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Oh yeah, every man’s desire…..

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Daddy’s Little Girl

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Busted for drugs on live TV while watching porn

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The day little Sally decided she wanted to be a skank

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Some memes just write themselves

-Starvin’ Larry

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No, that’s where a fucking JOB helps

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Fucking dope fiends…

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You already look like a slug

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“Mommy, is that a skank?”

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Is she impressed with herself or what?

Dozens of dudes showed up to Union Square for Tinder dates on Sunday — only to learn they were all there to meet the same woman, and she wanted them to battle it out “Hunger Games”-style for her heart. One … Continue reading

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Mother of the Year

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Every teenaged boy’s dream

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Skanks are gonna skank

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Your Friday Morning Florida Report

A Florida woman has been charged after police rescued six children covered in lice and with open sores on their faces from her filthy home. Sara Resko, an insurance agent from Ocala, Florida, is accused of neglecting the children and … Continue reading

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Spot the skank

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Charges dropped against Slutty Daniels

Charges against Stormy Daniels have been dropped on a technicality following her early Thursday arrest at an Ohio strip club as part of a human trafficking and prostitution sting. MORE -John Deaux

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Gonna have to pass on that one

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Meanwhile, in Florida…..

A woman who answered the door Friday at the home of Hernando County Commissioner Nick Nicholson said she served for months as a “sex slave” to the elected official. Valerie Surette, who called herself a 30-year-old stripper with an on-and-off … Continue reading

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And ready for the Big D, I see

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