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French Resistance cache unearthed

A couple remodeling an old home in north-central France found a cache of ammo, grenades and submachine guns hidden under a granite floor, The Lyonne Republicaine reported. The find was made in July by the couple in the Quarré-les-Tombes area, … Continue reading

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When Jeanne Assam’s Gun Stopped a Church Massacre

Once again, the cries for gun control measures that wouldn’t have stopped the shooter are being heard. Yet once again, it was a good guy with a gun that in this case pursued the killer in a chase that resulted … Continue reading

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S&W lays off 180

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Smith & Wesson is the largest manufacturing employer in the City of Springfield. Vice President of Investor Relations Elizabeth Sharp confirmed for us that the company laid off 180 temporary employees earlier this week. Sharp told … Continue reading

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Maverick Arms recall

Maverick Arms has discovered that a small number of Maverick Hunter™ Over/Under 12-gauge shotguns (SKU 75445) have been marked incorrectly. The chamber marking indicates that these shotguns are chambered for 3 ½” shells, however, the chambers are manufactured for 2 … Continue reading

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The fucking Left and the MSM…

When Donald Trump was asked about gun control in the aftermath of a church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that killed at least 26 people, Trump was ready with a standard “good guy with a gun response” talking point to … Continue reading

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Texas Church Shooter Passed Background Check

The Texas church shooter, Devin Kelley, acquired his gun via a background check at a retail sporting goods store in San Antonio. Kelley opened fire on congregants in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, killing 26 before … Continue reading

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And the Left/MSM shows their ignorance once again

Four days before a black-clad gunman walked into a south Texas church and sprayed the congregation with bullets, killing at least 26 people, late-night host Samantha Bee highlighted the connection between men with a history of domestic violence and the … Continue reading

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4 Gun Myths

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Police say startled shoppers at the Colorado Walmart where a shooter opened fire and killed three stalled the search process after they drew their own handguns in defense. The shoppers’ immediate response to the violent event ‘absolutely slowed’ investigation as … Continue reading

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Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel lost more than 200 firearms and close to 1,900 badges over a three-year period, according to a new watchdog report. Between fiscal 2014 and 2016, DHS personnel lost 228 firearms, 1,889 badges and 25 … Continue reading

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And now you know…..


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My First Airsoft

Spew Alert. Don’t say you weren’t fucking warned. –Woody

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How Did Jesus Get Connected To Guns?

Michael Brown at WND: Since when did the gospel become associated with guns? Since when did the Christian faith become linked to the right to bear arms? Lest I be misunderstood, this article is not about gun control, nor is … Continue reading

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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Rochester LGBTQ Gun Group launched

ROCHESTER — Some of them have never picked up a gun before. “We have each others back,” said Lore McSpadden. “We’re acknowledging our fear of a world in which conservatives are the only ones who are armed.” Until now. “Queer … Continue reading

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Fucked around and found out

Deondre Branch is “learning to walk again” after 54-year-old Connie Wells shot him in the neck in self-defense on September 18. The incident occurred in Knightsdale, North Carolina. On October 1 Breitbart News ran a story on the intrusion which … Continue reading

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Well, I’ll be damned…..

Former National Public Radio (NPR) CEO Ken Stern suggests the liberal media’s coverage of the Second Amendment proves they do not understand guns. He said these things after taking a year away from the Democrat circles in which he once … Continue reading

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How fast are you with a bolt gun?

From WiscoDave: Was reading comments on Kennedy post and got curious as to how fast one could accurately shoot a bolt gun. Found this. How fast can you shoot a bolt-action rifle? We doubt you can out-pace the ace “Stangskyting” … Continue reading

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The Griswold & Gunnison Revolver

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The real reason Hollywood is gunning for the NRA

Actor Alec Baldwin and California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom have helped launch a crusade to win an Oscar for the documentary Making A Killing: Guns, Greed And the NRA. Their reasons in this case may go beyond the predictable liberal … Continue reading

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