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Here’s your list

Thirty-four Republicans voted December 11 to give amnesty at least one million illegal immigrants and to subsidize farm companies with a wave of cheap visa-workers who will lower wages throughout the farm workforce, which includes at least one million American workers. The … Continue reading

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Federal government rewarding federal lawbreakers with amnesty

The House passed Farm Workforce Modernization Act with supports from both sides of the aisle. However, critics have blasted the bill since it contains language they describe as “large-scale amnesty.” MORE

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An honest and hardworking people…..


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Fuck, I’m surprised they even charged him

Feds said a man who was charged in a drunk driving hit-and-run death of a Vietnam Veteran earlier this month, a day before Veterans Day, was in the US illegally. MORE -Denise

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Thank you Brown, Newsom, and last but not least, Mexico

CHICO — The Special Enforcement Unit of the Butte County Sheriff’s Office made 12 arrests Monday after discovering $164,200 found stashed in a vehicle during a traffic stop on Nov. 6. The traffic stop spurred a search warrant on properties … Continue reading

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In other words, opening up the border

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that she is open to the idea of putting a hold on all deportations of illegal aliens, making her the latest Democratic presidential candidate to adopt the position. Warren, one of the leading Democratic presidential … Continue reading

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Let’s open up those borders!

A U.S. Border Patrol agent fatally shot a gunman who opened fire early Monday near the southern border, immigration officials said. The agent was in Sunland Park, New Mexico, about a mile from the border with Mexico and near El … Continue reading

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What? Crimes committed by illegals went up? No way!!!

Following months of national media coverage over the handling of illegal aliens in his custody, Montgomery County, Maryland, Executive Marc Elrich has somewhat reversed a sanctuary policy he signed into law. Elrich will allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents … Continue reading

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Seriously, Nashville?

The Metro Nashville Council is telling President Donald Trump and Congress that it wants them to give Music City’s illegal immigrants citizenship. The council on Tuesday approved Resolution RS2019-86, which is available to read HERE. The resolution asks to give … Continue reading

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Hey, you guys started it

Mexico has seen an astounding 250% increase in Africans trying to enter the United States through the southern border, according to the latest figures released by the Mexican government’s immigration agency, known as Unidad de Política Migratoria. The stats include … Continue reading

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The True History of Millstone Babies

Having mastered fake news, now the media are trying out a little fake history. In the news business, new topics are always popping up, from the Logan Act and the emoluments clause to North Korea. The all-star panels rush to … Continue reading

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Probation Director terminated for enforcing the law

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – News4 Investigates has confirmed Bob Green, the former director of the Nashville Probation department, has been terminated. City leaders said they don’t work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and if agents want to arrest illegal immigrants, … Continue reading

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Nashville struggles to catch up to San Francisco

NASHVILLE (WSMV) – Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall announced Tuesday that as of December 1, the county will no longer honor a contract to house Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees. This move comes after a meeting with local advocacy groups, … Continue reading

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El Dorado County Sheriff’s Press Conference On Death Of Brian Ishmael


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California deputies ambushed

SOMERSET, Calif. — An El Dorado County sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed Wednesday morning while responding to a reported theft from a marijuana garden at a home in Somerset. Deputy Brian Ishmael and an off-duty San Joaquin County deputy … Continue reading

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It’s a step in the right direction

The Trump administration is planning to collect DNA samples from asylum-seekers and other migrants detained by immigration officials and will add the information to a massive FBI database used by law enforcement hunting for criminals, a Justice Department official said. … Continue reading

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The Mexican takeover of California is now complete

California lawmakers continued the state’s expansion of rights and protections this year for immigrants who enter the country illegally, with laws signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom allowing them to serve on government boards and commissions and banning arrests for immigration … Continue reading

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Karma can be a bitch

Open borders advocate and Trump-hater Sean Buchanan was killed last week by criminal illegal alien Ramirez Valiente. Buchanan, a father of five, was killed when Valiente, who was driving without a license, swerved into his lane and killed him. Sean … Continue reading

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You don’t say

President Trump’s top immigration spokesman on Wednesday said that there are potentially 22 million illegal immigrants inside the United States, nearly twice the estimate regularly cited. Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which handles the … Continue reading

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Alyse and Elmer Sanchez were thrilled when they survived their “green card” interview, a crucial step in obtaining lawful status in the United States. She texted her family from the immigration office as relief washed over her: The officer had … Continue reading

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