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4th Circuit upholds MD ‘assault rifle’ ban

Yesterday a federal appeals court upheld Maryland’s ban on so-called assault weapons, saying ownership of such guns is “not protected by the Second Amendment.” The decision, by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, overturned a 2016 ruling … Continue reading

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Nice try, Pennsylvania

You can’t enforce a law that doesn’t exist, a Pennsylvania court ruled in a recent decision, ordering a gun to be returned to a man who brandished the weapon during a road rage incident. Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough concluded … Continue reading

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Yeah, good luck with that

BOSTON – Gun rights activists aided by the National Rifle Association are suing Massachusetts over its firearms laws, saying the state’s assault weapons ban is preventing law-abiding residents from buying and possessing some of the most popular rifles in the … Continue reading

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A win for Chicago gun owners (the legal ones)

On Wednesday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit handed Second Amendment advocates a major victory when it struck down multiple gun range regulations imposed by the city of Chicago as unconstitutional infringements on the right to keep … Continue reading

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Well, that would piss me off too

An armed man upset someone took a bite out of his grilled-cheese sandwich triggered an hours-long barricade situation Sunday evening in Dundalk, Baltimore County police said. Cpl. Shawn Vinson said officers were called around 5 p.m. for a domestic dispute … Continue reading

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National Concealed Carry reciprocity legislation introduced

On January 3–the first day of the 115th Congress–Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC-8) introduced national concealed carry reciprocity legislation. Hudson’s office published this summary of the legislation: MORE ***** The gentleman that sent this link in (who shall remain anonymous for … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Yanks Second Amendment Rights from SSI Recipients

Last week, the Obama administration put the finishing touches on a new policy that would deprive recipients of disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of their Second Amendment rights. The administration will now characterize those citizens as “mental defectives,” … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in my old home county…..

Gun shops have been swamped in advance of Wednesday’s cutoff date to buy guns and gun parts that won’t legally be sold in California once the new year starts. “We’ll have a line of 20 when we open tomorrow morning,” … Continue reading

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NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — An actor who played a bit part in an independent gangster film and used a prop pellet gun without a New Jersey gun permit likely won’t have to serve a prison term. MORE

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Locked And Loaded: The Gun Industry’s Lucrative Relationship With Hollywood

Pull up a chair, it’s a long read. -KL BURNISHED BY THE LOW LIGHT OF GLASS-WALLED DISPLAYS, THEY seem like ancient artifacts, but the objects here are beloved contemporary icons. One case houses the massive Smith & Wesson Colt .44 … Continue reading

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Obama sends Arms Treaty to Senate for ratification

With just over a month left in office and no gun control achievements to speak of during his time in the White House, President Obama has sent the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to the Senate for one last … Continue reading

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Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do…

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The Cannabis Exception to the Second Amendment

If you want to buy a gun from a federally licensed dealer, you have to fill out Form 4473, which is aimed at determining whether you are legally allowed to own a firearm. A recent revision to the form by … Continue reading

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On This Day

On this day in 1776, Admiral Richard Howe and General William Howe, “the King’s Commissioners for restoring Peace,” issue a proclamation from New York City, promising pardon to those who will within 60 days subscribe to a declaration that they … Continue reading

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What’s next, saying ‘Bang bang’?

The Baltimore City Council gave preliminary approval Monday to a citywide ban on toy guns that look like working handguns and rifles. Council members introduced the legislation after a 14-year-old East Baltimore boy holding a BB gun was shot by … Continue reading

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Where do criminals get their guns?

The anti-gun people want to limit law-abiding citizens from getting guns and now ammunition. The pro-gun people repeat over and over again “If you out law guns, only outlaws will have guns.” They evidence that by activities that occur in … Continue reading

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Don Kates dead

USA – -( Don Kates was an American lawyer and research fellow with The Independent Institute in Oakland, California and one of the first legal scholars to focused on the Second Amendment and promoting gun rights. Don passed away Tuesday, … Continue reading

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9 Ways Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Plan Could Change Gun Ownership in America

We’re finally in the home stretch of what has been a divisive, acrimony-filled election year. While most of us will be glad when it’s finally over, win or lose, there are important issues on the ballot along with the candidates, … Continue reading

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Support for ‘assault weapon’ ban hits an all time low

“All-time” means “in the 20 years they’ve been measuring this,” but still. In 1996, amid soaring public concern about crime, support for a ban stood at 57/42. Twenty years later, after a long period of stupendous decline in crime rates … Continue reading

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Australia’s second try

The Australian government has begrudging and indirectly admitted the failure of their strict gun control laws, which included a gun buyback scheme that has been ignored by hundreds of thousands of citizens. In a desperate attempt to get guns out … Continue reading

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