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How about working for food?

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Might want to consider calling pest control

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Hippie midget gets 27 years for attempted bombing

A former hippie who left a homemade bomb outside the police station in a Colorado mountain town has been sentenced to 27 years in prison after a judge ruled it was an act of terrorism even though the device never … Continue reading

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Fucking hippies…

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Was Global Warming A Significant Factor in California’s Camp Fire? The Answer is Clearly No.

The Camp Fire that struck the northern California town of Paradise and vicinity is a profoundly disturbing environmental disaster of first magnitude. Nearly 100 people have lost their lives, approximately 10,000 homes have been lost, a major community has essentially … Continue reading

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Welcome to Oregon

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Louisiana has hippies?

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. — “I am a little wary about telling my story. I don’t trust reporters,” said a man who referred to himself simply as “Babyface” when approached by The Daily Caller News Foundation. He was living in a … Continue reading

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Fucking hippies…

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Fucking hippies…..

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Looks like they fucked up severely


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Where’s a stray cat when you really need one?

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So get to the part where you fucked her, Todd

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A Deep Dive into the “Raw Water” Craze

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Don’t forget to bring a gun in case you see something to kill

There’s a revolutionary new way to walk through the forest. V-e-r-y slowly. Take a few steps. That’s far enough. Now sit down and talk it over with the person next to you, for a long time. It’s a New Age … Continue reading

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Pothole – we need a pothole here

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Just plain nasty

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Well, that bit you in the ass, didn’t it?

The owner of a vegan food truck in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was forced to shut down her business and go into hiding after receiving blowback from a Facebook post celebrating the fate of the “fifty nine meat eaters” who died in … Continue reading

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White Rabbit

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So that’s what they’re for

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