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Calling Sam Kerodin, calling Sam Kerodin…

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Daniel Tosh

Fucking guy’s hilarious. He caps on everything from Canadians to storebought titties. Nebraska, too.

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And now you know…

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Joe Biden for President 2020

Somebody took the time to make a parody Biden 2020 website and it ain’t half bad. -Rurik

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Well shit, that ain’t good

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Inside Veteran TV’s Dark and Controversial Humor


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I am from Kentucky, so it’s only natural that I married my cousin. Not that I had much of a choice, though; here in Kentucky, it’s just one giant cesspool of incest. Actually, to be fair, there are really two … Continue reading

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Planet Earth: The Swamp


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Roast me

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He’s lucky he didn’t run across that bitch, Alexa

WICHITA, KS—While responding to a distress call last week, local police officer Mike C. Nimitz entered a resident’s home and shot the family’s Roomba to death. Now the officer claims he feared for his life when he was “aggressively approached” … Continue reading

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Cultural Stereotypes All Good People Need to Avoid

From Asians to Polynesians, folks. As everyone who knows the difference between good and evil knows, racism is evil and it’s good to beat racists until their brains bleed out of their ears. What a wide, winsome, wispy, wonderful, beautiful, … Continue reading

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Socialist America’s new darling

Commentary HERE (yes, it’s The Onion)

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Okay, I need to try this one


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Jay Larson


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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, you old gray headed fart, I’ve been a very good boy this year. I’ve been a pretty good husband, I ain’t had a drink in months, I haven’t shot at anybody lately, and I opened the door at … Continue reading

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Tactical Grey Glock 19


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I can almost see this happening

I am a cisgender heterosexual female, but I am also something more. I am the voice of the thousands whom civil rights progress has passed by and who still conceal their true identity from an exclusive society. This is the … Continue reading

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The SR-71 “Buzzing the tower” story

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A must read obituary

Jan Lois Lynch is someone I wish we had all gotten to know. Unfortunately, she passed away earlier this month at 75 years old in Evansville, Indiana, just across the river from Henderson, Kentucky, where she lived most of her … Continue reading

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Which handgun is right for your wife based on her favorite store?

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of reading handgun recommendations that can be summed up as “small and pink.” After all, smaller handguns are harder to control, not easier, as many handgun neophytes seem to assume. Pink can be … Continue reading

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