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Jack don’t like Copenhagen

I was getting a chew and he saw something that looked like it might be going in my mouth so he jumped up with his paws on the arm of my chair and stuck his nose down in the can. … Continue reading

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Jack(ass) is finally growing up

As I’m writing this Thursday evening, CharlieGodammit is back with Miss Lisa in her reading room and Jack(ass) is stretched out beside my chair, snoring quietly. I find that amazing in itself see how it’s the first time I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Looks like I done lost Jack(ass)

No, he’s still here eating food I bought and chewing my shit up, but his loyalties lie elsewhere. It all started when Lisa gave me such a hard time about him being outside in the cold, so I finally relented … Continue reading

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Your Feel-Good Video of the Day

-John The dog in the video is in about the same shape Jack(ass) was in the day I found him. You could damned near see every bone in his body. And yes, he came up to me like that when … Continue reading

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He’s actually showing promise of being a pretty damned good dog. Finally. Remember that post I did bitching and whining about all the shit he’s chewed up so far? He ain’t chewed up a shittin’ thing since I posted that, … Continue reading

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The Hell Hound

Elmo told me that Jack looks demonic in this picture. He’s got a dog biscuit sideways in his mouth, giving him that weird grin. And I have no idea what’s up with his left eye. It’s normally open, but it … Continue reading

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You brought it on yourself, Jack

Well, Jack(ass) the dog is at the vet this morning getting cut. It was bound to happen eventually if for no other reason than to keep him home if a bitch upwind goes in heat, but the clincher was him … Continue reading

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Jack(ass) the Hound

Well, me and Jack went back to the vet yesterday for his shots and 2 week checkup, and he’s doing great. When Doc walked into the exam room, he was amazed to see me and Jack rolling around on the … Continue reading

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Jack update

Well, I’ve had more than a few readers asking how Jack was doing lately. He’s doing remarkably well considering the little bastard was about half dead just 2 weeks ago… he’s got a vet’s appointment set for Tuesday for his … Continue reading

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