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You bet – that’s why his chosen people are Jews…

Another day, another university’s religion program bogged down by political correctness. Earlier this week, we reported on how two top divinity schools are suggesting gender-neutral pronouns for God — and now one of the top colleges in the nation has … Continue reading

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Time for a selfie!!!

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We loved you once, Germany

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After an end-of-the-year video showing pre-teens hunt down and kill bound prisoners in an abandoned building, the Islamic State today released an even more gory follow-up with children as young as preschool age murdering prisoners tied to broken carnival rides. … Continue reading

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Hillary would blame the next terror attack on it

LONDON (Reuters) – The wives of Islamic State fighters ponder what to wear at a beheading and assess how sexy they look in suicide vests in a BBC satire which has sparked both anger and praise for tackling the fate … Continue reading

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Gettin’ ready to pound that ass

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They’ll just come up with something else

European capitals tightened security on Friday ahead of New Year’s celebrations, erecting concrete barriers in city centers and boosting police numbers after the Islamic State attack in Berlin last week that killed 12 people. In the German capital, police closed … Continue reading

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Drug money financing attacks against us

Latin America is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism where groups like ISIS and Hezbollah operate freely and raise large sums of money to finance terrorist activities in other countries, mainly the United States, according to a new report released by … Continue reading

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Well, nothing from them crazy fucking ayrabs yet

Everybody was worried about terrorist attacks at churches on one of our most Holy of days but personally I think they’re waiting til tomorrow so they can blow up a Walmart and kill thousands of people exchanging their gifts and … Continue reading

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Berlin attacker shot dead dead dead by Milan police

BERLIN — The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack was shot dead Friday at a Milan checkpoint by an Italian police trainee, ending an international manhunt but raising new fears as an Islamic State video purported to show the … Continue reading

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I don’t know, where’s the ISIS flag?

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Yeah, I think that goes without saying

A travel expert has issued a warning for British travellers heading to Europe for a pre-Christmas getaway. Brits heading across the channel pre-Christmas have been warned of the same terror alert. Travel expert Frank Brehany, consumer director of HolidayTravelWatch said: … Continue reading

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They just might be fucking up here

ISIS are spreading the locations of Russian embassies in a sick bid to incite more attacks on officials. Jihadis disseminated a PDF containing the addresses and contact information of Russian embassies following the shock slaughter of Moscow’s envoy to Ankara … Continue reading

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A righteous rant

‘We will do whatever is necessary. That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns, even if this sounds martial.’ These were the words of German politician Klaus Bouillon, a member of Mrs Merkel’s CDU party, in response to yet another … Continue reading

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Berlin terrorist may have gotten away

A man arrested following the deadly truck ramming attack on a Berlin Christmas market was not the perpetrator of the attack while the real attacker is still at large, local media on Tuesday. At the same time, the Berlin police … Continue reading

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Terror attack in Berlin

A truck has plowed into crowds at the Christmas Market in the German capital of Berlin, killing at least two people and injuring an unknown number of others, officials and witnesses say. A terror attack is suspected.  FOR LIVE UPDATES: … Continue reading

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Russian ambassador’s assassination caught on video

And the Russians aren’t even considering it to be ‘workplace violence’. Russia has said it regards the killing of its ambassador to Ankara “as a terrorist attack”. Andrey Karlov was shot in the back as he made a speech at … Continue reading

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The Russians ain’t gonna let this one slide

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey has been assassinated allegedly in retaliation for the crisis in Aleppo. The gunman reportedly said in Turkish “We die in Aleppo, you die here” before opening fire and injuring Ambassador Andrei Karlov. The attacker was fatally … Continue reading

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Arab gangbang (gangBANG – see what I did there?)

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So where are you gonna go?

CHICAGO (AP) — Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, spoke from a podium draped in the red, black and green of the Pan-African flag, a symbol of black pride. It was the week after Donald Trump won … Continue reading

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