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Nancy Kelsey

“Where my husband goes I can go. I can better stand the hardships of the journey than the anxieties for an absent husband.” With those words Nancy Kelsey began a journey across country no white woman had ever made. With … Continue reading

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A gift from the gods

Danish builders have found bottles of beer dating back over a century while carrying out renovation work on an old brewery in the Jutland city of Viborg. They raised a set of floorboards to find seven 113-year-old bottles from the … Continue reading

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“Fuck you, she made it over and she’s ours now”

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America’s Kaiser: How a pigeon served in two World Wars

Souvenirs from battlefields the world over can be found in our Division of Political and Military History. Unique among them is a mounted German pigeon. His name is Kaiser, and his story is unique in the annals of military homing … Continue reading

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“Hang on, buddy, I got you”

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Nez Perce – A Hard Fight For Their Homeland

Once the largest congregation of tribes in the western United States, the Nez Perce were closely related to the Cayuse, Tenino and Umatilla tribes to their west. The tribe spanned across the open lands of the northwest, primarily in Idaho … Continue reading

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The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

When the bodies of seven men were found slaughtered by machine-gun fire in a garage on North Clark St. in Chicago in 1929, the entire nation took pause. Even Chicagoans, calloused by the routine of gang violence, were stunned. It … Continue reading

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There ain’t no good chain gang

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The Dark Side of Lincoln

By way of prologue, let me say that all of us like the Lincoln whose face appears on the penny. He is the Lincoln of myth: kindly, hum­ble, a man of sorrows who believes in malice toward none and char­ity … Continue reading

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Berlin – 1890 and 2018

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Portagee Phillips

His name was a plain one – John Phillips. Some called him Portugee or Portuguese Phillips. But whatever they called him, they couldn’t have said that he wasn’t a man: a man’s man. John “Portugee” Phillips was a combination scout, … Continue reading

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And now you know…

Interestingly, dog owners have long been concerned about the welfare of their beloved friends and as far back as the 1700s, books were being published detailing how to properly feed one’s dog. In 1785 The Sportsman’s dictionary described the best … Continue reading

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Party on

A road construction project in Britain has uncovered the first evidence of the brewing of beer . Workers uncovered some evidence of charred residue and other matter that would indicate brewing, dating back to the Iron Age. This is the earliest evidence … Continue reading

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A storm of steel

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Victorian cutie

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Crack That Tank


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Opium? In a tampon? Right on.

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So long, Bill

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Buckshot Roberts

Western cowboy, buffalo hunter, and frontiersman, little is known of Andrew L. Roberts early life or from whence he came. Legend has it that he was known as Bill Williams in Texas, where he served as a Texas Ranger. His … Continue reading

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The Tet Offensive

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