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David Hogg survives another school shooting

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Two people are in critical condition and a shooter is in custody after a shooting inside of Noblesville West Middle School. News 8 has been told that the situation is contained. Police are on scene and … Continue reading

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Rachel Dolezal Faces Felony Theft Charges

The former NAACP chapter leader, who resigned after her parents revealed she’s not black, is facing felony theft charges for falsifying docs to obtain $9,000 in welfare assistance. Washington state’s Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) investigated Rachel Dolezal’s … Continue reading

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Ohio Self Defense Reform Bill Passes House Committee

Arizona -( Ohio bill HB 228 has passed out of the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committe on a seven to three vote. The vote was along party lines, with seven Republicans voting for the bill and the three Democrats … Continue reading

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Things that go boom in the night

Dresden (Germany) (AFP) – A German bomb disposal team Thursday gave the all-clear after defusing an unexploded World War II bomb that forced a mass evacuation in the city of Dresden. The operation had been complicated by a fire sparked … Continue reading

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Bar shooter killed by armed citizen

OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother and daughter were shot Thursday night at a popular restaurant on Lake Hefner in northwest Oklahoma City, police said. The shooting occurred at Louie’s Grill & Bar at 9401 Lake Hefner Parkway around 6:30 p.m. … Continue reading

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When the population overwhelms the natural resources

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Rivers are drying up, popular mountain recreation spots are closing and water restrictions are in full swing as a persistent drought intensifies its grip on pockets of the American Southwest. Climatologists and other experts are scheduled … Continue reading

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Brothel ban divides Lyon County residents

Ruby Rae has made a lucrative career out of prostitution in rural Lyon County, Nevada — one of the few places in the country where it is legal. Ruby, who goes by her stage name, says she earns six figures … Continue reading

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Hawaii cracking up

Noah Friend returned Monday to his home in Leilani Estates to find a 10-foot wide crack running 500 feet long through his backyard and beneath his house. The 32-year-old Leilani Estates resident inherited the house he built with his father … Continue reading

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South Africans seek asylum in Australia

More than 200 farmers from South Africa have applied for humanitarian visas in Australia after allegedly suffering attacks for being white, according to the Australian Home Affairs Ministry. “The type of criteria they of course have to meet – or … Continue reading

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“Get those heads up when you pray!”

Just as the people in Mariners Church began to pull off their hats, bow their heads and close their eyes to pray, Jimmy Meeks snapped at them. “Get those heads up!” said the pastor and retired Texas police officer. Hadn’t … Continue reading

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Lava flow threatens power plant

In the weeks since the Kilauea volcano began belching lava into Hawaii’s residential areas, the fiery flow has destroyed dozens of structures and covered scores of acres on the Big Island. But authorities fear its destructive reach could ravage at … Continue reading

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NO collateral damage according to PD

When the gunman tried to shoot at police, officers strategically fired back, leading to his surrender, The New York Times reported Monday. Suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis is in police custody and was charged with capital murder. Officials believe that none of … Continue reading

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He might have to get an after-school job

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Circuit Court Judge John Olson issued his restitution opinion for the teenager who pleaded guilty to starting the Eagle Creek Fire last summer, ordering him to pay $36 million dollars. The teen was in court on … Continue reading

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That’s about the quickest way to get shot nowdays

Three days before 10 people died in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. a small group of students at Bowie High School in Maryland pulled a senior prank that the local police chief called “reckless.” They wore black masks … Continue reading

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Hitler definitely died in 1945, according to new study of his teeth

French researchers claim to have put an end to conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Adolf Hitler, after a study of his teeth proved he definitely died after taking cyanide and shooting himself in the head in Berlin in 1945. … Continue reading

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But… but… but they’re such magnificent creatures!!!

(Reuters) – A mountain lion killed one mountain biker and mauled another in Washington state on Saturday when they rode into its territory, and authorities later shot the animal dead, police said. The mountain bikers were riding together down a … Continue reading

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A Cambridge professor with deep ties to American and British intelligence has been outed as an agent who snooped on the Trump presidential campaign for the FBI. Multiple media outlets have named Stefan Halper, 73, as the secret informant who … Continue reading

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Four rescued from lava flow

Helicopters were rushed in to rescue four trapped residents after lava flowing from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano isolated a cluster of homes, as the US Geological Survey said Saturday an explosion from its crater sent ash pouring into the sky. Hawaii … Continue reading

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China lands bombers on Spratly Islands

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s air force has landed bombers on islands and reefs in the South China Sea as part of a training exercise in the disputed region, it said in a statement.

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More from the MSM about the Texas school shooter

SANTA FE, Texas — Ten people were killed and 10 wounded in a shooting Friday morning at a high school south of Houston, authorities said. The shooting at Santa Fe High School was the nation’s deadliest such attack since the … Continue reading

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