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DC books a fight

Washington (AFP) – Washington authorities said they will ramp up the capital city’s emergency level when white nationalists and counterprotesters demonstrate Sunday at the same park outside the White House. The National Park Service said Wednesday it issued a permit … Continue reading

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SWAT Officers Who Shot LaVoy Finicum Speak For The First Time

The state police SWAT officer who investigators say fired five times at refuge occupation spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum said Monday he second-guessed himself when he learned of an unaccounted-for bullet hole in the roof of Finicum’s truck. In the days … Continue reading

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Patriot Conference September 29th and 30th


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Who are The Proud Boys?

The Proud Boys are a men’s organization founded in 2016 by Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes. McInnes has described the Proud Boys as a pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world; aka Western … Continue reading

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Xin Loi and training

My good friend and Brother WiscoDave told me a few days ago that Herschel over at The Captain’s Journal had asked him to sub for a few days. He was kinda sorta nervous about it, but I told him he’d … Continue reading

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Dirt people – you know, Deplorables

‘We were overwhelmed,” said Lt. Col. Nick Jaskolski. “I don’t really have words to describe how surprised and moved we all were. I had never even heard of the town before.” Col. Jaskolski, a veteran of the Iraq war, is … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Loyce Edward Deen


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Rest in Peace, MamaLiberty

I’ve just heard from Bill St. Clair, who heard from one of her neighbors, that Susan Callaway, our MamaLiberty, has died. MORE -UncleZip

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An update from Ol’ Remus himself

Having missed posting yer ol’ Woodpile Report for the 10th, this issue, number 537, sort of covers it. Yeah, it’s not quite at the standard my beloved readers deserve, and some of the content is a bit dated. As an … Continue reading

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The Hammonds return to Burns

-John Deaux

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Trump pardons Dwight and Steve Hammond

President Donald Trump has pardoned ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, the men who inspired the 2016 armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon, resulting in a stand-off between protestors and the federal government. The men were convicted “in 2012 of … Continue reading

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And in the Spirit of the Day:

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Practical Carbine Accuracy

There’s a lot of confusion even among longtime shooters between what a rifle is capable of doing off the bench on a nice controlled square range and what’s actually practical for a serviceable combat weapon. The two really aren’t the … Continue reading

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Farewell, Uncle John – STM

John W. Armstrong Obituary [1941-2018] Master Chief John W. Armstrong (USN ret.) was born in Gulfport MS to Walter Lewis Armstrong, Sr. and Ina Murray-Armstrong on February 20, 1941 and died in San Diego CA on June 11, 2018. John … Continue reading

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He finally comes home

The Battle of Tarawa spanned from Nov. 20-23, 1943 on Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands. The U.S. attempt to take the atoll and capture a Japanese airbase was named Operation Galvanic. On Nov. 21, U.S. Marine 2nd Lt. Harvel … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny

Introductory Proviso: The following essay on possible gun confiscation is a purely conjectural gedankenexperiment about the future that extrapolates from recent history and current trends. Nothing herein is seditious (per 18 U.S. Code § 2384), nor a call to arms, … Continue reading

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Columbus Ohio Freedom Rally 04/21/2018

Ohio – -( You are cordially invited to a rally for Patriotism and Freedom hosted by Ohioans for Concealed Carry, Ohio Carry, and Buckeye Firearms Association on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 11 a.m. at the Ohio Statehouse, One Capitol … Continue reading

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More on the mag giveaway

In anticipation of a legislative ban on standard capacity rifle magazines, the editors of RECOIL magazine are working with MAGPUL Industries to facilitate the delivery and distribution of 30-round PMAG rifle magazines free of charge to the citizens of Vermont … Continue reading

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Pushing back

Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, said on Sunday that her organization is asking people to complete a survey on it website focused on last week’s National School Walkout to help them develop the … Continue reading

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Americans rip up Mexican flag in San Diego

Obviously Youtube pulled the video down because it showed Hispanics doing the Dirty Deed (and we can’t be having that now, can we?) but Andrew supplied us with another link:

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