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California has half of the illegals in the US

“California is home to over 10 million immigrants,” reads a chart displayed by California attorney general Xavier Becerra and governor Gavin Newsom as they announced a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s public-charge rule. “Immigrants,” is California code for “illegals,” a … Continue reading

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They lost me when they dropped the swimsuit competition

These stories reinforce the institutionalized supremacy ideology of the left. What Piers Morgan referred to in my earlier post as the lefts urge to destroy you for disagreeing with them. Katie Williams, a combat vet, and Miss Nevada is a … Continue reading

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You can buy guns online without a background check?

WASHINGTON — In the week of the two-year anniversary of Charlottesville and the aftermath of mass shootings in El Paso, Kamala Harris Wednesday announced a new executive action she would take as president to require background checks for online gun … Continue reading

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He’s grasping at straws here (see what I did there?)

Anti-gunners are known for going to great lengths to push their gun control agenda. Most are uninformed about firearm laws and legislation (or they simply lie to Americans’ faces). Usually they spew the same few talking points: “assault weapons” are … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris Was Even Worse Than You Think

Anyone interested in justice was entitled to feel a Chris Matthews thrill up their leg when Tulsi Gabbard went after Kamala Harris for her record as state attorney general at the Detroit debate. Gabbard pointed out that as California’s AG, … Continue reading

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The enforcement problems with gun-grabbing ‘red flag’ laws are even worse than you think

Everyone is debating “red flag” laws like they’re some new thing, but California has had variations of them for decades. We call them domestic violence restraining orders, civil harassment restraining orders, workplace restraining orders, elder abuse restraining orders, mental health … Continue reading

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More comic relief from AOC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., took aim at the Electoral College, calling it a “scam” and suggesting it disenfranchises people of color. In an Instagram story posted Monday, Ocasio-Cortez began by joking that she saw “many votes” while driving through the … Continue reading

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To Protect and Serve

At some point, Democrats have to come to the conclusion that their little experiment with sanctuary cities has failed. It was supposed to encourage cooperation with the Hispanic community so they’d be more willing to report crimes knowing the people … Continue reading

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Fucking Berkeley…

emale paleontologists, including some from the University of California, Berkeley, are wearing fake beards to highlight alleged gender bias in their field. Photos of the faux-bearded fossil scientists are now on display in Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. … Continue reading

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MSNBC Panelist On Most White People: ‘Destroy Them’

In a feisty segment on Sunday’s “A.M. Joy,” Elie Mystal of Above the Law made an inflammatory comment in which he said white people who voted for Donald Trump should be destroyed. This came after a segment in which he … Continue reading

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Uh-oh, they’re educating themselves

Given ongoing and divisive debate over gun control in the US, it’s helpful to understand the breakdown of some of the most important terms that frequently come up after mass shootings. Some of these terms might appear inconsequential, but relate … Continue reading

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The Arrogant Ignorance of the ‘Well-Educated’

On more than one occasion my essays for The Imaginative Conservative have been inspired by bumper stickers. Many moons ago, for instance, I wrote “The Wisdom and Wickedness of Women” in response to seeing a bumper sticker declaring that “Well … Continue reading

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Be racist or get fined?

While most Americans are spending time this summer enjoying the sun in the comfort of their houses’ yards, the New York Times is out with a new exposé on how lawn care is problematic, once viewed through the lens of … Continue reading

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Got armor?

Legislation promised in the U.S. Senate would make the legal sale of body armor a “may issue” process signed off on by federal law enforcement. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, announced his legislation on Sunday to require FBI permission before … Continue reading

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The Spin Cycle: Race Hate, Rinse, Repeat

I try to avoid the summer news because I dislike being spun up by it on a daily/hourly/minute-by-minute basis. I don’t need to have my darker emotions fondled by the Left and their ceaseless propaganda organs. Case in point this … Continue reading

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Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

PORT ST LUCIE (CBSMiami/CNN) – A Florida man ran into some trouble with police on Thursday, after he reportedly asked a Walmart clerk for “anything that would kill 200 people.” This coming a few days after the mass shootings in … Continue reading

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We Don’t Have a Problem with White Supremacy. We Have a Problem with Leftist Supremacy

The left is obsessed with white supremacists the way that children are obsessed with Santa Claus, and for more or less the same reasons. You see, if they manage to convince people that the alternative to their own crazy, race-obsessed, … Continue reading

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Tears for votes

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang shed tears at an Iowa town hall about gun safety, when a mother recalled how her 2-year-old daughter was fatally shot by a stray bullet while the girl’s twin brother watched. The woman referred to … Continue reading

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If they don’t know this already, we’re really screwed

USA – -( Dear President Trump/Senators, The latest mass shootings have brought several things to the fore. America doesn’t have a gun problem we have a people problem…a culture problem. I’m going to put this discussion into two categories – … Continue reading

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Well, shit. That didn’t go according to plan…

A Texas business has seen an increase in business since the owner was outed as a supporter of President Donald Trump by Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas). Castro, the chair of his brother Julian Castro’s presidential campaign, published a list of … Continue reading

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