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Medical marijuana, gun laws at odds

Christine Roberts does not own a gun, and never will as far as the federal government is concerned as long as she continues to use medical marijuana. The 53-year-old Dickson City woman has taken the drug to ease pain from … Continue reading

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Digging Into the FBI Report on Active Shooters

If you haven’t read the FBI’s recently released report entitled “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017,” and you care about gun rights, you should do so ( This opening line from a story on … Continue reading

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Jerry’s back!


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Practical AR Enhancements That Work

As most people today know the AR-15 carbine is quite possibly the most customizable platform on the planet, DTG decided to revisit which upgrades might offer the best “bang for the buck,” at least, from our perspective. Some upgrades have … Continue reading

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Just so you know…..

SPIKE’S TACTICAL – Updated Policy for State and Local Law Enforcement Agency Sales: In light of the recent and numerous anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment laws pending across the Nation, Spike’s Tactical will be joining other manufacturers and distributors and limiting … Continue reading

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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You can almost hear the smile on my face

This was from about 10-12 years ago up in the Sierras. Me and Pops were spending the day up there doing some well deserved fucking off so we decided to shoot some 41. He got his cell phone out and … Continue reading

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Guest Post by T. Wrangler

A while back, Kenny posted a hickok45 video comparing handgun ammo: And his more recent post on “mouse guns” got me thinking about carry guns. I spent some time collecting thoughts to present here. Selecting a Defensive Sidearm  Part 1 Standard duty/service sidearms at one … Continue reading

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Pawn shop trolling Dick’s

A pawn shop in South Carolina has poked fun at Dick’s Sporting Goods with a sign advertising the business sells assault rifles unlike the major retailer. The Crossroads Pawn and Audio in Little River, S.C., put up a sign last … Continue reading

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This looks like a blast!


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Your Monday Morning Florida News

A Lake City man was jailed after he reported that his son had stolen his rifle. The problem? The man, James Denson, is a convicted felon who is not allowed to own a rifle, the Lake City Police said in … Continue reading

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Ruger responds to The Captain’s Journal

This note was sent to me from the Ruger CEO upon sharing recent articles here at TCJ on Ruger and its future. MORE -WiscoDave

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Driving the liberals insane

The left lays special claim on so-called “Millennials,” the latest class of brainwashed zombies to roll out of their four-year indoctrination factories who are programmed to be even more liberal than their predecessors, in favor of things like “social justice,” … Continue reading

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Pistol Shooting Drill – How To Get Rid Of Your Flinch

U.S.A. –-( Do you want to get rid of your flinch? You know, that one that makes you shoot low and left (if you are right-handed) consistently? Who wouldn’t? I reached out to two of my good friends who are … Continue reading

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CA Cities Are Free to Regulate Gun Stores Out of Existence

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sent a clear message to millions of gun owners in California: You’re living in a Second Amendment-free zone. In an order on Monday, without explanation or comment, the Court rejected a civil rights lawsuit … Continue reading

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How Not To Get Shot By A Soldier

The following is intended to serve as a useful guide to various activists, protesters and other completely non-violent folk who happen to be packing knives, guns, rocks and grenades. You will encounter various law enforcement and military personnel– this is … Continue reading

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Why I never ever shoot Russian ammo

Russian infantry weapons have a reputation for reliability. The AK and PKM are renowned for enduring through adverse conditions, powered by their powerful long-stroke piston actions. However, a recent report by suggests that when these weapons do fail in … Continue reading

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FTA Larry Vickers Carbine Setup

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Damn, that’s a long burn

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Just 10? I think their figures are a little low

Fairfax, VA – -( “Armed and unarmed citizens engaged the shooter in 10 incidents. They safely and successfully ended the shootings in eight of those incidents. Their selfless actions likely saved many lives. The enhanced threat posed by active shooters … Continue reading

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