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Fair Warning

-American BTGoG

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The Inevitable Death of Gun Control: The Future of Untraceable Homemade Firearms


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Practical Carbine Accuracy

There’s a lot of confusion even among longtime shooters between what a rifle is capable of doing off the bench on a nice controlled square range and what’s actually practical for a serviceable combat weapon. The two really aren’t the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in the birthplace of the American Revolution…

BOSTON — Massachusetts authorities say hundreds of residents previously cleared by a state board to own a firearm may lose their gun licenses because of a clash between state and federal regulations. MORE

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I’m guessing one of those butt-ugly Glocks with no real safety

-WiscoDave ***** At least he let out a manly yell when he shot his nuts off – I’d have been screaming like a little schoolgirl.

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Dear Kenny

Does anybody have any idea, any idea at all where I can pick up a stock thumb safety for a 1911? I don’t want an ambi, extended, lowered, narrowed, widened or any other kind of fancy safety, I want the … Continue reading

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Good Morning

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A work of art

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Gay Americans are arming themselves to stay alive

“I don’t want to get beaten to death, stabbed and burnt alive,” a slight woman with long blond hair and a checked shirt says. “I want a gun to feel equal.” She is a member of one of the United … Continue reading

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Testing Gryojet Guns

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Florida: Fucking up by the numbers

For over a year, the state of Florida did not run FBI background checks on tens of thousands of residents applying for concealed weapons permits starting in February 2016 – because an employee forgot the password to the National Instant … Continue reading

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Three months in a row

May 2018 became the third consecutive month of record background checks and the biggest May in history, as far as background checks are concerned. FBI numbers show 2,002,992 background checks were conducted in May 2018. The previous May record was … Continue reading

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What’s the best gun for a SHTF situation?

OUR PANEL OF EXPERTS ANSWERS THE AGE-OLD QUESTION “IF YOU COULD ONLY GRAB ONE GUN WHEN SHTF, WHAT WOULD IT BE?” The question is pretty commonly heard at gun shops, barbecues and shooting ranges. Every shooter knows it, and every … Continue reading

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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Death By Gun Violence

Do you want to reduce your risk of death by gun violence? If so, consider these 10 common sense ways to do so. These are things one can implement fully and immediately with no permission or agreement from anyone else … Continue reading

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“What, me worry?”

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The Fitz Special


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Correcting Gun Control false claims about “America’s unique gun violence problem” and “How to Reduce Shootings”

An article at Vox has gained attention for illustrating America’s “unique gun violence problem” in 17 maps and charts. A similar New York Times opinion piece by Nicolas Kristof has gained attention for illustrating “How to Reduce Shootings.” Below, we … Continue reading

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Nicely done

Guns Save Life loves Chicago’s gun buybacks. Three times in the past dozen years or so, the scrappy Illinois gun rights group has sold rusty junk to Chicago’s taxpayers, then used the proceeds to send young people to an NRA … Continue reading

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Good Morning

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Medical marijuana, gun laws at odds

Christine Roberts does not own a gun, and never will as far as the federal government is concerned as long as she continues to use medical marijuana. The 53-year-old Dickson City woman has taken the drug to ease pain from … Continue reading

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