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Oh, the irony…..

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Someone stole a television news station’s SUV in Downtown Albuquerque while the crew was gathering footage for a story about crime in the area. Michelle Donaldson, KOB news director, said the crew watched as the vehicle was … Continue reading

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Yup, that’s something you don’t hear every day

88-Year-Old Ohio Man Says One-Eyed Hooker Stole His Wallet After Morning Rendezvous It’s not every day, or really any day, that you get to write that headline. But today is that day, and let’s cherish it because it will probably … Continue reading

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I ain’t buying that shit

The deadly collision between a U.S. destroyer and a container ship June 17 took place while the freighter was on autopilot, according to Navy officials. The Philippines-flagged cargo ship ACX Crystal was under control of a computerized navigation system that … Continue reading

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Broward County elementary school teacher who tried to get revenge against her husband by tipping off drug dealers that they were under investigation should spend the next eight years in federal prison because the consequences of her actions were so … Continue reading

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24% of Americans are dead broke

About 1 in 4 (Americans) literally have no emergency savings. A survey released Tuesday by found that 24% don’t have even a single dollar saved for an emergency. And that’s just one of many surveys showing how little we … Continue reading

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people

Delay-weary straphangers endured yet another morning of crippling service changes Tuesday, with some riders so desperate to escape delays they tried walking subway tracks to get to work on time, witnesses said. Once again, signal problems appeared to be the … Continue reading

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Oh well

TUSCON, Ariz. — If you’re having trouble making calls or connecting to the internet on your cellphone, you’re not alone. CBS Tucson affiliate KOLD-TV reports several major cellphone providers — including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile — were having service … Continue reading

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American tortured by NK has died

CINCINNATI — Otto Warmbier has died, University of Cincinnati Medical Center announced Monday. Warmbier, 22, died at 2:20 p.m. Monday, days after he was released from captivity in North Korea. He was surrounded by family members at the time of … Continue reading

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NASA wants to probe Uranus in search of gas

No, I did not make the title up. Seriously. We hear a lot about Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and that’s because we have extremely fancy hardware floating around and, in some cases, cruising on the surface of those planets. The … Continue reading

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The Russians are pissed

Russia has threatened to shoot down US warplanes operating in parts of Syria where its air forces operate amid a diplomatic row caused by the downing of a Syrian jet. The country’s defence ministry said it would also suspend a … Continue reading

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Anti-abortion activist may be headed to prison

The anti-abortion activist behind the videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling “baby parts,” as he put it, could be going to prison. And now his criminal defense lawyers could join him. Late last month, David Daleiden and his team of … Continue reading

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Somebody apparently didn’t learn to shut the fuck up

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick compared police officers to fugitive slave patrolmen after a Minnesota officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black motorist. Kaepernick tweeted his displeasure with the verdict, with a graphic reading “You can’t ignore your … Continue reading

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US shoots down a Syrian fighter jet

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. military on Sunday shot down a Syrian Air Force fighter jet that bombed local forces aligned with the Americans in the fight against Islamic State militants, an action that appeared to mark a new escalation … Continue reading

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Guess The Race

After 27 hours of deliberation, a jury of seven men and five women reached a verdict in Philando Castile’s death. Eight hours later, after a march in St. Paul, hundreds went on the freeway, where some faced off with police … Continue reading

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Why, those little scamps!

The Los Angeles Police Department has long hailed its cadet program as a successful partnership between police and the city’s young residents. The initiative is designed to help cadets develop life-building skills, bond with officers and volunteer at events such … Continue reading

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Shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana State Police say shots were fired at a truck carrying a “Make America Great Again” flag and an American flag on eastbound I-465 Tuesday. MORE

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Savage called it

Less than 24 hours before a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fired at Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice, seriously injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others before U.S. Capitol Police took down … Continue reading

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Life in the Big Easy

A New Orleans congressman tragically was shot while he was out playing baseball. He survived, but will need a number of operations in the months to come. Some of those who first heard the news assumed that he had been … Continue reading

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Yet we keep putting up with it

The first skirmishes of a second American civil war have begun. No, this is not a metaphorical analogy to that bloody conflict that killed approximately 620,000 Americans. It is an objective statement of the reality in America. Since the election … Continue reading

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More doom and gloom

A TOP expert has claimed North Korea’s military is just one step away from launching a nuclear–tipped intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US. Jeffrey Lewis, an American expert on Kim’s Jong-un’s military, believes the only hurdle left is … Continue reading

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