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Meanwhile, in Nevada…..

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) An eighth-grade student is suing the Washoe County School District, claiming he was punished for wearing pro-gun shirts to school. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday April 24, 2018 claims the student’s First Amendment rights were violated and his … Continue reading

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The Yeti Cooler Challenge

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GOA Releases Statement On Slide Fire’s Decision To Cease Operations

The demise of Slide Fire (if they’re no longer taking orders, it’s a sign of its demise after all) isn’t a good thing for the firearm industry at all. While it offered a product that no one else could due … Continue reading

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The Cowards of Broward

This past weekend, Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv visited a gun range with his father, who wanted to teach him how to shoot. If that name sounds familiar, it should – Kashuv was the odd man out among the shooting … Continue reading

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Snowflakes abound

Two University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty members took their protests against the National Rifle Association to Virginia, and one faces a misdemeanor charge of property destruction. The two — Amanda Gailey, associate professor of English, and Patricia Hill, a research assistant … Continue reading

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Next time do your research before you open your mouth

On Sunday, the most recognizable far-left activist from Parkland, Florida, called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons from American society in the wake of a shooting in Tennessee. Reacting to the shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee in … Continue reading

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Is the Bump Stock Battle Over?

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Their shit was waaaaay overpriced anyway

Yeti Coolers, a go-to for sportsmen around the country, is cutting ties with the NRA Foundation without explanation or prior notice. The NRA Foundation is a charitable organization. The separation comes although Yeti products have long been a staple at … Continue reading

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Take that shit back to Florida, Drama Queen

Clearly feeling left out after a certain classmate of hers has hogged all of the attention from the rest of the Parkland, FL high school student activists, Emma Gonzalez has pounced on the shooting at a Tennessee restaurant to carve … Continue reading

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Fuck ’em

The American Federation of Teachers has severed their ties to Wells Fargo because the banking giant refuses to bow to anti-gun pressure. The teacher’s group announced the move in a press release on Thursday. MORE -Rurik

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Big Banks Target the Bill of Rights

The American people lent $45 billion to Bank of America during the bailout. That bailout came with a hefty $100 billion guarantee against losses on toxic assets. That money came from American taxpayers. It came from gun owners and non-gun … Continue reading

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Does this include illegals on Fisherman’s Wharf?

California already has the toughest gun control laws in the country. San Francisco adds to that unconstitutionality with its own slate of 2nd Amendment restrictions. SF is also awash in human waste, dirty needles, and crime, but the geniuses running … Continue reading

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I know y’all were just dying to find out how to make the world a safer place…..

You may have heard that Dick’s Sporting Goods has bowed to pressure from idiotic teenagers and will no longer sell “assault rifles.” Instead of returning existing inventory to the manufacturers, Dick’s has decided to destroy all the the AR-15s they … Continue reading

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I notice Macon County High School ain’t on that list

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Students across the country are walking out of class to bring attention to gun violence in schools. More than 2,000 walkouts are underway nationwide, including several in Middle Tennessee. MORE

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Go get ’em, Tiger

DEERFIELD, IL — A second lawsuit has been filed challenging Deerfield’s ban on so-called assault weapons and large capacity magazines. The organization Guns Save Life and Deerfield resident John Wombacher filed the lawsuit Thursday in Lake County Circuit Court against … Continue reading

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Cheap Gun Opportunity in Crawfordsville, Indiana, 28 April, 2018

Arizona -( A gun turn in event in Crawfordsville, Indiana, delivers an opportunity for brave Second Amendment activists to obtain some nice guns for little money. Their actions would also create a media event to protect Second Amendment Rights. The … Continue reading

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Now Bitch Hogg’s going after Smith & Wesson

As the Washington Times pointed out fake news gun activist David Hogg’s attempted advertiser boycott of Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham backfired. Now, he’s going after the gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson and its capital backers. Hogg tweeted about five … Continue reading

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What are the Factors Working Against Us?

The thought has occurred to me that gun rights did better in the first two years of Obama’s term than we have so far after a supposedly stunning election upset. How did we get here, and what factors are working … Continue reading

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Tax guns to prevent school shootings

Following the February school massacre in Parkland, Fla., California legislators responded as they often do after a mass shooting, with proposals to further tighten the state’s strict gun control laws. But the killings – and a national protest movement that … Continue reading

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And in Minnesota…..

A nasty piece of gun control legislation called HF 3022 has been introduced, and it is hell on gun rights. Not only does it restrict just about everything related to firearms, it also makes gun owners’ information public, as in … Continue reading

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