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Coyote kill at 1860 yards

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Make up your mind, California

Shine up your rifle and break out the camo: The state of California is encouraging its eco-minded residents to get outside and start shooting. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Thursday a new effort to recruit hunters and … Continue reading

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California to ban fur trapping

A new bill in the California Legislature would put an end to a California industry that predates the Gold Rush. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, submitted a bill that would prohibit the state from issuing fur trapping licenses. Last year, … Continue reading

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Do hogs really eat deer?

A picture surfaced years ago on Facebook of a wild hog holding a dead fawn in the clasps of its mouth. It raised a lot of questions, and led us down a path of research, conjecture, and assumption. What kind … Continue reading

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Coyote killing tournament sparks anger among activists for tearing families apart

A popular coyote hunting tournament in North Carolina is being blasted by animal rights activists, who insist the killing is tearing apart coyote families and creating orphans. The Carolina Coyote Classic is set to hold its sixth annual hunt Feb, … Continue reading

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Nice ram

6.5 Creedmore, Nevada, distance unknown. -Andrea

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For all you Carolina coyote hunters

Deer hunting season is over, but that just means it’s almost time for the 6th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic. The “C3” coyote hunting tournament is hosted by 704 Outdoors, and will be hosted in Stanly County, N.C. from Feb. 8 … Continue reading

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7 Benefits of Hunting Coyotes

What exactly are the benefits of coyote hunting? Here are seven, you choose which ones are most important. In the last 20 years, the popularity of coyote hunting has risen, particularly east of the Mississippi, where populations have risen. Though … Continue reading

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Is The Tradition of Squirrel Hunting Dying Out?

USA – -( Every year when deer season ends, hunters all over the country put their guns away, start watching football. Or wait until spring for the turkeys to start gobbling and rarely bother to get out in the woods … Continue reading

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World record buck taken in Illinois

(CBS) — A hunter in Williamson County may have shot the largest buck ever in the United States. Keith Szableswki from Johnston City shot the buck during the first days of shotgun season in mid-November, the Illinois Department of Natural … Continue reading

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And now you know

If you’re squeamish or not in the mood for blood and guts (literally) you might want to pass on this video.

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Hunting coyotes with shotguns

After hearing a few crunches of leaves, I was confident that a coyote was nearby. I’d stopped calling and was letting Mother Nature do the rest when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye: A coyote was … Continue reading

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Preparing waterfowl for your freezer

USA – -( Well-known outdoor communicator and master wild game chef, Brad Fenson, has some great tips on preparing waterfowl for storage in your freezer in a new how-to video sponsored by Kent Cartridge. Want to learn the best way … Continue reading

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How to Break Down a Deer Hind Quarter

Courtesy of Jeffery in Alabama HERE

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Working with what you got


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“I got me an 18 pointer”

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources posted a photo earlier this week on Facebook of an unusual harvest: A buck with two heads. One head was attached to the recently shot buck. The other was decomposing and tangled … Continue reading

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Night hunting coyotes with an IR scope

-Elmo Damn, I could’ve used something like this when I was hunting coyotes for dairy owners. It’s a bitch setting up a shot when you don’t know where all the cattle are.

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City hunters…

It is hard to imagine a hunter actually mistaking a horse for a deer long enough to shoot and kill it. However, that is exactly what the Beaver County Times reports happened. The unbelievable story goes a little something like … Continue reading

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Tales From Elk Camp by wes

Tales From Elk Camp   Hunting Success Report – Tagged – Two Lost Hunters, One Spike Bull   Damn, I had broken one of my iron fast rules, never take someone I didn’t know, and hadn’t gone shooting with at … Continue reading

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Hunting prairie dogs


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