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Wanda Klaff was a very naughty girl

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John Armstrong, Texas Ranger

When you’re talking about badass police organizations that take hardened career criminals and make them look like Larry, Moe, and Curly being beaten over the head with gigantic sledgehammers and band saws, you could do a Hell of a lot … Continue reading

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Fucked around and found out

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Shanghai Pierce

Abel Head Pierce was born in Little Compton, R. I., June 29, 1834, and came to Texas in 1857. Of massive build and possessed of a powerful, bell-like voice which he could easily make heard for a mile, he acquired … Continue reading

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Damn, I bet that smarted

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Trophy hunters…

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Washington’s teeth

No wonder he didn’t smile much.

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Sierra winters do get a little rough

November 1940. “U.S. Mail truck used in snowy mountain sections of Nevada County, California” -Maingun

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Sheriff Harry Morse

Henry Nicholson Morse (1835-1912), “bloodhound of the far west,”was an Old West lawman. Elected September 2, 1863 served from 1864 to 1878, as the sheriff of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office of Alameda County, California. He was a Republican. He … Continue reading

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“Ahoy, you scurvy dogs!”

The possible discovery of HMS Endeavour off the east coast of the US has been hailed as a “hugely significant moment” in Australian history, but researchers have warned they are yet to “definitively” confirm whether the wreck has been located. … Continue reading

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Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett admitted dreading only one thing, and it had nothing to do with facing down a killer. Instead, it was facing a stranger who, on being introduced to the lawman, would exclaim: “Pat Garrett! The man who shot Billy … Continue reading

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Lessons on Gunfighting from Wyatt Earp

“I was a fair hand with pistol, rifle, or shotgun, but I learned more about gunfighting from Tom Speer’s cronies during the summer of 1871 than I had dreamed was in the book. Those old-timers took their gunplay seriously, which … Continue reading

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Fuck yeah, cold smoked meat

If I remember correctly, the site I got this from said it was taken in Washington State in the early 1900s.

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The Oklahoma Land Run of 1889

A gunshot fired. A cannon roared. Horses startled and wagons sprang to life. On April 22, 1889, settlers flooded into the region of central Oklahoma known as the Unassigned Lands. President Benjamin Harrison signed a proclamation on March 23, 1889, … Continue reading

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A mini submarine at Kiska, Alaska.

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The Goodnight-Loving Trail

“The trace that led from Texas to Fort Sumner is generally known as the Goodnight Trail,” J. Evetts Haley wrote in his monumental biography Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman, “while that which Goodnight later blazed direct to Cheyenne is called the … Continue reading

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The Tunnels of Cu Chi

This gif is from a documentary about the tunnels of Cu Chi. I found it pretty interesting seeing as my dad was stationed there for his last tour and I’ve heard numerous stories from him and his friends about Charlie … Continue reading

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