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Discreet Concealment Errors

Ft Collins, CO –-( Carrying pistols concealed in public as you go about your daily business is serious business. A careless moment that inadvertently exposes an otherwise concealed pistol may garner the unwanted attention of a nearby criminal who is … Continue reading

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Beginners shouldn’t play with big guns

Check out the flinch on the first shooter when the gun misfires at the 1:30 mark. Then watch the second guy.

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Ruger introduces the Wrangler

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has introduced the Wrangler™ single-action revolver chambered in .22 LR. Built on the legacy of the popular Ruger® Single-Six®, the new Wrangler complements Ruger’s rich history of producing quality, rugged, reliable single-action revolvers. The attractive … Continue reading

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Top 5 Red Dot Sights for Your Guns – Rifles & Shotguns

U.S.A. –-( For many, red dot sights have fallen in popular use within the recreational shooting realm in favor of low-power variable optics. For defensive, military and law enforcement use, the venerable red dot sights are still seeing widespread use … Continue reading

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Top 6 Home Defense with a Gun Myths

USA –-( What is more frustrating than myths that get passed around with such regularity when no one pauses long enough to examine whether or not they are true? Maybe a case of the shingles, but other than that… Here … Continue reading

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A discussion on SBRs and AR/AK pistols

The first 20 minutes is them showing off their rifles and talking about the cost and time waiting on a Mother May I slip from the ATF.

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Happiness is a warm suppressor

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Rifle Sling Storage Trick

The video starts at the 1:15 mark. -Jason

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Tim Harmsen Of Military Arms Channel Begins An Interesting Run-To-Failure Test Of AR-15

Like me, Tim is a champion and fan of the AR-15 design. He begins an interesting test with a BCM rifle. He shot 1000 rounds in 35 minutes. We’ll see how far this goes before it gives up as he … Continue reading

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How America’s Gun Culture Cultivates Civic Virtue

Many people are often surprised to learn that I am a gun owner and firm defender of the Second Amendment. After all, I, a first-generation Chinese-American immigrant, do not fit the stereotype of the typical American gun owner. Of all … Continue reading

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He looks so contented, doesn’t he?

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The M134 Minigun

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The Secret to Mastering the Handgun


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It is Time to Build Several ARs

I believe that it is time to build several AR-15s. There are many reasons why. These include: MORE

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300 Blackout Q&A

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on the 300 Blackout – I don’t own one, in fact, I’ve never even shot one. I do plan on taking the plunge and buying an upper someday, but that’s in the future. I’m posting … Continue reading

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Shooting a Swiss Range


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Ruger Single Six – Still One of the Best Handguns to Own

U.S.A. –-( The Ruger Single Six hearkens back to the popularity of TV Westerns that came with the dawn of television in the households of ordinary Americans in the 1950s. Back then, Ruger was a newcomer to the game–not the … Continue reading

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The Gun School

What I said to my “concerned” friends that asked was, “I like to collect permissions to do things.” I lied. Being freaked out that anyone they knew would take gun training and get a concealed weapons permit, they tacitly agreed … Continue reading

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Ruger 10/22 Takedown – The Ultimate Survival Rifle?

U.S.A. –-( In a previous article, we took a look at a pair of classic take-down 22 caliber rifles: the Henry AR-7 and the Marlin Papoose. In that work, I stressed the importance of a lightweight packable rifle for emergency … Continue reading

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Former bag handler at PDX pleads guilty to stealing 6 guns from checked luggage

A baggage handler who worked at Portland International Airport admitted Wednesday in federal court to stealing six guns from checked bags over several weeks last year. Deshawn Antonio Kelly, 27, pleaded guilty to five counts of possession of a stolen … Continue reading

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