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Snowflake triggered

When Camila Coddou found out her former employer, who apparently co-owned a chain of coffee shops, had a politically charged YouTube channel called #MeNeither, the feminist felt compelled to expose her. And now she’s paying for it. Coddou worked as … Continue reading

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Looking mighty lonely there, partner

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Coming up next: Thought Police

Social media posts from the University of Illinois campus police are encouraging students to report “acts of intolerance” to the school’s Bias Assessment and Response Team. MORE

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She’s even pissing the liberals off

Freshman lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped a hammer on Joe Lieberman on Thursday, after the onetime Democratic vice presidential candidate said he feared her brand of high-tax socialism could doom the party’s chances for long-term dominance in Congress. ‘I certainly hope … Continue reading

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As the MSM sings Gavin Newsom’s praises…

Gavin Newsom was sworn in Monday as California’s 40th governor. Newsom took the helm with a speech laced with bold pronouncements about California’s values and the direction he envisions for the nation’s most populous state. “People’s lives, freedom, security, the … Continue reading

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“Latte and a speedball, please”

Starbucks is installing boxes for safe disposal of syringes in the bathrooms of certain locations, following workers’ reports of discarded needles and sometimes concerning conditions. The coffee giant is exploring remedies after employees expressed fears about being pricked by uncapped … Continue reading

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Yeah, good luck with that

As Democrats took the majority in the House of Representatives last week, they wasted no time in drafting legislation to remake the U.S. Constitution, shifting the rules in their favor. One bill would abolish the Electoral College. Another would make … Continue reading

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Oh, dear Lord…


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The MSM’s guide to the 2020 elections

The calendar may be about to turn to 2019, but for many ambitious Democrats, it might as well be 2020. At this point, Democrats eyeing a matchup against President Donald Trump in the next election have been testing the waters … Continue reading

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Trying to nail that black feminist, huh?

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She’s on the warpath

WASHINGTON — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced Monday that she is establishing an exploratory committee to consider a 2020 White House bid, vowing to be a tenacious advocate for economic fairness and rebuilding the middle class. MORE

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Trolling the snowflake

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Do Not Disturb Your Fellow Snowflakes

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Whiny Li’l Bitch accepted into Harvard

In mid-December, Harvard’s early-entry candidates began logging onto the application status portal to learn whether they’d been accepted to one of the world’s most prestigious universities. But for one particularly famous member of the class of 2023, entry into Harvard … Continue reading

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Okay, now I’m confused again

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Yup, send ’em off to college for that education

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Hateful little shit, ain’t she?

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Damn, his shit’s all fucked up

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Well, tell your mommy on them then

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Wrong on so many damned levels

A new magazine capacity restriction goes into effect today in New Jersey. The internet is on fire with cries of people, including many gun owners not in New Jersey, criticizing the law as unjust, unconstitutional, meaningless, unfair and worse. What … Continue reading

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