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Fuck with me about this and next week you get the Bieb

I don’t recall who sent me this but it ain’t too bad.

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How about an evening with Neil Young?

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For Sarah

For her funeral, being conducted right now. Say a prayer for the family please. -WiscoDave

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I’m guessing a Pink Floyd show

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A song for Sarah

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For Sarah


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Blind Connie Williams – Blues at its finest

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The Band – The Last Waltz

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Damn, I miss ol’ Waylon

-Kenny the Scot

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Sing it, Merle

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Friday Night Tunes

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Dolly goes PC on us. What the fuck…..

Dolly Parton’s Pigeon Forge dinner attraction, Dixie Stampede, has a new name. It’s now known as Dolly Parton’s Stampede, according to a news release from World Choice Investments. The attraction will start its 2018 season later in January with shows … Continue reading

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Get well soon, Willie

Willie Nelson abruptly ended his concert in San Diego this weekend after coughing and experiencing breathing difficulties during the first song of his performance. MORE

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Deep Purple – Child in Time

My very first concert was Deep Purple and Humble Pie in Saarbrucken Germany, 1975. The ticket cost me $4.50. I don’t remember much about the show. Hell, I didn’t remember much of the show the very next day.

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Lez Zeppelin…..

Lez Zeppelin comes from the land of ice and snow. No, not Valhalla, but New York City (as of press time, forecasters are calling for up to six inches of snow across the five boroughs this week). The all-female Led … Continue reading

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Kick back and enjoy some live Jethro Tull

Great music complimented by Ian Anderson’s showmanship. Oh, and when you get to the drum solo about 33 minutes in and are wondering “Holy shit, just who in fuck is that?” it’s Barriemore Barlow.

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Kinda like when the Grateful Dead played “Space”, huh?

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Uriah Heep – Demons and Wizards

Here ya go, Steve – remember this one from K-town?

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Lord, I hope this day is good


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Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother

Fuck, this song was the anthem down in the Redneck Rooms when I was in the army. I don’t care what was going on, when this song came on everybody stopped what they doing and climbed to their feet with … Continue reading

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