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You learn something new every day

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The Cane Gun and Clandestine Firearms

Popular in the mid to late 19th Century, the cane gun was the choice of the well-dressed armed citizen. Compact, polymer-framed pistols dominate concealed carry nowadays, but it wasn’t always that way. Long before the plastic fantastics and even snubby … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness We Ended Prohibition

Tiana Lowe noted in her excellent piece earlier today on the 85th anniversary of the end of Prohibition, the nanny-state Prohibition experiment surely would have left America’s Founding Fathers “horrified.” Thomas Jefferson’s Treasury secretary, Albert Gallatin, once gave Jefferson this warning: “Governmental … Continue reading

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Billy Dixon

William “Billy” Dixon (September 25, 1850 – March 9, 1913) was an American scout and buffalo hunter active in the Texas Panhandle. He helped found Adobe Walls, fired a legendary buffalo rifle shot at the Second Battle of Adobe Walls, … Continue reading

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A little bit of very big firearms history

A reader was doing some research on 19th-century firearms, and wrote to ask me why so-called “market hunting” had been banned in the USA in the latter part of that century. The reason was that so many waterfowl and migratory … Continue reading

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“Introducing our Guest of Honor…..”

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Died with his boots on

A 500-year-old skeleton has been found in the River Thames wearing remarkably well-preserved knee-high leather boots. The mysterious male skeleton was found face down in the Thames mud by archaeologists working on one of the sites used to build London’s … Continue reading

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Rise and shine, breakfast’s on

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Television’s Vietnam with Charleton Heston


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Recollections of the Civil War

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Wings Over Vietnam – Spookies, Spectres and Shadows

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The Good Ol’ Days

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Stephan Venard

Stephen Venard (1824-1891) – One of the most fearless lawmen during the California Goldrush, Venard began his life on a farm near Lebanon, Ohio in 1824. He received a good education as a child, attending Waynesville Academy and when he … Continue reading

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A Woman Who Helped Win WWII

Mary Babnick Brown was an American woman who donated her long blond hair to be used as crosshairs in Norden bombsights in WW II. Brown was a Coloradan; the children of Slovenian immigrants. She left elementary school at the age … Continue reading

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Safety First!


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What Did Jesus Look Like?

Centuries of artistic depiction have made the image of Jesus recognizable worldwide: flowing hair, long robes, regal posture. But how likely is it that a Levantine Semite from 2,000 years ago actually looked like the fair-haired-and-skinned man represented in so … Continue reading

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“I’m outta here”

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Outlaws and Gunslingers

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Lt. Friedrich Lengfeld – an Officer and a Gentleman

October 7, 1994, saw a strange sight over the Hürtgen War Cemetery in Hürtgen, Germany. The cemetery is the final home of 3001 bodies – mostly German and mostly from WWII. It is therefore quite common to see Germans gather … Continue reading

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Bose Ikard

IKARD, BOSE (1843–1929). Bose Ikard was born a slave in July 1843 in Noxubee County, Mississippi, and became one of the most famous black frontiersmen and traildrivers in Texas. He lived in Union Parish, Louisiana, before his master, Dr. Milton … Continue reading

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