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The religion of peace strikes again in Paris

A police officer has been killed and two others were seriously injured by a gunman in one of the most popular areas of Paris. The attacker is believed to have deliberately targeted the officers and was known to security services. … Continue reading

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Achmed and his bride honeymoon in Paris

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US drops big-ass bomb on ISIS

Washington (CNN)The US military has dropped an enormous bomb in Afghanistan, according to four US military officials with direct knowledge of the mission. A GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, nicknamed MOAB, was dropped at 7 p.m. local time Thursday, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Australia – we loved you

Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses after an Arabic-speaking gang shouting “F*** Jesus!” attacked a couple on a train while transport officers looked on from a “safe space” and did nothing. The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph … Continue reading

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Luring Trump Into Mideast Wars

Donald Trump entered military terra incognita on Thursday by launching an illegal Tomahawk missile strike on an air base in eastern Syria. Beyond the clear violation of international law, the practical results are likely to be disastrous, drawing the U.S. … Continue reading

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More from the religion of peace

Tanta (Egypt) (AFP) – The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for bombing two Egyptian churches as worshippers gathered to mark Palm Sunday, killing at least 38 people in the deadliest attacks on the Coptic Christian minority in recent memory. MORE

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No, what you failed to do was keep them out

STOCKHOLM (AP) — One brutal attack by a man who drove a stolen truck into shoppers in Stockholm has brought Sweden’s open-door immigration policies under increased scrutiny – and raised the question if Swedish society, considered democratic and egalitarian, has … Continue reading

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And in Sweden…..

A truck has rammed into a large crowd of people in the centre of Stockholm. Witnesses say the large vehicle drove into people in the Drottninggata area of the Swedish capital. It is thought to have been driven into the … Continue reading

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muslim porn

A goat to fuck and a woman to abuse.

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Think they’ll ever get tired of this shit?

A drive-by shooting in central Lille has left three wounded after a hooded gunman opened fire outside a train station. The shooter has reportedly fled the scene leaving several victims – including a schoolboy – with gunshot wounds. MORE

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Katie Hopkins speaks

No anger for me this time. No rage like I’ve felt before. No desperate urge to get out there and scream at the idiots who refused to see this coming. Not even a nod for the glib idiots who say … Continue reading

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The Australian school board condones this?

Teachers at a primary school in Sydney, Australia have been threatened with beheading and other violence from young Islamic students, prompting one of them to quit her job. Students as young as those in Year 5, according to the Daily … Continue reading

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As long as they’re killing their own…..

A man was arrested in Paris on Friday suspected of slitting the throats of his father and brother at the entrance to a building in the capital’s trendy 11th district, police sources told AFP. The sources, who asked not to … Continue reading

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Tennessee sues feds over refugee resettlement program

Tennessee became the first state in the nation on Monday to sue the federal government over refugee resettlement on the grounds of the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of several state lawmakers Monday morning … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, cooler than shit

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And again in Germany…

At least five people have been injured after an axe-wielding man went on a rampage at a Dusseldorf train station. Two people have been arrested and German anti-terror police believe that others are now on the run. Reports claim that … Continue reading

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A Dearborn hooker?

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Yahoo Answers

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Two worlds

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