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Thoughts on the (latest) riots

I’ve heard a few different stories about that cop shooting in Missouri – that the cop shot the young man when he disobeyed the cop’s orders to get out of the traffic lane, the victim got into the cop car … Continue reading

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My Fourth Of July Post

The Fourth has always been a special day for me. Anybody that knows me knows I’m not big on holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a pain as far as preparations go and having to deal with family that doesn’t want … Continue reading

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The pot calling the kettle black

So this whole Bundy thing has given folks a chance to cap on me for not going down there. It hasn’t been a huge amount of shitty comments and emails, just enough to piss me off. The funny thing is, … Continue reading

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Big Government strikes again

Greg sent me in a couple links today. Here’s one about a little girl who was selling cupcakes so she could save up enough money to buy her own car when she turned 16: The government has pulled the plug … Continue reading

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You asked for it, motherfucker.

The very first comment that I saw today really pissed me the fuck off. You can find it HERE at this post and I’ll let you figure out which one it is. You could probably guess pretty easily when you … Continue reading

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Tommy gets his rant on

Gotta watch it all the way through. -Sammy

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No sympathy here

Vance Maverick points down at the pavement with a chuckle. There on the concrete, close to the spot in San Francisco’s Mission District where the 42-year-old Google engineer catches a private commuter bus to Silicon Valley, is some faint political … Continue reading

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Where’s the outrage over this?

His name is Roderick Scott. He’s a 42-year-old black man with the build of a football player. He also holds a New York State Pistol Permit, or he did until recently. In fact, until April of this year, he kept … Continue reading

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Doesn’t anybody plan ahead anymore?

The stupid fuckers that built this house would’ve made it a whole lot easier on me had they dug a bunker where the house was gonna sit before they built it rather than me digging one out through the crawl … Continue reading

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WiscoDave’s a little upset

I’ll admit that I have not read everything that has been coming out on the IRS scandal so I might have missed it if anyone has brought this up before. Here goes: While I fully believe that there was a … Continue reading

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