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Socialist America’s new darling

Commentary HERE (yes, it’s The Onion)

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Okay, I need to try this one


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Jay Larson


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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, you old gray headed fart, I’ve been a very good boy this year. I’ve been a pretty good husband, I ain’t had a drink in months, I haven’t shot at anybody lately, and I opened the door at … Continue reading

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Tactical Grey Glock 19


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I can almost see this happening

I am a cisgender heterosexual female, but I am also something more. I am the voice of the thousands whom civil rights progress has passed by and who still conceal their true identity from an exclusive society. This is the … Continue reading

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The SR-71 “Buzzing the tower” story

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A must read obituary

Jan Lois Lynch is someone I wish we had all gotten to know. Unfortunately, she passed away earlier this month at 75 years old in Evansville, Indiana, just across the river from Henderson, Kentucky, where she lived most of her … Continue reading

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Which handgun is right for your wife based on her favorite store?

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of reading handgun recommendations that can be summed up as “small and pink.” After all, smaller handguns are harder to control, not easier, as many handgun neophytes seem to assume. Pink can be … Continue reading

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Harry Anderson’s stand up comedy

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How To Increase Your Cognitive Ability By Reading A Fucking Book For Once

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The Day Luis Lost His Wedding Ring

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Just had to do it, huh?

This may be the single greatest aviation story ever told, it’s about the iconic SR-71 Blackbird whose full operating specs are still classified to this day. The story, from the now out-of-print book Sled Driver by former SR-71 jockey Brian … Continue reading

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Damn, Chicago’s really hurting

CHICAGO—The city of Chicago is steadily recovering from an overnight snowstorm that delayed hundreds of murders on Friday morning and will likely continue to push numerous homicides across the city drastically behind schedule, public authorities announced. “As we speak, maintenance … Continue reading

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Hang in there, Chicago

CHICAGO—Promising that every effort would be made to limit the impact on residents’ day-to-day lives, Chicago officials announced Wednesday that a fleet of plows was working around the clock to clear more than 18 inches of fresh bullet casings that … Continue reading

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Observations at the emergency room

When I took Lisa to the hospital the other day, I took her to Doctor’s in Modesto which is the County hospital. The reason I took her there was because Doc’s office is just a rifle shot away and we … Continue reading

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Sammy mouse guns

I got this in an email from our buddy Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks tonight with this in the subject line: ‘SIG making guns for Sammy?’ and then this in the message body: Newest SIG P238 version just popped up … Continue reading

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Granny got it all wrong

It was L’quisha chanting “I is good, I is great…” An 82-year-old woman called Brown Deer Police Sunday night requesting police because she heard someone chanting, “ISIS is good, ISIS is great” while having sex. The incident took place in … Continue reading

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From Eatgrueldog

ISIS makes good on it’s 2:00 P.M. terror threat, shoots George Zimmerman in the face. HERE

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