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Meanwhile, in Florida…..

A woman who answered the door Friday at the home of Hernando County Commissioner Nick Nicholson said she served for months as a “sex slave” to the elected official. Valerie Surette, who called herself a 30-year-old stripper with an on-and-off … Continue reading

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And ready for the Big D, I see

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Good Monday Morning from Florida!

A 28-year-old woman was driving drunk with her two-year-old son in the car when she crashed into several vehicles on Interstate 4 in Florida on Tuesday. Brianna Dee Knox crashed into four cars near Tampa on Tuesday afternoon, and then … Continue reading

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Party on, Natasha, party on

A woman has been jailed and banned from entering Woking after she punched a blind man and was caught in the middle of a sex act in the street. Natasha Claus, 36, was described as ‘a mess’ by a judge … Continue reading

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Daddy would be so proud

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Cheap beer, cheap woman

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The International Language of Love

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The most popular girl at the party

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Mother of the Year

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I got nothing to add here

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That’s some white trash shit right there

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Probably didn’t have enough cleavage to properly do the job

STUART — It could be called a cheeky response. Heather Zachman, 28, told a Martin County sheriff’s deputy that “in her butt cheeks” she had a “rig,” or hypodermic needle, and a pipe, an arrest affidavit states. The case of … Continue reading

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A drug addled skank is what you are

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Well, that’s something to brag on

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Gash stash

The first time jail deputies tried to obtain a urine sample from a suspect arrested for reckless driving, they allegedly discovered two syringes and a folded up $20 bill hidden in her vagina. And that’s not all they found, according … Continue reading

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Mother of the Year

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She should’ve ordered the McFreeze instead

AUGUST 4–An arrest warrant has been issued for a Maryland woman accused of engaging in a sex act in the dining room of a McDonald’s restaurant on a recent weekday afternoon, court records show. In May, investigators charged Conrad Jablecki, … Continue reading

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Holy shit!

If only the principal or other administrators and teachers at Holmes Park Elementary in Sapulpa, OK had any warning signs that Megan Sloan might be a massive drug addict… If any possible red flag was apparent — ANYTHING — then … Continue reading

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That’s some serious white trash shit right there

Pikeville Kentucky, earlier this month.

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