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Probably a slap on the wrist and a time out, nothing more

Administrators at The Evergreen State College have disciplined about 80 students who were involved in a continuous stream of high-profile protests that shut down the taxpayer-funded campus in the spring of 2017. The intense race-related protests — led largely by … Continue reading

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She’s gone

A top legal executive at CBS was fired Monday for comments she made on a Facebook post that was first reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope … Continue reading

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A top legal executive at CBS, Hayley Geftman-Gold, said she “is not even sympathetic” for the victims of the shooting at a country music festival at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Sunday night. “If they wouldn’t do anything when children … Continue reading

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And it starts before the blood is even dry

Congressional Democrats chose not to wait for all the facts to come in before immediately pushing for increased gun control measures following the Las Vegas shooting Sunday night that left 50 people dead and more than 400 injured. It’s not … Continue reading

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Damn. Miley’s staying.

Do you regret saying that you would leave the USA if Trump won? “I didn’t leave the country.” Exactly. “I’m not fking leaving the country, that’s some ignorant st, that’s dumb. Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think … Continue reading

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“Uh oh, I didn’t rehearse for this”

Nancy Pelosi wanted to talk about a bailout for Puerto Rico today, but a reporter wanted her opinion on “gun legislation” moving through Congress instead. The House Minority Leader couldn’t hide her disdain for — or fear of — the … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Take A Knee Is A Problem

There has been a lot of digital ink spilled over the past couple of days regarding the NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. There’s clearly a lot of people that are very offended by it, but this … Continue reading

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Just sayin’


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Guess the Race

Former Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) tweeted that she hopes all NFL players kneel during the national anthem on Sunday in response to President Trump’s remarks attacking Colin Kaepernick. Edwards, who left Congress earlier this year, called Trump a “white … Continue reading

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Yeah well, Berkeley cancelled Free Speech decades ago

‘Free Speech Week’ is officially off, UC Berkeley announced Saturday morning. “Representatives of the Berkeley Patriot student organization have informed UC Berkeley’s administration that all of the events scheduled for the coming week have been canceled,” said Cal spokesman Dan … Continue reading

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Gotta check that timeline, folks

Just when you thought the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative couldn’t get any more surreal, 3 House democrats decide to write a letter to the FCC which can only be described as ‘criminally stupid’ and even that seems generous. According to the … Continue reading

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Is Google attempting to cover up an inconvenient hurricane truth?

Since nobody else seems to want to stick their neck out, this old fool might as well do it and point out the obvious: those who have shouldered the heavy lifting in the disaster and rescue work in South Texas … Continue reading

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Not a problem, I’ll spend my money at Bubba’s

What are the Democrats up to today? They’re going back to their roots and have gotten back into the sign-posting business again. They’re putting up signs in every cafe in the land to let us Deplorables know we can’t sit … Continue reading

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Fucking pussies

At UC Berkeley, 177 professors and graduate students have signed an open letter urging thousands of colleagues and classmates to boycott campus for four days this month to ensure their “physical and mental safety.” The strongly worded letter, titled “Boycott … Continue reading

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Biting the hand that feeds them

The NFL would prefer the players’ now-ubiquitous protests take a back seat to the action this season, but it looks like the league won’t get its wish. If anything, the players seem ready to take their social critique beyond sitting … Continue reading

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Choke the commie bastard, Grandma

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Is there a giraffe hunting season?

Check out this piece of shit’s neck.

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Another Karen Mathews?

A Swedish politician has revealed on Facebook that he was raped by a knife-wielding attacker because of his political leanings. Patrik Liljeglod is a group leader of the Left Party, in the city of Falun. He also spoke about the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in St Louis…..

ST. LOUIS • About 1,000 protesters surrounded the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson in the Central West End late Friday, breaking at least two windows and throwing red paint at the brick house before some 200 police in … Continue reading

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