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Palmetto State Armory sends-

There is no more ardent and outspoken supporters of your right to bear arms in the gun industry today than the folks over at Palmetto State Armory. This just came across the wire and I think it needs sharing- MORE … Continue reading

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Agent Provocateurs In The Second Amendment Awakening In Virginia

Kaiserworks had this to say. Time to keep eyes open for Agent Provocateurs in the pro 2A rallies or an incident directed at an anti-2A Politician. I can tell you right now that when you see ‘breaking news’ and the … Continue reading

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Guns and Aging

One of the most senior shootists I’ve known was John Hansbury, who had two careers including chief armorer of the U.S. Coast Guard. I got to know John when he started shooting SASS at nearly 90. When I asked why … Continue reading

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1.2 guns per person? Fucking slackers need to buy more

(Liberty Bell) – You won’t find a more hot button issue in the realm of politics than that of gun rights versus gun control. The Second Amendment has been under attack by bleeding heart liberals for as long as any … Continue reading

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FPC Urge Court to Find Possession of Marijuana Does Not Render a Person Prohibited

Portland, ME —-( Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) filed a “friend of the court” brief in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, sitting as the Law Court, in the case of State of Maine v. Richard … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Concealed Carry Tips

It’s time to get your furnace ready for the winter months, and also time to get yourself ready for winter concealed carry. That means rethinking how you draw from concealment. On cold winter days, you could be dealing with base … Continue reading

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Appendix Carry, Only the Assiduous, Serious, & Sober Need Apply

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot teach it.” ~ Hermann Hesse “Appendix” Carry: I’m not sure that appendix carry qualifies as a … Continue reading

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Buy Once, Cry Once

USA – -( You can’t travel a gun forum without hearing, “buy once, cry once” at some point. There was a long time that I didn’t actually understand what the hell that even meant in a true sense. In fact, … Continue reading

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And the World Wept…..

Boston, MA – -( – On November 26, 1926, John Moses Browning passed away in Liege, Belgium, at the age of 71. Hailed today as the greatest arms inventor of all time, John came by his profession honestly: his father … Continue reading

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“We’re outta here”

After more than 15 years in New Britain Connecticut, AR maker Stag Arms says they are pulling up stakes and moving to the more gun-friendly state of Wyoming. The company will move to Cheyenne later this year after an effort … Continue reading

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Where are they buying them at that price, from III Arms?

In a case of “you can’t have one, but I need one for my own protection”, police in the Australian state of Victoria are set to buy and fit 600 AR-15s for their patrol cars. At a whopping $28,000 (US) … Continue reading

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On This Day…

USA – -( On November 21, 1865, US patent 51,117 was issued to William Mason, who then assigned it to Remington. While the patent document simply lists it as an “IMPROVEMENT IN REVOLVING FIRE-ARMS,” it is decidedly much more important … Continue reading

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“Yeah, I’ve got a bit of a problem here I was wondering if you could help me with”

Don Cook, a Marine veteran who’s been maintaining M107s for more than two decades, told National Geographic in 2011 that he one day received a call to Barrett’s workshop from a harried young Marine. During maintenance of the unit’s M107, … Continue reading

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Buying Ammunition Online, Our Top Ten Places to Shop

USA – -( Lower Prices, bundle deals, discounts, and convenience are just a few words that come to mind as to why buying ammunition online is a good idea. Often prices at retail are nearly double the online prices, which, … Continue reading

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Last week’s estimate of $200k was just a little low

What would you give to own this piece of history? How about $492,000? That’s how much an anonymous buyer paid at a recent auction for the rifle that was in the hands of Private John Simpson on June 17th, 1775 … Continue reading

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AR Combat Rifle Tips and Tricks

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Constitutional Carry in Oklahoma

Many Oklahomans will be able to carry firearms in public without a permit or training beginning next week, unless opponents of the new law who have filed a legal challenge are successful in their bid to stop the legislation from … Continue reading

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They had safe queens even back then

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AR pistol brace comparison

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Active Killer Response Options for Armed Citizens

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about active killer events. I’m convinced that it is getting incrementally more and more dangerous to intervene in such an attack. A study came out last week stating that 8% of Americans have a … Continue reading

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