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The M-1 Garand


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Played the market and lost

A South Carolina distributor of guns and other outdoors supplies that was launched during the Great Depression filed for bankruptcy Monday, a few weeks after a financier alleged that the majority shareholder took about $189 million in loans out of … Continue reading

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Spetsnaz Special: The Legendary Kalashnikov

Be sure and check out the dweeb at the 7:38 mark. I’m surprised they didn’t edit that out.

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So easy a girl can do it

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Way of the Sixgun: An American Martial Art

With culture around us apparently in decline, it’s worth celebrating uniquely American traditions, especially growing ones. And few activities could be more American than the marksmanship sport of Old West-style shooting. The increasingly popular shooting matches of the National Congress … Continue reading

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Still thinking about that AR pistol?

A 5.56 AR pistol kit with a 10.5″ barrel, all you need is a lower and a rear sight, for $260. HERE

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Getting ready for dove season?

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How about you leave some 2A for the rest of us?

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One way or another

HOUSTON — A 17-year-old man was charged with littering after two Houston Police officers said he and his 18-year-old girlfriend allegedly tossed a loaded gun out of a car. The incident happened on Sunday afternoon in the 7200 block of … Continue reading

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The best AR animation video I’ve ever seen

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Best Rifle Sling For Your Specific Purpose

Are you looking for a way to comfortably carry your firearm & can help you quickly switch between a rifle and sidearm? If so… you need a good ol’ rifle sling. Rifle slings are perfect for ensuring a steady and … Continue reading

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Reasons to shop for your gun needs is on its next mission – Mission for the Mighty. Prominent industry brands have joined our mission to help give back through offering weeks’ worth of exclusive deals & offers with the added bonus of each purchase directly benefiting … Continue reading

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Here’s an odd duck for you

-Bear A host of unusual firearms have been floated and (mostly) abandoned over the two centuries of largely trial-and-error design. After our recent coverage of Arsenal Firearm’s AF2011-a1 double barrel semiautomatic pistol, we wondered if more extreme versions of multi-barrel … Continue reading

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Florida’s New Teacher Carry Law Is A Decent First Step

On May 9, 2019 Florida Governor Ron Desantis signed SB 7030 into law, which allows school or contract employees to be armed under Florida’s new Guardian Program. Local district superintendents must appoint these individuals, and then they must receive final … Continue reading

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Considerations for Fighting With a Little One at Your Side

Imagine you’re eating out with your family. Your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or maybe grandchild is sitting in your lap, telling you an elaborate story the way that only a small child can. You’re fully engaged in their excited eyes … Continue reading

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Broke that sumbitch, huh?

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Guns Underwater: Do They Work?

Virginia – -( I love science, so I was interested from the point of view of physics. Glock has a modification to their guns that allows for them to shoot more easily underwater. There is a video showing someone hunting … Continue reading

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I remember when I was young and full of testosterone

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Looks like the Germans are getting fed up

Gun permits and the subsequent purchase of weapons have risen substantially in Cologne, Germany since the mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve of 2015. The police have lost the public trust, as their response to the assaults, committed by … Continue reading

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WWII 1911 Pistol Training

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