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Texas’ Campus Carry Law Upheld By Appellate Court

AUSTIN, TEXAS – -( On August 16, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued its decision regarding Glass v. Paxton, affirming the lower court’s dismissal of this civil suit seeking to overturn Texas’ campus carry … Continue reading

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Over 17 Million Americans with Concealed Handgun Permits

U.S.A. –-( The CPRC has just issued our newest annual report on the number of concealed handgun permits in the US. A copy of the report is available for download here. Some updated numbers are shown at the bottom of … Continue reading

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How to Zero a Scope and Rifle for Long Range Shooting

USA –-( If you’re going to shoot long range, you need to make sure your zero is perfect. Small errors at 100 yards become big ones at 1,000 yards, so if your zero is off by just ½-inch at the … Continue reading

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Whoa, that’s not fair

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. –-( When 22-year-olds Cody Allen King and Justin Michael Bull decided to rob a local pharmacy in Maryland they thought that there would be little resistance. Maryland has some of the most draconian gun laws in the … Continue reading

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Well Armed Woman Releases New Data For Women Gun Owners

Scottsdale, Ariz. –-( The Well Armed Woman, LLC, released new data today that will particularly appeal to women gun owners. Their study shows the most popular holsters that women purchase, as well as carry locations, on and off body. MORE

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Sorry, there’s no substitute for the real thing

…and I’m not a long distance shooter, but I realize that. Gainesville, GA –-( For the long-distance hunter, success in the field always begins at the shooting range. It would be great if every shooting range was designed so you … Continue reading

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W Virginia concealed carry permits recognized in 10 more states

CHARLESTON — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has affirmed recognition of West Virginia’s concealed carry permits for 10 states. Currently, there are 23 states that recognize West Virginia concealed handgun licenses and 14 that recognize West Virginia provisional concealed handgun licenses … Continue reading

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You go, Girl

Kent State University –-( Kaitlin Bennett, the Kent State graduate, who made national headlines by posting a picture of herself with her AR-10 and a graduation cap that bore the pro-gun phrase “Come and Take It”, is returning to campus. … Continue reading

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More plastic for me to break

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Changing magazines: Embrace the reality

Rationalization is a powerful thing. The temptation to convince one’s self that “it’s good enough” or that you’ll “do it later” is right up there with other irresistible forces of nature like gravity and checking your smartphone while waiting in … Continue reading

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State Department Gives Facts on 3D Gun Settlement

Arizona -( On 31 July, 2018, Heather Nauert briefed reporters on issues at the Department of State. She answered questions about the settlement of the First Amendment lawsuit with the Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed. The State Department Press … Continue reading

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Colt SAA 1956

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Why people in New Jersey shouldn’t play with guns

A man who was showing his Beretta semi-automatic handgun to a friend when he accidentally shot them both, police said Sunday. MORE

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I bet the trigger pull is horrendous

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AR/M4 Malfunction Clearance

-John Deaux

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Old Skool Barrel Making

Prior to the development of deep hole drilling, most barrels were made by forge welding a tube and reaming it. (Brass barrels were core castings.) There are several ways to weld a tube but the simplest and one most commonly … Continue reading

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Got code?

“80%” AR-15 Lower: Machining Instructions (Download) – Code (Download) Complete AR-15 (Download) Complete AR-10 (Download) Ruger 10-22 (Download) 1911 (Download) vz 58 (Download) Beretta 92FS (Download) Liberator (Download) -UncleZip If the link above doesn’t work for some reason, go … Continue reading

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The ATF’s position on… whatever they call it today

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association, asked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives about how gun shops should process paperwork for genderqueer gun purchasers. Below is the Q&A: Question: If a transferee (consumer) presents … Continue reading

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Bella Twin and the .22 Used to Take the 1953 World Record Grizzly

Arizona -( On 10 May, 1953, Bella Twin was hunting small game with her partner, Dave Auger, along an oil exploration cutline south of Slave Lake, in Alberta, Canada. She was 63 years old. They saw a large grizzly bear … Continue reading

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Elmer Keith’s Revolver Number 5

A special treat for y’all: -Elmo

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