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I’m sure she’s taken, men

Another ‘Taken’ dump.

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Why they make 7 1/2s

Two quick shots and you’re well on your way to your limit.

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Damn, that looks like fun

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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Know your shit

Sent in by Jason via the comments: HERE

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2016 Deer Season

From Leigh: Been a pretty eventful deer season, this year. My oldest, Kathryn, got skunked this year. Not that she should feel too bad about it, so did her Grandfather, as did myself. Her sister, Audrey, on the other hand … Continue reading

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Taking time out from the Big Day to get married

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Cheeky bastard

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Check out that cocky little grin

Lofty’s a reader and regular commenter and hails from New Zealand. Hi Kenny, You may (or not) remember  I sent you a photo a couple of years ago of my Grandson Kaden with his first Spanish Mackerel caught off my … Continue reading

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Lilly gets her first deer

A seven-year-old Texas girl has become something of an online celebrity after her father posted a video of her shooting a large hunting rifle by herself and taking down an adult deer. Lilly Klapper lives in Jacksboro – northwest of … Continue reading

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Gotta lead ’em on the up bound

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

Amber’s buck -Alexander

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Simple rules for better marksmanship

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again – I am not a great rifleman. If anything, I’m an average shot with a rifle. That being said, I’ve gotten more hits than I probably would have because … Continue reading

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Some days you get the bear… er, elk…

A hunter in Oregon was impaled by an elk had had just killed after his ATV crashed over the weekend, sending him backward into the animal’s antlers, KATU reported. Gary Heeter, 69, suffered the injury while trying to drive up … Continue reading

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You go, Mom

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Bass Pro and Cabella’s combine

OMAHA, NEB. — Outdoor gear giants Bass Pro and Cabela’s will combine in a $4.5 billion deal announced Monday. Bass Pro is paying Cabela’s shareholders $65.50 cash per share. The deal creates uncertainty about jobs in Cabela’s home state of … Continue reading

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Great shot

I’d put that V-Max about an inch above that gap in his front legs, letting the hydrostatic shock do it’s stuff and not damaging the pelt with bone blowout.

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Howling for coyotes – a beginner’s guide

Howling for coyotes can be tricky if you don’t stay in practice. You can flub a distress call and it ain’t no big deal but if you fuck up a howl, the coyotes immediately figure out what’s going on. Not … Continue reading

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Was this before or after he ate Timothy Treadwell?

What a stupid fucker. It’s been a few years since him and his sweetie got bear bit – okay, eaten – and I still shake my head when I’m reminded of it. Myself, I’ve spent quite a bit of time … Continue reading

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