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The 41 Mag: if only we could do it over

Everybody I know including myself has one something in life that we would like to do over. Life is just that way. The firearms industry is in some vein the same. Timing is everything. The correct product at the correct … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, I have to laugh every time I watch this

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15 years Concealed Carry – Lessons Learned

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The .22 LR And Its .22 Rimfire Cousins

Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson developed the first successful .22 round in 1857, after trying to adopt Flobert’s cartridge to the petulant Hunt-Jennings lever-action rifle that would sire the Henry. Smith & Wesson’s rimfire, essentially the .22 Short, was made … Continue reading

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Tactical Grey Glock 19


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Man, I would LOVE to have this

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Carrying a back-up firearm

One of the most famous gunfights of the 20th century occurred on April 11, 1986 in Miami-Dade County, Florida. On this day, 14 FBI agents met in the morning at a local Home Depot to plan their search for a … Continue reading

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The Cane Gun and Clandestine Firearms

Popular in the mid to late 19th Century, the cane gun was the choice of the well-dressed armed citizen. Compact, polymer-framed pistols dominate concealed carry nowadays, but it wasn’t always that way. Long before the plastic fantastics and even snubby … Continue reading

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Choosing 38 Special Ammo For Self Defense

Which .38 Special ammo will save your life? Patrick Sweeney gives you the inside edge. What you need to know about.38 Special ammo: MORE ***** 38 Special is the smallest caliber I’d even think about carrying and even then, only … Continue reading

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A little bit of very big firearms history

A reader was doing some research on 19th-century firearms, and wrote to ask me why so-called “market hunting” had been banned in the USA in the latter part of that century. The reason was that so many waterfowl and migratory … Continue reading

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When you’re too cheap to buy a holster

BUCKEYE, Ariz. – Officers responding to reports of a shooting at an Arizona Walmart Tuesday found a man with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the groin area, according to the Buckeye Police Dept. Police said the victim was carrying … Continue reading

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Real Men Don’t Carry Pocket Pistols


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Landlord Tells Harvard Student to Move Out Over Legally Owned Guns

A Massachusetts landlord told a Harvard University graduate student that he wanted her to move out of her apartment because her legally owned firearms made some of her roommates uncomfortable. “Since it’s clear that Leyla wants to keep her firearms, … Continue reading

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Range Report: Ruger’s 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is the .22 everyone wants, everyone keeps, and everyone can afford! Along with the Colt 1911 handgun, the Remington 700, and Browning A5 shotgun, the Ruger 10/22 has become an icon among American shooters. I am not … Continue reading

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Concealed Carry Don’ts

Don’t be like Sam Kerodin who used to run training classes with a Browning Hi Power blue trainer in a holster made for a 1911. Seriously, he did that. Yes, he is a dumb fuck.

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The Old Holiday Spirit

-The Notorious Mrs D

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The Pillow Silencer

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“Ohmigod, somebody mentioned a gun!”

The Macy’s Logistics and Operations building in Portland, Tenn., was evacuated earlier this morning after an employee overheard a comment about a gun while at a workstation. MORE ***** Portland’s a small town of about 15,000 about 35 miles west … Continue reading

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Silicone and Gunpowder

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Four Principles of Concealed Carry Commitment

USA – -( The concealed carry COMMITMENT is a pledge to yourself and those around you to be a responsible carrier of your firearm. I believe that commitment for concealed carriers can be broken down into four principles, being MINDSET, … Continue reading

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