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Reading, Writing and Return Fire

There is a reason why the massacre at Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida could never have happened in an Israeli school. Israel does not consider its schools gun-free zones, where armed predators can freely roam the campus and … Continue reading

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Another view

She may be a little confused but at least she’s not screaming about confiscating firearms.

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Fucking Florida, man…..

TAMARAC, Fla. (WKRG) – After a high school mass shooting that killed 17 people in Florida, one man says he will be the change he wants to see in this world. On Friday, Ben Dickmann surrendered his AR-FiveSeven rifle into … Continue reading

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Can you feel the hate from the MSM here?

Third-graders in a Missouri community are continuing to sell raffle tickets for an AR-15 to benefit their traveling baseball team after the same type of rifle was used to slaughter and injure dozens at a Florida school. Levi Patterson, the … Continue reading

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Alabama broadens their Stand Your Ground laws

The Alabama House of Representatives voted 40-16 to expand “Stand Your Ground” the day after the Florida school shooting occurred. The vote was to broaden the statute to allow defense of life in churches. It was presented as part of … Continue reading

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How my trip to the shooting range changed how I think about gun owners

Staring down the range and adjusting to the uncomfortable weight of the rifle, I tried to shake the thought that I was sharing the view of Stephen Paddock and the many other mass-murderers whose weapon of choice I was now … Continue reading

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This could take coyote hunting to a whole ‘nother level

Using a custom rifle chambered in .408 Cheyenne Tactical, Bill Poor connected on a 3-mile shot to set what could be a new world record. Bill Poor, of Tuscola, Texas, reportedly connected on a 3-mile shot Jan. 14, 2018 near … Continue reading

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S&W M&P 2.0 Compact vs CZ P10C

-John Deaux

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USCCA to be featured on 60 Minutes tonight

U.S.A. –-( The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), a Wisconsin-based organization providing education, training and self-defense insurance to responsible American gun owners, will be featured on 60 Minutes for a segment with CBS News this coming Sunday, February 11, … Continue reading

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Good guys… er, gals… with guns

The clip below is about a mom that hid in the attic with her 9 year or twins as an ex convict broke into their home. In the dramatic audio we hear the husband instruct his wife to shoot as … Continue reading

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5 things I learned at the gun range


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Remington seeks financing to file for bankruptcy

(Reuters) – Remington Outdoor Company Inc, one of the largest U.S. makers of firearms, has reached out to banks and credit investment funds in search of financing that will allow it to file for bankruptcy, people familiar with the matter … Continue reading

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The Walther PPS M2

The Walther PPS M2 fits into that rare circle of handguns worthy to wear the label of “concealed carry perfection.” At just over 21 ounces, it is compact yet practical, diminutive yet powerful, light yet accurate and utterly reliable. The … Continue reading

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Anybody got a name and description?

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Tales of the Gun – John Moses Browning

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A PSA from Unclezip

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Their next bill will be requiring you to own a safe

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – State Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) and Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris (D-Memphis) today announced bipartisan legislation that would make it cheaper for gun owners to safely store their firearms. Senate Bill 2476 would … Continue reading

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Scratch Outback

CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) – A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer was asked to leave the Outback Steakhouse in Cleveland Friday night because he had his service weapon on him. In a public post on Facebook, Andrew Ward shared about the … Continue reading

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I bet more drugs than guns went through there

The Haskell Free Library, which straddles the U.S.-Canada border, is home to an array of novels, an opera house and — for a brief time — international gun smugglers. The heritage building was built in 1904 and is the only … Continue reading

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Want, need, gotta have

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