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Got money to burn?

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – -( Some of the highest-quality firearms and most important historical relics ever to pass through Milestone Auctions’ doors will be presented in a January 19 sale comprising more than 800 lots. Many of the items chosen for … Continue reading

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When you mix alcohol and gunfire

A 33-year-old man ringing in 2019 with gunfire in a Cleveland field accidentally shot himself in the leg early Tuesday while trying to holster his gun, WOIO reported. He wasn’t alone. In Kansas City, Kansas, a man shot himself in … Continue reading

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Medium-Bore Match-Up: .38 Special vs 9mm

Truth told, the .38 Special and 9mm aren’t a world away. Put your pitchforks away and quit lighting your torches, the implication isn’t the time-tested cartridges are carbon copies of each other. Not by a long shot. Their countries of … Continue reading

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After Drawing, When Should You See Your Sights?

In the last “Defensive Handgunning” column, we shared some advice from Gunsite Academy instructor Cory Trapp, with regard to when you should put your finger on the trigger. Another common question he gets: When you should first see your sights? … Continue reading

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Dear Kenny

From the comments: Ah… been meaning to ask this question (and maybe Kenny can let it be it’s own post?) So I was thinking to get “something” to carry, but I would like suggestions on specific pistol/holster combinations. Caliber will … Continue reading

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Ohio: Legislature Overrides Governor Kasich’s Veto of Self-Defense Legislation

Fairfax, VA – -( Last week, the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate voted 67-22 and 21-11, respectively, to override Governor John Kasich’s veto of self-defense legislation, Sub. House Bill 228. Substitute House Bill 228 will now be enacted into … Continue reading

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Close Quarters Battle — Three Tips

All skills are an amalgamation of basic skills and things we have learned. The problem is that many folks do not study, and if they do, they study things that are of no utility in personal defense. Most shooters engage … Continue reading

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Titties and hot brass don’t mix

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Ruger Single-Actions: America ’s Best Do-It-Yourself Kit!

My very first handgun was a Ruger, and since that time, I’ve been a staunch fan of the simplicity, ruggedness and affordability of Ruger revolvers, with Ruger single-action’s topping my list of most-packed and favorite firearms. The strength of Ruger … Continue reading

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Missouri Gun Bills

Fairfax, VA – -( With the 2019 Missouri legislative session to start in a few weeks, legislators have been busy pre-filing both pro and anti-gun legislation. The following bills have been introduced to date and we expect more in the … Continue reading

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Tips For Long Term Gun Storage

The days of burying your guns are over my friends, hiding your firearms off-site is useless if there is an emergency and downgrades the quality of your gun. In this day and age, there are ways to store your guns … Continue reading

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Lubrication 101: Gun oil, snake oil, and how to tell the difference

Firearms enthusiasts are the targets (pardon the pun) of some of the most misleading advertisements regarding the proper lubrication of their guns. The purpose of this article is to give a background on basic lubrication concepts, the technology behind them, … Continue reading

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Big Guns At The Big Sandy Shoot


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Gaming the gun buy back bullshit

The program reportedly cost the city $250,000, but there is little evidence that buyback programs are effective in reducing violence, or even in reducing the number of firearms in circulation—as one woman ably demonstrated. Kathleen Cairns, a WBFF Baltimore journalist, … Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons you should own an AR-15

In a recent item for The Federalist, David Harsanyi considered the M16 rifle one of the five most innovative firearms in American firearm development history. Yet something equally significant can be said about the semi-automatic AR-15 derived from the M16. … Continue reading

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Shooting of Criminal by Citizen Not Reported by Police & Not Unusual

On 7 December 2018, at about 7:45 p.m., the owner of the Alibaba’s convenience store in Syracuse, New York shot and wounded an armed robber. The robber ended up in the hospital. The story made the news. A local reporter … Continue reading

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How to estimate wind for long range shooting

If wind were constant like gravity, making long-range first shot hits would be easy. Just let your ballistic calculator do the math and press the trigger properly. However, the wind isn’t constant—it’s always changing, often second to second. To add … Continue reading

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One of the Best Old World Gunsmiths You’ve Never Heard Of

James Monroe Jones was one of the very few African-American gunsmiths working in 19th Century America. Born as a slave in North Carolina, Jones’ father eventually purchased freedom for himself and his family and moved them to the free state … Continue reading

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The Five Worst Gun Store Employees

Man, when I walk into a gun shop, I’ve pretty much made up my mind what I want. I’m just there to see if they have it in stock. If they don’t, I’ll have them order it. The quickest way … Continue reading

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This oughta piss the fanboys off

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