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Long-Range Caliber, How to Choose the Best for You

USA –-( So, you want to shoot long-range. Excellent! I can offer a 100% money-back guarantee that you’re going to have lots of fun while learning all sorts of cool stuff. If you ever had a school teacher that swore … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Species:

Much has changed since 1958. Back then the average cost of a new house in America was $12,750, and a gallon of gasoline would set you back 25 cents. Eisenhower was President, and Elvis had just joined the Army. Jack … Continue reading

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Common Sense Trigger Talk

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1911Tuner FAQ

This sticky is a composite of threads brought over from our American Classic 1911 Forum. They were done by 1911Tuner who has forgot more about 1911’s than all of us here put together. He also loves animals and rescues dogs … Continue reading

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The Fitz Special


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Practical AR Enhancements That Work

As most people today know the AR-15 carbine is quite possibly the most customizable platform on the planet, DTG decided to revisit which upgrades might offer the best “bang for the buck,” at least, from our perspective. Some upgrades have … Continue reading

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Guest Post by T. Wrangler

A while back, Kenny posted a hickok45 video comparing handgun ammo: And his more recent post on “mouse guns” got me thinking about carry guns. I spent some time collecting thoughts to present here. Selecting a Defensive Sidearm  Part 1 Standard duty/service sidearms at one … Continue reading

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22LR Ballistics

Understanding 22 Ballistics (22 Long rifle – 5.6x15mmR) whether you shoot hyper velocity, subsonic or standard 22 ammunition (around 1250fps) is essential if you want to hit small targets beyond 100 yards. MORE -Doc

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Carlos Hathcock Method of Sighting in a Rifle

Sighting in a rifle is an important thing to do if you want your rifle to be dead on when taking a shot. Which brings us to the Carlos Hathcock way of sighting in a rifle. For those that don’t … Continue reading

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Shut the fuck up, kid

Critics have questioned whether 17-year-old David Hogg and the other high school students demanding that the nation’s gun laws be strengthened are mature enough to understand the complex policy positions they’ve staked out. But this weekend, Hogg labeled one of … Continue reading

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What’s So Special About the 3-Screw Ruger Blackhawk?

If you happen to stumble onto an online forum for Ruger firearms or single action revolvers you may find that the term “3-screw Blackhawk” appears quite frequently. You may also notice that some people have a certain esteem for the … Continue reading

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My Revolver Stopped Revolving

Revolvers fail, too. I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but I’ll probably keep bringing it up until people stop spreading misinformation about revolvers being “100% reliable.” In the video below, I describe … Continue reading

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Ragging on the Smith & Wesson

Of all the big American firearms manufacturers, Smith & Wesson is–in my opinion–the most deserving of censure. Certainly not because they make guns, nor are their products (always) unsafe when used as directed. However, Smith & Wesson’s corporate actions over … Continue reading

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The Colt 45 Automatic – A Shop Manual

In PDF form, from WiscoDave. Volume I Volume II

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Smith & Wesson manuals

Here’s a link to your S&W manuals for those of you that have lost yours. HERE -WiscoDave

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Lose your gun manual?

Look no further, you can find it HERE (except Smith & Wesson). Optics also. -WiscoDave

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Your Smith & Wesson’s innards

Disclaimer: These videos were posted for the sole purpose of showing the disassembly/assembly of your Smith & Wesson revolver. If you’re anything like me, you’re curious about the inner workings of machinery and this is the reason these videos were … Continue reading

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17% off – Great Eclipse Sale

HERE at Midsouth Shooter Supply. -Elmo

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The Care and Feeding of the AR/M16 Platform Rifles

I don’t know what the deal is with this post. It went up, it disappeared, and then it appeared in the archives. I’m reposting again in the hopes it will stay put because it’s got some great information in it. … Continue reading

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Varmint Al’s Reloading Page (and other stuff too) Advanced reloading, rifle tuning, coyote hunting, hunting tales, Ham radios, gunsmithing, all kinds of good shit. If you’re thinking about getting into reloading, don’t be intimidated by this page. I’ve been reloading for over 30 years and do a … Continue reading

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