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Happy Birthday, Old Man

Hey everybody, today is my father’s birthday, would’ve been 79 today. Kirk Lane, 14 March 1940 – 20 August 2012 Served 20 years in the army with 2 tours in Vietnam, raised 3 kids and 3 grandkids. My best friend. … Continue reading

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Agitating piece of shit…

Adding his voice to a group of prominent Democrats calling for an increasingly aggressive approach to Republicans, the former attorney general in the Obama Administration, Eric Holder, said when conservatives “go low” the left should “kick them.” Democrats, Holder said, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Old Man

He would’ve been 78 today.

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CW2 Kirk Lane US Army (Ret) 1940-2012

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Yup, it’s been five years

Five years since I felt his last heartbeat. Hard to believe, huh? Sometimes it feels like it was 20 years ago, other times it seems like we were fishing just a couple weeks ago. Fucking tore me up when he … Continue reading

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Sounds like my Pops

-WiscoDave He woke me up on my 18th birthday, told me happy birthday and to either have a job or a place to live before he got home that night. I got a job.

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Happy Birthday, Old Man

Today’s my Pop’s birthday, he would’ve been 77. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years since he’s been dead – sometimes it feels like it’s been just a few months but as time goes on it seems like … Continue reading

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Life lessons

“Walk heel to toe. That’s right… no, slow down. Keep your head still and your eyes moving. Carry your weapon like this. Look down, goddammit, watch where you put your feet. Easy now, don’t step on that stick, it’ll break … Continue reading

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Looks like something Pops would’ve done

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Happy Birthday, Pops. Miss you, man.

He would’ve been 76 today. It’s hard to believe he’s been dead and buried for going on 4 years now. He may be dead in body, but I still feel him every day especially when I’m doing something that we … Continue reading

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Open season on hats

Me and Pops were wasting time hunting afternoon dove one day, wandering down a canal bank with prime shooting time at sunset still a couple hours away. “I’m bored” Pops announced. So I snatched his hat off his head, launched … Continue reading

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Miss you, Pops.

Three years ago today. Three years ago I was holding my father’s hand with my other hand on his chest. Three years ago I felt his last breath and spirit leave his body. Three years ago I lost my father … Continue reading

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Cranking one off with my 41 magnum Ran across this in one of my folders. I remember that day about 10-12 years back, we were headed up to the hills to escape the womenfolk and I said something about my … Continue reading

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Gotta remember the good times, yeah?

Today’s the 2 year anniversary of my Pop’s death. I’m going to take a few hours today for myself. I know y’all will understand. I’ll catch ya on the backside.

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Yeah well, what can I say?

February 2011 I had just climbed out of the shower and into my fuckinoff clothes (camo bibs and a Tshirt) when Dad called, said he was broke down. I pulled on a pair of lace up ropers (fuck socks), grabbed … Continue reading

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A lesson learned

I was about 8 or 9 I think when Pops asks me one evening “You know how to play the ‘Trust Game’?” “Yeah, me and my friends have played it. You mean the one where you stiffen up and fall … Continue reading

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My day/Pops/gear/his pipe

I got out into the garage today after I got done with my running and started cleaning it out, it was mostly my mess anyways. It was pretty productive, I found all the chargers to my battery powered tools, a … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, motherfucker!

Today would’ve been my Pops’ 74th birthday had he lived to see it – provided Mom hadn’t beat him senseless by now, that is. Join me in giving him a salute today, please.

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Spencer High School, Columbus GA, 1976

I don’t remember exactly what I had said or done but Mrs Agnew, my Government teacher, was fucking pissed so I was sent to the vice-principal’s office. Once I got there they did their usual bullshit of making me sit … Continue reading

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Pops’ Model 65

The FBI service revolver in 357 that he bought for a song out of Shotgun News when they went to the 10mm back in the ’80s. He thought he was going to get a piece of garbage for the $150 … Continue reading

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