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American Icon: A Brief History of the 1911 Pistol


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An Updated “Jed Eckert” Rifle

As a teenager I remember watching “Red Dawn” the first time and thinking, “WOW, that’s all they had to choose from in a gun shop?”. A .308, a .38 Special (revolver), a 12 Gauge shotgun and a 30-30 Winchester lever … Continue reading

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AR-15 Beginner’s Guide

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AR Pistol Ballistics

When I was still in high school, I decided not to buy a used Colt AR-15 because it rattled and looked awkward with its carry handle sights. Not my best day as a gun maven. Flash forward thirty years and … Continue reading

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Homemade poaching guns from Africa

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50 Cal Barrett – 6 shots in under a second

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Commercial Ammo: The Untold History of Springfield Armory and America’s Munitions Factories

To understand how American citizens today can get their hands on ammo, which rolls off the same factory lines as those that supply the world’s largest militaries, it’s important to first understand how munitions technology developed. Starting in medieval Europe, … Continue reading

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He didn’t notice that 1 pound snubbie?

A Michigan man shot himself in the foot when he threw his shoe at a cockroach, local authorities say. The Detroit man, 50, is said to have seen the critter from across the room at a home on the 18700 … Continue reading

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AR-15 quality – What is your money getting you?

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“I don’t need a gun – you do”

A couple years ago I was working security at a bar in northern Virginia. I overheard a table of college kids arguing about gun rights and gun control and it was getting far too emotional so I did what any … Continue reading

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Ooooh, the evil ‘Ghost Gun’…

Investigators in New Jersey looking into a cocaine trafficking operation say they inadvertently uncovered something much more deadly: a “ghost guns” dealership. What is a “ghost gun”? New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal says they are assault rifles that … Continue reading

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History of the 1911


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Another Gun Sanctuary County

Officials in Cherokee County, North Carolina, have passed a resolution declaring that they are now a “Gun Sanctuary County.” The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners’ resolution is similar to a sanctuary city declaration — but asserts that they will not … Continue reading

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Choosing the right accessories for your AR

Choosing the right, and necessary, gear modifications and upgrades for your AR doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does require some careful thought. What you need to consider when decking out your AR: MORE ***** The only things I … Continue reading

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Giving it another quiet shot

Washington, D.C. – -( Idaho Senator Mike Crapo along with 12 Senate colleagues, including Idaho Senator Jim Risch, today introduced the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) in the Senate. The HPA, S. 817, would reclassify suppressors to regulate them like a … Continue reading

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When men get bored

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A lawmaker wants to require some Missouri residents to own AR-15 guns. Andrew McDaniel, (R-Deering), introduced House Bill 1108 on Feb. 28. According to the bill’s description, it would establish the McDaniel Militia Act, “which requires … Continue reading

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If you gave a .22LR rifle to an army during the American Revolution, would they have used it?

Reliability and Rate of FIRE – While rim fire rounds aren’t the most reliable ammunition, they are much more reliable than flint lock muzzle loaders. They can be used in appalling weather conditions. Being rim fire, .22 LR’s jam frequently … Continue reading

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