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Nobody pays attention to anything she says anyways

A row has erupted over Madonna’s comments about US President Donald Trump during a speech at the weekend. While taking part in a protest march in Washington DC on Saturday, the singer said she had thought “an awful lot about … Continue reading

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Surprise surprise surprise!

WASHINGTON (CBSNEWS/AP) – Most of the approximately 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the offense is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a … Continue reading

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Therapy….. jeez…..

The tens of thousands of women marching in the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington demonstration in Washington, D.C., Saturday are “mostly white” and experiencing “therapy” for their anxiety over Hillary Clinton’s election loss to Donald Trump in November, the Washington … Continue reading

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Hey, I didn’t talk shit about how ugly the Obama kids are

Millions of Americans are disappointed by the election of President Donald Trump. He’s been divisive, to say the least, making statements that many of his own supporters even acknowledge to be sexist, racist, and generally offensive, not to mention ignorant. … Continue reading

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Poor sports

WASHINGTON (AP) — Protesters registered their rage against the new president Friday in a chaotic confrontation with police who used pepper spray and stun grenades in a melee just blocks from Donald Trump’s inaugural parade route. Scores were arrested for … Continue reading

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No big loss, I’m thinking

In a bizarre show of solidarity with fellow University of California student Seth Greenberg, Sophomore Jakob Connulson has also pledged to remove his penis if Trump adds any additional structure to the existing US-Mexico border wall. Apparently, Greenberg and Connulson … Continue reading

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Scandal free…. yeah, right

In his final few days in office, President Obama and his pals have been frantically spinning his tenure in the White House as a “scandal-free” eight years. Just watch this exchange between CNN’s Jake Tapper and White House chief of … Continue reading

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I sense a lack of commitment here

A protester set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday. The 45-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, said the act was in protest of the President-elect’s looming inauguration. Witnesses described how he yelled … Continue reading

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Poor babies

WASHINGTON (AP) — They line up near the Oval Office, down the hallway toward the Cabinet Room, trailed by their spouses and young kids in their finest clothes. When it’s their turn, the White House staffers enter for a few … Continue reading

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These should be standard issue for liberals

The National Mall in Washington D.C. could become a sea of bright pink the day after Donald Trump is inaugurated as U.S. president if the vision of a pair of Los Angeles women is realized. For the last two months, … Continue reading

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“But why can’t I buy a rifle with the shoulder thingie that goes up?”

Colin Waugh bought a shotgun four weeks before November’s election. An unapologetic liberal, he was no fan of firearms. He had never owned one before. But Waugh, a 31-year-old from Independence, Missouri, couldn’t shake his fears of a Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Ready….. Set…..

With the inauguration of Donald Trump just days away, droves of his supporters are preparing to meet in Washington D.C. to welcome the new President. But there are also darker forces assembling; a gathering of at least 75 anarchist, socialist … Continue reading

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Wait for it…..

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No shit, huh?

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I might even turn on my TV to watch the festivities

Washington (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, but hundreds of thousands of protesters are also expected in Washington next week to vent their frustration over his election win. Demonstrations are scheduled across … Continue reading

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Oh fuck you, you liberal piece of shit

The victim of the depraved crime captured in a Facebook Live video last week, a mentally disabled 18-year-old bound and gagged by tape, seemed confused and terrified as his assailants, at least one of whom he regarded as a friend, … Continue reading

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How’re you coming along with all those blowjobs?

Madonna says Donald Trump’s presidential win has left her with the same type of broken heart she feels after a bad breakup. The singer opens up in a new interview about the president elect, sharing her feelings about “being stuck … Continue reading

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Probably shouldn’t have done that

Liberals have a mentality that they are the only ones that are important, and everyone must bow to their whims. That is perfectly demonstrated in this video that has over a million and a half views and still climbing. It … Continue reading

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Somebody’s finally willing to state the obvious

Leadership consultant Simon Sinek has been told that millennials – people born after 1982 – are ‘entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy’ – but he believes it is not their fault. The author’s response to the ‘millennial question’ on Inside … Continue reading

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How a Trusting Liberal Professor Got Hosed By Her Own Kind

Nothing rings my Schadenfreude chimes louder than a tale of a trendy-liberal professor teaching at a fancy college getting…royally hosed by another trendy-liberal professor teaching at a fancy college. Especially when the scene of the liberal-on-liberal hosing is California, home … Continue reading

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