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Facts matter

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No wonder they’re not in jail


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Dumbass liberals

Democrats’ proposed legislation to prohibit so-called border separations would actually prevent federal law enforcement agencies almost anywhere inside the United States from arresting and detaining criminals who are parents having nothing to do with unlawfully crossing the border and seeking … Continue reading

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Judge rules Twitter can be sued for advertising Free Speech

A California judge has ruled that Twitter’s policy of banning users “at any time, for any reason or for no reason” may constitute an “unconscionable contract”, and that a lawsuit against the company brought by self-described “white advocate” Jared Taylor … Continue reading

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Another soon-to-be suicide by hanging

The Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico – Carmen Yulín Cruz (D), along with her administration and several suppliers, are under FBI investigation for corruption according to El Vocero de Puerto Rico. The FBI reportedly launched the probe following a … Continue reading

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Mind your own damned business, Doc

Hundreds of doctors with the American Medication Association voted Tuesday at the group’s annual policymaking meeting to throw their support behind the Democrat Party’s most draconian gun control demands, according to The New York Times: At its annual policymaking meeting, … Continue reading

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You have GOT to watch this campaign ad

What a fucking idiot – like some teacher is going to grab a can of pepper spray and charge somebody with a gun. “We don’t know why Mrs Reynolds didn’t take one for the team”

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Fuck him, he’s a loser anyways

There was an article on The Hill today about how democrats are begging Obama to get off the sidelines and help them win some elections which I clicked on because I thought it was funny considering his entire presidency was … Continue reading

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You better be glad there isn’t, lady – you’re the #1 target

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that she doesn’t understand why Americans aren’t starting an “uprising” against their government. Pelosi railed against the DHS policy of separating children from their parents when they cross the border illegally before … Continue reading

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The Racism of American Monuments Goes Well Beyond Confederate Statues

EARLIER THIS WEEK, THE SOUTHERN Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released a map of Confederate symbols—including monuments, roads, flags, and school names—on public land across the United States. The map is sprawling, showing Confederate commemorations as far from the South as … Continue reading

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Study: Dog parks are manifestations of rape culture and oppression

If you’re a dog owner, maybe, just maybe, a couple of things that come to mind when you take ‘ol Spot to the dog park are rape culture and non-heterosexual “performativity.” What’s that? You don’t consider such things when you’re walking the … Continue reading

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Historic Tavern Where Boston Tea Party Was Planned Gets Attacked By Snowflakes

The Green Dragon Tavern is fighting back against hysteria that lead to a targeted harassment campaign labeling the pub “Nazis.” The Boston bar, a stone’s throw away from Fanuiel Hall, has nothing to do with so-called “Neo-Nazis” or any other … Continue reading

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Hogg desperately trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame

The ringleader of the far-left activist students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is warming up for a summer barnstorming tour to register voters on behalf of the Democrats and seems to have strayed from his message of preventing school … Continue reading

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Good, I’m glad

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A New Jersey woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to set an American flag on fire during Philadelphia’s Pride Parade on Sunday. It happened near 12th and Locust Streets, just after noon. MORE

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Bourdain: Casualty of Leftist Mindset

My fashionista wife Mary told me the famous purse designer Kate Spade shockingly committed suicide. Upon hearing about the tragic suicide of Anthony Bourdain, this scripture came to mind. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain … Continue reading

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It’s Always About Power

Francis explains for us a common SJW technique, one so ubiquitous over the past few decades, that almost every institution has been terminally infected by it: MORE -RDM73

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Government Stooge Pissed That A Guy Actually Could Fight City Hall

This city attorney has a weird take on an eminent domain case where a guy was rich enough to fight the government by filing countersuits. She says, “ordinary people don’t have the money and the government comes in and takes … Continue reading

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Now the liberals are telling us where to eat?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Sunday expressed regret over eating at Chick-fil-A, because of the chicken company’s CEO’s personal views on gay marriage. Dorsey tweeted a screenshot from his phone that showed a purchase he had made at Chick-fil-A using … Continue reading

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That’ll work

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Fuck your gun registration

Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing firearm licensing and registration requirements. The push is contained in legislation titled, “Blair Holt Firearm Owner Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2018.” It is being sponsored by Rep. Bobby Rush … Continue reading

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