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Budget Bolt Guns

Once upon a time, buying a cheap bolt-action rifle meant you got, well, a cheap rifle. The trigger was probably awful, the craftsmanship was questionable, and accuracy would be minute of deer—if you were lucky. Unless you could fork over … Continue reading

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The Savage 99

Today, we sometimes see them in the used racks in gunshops across middle America. And we still see them in vintage hunting photos from the Adirondacks to the High Sierras. It’s a lever action, but obviously not a Winchester or … Continue reading

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What, they never heard of ordering parts online?

On Wednesday, Jamikko Foster, 27, and Eduardo Limon, 28, were charged with stealing firearms from the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show. The two Las Vegas men worked as forklift drivers during the world’s largest firearms trade show, the … Continue reading

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Be still my heart

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How does your State rank?

Not everyone agrees with our rankings and, due to the complexity of these issues, it is impossible to rank the states with absolute precision in an article of this size – a line-by-line study of the gun laws of every … Continue reading

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Get it while you can

USA – -( – Brownells has a sale on Geissele Rapid Fire or 2 Stage Enhanced Triggers that if you game their shopping cart with coupon code “LAV” you get then down to $129.99 each with FREE Shipping. MORE ***** … Continue reading

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How about a Friday Girls With Guns gifdump?

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It’s OK to be cocky

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You know he shit his pants

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What the…???

In the garden of a New Haven artist’s studio, two bishops, one priest, and a sculptor destroyed 138 guns. These guns were voluntarily surrendered in a municipal buyback program sponsored by the Yale-New Haven Hospital and the New Haven Police … Continue reading

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My First Love

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LWRCi IC-DI 10.5″ AR Pistol review

U.S.A. –-( When space is at a premium and you want to pack an AR-15 you are limited to three options, get a tax stamp and go the SBR route, get your hands on one of LAW Tactical’s excellent folding … Continue reading

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Asserting the Second Amendment

The following article was written and submitted by a long time reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Posted with his permission. Asserting the Second Amendment How Prominent Gun Rights Organizations Miss Our Target Lately there has been considerable discussion concerning … Continue reading

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SBA3 AR Pistol Stabilizing Brace

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Police caught a felon painting a shotgun to look like a toy in a Spokane motel room Monday, according to Spokane Police Department in a news release. The suspect, Elijah B. Zon, also was in possession of three black-powder guns, … Continue reading

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Get it while you can

USA – -( Arms has a sale on the very popular Mossberg 590 Shockwave Shotgun in .410 for just $299.92. This item is $450.00 most places on the web or sold out. If anyone finds a coupon code that works … Continue reading

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Better than taking him to the circus

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Tactical Mistakes and Myths

Next to food, clothing, and shelter, the need for self-defense is prominent in our genes. You did not make many missteps in ancient times and live to complain. Working as a peace officer, beginning 40 years ago, I did not … Continue reading

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Jeff Knox Interview: Are We Losing Or Winning The 2A Battle?

USA – -( Jeff Knox and I had a chance to spend some time together at the 2019 Shot Show. It was a frank and honest conversation about our views of the NRA, the battle for our RKBA and its … Continue reading

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