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Mother of the Year

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She should’ve ordered the McFreeze instead

AUGUST 4–An arrest warrant has been issued for a Maryland woman accused of engaging in a sex act in the dining room of a McDonald’s restaurant on a recent weekday afternoon, court records show. In May, investigators charged Conrad Jablecki, … Continue reading

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Holy shit!

If only the principal or other administrators and teachers at Holmes Park Elementary in Sapulpa, OK had any warning signs that Megan Sloan might be a massive drug addict… If any possible red flag was apparent — ANYTHING — then … Continue reading

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That’s some serious white trash shit right there

Pikeville Kentucky, earlier this month.

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Clean your damned room, lady

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How nice, she’s giving the gentleman directions

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Yeah, no shit, huh?

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Marriage material for sure

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Goin’ for that milf appeal

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20 Mark Strasse

Anybody that’s ever spent any time at all in Germany would instantly know what the caption means. Everybody else can figure it out by looking at the picture.

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Yeah, I bet her daddy’s real proud

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Sometimes I miss going to bars

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Madonna? Time to step up.

A STUNNING Italian actress who offered to perform a sex act on everyone who voted ‘No’ in the country’s referendum appears to be following through on her promise. Paola Saulino, 27, who lives and works in Los Angeles, promised voters … Continue reading

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No ragrets at all?

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And now we know…

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Skanky and stupid

On Saturday, singer/actress Miley Cyrus campaigned for Hillary Clinton on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Cyrus visited dorms, met with students, and encouraged people to register to vote and to vote for Hillary Clinton come November. … Continue reading

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I’d have to pass, thanks

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Mother of the Year

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No thanks

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Ladyy Gaggag – then and now

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