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For me but not for thee

APRIL 30–Here in New York City, it seems that every celebrity–from Howard Stern to Steven Tyler–has been granted a license to carry a concealed weapon. But in northern California, it’s the rare Bay Area resident who qualifies to pack a … Continue reading

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Fuck that

Recent development of miniature, mechanically robust radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tags provides the means of tracking firearms and their receivers in difficult environments. To demonstrate this new capability, small RFID tags will be used to track the lower receivers in AR-15 family … Continue reading

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Hogg surrounded by armed guards, claims to be pro-2A

David Hogg is a VIP now. The 18-year-old attended the Parkland, Florida school where a student murdered 17 people in February, then made himself famous with relentless calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy. Now he’s got … Continue reading

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And you thought Christie was bad

New Jersey’s Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is floating a plan to increase taxes on buying and selling guns by up to 2,400%, according to Murphy estimates that the state will take in an additional $2 million in revenue from … Continue reading

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Cities and townships are using zoning restrictions to create “gun-store-free zones” around the country. This includes over 20 such zones in California alone. According to the Trace, a gun control journalism outlet, such use of zoning codes allows cities to … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Death of Gun Control: The Future of Untraceable Homemade Firearms


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Gun Lies, Myths, Half-Truths, and Conspiracy Theories

Guns and gun crime are the new climate change: those who know nothing about the subject are suddenly “experts.” I call this faux expertise Albert Gore-itis, and I discuss it at length in my upcoming book, 10 Warning Signs Your … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in the birthplace of the American Revolution…

BOSTON — Massachusetts authorities say hundreds of residents previously cleared by a state board to own a firearm may lose their gun licenses because of a clash between state and federal regulations. MORE

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Mind your own damned business, Doc

Hundreds of doctors with the American Medication Association voted Tuesday at the group’s annual policymaking meeting to throw their support behind the Democrat Party’s most draconian gun control demands, according to The New York Times: At its annual policymaking meeting, … Continue reading

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You have GOT to watch this campaign ad

What a fucking idiot – like some teacher is going to grab a can of pepper spray and charge somebody with a gun. “We don’t know why Mrs Reynolds didn’t take one for the team”

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California Wins Battle in War Against ‘Assault Weapons’

Law-abiding Californians’ right to buy and sell AR-15s and other popular semi-automatic rifles shrank this week after a judge upheld state rules targeting “assault weapons.” The National Rifle Association’s state affiliate had challenged rules, set to take effect on July … Continue reading

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Florida – the new California

In the tooth fang and claw race to replace outgoing Republican Rick Scott in Tallahassee, one of the state’s most influential papers – the Tampa Bay Times – has been actively providing propaganda targeting the GOP’s Adam Putnam and shilling … Continue reading

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Judge blocks Deerfield gun ban

DEERFIELD, IL — A judge halted the enforcement of Deerfield’s ban on assault-style weapons Tuesday, a day before it was due to take effect. The order blocking the village from issuing fines or seizing guns came in response to a … Continue reading

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Youtube terminates Brownell’s instructional channel

YouTube suddenly terminated the channel for the firearms parts company Brownells, the company claimed on Saturday. “Brownells’ YouTube channel has been terminated without warning or notice,” Brownells’ Twitter account stated. MORE -Stormfax

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Fuck your gun registration

Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing firearm licensing and registration requirements. The push is contained in legislation titled, “Blair Holt Firearm Owner Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2018.” It is being sponsored by Rep. Bobby Rush … Continue reading

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Knowing What to Ban has Never Been a Requirement for Gun-Grabbers

U.S.A. – -( “It is clear that we must crack down on deadly, military-style assault rifles, which is why I voted to pass Senate Bill 1657, which holds gun dealers accountable by ensuring dangerous criminals and those with a history of mental illness or domestic … Continue reading

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Chipping away in North Carolina

Democrats in the North Carolina House are pushing a California-style gun roster that opens the door to a microstamping requirement in the Tar Heel State. California has an approved handgun roster, which means licensed dealers in the state are only … Continue reading

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We Are Going to Lose the Second Amendment

In just the last month, there have been three school shootings. More if we extend the timeline back to February to include the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. No one can point to any real regulation … Continue reading

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Bitch Hogg gets called out by a babe

Remember the recent Kent State University graduate who posed “in her gradation gown with her AR-10 long rifle slung on her back to make a statement about Kent State’s gun policy, which currently allows visitors to carry on campus but … Continue reading

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Ammo tax proposal in Florida

ALLAHASSEE — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris King wants to use taxes on weapons and bullets to pay for gun violence intervention and prevention programs, school safety measures and studies of gun violence. The funds also would pay for the medical … Continue reading

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