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Go large or go home

A tractor driver plowed over a Hillsboro ATM early Tuesday, making off with a load of cash, according to police. MORE

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Jailhouse Justice

A man who ran an international child porn ring was beaten to death in prison this week, but one of his victims predicted his fate long before his demise. A judge sentenced Christian Maire, a married father-of-two from upstate New … Continue reading

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When your training and mindset pays off

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – She’s being credited with saving the lives of innocent party goers when a man firing a rifle made his way towards a packed nightclub. A security officer was forced to shoot Samuel Williams, 33, outside of … Continue reading

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (Meredith) — Police are searching for a suspect who was caught on surveillance video stealing a gun from the dead body of a man who had just crashed his motorcycle. Bradley Bethel, 25, was killed the morning of … Continue reading

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Gotta have something to cover the nasty taste of the food

(Meredith) – An angry customer fired shots at a Taco Bell in southwest Oklahoma City after complaining about employees not giving him taco sauce with his order, police said. MORE

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Daryl Dragon of Captain and Tennille dead

Daryl Dragon, the musician best known as the Captain from the group The Captain and Tennille, died due to renal failure on Wednesday. He was 76. “He was a brilliant musician with many friends who loved him greatly. I was … Continue reading

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Waste not want not

A new law took effect in Oregon on Tuesday allowing meat from animals killed by vehicles to be harvested and eaten. The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that lawmakers in the state first approved the measure, Senate Bill 372, allowing … Continue reading

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On a mission from God

Just before 7 a.m. Sunday morning, police in Texas were called about a man carrying a handgun down a city street, the Seguin Police Department said in a Facebook post. An off-duty officer, who was first to respond, saw the … Continue reading

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Godspeed, Mr Overton

AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 7 Austin) – The nation’s oldest living veteran, Richard Overton, has died in a rehab facility in Austin, Texas. He was 112 years old. Family says Overton was admitted to the hospital last week with pneumonia. He … Continue reading

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Riots Loom As Food Stamp Cash Will Run Out By End Of January If Government Shutdown Continues

According to the Department of Agriculture, if this government shutdown stretches into February there won’t be money for food stamps. And it certainly looks like this shutdown could last for quite a while, because President Trump is not backing down … Continue reading

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When bingo just ain’t enough

Decatur, AL (WHNT) — Police say they seized 17 gambling machines from a building that held a church and antique store. Police said they received multiple reports of a “casino” operation in a building on Gordon Terry Parkway near Beltline … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t work out they way they planned

MARYSVILLE — The plan was simple: Steal tools and pawn them for money. That’s what two men, 22 and 23, reportedly had in mind when they showed up to the Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville on Saturday afternoon, … Continue reading

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“Hey, fuck you AND your gun, pal”

Midlothian police say a man who opted to wait in his car Saturday while his wife shopped for groceries was ambushed by carjackers — but quickly turned the tables on them. MORE

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Tsunami set off by volcanic eruption kills 222 in Indonesia

CARITA BEACH, Indonesia (AP) — A tsunami believed to be triggered by a volcanic eruption killed at least 222 people in Indonesia during a busy holiday weekend, sweeping away hotels, hundreds of houses and a group of people attending a … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Texas!

Employees at a FedEx Ground facility in Hutchins were arrested this week after two package handlers were accused of stealing nearly $50,000 in cellphones and paying a manager and security guard to ignore the crimes. MORE

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WHAT???!!! I’m shocked – shocked, I say…

Politicians, lawyers, telemarketers, and journalists sit at the low end of a new survey asking which profession has the highest ethics and honesty. Nurses are on top of the latest Gallup survey, with 84 percent viewing their profession as one … Continue reading

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And now he sups with God

His 7-year-old granddaughter was in the ocean at Carolina Beach, North Carolina, with her father when a rip current swept the two away from the beach. Donald Michael Boles, 60, and others on the beach swam to the girl to … Continue reading

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Trump administration wants huge limits on food stamps

WASHINGTON – A lot more people could have to meet work requirements for food aid under a Trump administration plan unveiled early Thursday, even as the president later in the day is expected to sign legislation that’s supposed to keep … Continue reading

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Just wait until they weaponize the little fuckers

In a scary preview of the disruptions that could soon become commonplace in our technology-infused future, London’s Gatwick airport has been shut down for more than 13 hours due to mysterious drones flying “over the perimeter fence and into where … Continue reading

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Americans are sleep starved

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Americans associate sleep with laziness, but sleep experts say it’s impossible for healthy people to overindulge in sleep. Some people may crave more food than they need, but only people who are physically or mentally ill crave … Continue reading

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