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Surprise! Gun stocks on the rise

Stocks of publicly traded gun companies rose Monday, following calls for stricter gun laws after two more deadly mass shootings in the United States over the weekend. Shares of American Outdoor Brands, formerly known as Smith & Wesson, rose 3% … Continue reading

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And the money quote:

How many of us, after the shooting at a Walmart supermarket in El Paso, decided to get our concealed carry permit, and from now onward go armed, to defend ourselves and those with us when we do our grocery shopping?  … Continue reading

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The Single Action Army and the Bisley Advantage

The Colt Single Action revolver was a sensation when it was introduced. Building on Colt’s reputation for durable fight winning revolvers the solid-frame centerfire revolver quickly became a military and civilian favorite. An advantage of the Colt was that it … Continue reading

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#1 Tip to Keep From Missing

Be sure to check out how he illustrates his point with the hand slapping exercise.  

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Arm Thy Neighbor – Matt Bracken

If you don’t presently own any firearms, you may have been considering taking that step in order to protect yourself and your family. Or perhaps you already have what you consider to be an adequate home armory, but is it … Continue reading

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Daily Deal – AR pistol in 5.56 for under $300

USA – -( Palmetto State Armory has some good sales running where you can get a complete AR pistol for $289.99. This is two products purchased together, one is an FFL transferable item and the upper needs to find a … Continue reading

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Got spares? BCGs for $50

USA – -( Palmetto State Armory is having a sale on their popular PSA 5.56 Nitride magnetic particle inspected Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group for just $49.99. In a world were BCGs average $100 this is a bargain and why we … Continue reading

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Nanny State allows Colt Cobras to be sold

WEST HARTFORD, CONN. — ( Four Colt revolvers have been added to California’s “certified for sale” roster approved by the state’s Department of Justice. Each handgun passed all firing, safety, and drop tests required for certification and can now be … Continue reading

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Gun Laws by State Link was provided by Alex at As always, check up and verify before traveling to make sure you stay legal.

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Choosing an AR Foregrip

In kitting a rifle, few things are as personal as your furniture choice. The ergonomics of your rifle should conform to your body, so everyone ends up with a different setup. In many ways, the AR15’s freedom of choice created … Continue reading

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And I’ll leave you with this:

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New ATF Guidance: Measurement of Your AR Pistol

The ATF has announced new guidance on how it will determine the overall length of AR pistols and what does or does not enter into NFA territory when is comes to pistols utilizing a stabilizing brace along with other accessories. … Continue reading

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Results of a 4 Year Handgun Red Dot Study

Handgun red dot sights are all the rage these days, but also the source of a lot of controversy – much like red dot sights for rifles not that many years ago. As technology improves, micro red dots durability improves, … Continue reading

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Concealment, Cover, and Thinking Outside the Box

USA – -( One of the things that drives me crazy is the binary nature of people. I’m talking about our opinions on what the “right” answer is for any given situation. Maybe it’s because we’re immersed in the topic, … Continue reading

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The smells of my childhood

U.S.A. –-( Col. Townsend Whelen was an iconic American rifleman, soldier, experimenter, and leader who lived through the introduction of smokeless powder and bolt action rifles. He wrote voluminously, including several books. He lived a long and useful life, born … Continue reading

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10mm Ammunition: 7 Things You Need to Know

USA – -( For the past month or so I’ve been tinkering with a 10mm pistol, the Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer Elite. It’s a beautiful handgun that’s made special by its caliber choice of 10mm. Roughly equivalent in ballistics … Continue reading

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Germans in WW2 and their 22 different models of pistols

World War 2 was the world’s bloodiest, most expansive conflict. For the first time in human history, man’s quarrels with his fellow man were settled via warfare around the globe fought on an industrial scale. Never before or since has … Continue reading

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Top 6 Long-Range Competition Cartridges

Picking the “top six” cartridges for any discipline is akin to shimmying out on a branch and then rasping away on it with a pruning saw. I can already hear the snarls and gnashing teeth of offended readers. Before undertaking … Continue reading

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Silencer Guide with Decibel Level Testing

This project is a massive look at silencers with testing data that shows exactly what difference a suppressed firearm can make on your sound levels while shooting. MORE -Woody

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Watermelons Help Secure AR15 Military Order

Maryland – -( Were it not for the military’s adoption of the AR15 as the M16, the gun designed by Eugene Stoner may have just been a footnote in American arms development. As is often the case, civilian interest in … Continue reading

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