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Get ‘im, Tommy

Tommy Robinson confronted a journalist who tracked him and his family down on holiday in Tenerife, demanding to know what makes him ‘far right’ — and was told “you’ve expressed views against Islam”. Despite having gone to some considerable lengths … Continue reading

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Oooh, Fatima!

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When a Muslim couple sat down for a meeting with a municipal commission in the Swiss city of Lausanne, their interviewers found that they “showed great difficulty in answering questions asked by people of the opposite sex,” the city’s mayor … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t go as planned, did it?

An idealistic young American couple was killed in an Islamic State-claimed terrorist attack last month while on a cycling trip around the world. Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both 29, last year quit their office jobs in Washington, DC, to … Continue reading

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Seems pretty quick to me

New Mexico authorities have executed a court order to destroy an encampment where the son of a famous New York Imam ritualistically murdered his three-year-old son and trained nearly a dozen other children to commit school shootings, according to Taos, … Continue reading

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Watch ’em disappear

A New Mexico judge granted bail Monday to five suspects — one the son of a controversial Brooklyn imam — who were accused of keeping kids in a filthy, heavily fortified compound. Three women and two men, ages 35 to … Continue reading

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He probably won’t be invited to any family reunions

A 74-year-old man’s eyes were gouged out during a Friday assault in Rochester, Minnesota, according to local media reports. The victim was missing both eyes and multiple teeth when he was found by police, according to the PostBulletin. Mahad Aziz, … Continue reading

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“I’m off to kill some muslims, Officer. Why do you ask?”

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Yet not a single fucking piece of bacon…

Oh wait, I forgot – Minnesota is loaded with muslims. My bad. No matter, it’s still a fucked up meal – way too healthy for my taste.

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It’s getting weirder and weirder out there

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Dry runs?

Evidence suggests that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office and Los Cerritos Shopping Center in California are keeping quiet about a possible thwarted Islamic terror attack. MORE -WiscoDave

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No fuss, no muss

Britain’s Home Office had received information about Pakistani grooming gangs raping vulnerable white girls more than a decade before it finally commissioned an investigation, a review has found. A review had found that documents relating to an unpublished report which … Continue reading

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Funny, he doesn’t look like an ayrab

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FBI Thwarts Fourth Of July Terror Attack In Cleveland

The FBI announced that they arrested a man who was planning a terrorist attack during a Fourth of July parade in Cleveland. Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts, who is also known as Abdur Raheem Rafeeq, told an undercover agent before his arrest … Continue reading

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Yeah, that’ll keep it from happening to somebody else’s kid

The family of an EU official’s teenage daughter who was allegedly raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant in Germany has asked for well-wishers to donate money to a refugee charity. Medical student Maria Ladenburger, who had also taken time … Continue reading

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Couldn’t find a kiddie or a sheep doll, Ahmed?

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Party on, Ahmed

The international coalition to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria destroyed a large drug cache on June 12 that was previously controlled by the militant group. The drugs were estimated to have a black market value of roughly … Continue reading

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UK Activist Tommy Robinson Moved to Maximum Security Prison With 71% Muslim Population

As TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks previously reported, UK activist Tommy Robinson was arrested on May 25th for suspicion of breaching the peace while livestreaming to report on the trial of a child grooming gang and will now have to serve a … Continue reading

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So much for the conspiracy theories

A prominent Iranian politician admitted that Iran knowingly facilitated the passage of al-Qaeda members who later carried out the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, potentially confirming allegations in a 9/11 Commission report. Mohammad-Javad Larijani, a former diplomat, member of a … Continue reading

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“We’ve had enough of your shit, Carl”

Austria said it could expel up to 60 Turkish-funded imams and their families and would shut down seven mosques as part of a crackdown on ‘political Islam’ that was described as ‘just the beginning’, triggering fury in Ankara. Chancellor Sebastian … Continue reading

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