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The Pendulum – Part One – Retreat to High Ground

Missing in the mix of hundreds of bug-out stories is a forth right and candid self appraisal of lessons learned containing practical experience along with deep humility and honest self examination. High Desert expressed a willingness to share his and … Continue reading

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The Brutal Truth About Violence When The SHTF

Are you prepared for the extreme violence that is likely to come your way if the SHTF? No matter what your plan is, it’s entirely probable that at some point, you’ll be the victim of violence or have to perpetrate … Continue reading

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Would Rural Areas Be Safer In A SHTF Situation?

In a situation where national infrastructure and life sustaining resources are suddenly cut off, population density will have a lot to do with how well you get by in the days following the crisis. When it happens, what you have … Continue reading

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Stanly County Emergency Services – Triage Day

Today was an interesting day I thought worth sharing with you folks from the ether. Just one more glimpse into what goes on in some other people’s lives you might find interesting.I made a Facebook post about it earlier and … Continue reading

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Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists

I have been a long time reader and occasional commentator on a wide variety of right-wing web sites since the mid 1990s. The first, and for a long time the largest right-wing forums were run for, and populated by. self-described … Continue reading

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Off grid tips and tricks

Mtnforge has got some really great tips for you in the comments of this post HERE. I’d have copied and pasted them for a regular post but I’ve got several things going on right now and I want to get … Continue reading

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A lesson learned and a question asked

Kenny, I thought I would take this time to let you know that I have learned a valuable lesson today. We live North of Houston where the winter storm came rolling in early this morning. Yesterday afternoon’s temps were north … Continue reading

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Add a Hand Pump to an Electric Well

A few years back, a severe ice storm knocked out my family’s electricity for a couple of days… and we suddenly found ourselves without the use of our electric well pump. As we groped about the candlelit house — unable … Continue reading

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Preserving meat the old fashioned way

In a SHTF event, chances are that you will not be able to rely on your fridge to preserve your food as usual. People can get overtly reliant on fridges to store their food and this can be a problem. … Continue reading

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Any of you fuckers lose anything?

A wildfire that burned 71,000 acres in southern Utah this summer led firefighters and other officials to uncover several explosive-filled bunkers hidden near makeshift cabins illegally built by a survivalist on public land, police say. A Thursday news release from … Continue reading

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Practical Rifle Accuracy

There’s a lot of confusion even among longtime shooters between what a rifle is capable of doing off the bench on a nice controlled square range and what’s actually practical for a serviceable combat weapon. The two really aren’t the … Continue reading

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MDT is expanding with new training facilities

For the last seven years, MDT has concentrated on teaching Wilderness Survival and Rural Buddy Team and Small Unit Tactics. I have been teaching the majority of the classes at Echo Valley Training Center near Winchester VA. for the last … Continue reading

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In light of 2 church shootings in less than 2 months… -WiscoDave

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Just so ya know…..

In a previous blog “Milking A Tree For Water” I wrote about the phenomena of transpiration and how to collect water by covering the end of a leafy branch with a plastic bag. This article explains a different approach using … Continue reading

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Building a draft furnace

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All You Need To Know About Coryza in Chickens

Today we are going to focus on Infectious Coryza– a fairly common respiratory disease in chickens. It’s also known as ‘roup’, catarrh, ‘pip’ or IC. We are going to explain what it is, how the chickens get infected, the problems … Continue reading

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Running Spares- Keeping Your Weapon Going

AR-15 vs. AK-47. 7.62 vs 5.56. 308!! Mil-spec, mil-surp, match grade, green tip, etc, etc, etc. If you’ve been a shooter any amount of time, you’re familiar with these terms. In the internet-land these are hotly debated for some reason, … Continue reading

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The Disaster Myth Narrative

A few years back, I was doing some research about the aftermath of some natural disasters that took place here in America. I was shocked to find that the articles I was looking for – ones that I had read … Continue reading

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Got preps? Here comes Nate

The extraordinarily destructive and deadly 2017 Atlantic hurricane season continues, now with Tropical Storm Nate, currently a tiny storm causing flooding in Nicaragua and Honduras, poised to become a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. There are many uncertainties with … Continue reading

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The poncho liner

There have been some amazing military innovations over the years: freeze-dried food for MREs, jet aircraft, rail guns, and the soul-sucking website, Army Knowledge Online. But none of these compare to the simplest, most wonderful invention known to mankind: the … Continue reading

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