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In a news story you would expect to read on websites like The Onion, a Ugandan holy man was suspended from his duties as imam, after it was discovered that he had unknowingly wed a fellow man. 27-year-old Sheikh Mohammed … Continue reading

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12 camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest in ‘Botox’ row

Twelve camels have been disqualified from Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty contest after receiving botulinum toxin injections to make their pouts look more alluring. Saudi authorities have raised the profile of the King Abdulaziz camel festival by relocating it from … Continue reading

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Everybody has to have somebody to look down on, I suppose

A video out of Berlin shows a group of Muslim men attacking a transgender person in a dress in response to a woman wearing a hijab being harassed. The clip shows a man in a dress screaming at the Muslim … Continue reading

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Professor asks Iran to list 52 American cultural sites it would bomb

Babson College Professor Asheen Phansey was suspended from his post this week after he made a Facebook status encouraging Iran to list 52 American cultural sites that they would consider bombing. Phansey suggested the Mall of America and the “Kardashian … Continue reading

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Attention whore

Rep. Ilhan Omar said Wednesday that discussions about military tensions between Iran and the United States were triggering her post-traumatic stress disorder. “I feel ill a little bit, because of everything that is taking place and I think every time … Continue reading

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Obama’s Benghazi in Baghdad

When Shiite members of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) attacked the American embassy in Baghdad, in a deliberate recreation of the attack on our embassy in Tehran that had ushered in a new age of Shiite terror, the media was … Continue reading

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Jihad by fire

A Muslim teen who was accused along with his brother of starting a fire in Australia was seen laughing as he left court in Sydney on Tuesday. Fadi Zraika and his brother Abraham, both 18, allegedly set off fireworks that … Continue reading

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Truth From an Iranian


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It just keeps getting better and better

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake hit Iran early Wednesday morning on a volatile day in the region, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake struck in the southwestern part of the country near the Bushehr nuclear plant. MORE

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Iran launches missiles at US military facilities in Iraq

Multiple missiles have been launched at Iraq from Iran targeting American military facilities, according to a U.S. official. “This morning, courageous fighters of the IRGC’s Air Force launched a successful operation called Operation Martyr Soleimani, with the code ‘Oh Zahra’ … Continue reading

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Trying desperately to stay in the spotlight

The inspiringly patriotic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Tehran, no, check that, I’m hearing she’s from Minnesota) tweeted Monday offering some unsolicited military advice to the Islamic Republic of Iran: “Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the … Continue reading

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Are we outta Iraq?

BAGHDAD, Jan 6 (Reuters) – The United States-led military coalition against Islamic State said on Monday that it was pulling out of Iraq and would be repositioning forces over the next few days and weeks, a letter seen by Reuters … Continue reading

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Sounds good to me

BAGHDAD, Jan 5 (Reuters) – The Iraqi parliament called on the government on Sunday to work to end all foreign troop presence as a backlash grew after the killing of a top Iranian military commander and an Iraqi militia leader … Continue reading

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“Approached” or “admired”…..

FIFTEEN teenagers in a rural Moroccan town have been treated for rabies after reportedly raping an infected local donkey, according to reports. * Local authorities are now trying to find anyone else who has “approached” or “admired” the animal closely … Continue reading

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Why, this is downright shocking!

Iranian militia leader Hadi al-Amiri, one of several identified as leading an attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday, reportedly visited the White House in 2011 during the presidency of Barack Obama. MORE -Murray

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Concerns grows as NY’s Islamic patrols increase their presence

Members of New York’s Muslim Community Patrol (MCP) gained international attention earlier this year after its first patrol cars – almost identical to NYPD vehicles – were spotted in Brooklyn and Staten Island. According to this video report, there are … Continue reading

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Time to break out the popcorn

While this story isn’t new to those paying attention to Rebel Media’s or Laura Loomer’s 2018 reporting, the Muslims in Brooklyn have become emboldened and expanded their fleet of patrol cars and added more patrol officers this year. The Muslim … Continue reading

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When she lives in a predominantly muslim country…

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Well, that didn’t take her long, did it?

Muslim state lawmaker Movita Johnson-Harrell, a Democrat from Philadelphia, was charged with stealing more than $500,000 from her own non-profit to pay for vacations, furs, designer clothes, bills and her run for state legislature. The crooked Democrat didn’t even serve … Continue reading

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