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Philly’s gun turn-in was a raging success, I see

This weekend, police officers in Philadelphia hosted a gun turn-in event at two locations in the City of Brotherly love. Citizens were invited to come and turn in any firearms they had, no questions asked and without danger of facing … Continue reading

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That oughta go over real well

Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill say local police who do not enforce gun control measures likely to pass in Virginia should face prosecution and even threats of the National Guard. After November’s Virginia Legislature elections that led to Democrats taking … Continue reading

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Virginia Democrats back down (somewhat) on gun control

Virginia Democratic leaders abandoned their gun confiscation proposal Monday following a grassroots outpouring of opposition to gun control across the state. Governor Ralph Northam (D.) and incoming Senate majority leader Dick Saslaw (D.) said they will no longer pursue their … Continue reading

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Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced Monday his “assault weapons” ban will mean AR-15 owners can either register their guns with the government or hand them over. The Virginia Mercury reported Northam spokeswoman Alena Yarmosky used a statement to say, “The … Continue reading

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And on the Florida Gun Control Front:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WWSB) – Pushing back against arguments raised by Attorney General Ashley Moody and the National Rifle Association, gun-control supporters contend the Florida Supreme Court should sign off on a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at blocking possession of assault … Continue reading

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Agent Provocateurs In The Second Amendment Awakening In Virginia

Kaiserworks had this to say. Time to keep eyes open for Agent Provocateurs in the pro 2A rallies or an incident directed at an anti-2A Politician. I can tell you right now that when you see ‘breaking news’ and the … Continue reading

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Hey, you guys started it

U.S.A. – -(“A Democratic state delegate has asked Attorney General Mark Herring (D) for a formal opinion on the Second Amendment sanctuary declarations being passed in a growing number of conservative counties across the state,” the Virginia Mercury reported Dec. … Continue reading

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“So you wanna play games, huh?”

Culpepper County, VA — It looks like what Virginia gun owners needed was a wake up call. Or more accurately, a wake up slap in the face. Ever since Bloomberg bought himself a blue Virginia and stacked it with eager … Continue reading

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What in the hell does one have to do with the other?

Reno police are expanding the use of technology to automatically read license plates in an effort to reduce gun violence. MORE -Mark

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Bloomberg’s Gun Control Plan

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg unveiled a gun control policy on Thursday just steps from the site of one of Colorado’s worst mass shootings, calling for a ban on all assault weapons, mandatory permits for gun … Continue reading

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Hell, I assumed they were already doing this

U.S.A. – -( “Wexton bill would use credit card data to track firearms purchases,” The Washington Post reported Friday. “Congressional gridlock on gun legislation led Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) to seek creative ways to prevent gun violence.” If by “creative” … Continue reading

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Gun Trafficking by Deputies Shows Inevitable Corruption from Gun Laws

U.S.A. – -( “Former San Diego County sheriff’s deputy, four others charged with illegal gun trafficking,” CNN reported Saturday. “Marco Garmo, 52, served as a sheriff’s deputy 27 years and was the captain in charge of the Rancho San Diego … Continue reading

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Virginia Senate Bill No. 64: Declaring Tactical Training Illegal

SENATE BILL NO. 64Offered January 8, 2020Prefiled November 21, 2019A BILL to amend and reenact § 18.2-433.2 of the Code of Virginia, relating to paramilitary activities; penalty. ———-Patron– Lucas———-Referred to Committee for Courts of Justice———-Be it enacted by the General Assembly of … Continue reading

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Uh-oh, Wayne must need a new suit or something

Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for Virginia legislators have wasted no time introducing legislation that would make the Old Dominion’s gun laws worse than those of the billionaire’s home state of New York. SB 16, introduced by Sen. Richard L. … Continue reading

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The secret’s out!

Springfield, VA –-( Gun Owners of America has obtained the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives [ATF] Industry Operations Manual used by Industry Operations Inspectors (IOI). The gun-rights group received a copy of the document after submitting multiple Freedom … Continue reading

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In Virginia, and elsewhere, gun supporters prepare to defy new laws

AMELIA COURTHOUSE, Va. —Families, church groups, hunt clubs and neighbors began arriving two hours early, with hundreds spilling out of the little courthouse and down the hill to the street in the chilly night air. They were here to demand … Continue reading

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When the State is ready to kill over a 30 round magazine

Mahopac, New York –-( Whiskey_warrior_556 is the Instagram name of Afghanistan combat vet, Alex Booth. On Saturday afternoon, a Carmel, NY police officer showed up at his doorstep to discuss what they say was a domestic incident that took place … Continue reading

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Shhh, not so loud

An unintended loophole in a Colorado gun control bill illustrates what happens when lawmakers legislate technology they don’t understand: Firearms owners find a way to work around the law without breaking it. MORE ***** I remember when California enacted their … Continue reading

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“No kids killed? No assault rifle? Push it back to page 10”

This particular bit of awful news out of Fresno, California broke on Sunday evening and at first, it caused quite a stir in the media. A mass shooting had taken place in the back yard of a family home where … Continue reading

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Why should we keep our guns?

In the last century, scores of millions of defenseless civilians were slaughtered by totalitarian regimes that first disarmed them. Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, communist China, the Ottoman Turks, and several dozen other despotic regimes committed mass murder of millions … Continue reading

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