southeastern Oklahoma VA facility after a veteran was found to have maggots in his wound. Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs executive director Myles Deering said the maggots were discovered while the patient was … Continue reading

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The Cannabis Exception to the Second Amendment

If you want to buy a gun from a federally licensed dealer, you have to fill out Form 4473, which is aimed at determining whether you are legally allowed to own a firearm. A recent revision to the form by … Continue reading

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Gov’t surveillance to grow under Trump

The FBI, National Security Agency and CIA are likely to gain expanded surveillance powers under President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress, a prospect that has privacy advocates and some lawmakers trying to mobilize opposition. Trump’s first two choices to … Continue reading

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Coming here soon enough

LONDON (AP) — In Britain, Big Brother just got bigger. After months of wrangling, Parliament has passed a contentious new snooping law that gives authorities – from police and spies to food regulators, fire officials and tax inspectors – powers … Continue reading

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An AR in every home

“It doesn’t matter what the origins of the Second Amendment were,” says Cody Wilson, creator of the first 3D-printed gun and author of the new book, Come and Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free. “With the internet, … Continue reading

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Well, that’s comforting

Thousands of green cards are missing because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials apparently sent them to the wrong addresses, jeopardizing national security, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General (IG) report made public … Continue reading

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Sorry ’bout that

Vanita Gupta, the acting head of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, apparently has been working in violation of federal law for more than a year and a half. That may render all of the official actions she has … Continue reading

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PROCESS??? How about turning them back?

EDINBURG, TEXAS Federal officials say 150 Border Patrol agents will be deployed to South Texas from Arizona, California and elsewhere to help process a spike in immigrants who have been apprehended after illegally entering the U.S. U.S. Customs and Border … Continue reading

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Firing the Final Protective Fire – STM

All the arguments have been made. I am under no illusions about whether America will be made great again. Now that so many people are so aware, simply hanging on a little longer at this point would help. I am … Continue reading

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The fix is in

The FBI has announced it will not make any changes to its July decision on Hillary Clinton’s emails, meaning the Democratic nominee will not be charged. Congressman Jason Chaffetz tweeted out the massive news on Sunday afternoon. ‘FBI Dir just … Continue reading

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I feel ya

Some users of Obamacare are finding the medical care they need to be too expensive to use due to high deductibles and high out-of-pocket costs. Michelle Harris is one of those people. Harris, a 61-year-old retired waitress in northwest Montana, … Continue reading

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Marshalls tackle and tase Bundy’s attorney

From IRISH of THE FERAL IRISHMAN in a comment: Marshalls tackled and tased Bundys lawyer: Fuck those assholes. It was a verbal argument between a judge and attorney, that shit happens every day, and they pull this shit? Sore. … Continue reading

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Oregon standoff – All defendants found NOT GUILTY

Update at 4:10 p.m.: All defendants found not guilty. Update: The jury reported to the court Thursday afternoon that it has reached consensus on all but one charge. The jury sent a note to the judge that members have “exhausted … Continue reading

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12 days

Hillary Clinton’s confidence could cost her the US presidency, according to a leading American political scientist who claims that Donald Trump is on course to win the US election in 12 days. The warning comes amid concerns from the Clinton … Continue reading

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NG repayments suspended

Moving to quell widespread criticism, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on Wednesday ordered the Pentagon to suspend efforts to claw back enlistment bonuses improperly given to thousands of California National Guard members during the height of the Iraq war. MORE

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Fucking our Servicemen (and women) again

This report was sent to me several times over the past couple days but they all linked to a news site where I had used up my 10 free articles a month. Here it is from CNN: (CNN)Ten years after … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and the Chain of Command at Waco

Many politicians have a skeleton in their closet. Hillary Clinton has a cemetery, with a sign reading “Waco.” The 1993 Waco showdown began when federal authorities rushed the communal home of a religious group, killing six of them, and losing … Continue reading

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Damn, you can’t trust anybody these days

For the past six weeks Oregonians have been treated to a political trial of the “Malheur 7” (Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Jeff Banta, David Fry, Neal Wampler and Ken Medenbach,). I was privileged to have a ringside seat … Continue reading

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You’re only paranoid when they’re not out to get you

The kind of surveillance straight shooter WBEN Buffalo radio talk show host Tom Bauerle was under right in his own backyard would, in the telling, make anyone even the CIA sound crazy. Even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have solved the puzzle … Continue reading

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