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“Playful” – uh huh, you bet

Car burnings have become a tradition across France over New Year’s with the latest figures showing an increase in arson, but some experts claim the motive behind the attacks is simple boredom. Approximately 1,031 vehicles were set on fire on … Continue reading

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Fuck islam

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Deja vu

Former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch claims that Jews are increasingly under threat in public and may require police protection to lead a normal life without harassment and violence. Ms Knobloch, who is now … Continue reading

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Looks like somebody’s chumming for sharks

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Baaa-baaa Me love you long time baaa-baaa

About 1 million of those migrants from the Middle East or Africa arrived in Germany as part of the wave of refugees in 2015 and 2016. Meanwhile, and potentially entirely unrelated … the U.K. Daily Mail just reported on a … Continue reading

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But shooting regular citizens isn’t terrorism?

(CNN)The Department of Homeland Security is calling a series of shootings targeting law enforcement in Pennsylvania a “terror attack.” Authorities said Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty, 51, was shot and killed by police Friday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, after he fired several times … Continue reading

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Mosul’s morgue men

MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — The young man ended up on the morgue’s examining table in two parts. He had been seized for selling cigarettes, a crime usually punished by flogging by the Islamic State group extremists who had occupied Mosul. … Continue reading

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The new picked on minority

A Muslim teenage girl was badly beaten by a group of teens in a Boca Raton park Thursday afternoon. A video taken by a bystander went viral, prompting the question: Was it about race? Her father, Shakeel Munshi — who … Continue reading

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Modesto CA terrorist busted for Pier 39 plot

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Officials say they’ve stopped a man who was planning a possible Christmas terror attack in San Francisco. We’ve learned the FBI has arrested a man by the name of Everitt Aaron Jameson from Modesto. They say … Continue reading

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If you plant ice you’re gonna harvest wind

Mayors from seven major French cities overwhelmed by the flow of migrants, have written a joint letter to Paris published in LeMonde on Saturday, begging the government to step in and help. According to the letter, the cities of Lille, … Continue reading

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Saudi/Yemen war getting closer

Saudi Arabia has intercepted a rocket fired by rebel Houthi fighters in Yemen, who declared a “new chapter” in its confrontation with the kingdom. The Volcano 2-H ballistic missiles was aimed at the al-Yamma royal palace in Riyadh, but was … Continue reading

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More shit talking from the goat fuckers

ISIS has claimed it has hacked the US Army and State Department and is sending assassins to employees’ homes in a gruesome new propaganda video. The video released by ISIS hacking group Islamic Ghosts of the Caliphate also declares: ‘Muslims … Continue reading

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Do the same with goats and half of Dearborn PD would resign

LANSING, MI – Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday signed legislation officially outlawing police having sex with prostitutes on duty by removing an exemption that previously blocked their prosecution. “Every day the brave men and women in Michigan’s law enforcement community … Continue reading

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ISIS is on the move

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One way or another

Back in 2004, I wrote the following “scenario” of what it would take to kill New York. I’ve updated it once or twice since, but it still works. I see that currently terrorists are thinking a bit smaller and simpler. … Continue reading

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Port Authority Terrorist Attack

A Bangladeshi national in his 20s has been taken into custody with serious injuries after a suspected pipe bomb he was carrying malfunctioned and exploded prematurely inside a Midtown Manhattan subway station Monday morning. The explosion happened around 7:20am, in … Continue reading

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Oh, Abdul…..

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Man, them fucking ayrabs are PISSED!!!

Riots sparked by Donald Trump’s provocative move to recognise the Holy City of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital have spread around the globe. Furious protesters have joined rallies in countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Syria and even America after terror group … Continue reading

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When your country is no longer yours

The EU is to sue Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic over their refusal to take in third world migrants, the European Commission announced on Thursday. They will be referred to the European Court of Justice for “non-compliance with their … Continue reading

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