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Well, of course they’re stressed – they don’t allow guns

You’re stressed out. I’m stressed out. We’re all stressed out. It’s official: New Jersey is the most stressed out state in the U.S. (at least according to a recent report by Zippia). Garden State? More like The Agita State. MORE … Continue reading

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I told you fast food will kill you

A reputed mobster — whose son was injured during an attempted hit job three months ago — was blasted to death at a McDonald’s drive-thru in the Bronx while waiting for a cup of coffee on Thursday, sources said. MORE

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Where’s the MSM on this?

Prosecutors in Las Vegas dropped all charges against four California dentists when video evidence did not back up a woman’s claim that the men raped her. Authorities initially charged Ali Badkoobehi, Poria Edalat, Saman Edalat, and Sina Edalat with rape … Continue reading

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Class action challenges legality of more than 2 million Chicago red light camera tickets

Despite a major settlement earlier this year, the city of Chicago is facing further legal action over the validity of its red light camera program. Four named plaintiffs filed an unjust enrichment complaint Sept. 17 in Cook County Circuit Court, … Continue reading

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Some folks don’t fuck around

A notorious pedophile has been found dead by police after he was shot dead during the attempted rape of a 12-year old girl at a property in Morgantown, West Virginia. The 42-year old mother of the girl told investigators that … Continue reading

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Gotta hand it to him for his ingenuity

PORTLAND, Ore. — A former southern Oregon property owner has been charged with assault on a federal officer after, authorities say, an FBI agent sent to the property was shot from a booby-trapped wheelchair. Law enforcement officers responded to the … Continue reading

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A follow-up on the UPS gun heist

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Approximately 364 of the guns stolen from an UPS facility in Memphis have been recovered in route to Chicago. According to a federal criminal complaint, the UPS facility received a shipment from the Ruger factory in North … Continue reading

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That’ll be a story to tell the kid

From relay races to alligator-assisted reveals, gender reveal parties have gone too far, but one couple seems to have taken the cake after their party took a dangerous turn. According to the Daily Beast, an off-duty border patrol agent accidentally … Continue reading

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Chimp out!!!

A snow monkey escaped its backyard cage Friday and attacked a neighbor before an HVAC repairman shot and killed it, police in the coastal NC community of Shallotte told The Charlotte Observer Friday evening. The monkey, also known as a … Continue reading

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That fast food will kill you for sure

ST. LOUIS • A man who apparently had trouble reaching his food at a drive-thru window at a Jack in the Box restaurant on South Grand Boulevard was killed after he was pinned by his own car. Charles Wood Jr., … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, over in Robertson County…..

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – On Tuesday a parent of a Springfield High School student was tased and subsequently arrested following an altercation with police. Two Robertson County Sheriff’s Deputies working at Springfield High School during student pick up … Continue reading

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Talk about having a nicotine fit

Police say a wedding reception took a bloody turn when a sword-slinging businessman burst from his room with a weapon, threatened to kill the new bride and slashed her arm, reported. “It’s a really unique case,” said Sussex County … Continue reading

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Man executed for distracted driving

A man convicted of kidnapping a woman in 2000 and choking her to death while he was driving was executed in Texas on Thursday, after the US Supreme Court denied a last-minute appeal by his lawyers who argued the death … Continue reading

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Cody Wilson resigns

Austin, Texas –-( Cody Wilson has tendered his resignation as the head of Defense Distributed. Defense Distributed is the non-profit that has caused waves across the country for their 3D printed guns. Defense Distributed announced longtime Vice-President Paloma Heindorff will … Continue reading

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No habitual criminal law in Oregon?

Christy Lynn Woods has been charged with stealing an ambulance in Roseburg, Oregon. Jail records indicate the 37-year-old has been arrested 39 times in Oregon since 2011. Woods is pictured left in her most recent mugshot last week and right … Continue reading

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So apparently there is such a thing as free lunches

SEPTEMBER 20–The deli worker who admitted eating more than $9000 worth of ham and salami while on the job at an Ohio supermarket will not face criminal charges, according to prosecutors. MORE ***** 3 to 5 slices a day for … Continue reading

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Cody Wilson arrested in Taiwan

Cody Wilson, a leading proponent of 3-D printed guns, has been arrested in Taiwan after being charged in Texas with sexually assaulting a 16-year old girl there, Taiwanese officials said on Friday. MORE -RW

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I’ll be damned, pigs do fly after all!

Nine Prince George’s County Maryland police officers burst into a Forestville apartment Wednesday night to serve a warrant against a suspected drug dealer who’d been fingered by a confidential informant. Unfortunately the cops had the wrong address. MORE -WiscoDave

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Might want to avoid the area

FORT WORTH – Police say they’ll beef up their presence in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards this weekend after an ATF warning that the Mongols motorcycle gang is likely planning a rally there that could draws hundreds of members of … Continue reading

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Yeah, I understand this man’s actions completely

KINSTON, N.C. (AP) — Hurricane Florence was blowing across eastern North Carolina hours before making landfall, and Bennie Lee Sutton’s hunting beagles were howling in their backyard kennel. So he was up in the middle of the night doing what … Continue reading

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