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Sigh~Guess the race

Two Detroit women are charged in the killing of a Garden City High School student who was shot in the head after someone reportedly made a snide comment about the size of one of the women’s derriere. Sharnea Diamond McCoy, … Continue reading

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Letting us know what they think of us?

A massive sewage spill in Tijuana that polluted beaches in San Diego County this month may have been no accident, according to state and local officials. In a preliminary estimate, officials said about 143 million gallons of raw sewage spewed … Continue reading

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The BIG question: What was his religion?

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A suspect is in custody after 28 people were injured Saturday when a vehicle plowed into a crowd watching the Krewe of Endymion parade in the Mid-City section of New Orleans, police said. Police Chief Michael … Continue reading

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Looks like Milo’s done for

Milo Yiannopoulos lost his keynote speaking slot at the Conservative Political Action Conference after tapes surfaced of the right wing provocateur and senior Breitbart editor advocating for sexual relationships between “younger boys and older men.” “Due to the revelation of … Continue reading

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LTG Hal Moore dead at 94

LTG Hal Moore has passed away last night at age 94. He served his country with distinction and valor for over 32 years during the wars in Korea and Vietnam where he was immortalized as a Battalion Commander of the … Continue reading

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“Went bi-polar on him…”

MERRIMACK — A police standoff began in Merrimack after a boyfriend told his girlfriend that the spaghetti dinner she made was “OK,” according to police paperwork. Police responded to Webster Green Condominium Complex for a domestic disturbance Saturday at about … Continue reading

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One way or another

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi lawmakers are advancing a proposal to add firing squad, electrocution and gas chamber as execution methods in case a court blocks the use of lethal injection drugs. Republican Rep. Andy Gipson says House Bill 638 … Continue reading

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Well, that’s fucking embarrassing

Breakfast at McDonald’s has left two French soldiers, who are part of the counter-terrorism Operation Sentinelle without their assault rifles and ammunition, local press reports. The robbery comes amid an extended state of emergency in France. Weapons from the soldiers’ … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just do what you gotta do

Professional MMA fighter and UFC Veteran, Jake Shields, was forced to rescue a civilian who was being severely beaten by “anti-fascist” rioters in Berkeley, California, on Wednesday, after police officers allegedly refused to intervene. Realizing that law enforcement officers were … Continue reading

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Well, that’s one way

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – When an angry driver confronted a young Florida father, he did what he had to do to protect his family, and that meant parking his pickup truck on top of that driver’s car, according to the … Continue reading

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A Super Bowl to remember

HOUSTON — They gathered after nightfall at an undisclosed location downtown. People representing more than a half-dozen protest groups that are set to march and rally here Super Bowl weekend met to coordinate their efforts — in a way New … Continue reading

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And in Kentucky…..

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) – A pedestrian hit by a car on a northern Kentucky highway was dragged for almost three miles in the windshield before the motorist pulled into a gas station for help, witnesses said. Sigmund Sugarman said he … Continue reading

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What happens when doctors take only cash?

Anyone who has ever tried to shop around for prices on medical care knows how dysfunctional the market is. It’s not because huge amounts of money isn’t changing hands; it’s that nobody really knows what anything costs at any given … Continue reading

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Real news at Fake News

An officer-involved shooting and an apparent stabbing have taken place near the CNN building in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Tuesday. The shooting was reported around 2 p.m. at the corner of Ivar Avenue and Sunset Boulevard but … Continue reading

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“…that’s when I lit him up”

An armed citizen, who was in Detroit’s E&S Carry Out Shrimp Shack during an alleged robbery, says he threw his wallet on the floor, and when the robbery suspect looked away to retrieve it, the citizen shot him. MORE -WiscoDave

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Chimp out

It was a gruesome scene. The body had severe wounds and was still bleeding despite having been lying for a few hours in the hot Senegalese savanna. The murder victim, a West African chimpanzee called Foudouko, had been beaten with … Continue reading

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Talk about a dumping ground

KANSAS CITY – For the second weekend in a row, a search group looking for a missing Raymore woman instead found a man’s body and alerted police Saturday. Family members of Jessica Runions — missing since early September — were … Continue reading

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Poor babies

Moments after Cook County prosecutors announced indictments against four people on charges of attacking a teen with mental disabilities live on Facebook video, the county’s public defender blasted “sensationalized” media coverage that she said has led to death threats against … Continue reading

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Never heard of the dude but Miss Lisa has – He’s a goner.

Actor John Hurt, known for his roles in “The Elephant Man,” “Alien,” “Harry Potter” and numerous other films, died Friday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, according to British media reports. The news of Hurt’s death was first reported … Continue reading

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You expected something different?

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