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Hippie midget gets 27 years for attempted bombing

A former hippie who left a homemade bomb outside the police station in a Colorado mountain town has been sentenced to 27 years in prison after a judge ruled it was an act of terrorism even though the device never … Continue reading

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Fucking hippies…

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Was Global Warming A Significant Factor in California’s Camp Fire? The Answer is Clearly No.

The Camp Fire that struck the northern California town of Paradise and vicinity is a profoundly disturbing environmental disaster of first magnitude. Nearly 100 people have lost their lives, approximately 10,000 homes have been lost, a major community has essentially … Continue reading

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Welcome to Oregon

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Louisiana has hippies?

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. — “I am a little wary about telling my story. I don’t trust reporters,” said a man who referred to himself simply as “Babyface” when approached by The Daily Caller News Foundation. He was living in a … Continue reading

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Fucking hippies…

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Fucking hippies…..

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Looks like they fucked up severely


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Where’s a stray cat when you really need one?

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So get to the part where you fucked her, Todd

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A Deep Dive into the “Raw Water” Craze

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Don’t forget to bring a gun in case you see something to kill

There’s a revolutionary new way to walk through the forest. V-e-r-y slowly. Take a few steps. That’s far enough. Now sit down and talk it over with the person next to you, for a long time. It’s a New Age … Continue reading

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Pothole – we need a pothole here

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Just plain nasty

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Well, that bit you in the ass, didn’t it?

The owner of a vegan food truck in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was forced to shut down her business and go into hiding after receiving blowback from a Facebook post celebrating the fate of the “fifty nine meat eaters” who died in … Continue reading

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White Rabbit

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So that’s what they’re for

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Fucking hippie tree huggers didn’t think about this

WEAVERVILLE, Calif. (Reuters) – Pollution from illegal marijuana farms deep in California’s national forests is far worse than previously thought, and has turned thousands of acres into waste dumps so toxic that simply touching plants has landed law enforcement officers … Continue reading

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Fucking hippies, I swear…..

School bake sales are a great excuse to eat unhealthy homemade treats under the guise of “fundraising,” but one anonymous mother took the whole “homemade” aspect a little too far after making a batch of brownies with her own breast … Continue reading

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Rainbow Family gathering

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Concern is growing in a conservative, remote corner of Oregon as people start arriving in a national forest for a Rainbow Family of Living Light annual gathering, a counter-culture get-together expected to draw thousands. Officials with … Continue reading

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