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When the media’s darlings turn on them…

On the one-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville protests, white supremacists and radical leftists known as Antifa descended on the Virginia town once more to commit more violence. Late Saturday night, NBC News reporter Cal Perry and his crew were … Continue reading

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Hiring her just killed what little credibility the NYT had left

The New York Times’ newest editorial hire has a history of racist tweets against white people. NYT announced on Wednesday that they hired Sarah Jeong to join their editorial board. Jeong previously wrote for the Verge and authored “The Internet … Continue reading

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Poor baby

Jim Acosta isn’t having a very good week and we’re only two days in. On Monday at press conference with the Italian prime minister and President Trump a White House aide yelled at the CNN reporter and hurt his feelings. … Continue reading

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Paramount Owes America an Apology for Jay-Z’s Trayvon Series

On Monday evening, the Paramount Networks aired the first part of a six-part documentary series on the death of Trayvon Martin called Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story. If multimedia impresario Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter had chosen to tell it, … Continue reading

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I want to feel sorry for the laid off staff of the New York Daily News. I really, truly do. Being let go from any job is always dispiriting. Never mind the financial uncertainty it brings; to involuntarily lose your … Continue reading

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California, baby…

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — A police officer is in critical condition and a suspect is dead following an early morning shooting Friday near a Southern California nightclub, CBS Los Angeles reports. A 31-year-old veteran officer and a new officer trainee … Continue reading

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Expect anything different from the MSM?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is going into the Supreme Court confirmation process with a hail of rhetorical arrows zinging by him, including a phony letter-writing campaign aimed at unsuspecting American newspaper editors At least 21 papers were duped last week, including … Continue reading

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Fighting ‘fake news’ with the law

Paris (AFP) – Some countries are bringing in legislation to fight “fake news”, a particular menace during election campaigning, but critics warn of the danger to freedom of expression and the media. Here is a look at the situation in … Continue reading

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Creating Fake News by burying the details

A 92-year-old Hispanic man named Rodolfo Rodriguez was severely injured after he was attacked by a black woman and beaten with a brick last week. Fake News WaPo ran a story titled, ‘Woman beats a 91-year-old Mexican man with a … Continue reading

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Good thing she’s from Massachusetts and not allowed to own guns or slingshots or pea shooters or…

WALPOLE (CBS) – A Walpole newspaper office is temporarily shut down after one of its journalists received a specific threat. The woman accused of sending it is under arrest. She’s been a journalist for 40 years, according to her attorney, … Continue reading

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10 times US news anchors got it really wrong

Fake news, alternative facts, propaganda wars — it’s been a rough few years for American journalism. A survey carried out in 2016 found that only six percent of Americans had a “great deal of trust” in their news media. So, … Continue reading

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Hatin’ on the MSM

Jason Eric Bewley, of Bryan, Texas, was arrested last week in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, near Charlotte. He’s been charged with transmitting threats through interstate communications, a federal crime, according to jail records. According to his federal indictment, which came … Continue reading

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Apparently now shotguns are funnels of death

In yesterday’s shooting at a Maryland newspaper, the killer used a 12-gauge shotgun. This was very disappointing to ghoulish liberals who were hoping the victims were gunned down with an AR-15 to help push their efforts to ban all semi-automatic … Continue reading

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Five dead at newspaper shooting

At least five people were killed and several others were “gravely injured” in a shooting Thursday afternoon at the Capital Gazette in Anne Arundel County, authorities said. A shooter is in custody, police said. Police would not name the suspect … Continue reading

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50 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era

We the media have “fact-checked” President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet—and he’s certainly given us plenty to write about. That’s probably why it’s so easy to find lists enumerating and examining his mistakes, … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Rights Group Discovers a Child-Trafficking Camp in Arizona, MSM SILENT

There are shocking reports and footage now coming out of the Tucson, Arizona area where a homeless Veterans advocacy group, Veterans on Patrol (VOP), has stumbled upon what they’re calling a child-trafficking camp hidden inside the Arizona woods. One of … Continue reading

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MSNBC Asks Sarah Sanders About Roseanne — She Responds

MSNBC reporters asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders about the cancelation of “Roseanne” Tuesday. Sanders didn’t play into the outrage news cycle, and responded by saying that there was no comment and she didn’t know when there would be … Continue reading

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The MSM’s War on Guns

U.S.A. –-( war on guns marches on. Instead of concentrating on real solutions like getting rid of “gun free zones,” focusing on mental health, and allowing teachers to carry guns the mainstream media pushes “common sense” gun laws. These proposed … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Banner Week for A Pathetically Dishonest Media

(RANT) There have been many memorable weeks of media dishonesty since Donald Trump was elected, but I can’t remember any that quite compares with what we’ve witnessed the last several days. We have long passed the point of just writing … Continue reading

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