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Gun ‘Report’ Parrots Deceptive Statistics Just in Time for Midterms

U.S.A. – -( “Fatal police shootings 40% more likely in states with higher gun ownership,” a Saturday ABC News headline with a scarcely-disguised narrative declares. The opinion they’re hoping to establish and reinforce is that lawful gun ownership results in … Continue reading

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Anti-gun Researcher Refutes His Own Anti-gun Conclusion

Fairfax, VA – -( Doctor Garen Wintemute’s latest contribution to “the prevention of firearm violence” comes in the form of a Perspective column published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Wintemute, you may recall, is the Director of the … Continue reading

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California’s new gun control laws

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The reason for California’s 10 day waiting period

-Woody Actually if that was California, the text would be in Mexican.

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No wonder they’re stressed in New Jersey

A federal judge denied a motion to block a New Jersey law that calls for the forced destruction of magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds. The ban, signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy back in June, gives gun … Continue reading

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Jerrold Nadler a Nightmare for 2A Supporters

New York/DC – -( In the 2018 mid-term elections, there is a chance that the Democrats could take control of the House of Representatives. While the fact that Nancy Pelosi would be speaker is well-known, there is something else to … Continue reading

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Hogg Reveals Inner Totalitarian and Wider Democrat Power Struggle

U.S.A. –( “Dems need to allow young people to seize leadership opportunities like the republicans have with people like Rubio, Ryan etc.,” #Marx… uh… #March for Our Live enfant terrible David Hogg proclaimed in a tweet justifying his criticism of … Continue reading

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Dem Gillum Threatens Florida Gun Owners as GOP Increasingly Betrays Them

USA – -( “When we win, we are going to ban assault weapons in Florida,” Tallahassee Mayor and Democrat nominee for Governor of Florida Andrew Gillum threatened on Twitter. It’s an indication of how far the place once derided by … Continue reading

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Gun Control Twist: Saving One Life “Does Not Justify” Right-to-Carry

Fairfax, VA – -( Gun control advocates often use some version of the phrase “if it saves one life” in order to justify their ineffective proposals. This week, the anti-gun editorial page of the Chicago Sun-Times offered a different take. … Continue reading

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Wayne County (MI) Commissioner Introduces Ammunition Control

Detroit, Michigan –-( Wayne County commissioner Reggie Davis decided that since he can’t ban guns due to the Second Amendment, he would go after ammunition sales. Davis is proposing new rules for the purchase of ammunition in Wayne County. Wayne … Continue reading

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Lies and bullshit from Gun Control groups

There is a claim that gun ownership is declining and most of the guns in the US are owned by only a few gun owners. I tried to take that story seriously since the report was from the Washington Post … Continue reading

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Florida GOP Galvano Committee Gets $200K From ‘Everytown’ Ant-Gun Group

Florida – -( Incoming Florida Senate President Bill Galvano calls himself a Republican but is rumored to be the one who colluded with anti-gun Democrats to engineer the gun control package included in SB-7026 this past session. SB-7026 contained three … Continue reading

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Prof who shot himself on campus to protest Trump apologizes, now says he did it to ban AR-15s

Mark Bird, the professor who shot himself in the arm in a university bathroom in protest of President Donald Trump, now says that he actually did it because he wants to ban AR-15s, among other issues. MORE ***** He shoots … Continue reading

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Judge Leaves Maryland Gun Owners Out to Dry Over MD’s “Gun Oil Ban”

Maryland – -( Last week United States District Court Judge James K. Bredar denied Maryland Shall Issue’s motion for temporary relief against the State’s ban on possession of “Rapid Fire Trigger Activators” by SB 707, signed into law by the … Continue reading

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NJ helping criminals get rid of evidence

Arizona -( A firearm turn-in event is scheduled in New Jersey for 22 September 2018. The term “buyback” is an Orwellian propaganda word. The government cannot ‘buyback” something it never owned before. MORE

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Federal judge gets it right

SACRAMENTO, CA –-( Today, federal Judge Troy Nunley ruled that a California law banning licensed gun dealers from displaying handgun-related signs or advertising is unconstitutional and violates their First Amendment rights. The lawsuit, Tracy Rifle and Pistol v. Becerra, is … Continue reading

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Well, so much for that bullshit

ATF data undercuts claims that criminals in gun-controlled cities are getting the majority of their guns from surrounding states. The left has long claimed that the failures of gun control in cities like Baltimore or Chicago can be chalked up … Continue reading

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Fuck Levis – I wear Wranglers anyways

In November 2016, I wrote an open letter requesting that gun owners not bring firearms into our stores, offices, or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law. This was following an incident in one of our stores in … Continue reading

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Suck on this, Walmart

Arizona -( – In Oregon, a young woman has won a civil rights case against Walmart. A Walmart in Helena, Oregon refused to sell a rifle to young woman because she was not 21 years old. She sued Walmart and … Continue reading

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District Judge Issues Decision on 3D Guns, Ignores Executive Power & First Amendment

Arizona -( – Judge Robert S. Lasnik, United States District Judge of the Western District of Washington, at Seattle, issued a permanent injunction against the Trump Administration State Department. The injunction is to prevent the State Department from implementing a … Continue reading

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