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Pressing issues

On Monday, Americans awoke to news of an attempted terrorist attack in New York City. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in the attack, which was believed to be a failed suicide bombing carried out by someone inspired by ISIS. But … Continue reading

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CNN keeps fucking up by the numbers, don’t they?

CNN has quietly walked back more of their “bombshell” reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, and this time it’s a story relating to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ security clearance forms. In May, CNN reported that Sessions had failed to disclose … Continue reading

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Repeat after me, Snowflakes: Sticks and Stones…

In response to Donald Trump tweeting that CNN anchor Don Lemon is the “dumbest man on television,” the cable news network released a statement slamming the president for “engaging in the very same behavior” as “bullies [who] torment kids.” Trump … Continue reading

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Fake news? Make ’em pay for it.

President Trump on Saturday evening issued a call for a reporter with The Washington Post to be fired because of a quickly deleted tweet that presented a misleading impression of Trump’s rally crowd in Florida. The Post reporter, David Weigel, … Continue reading

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CNN fucks up – again

CNN misreported key details of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. last year of a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents. The story, which CNN published on Friday and covered extensively on TV, was touted as the first evidence that … Continue reading

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Well, what do you know…

Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. And in yet another blow … Continue reading

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Of course he wasn’t injured, dumbass

VENTURA (CBSLA) — The dangers of getting too close to a burning home were evident this morning during a CBS2 report by Kara Finnstrom. Finnstrom reported that CBS2 photographer Nathan Furniss was hit in the chest by popping ammunition flying … Continue reading

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What the…..?

The nation’s largest retailer Wednesday removed from its website a controversial t-shirt that threatens journalists, shortly after RTDNA and its Voice of the First Amendment Task Force sent a letter to the company’s top executives requesting its removal. The shirt, … Continue reading

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Vikings Season 5

Don’t forget, Season 5 starts tonight at 8 PM Central on the History Channel.

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‘nother one down

Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” the network announced. Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of the “Today” show. “We are devastated,” … Continue reading

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WaPo turns on Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham may be the first person to fabricate details of her alleged rape, then proclaim all women’s claims need to be believed, and then publicly accuse a young woman of lying about having been raped. Finally, the star and … Continue reading

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From CNN? No shit?

(CNN) As a wave of stories unfold about sexual harassment and assault by men in power, a senior Democratic leader says her party should reflect on how it handled such charges when they were leveled against former President Bill Clinton. … Continue reading

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For you Vikings fans, Season 5 starts 29 Nov on the History channel. I suspect this the last season. It should be pretty good. Ragnar’s a goner but his boys are picking up the slack.

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The Media That Cried Wolf

In a week in which CNN cried wolf when there was no wolf by falsely condemning Trump for poor fish-feeding habits, is it surprising that decades-old charges of sexual impropriety being leveled against Judge Roy Moore aren’t being unquestioningly accepted … Continue reading

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Let’s go, gents

(CNN) – A networking event in Georgia offers an interesting twist: a chance to meet a black person. It may sound like a “Saturday Night Live” skit, but the “Come Meet a Black Person” event — set for Thursday in … Continue reading

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Texas church to be destroyed

The pastor of the Texas church where a gunman killed 25 people says he plans on demolishing the building, a spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention said Thursday. Frank Pomeroy told convention leaders that conducting services at the First Baptist … Continue reading

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A clarification on the chainsaw bayonet from USA Today

A video posted by USA Today was criticized by firearm aficionados for its portrayal of the Ruger AR-556, the rifle that was reportedly used by a gunman to kill 26 people at a church in rural Texas. In the brief … Continue reading

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Guns, CNN and Sutherland Springs

-Mike G

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Where’s the MSM on this?

SALTILLO, Coahuila — Authorities in this border state set their sights on a group of police officers believed to have executed two U.S. tourists and then covered up the crime by claiming the victims were armed drug smugglers. MORE -JD

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How’s that blood pressure this morning?

Americans are grappling with yet another massacre after a Texas church’s Sunday morning services were interrupted by a masked gunman who sprayed parishioners with bullets shot from an AR-15 platform rifle. Former Air Force veteran Devin Kelley killed 26 people … Continue reading

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