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Sure, uh-huh, you bet

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (Calif.) office is reportedly receiving threatening calls and emails over Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. A spokesman for Feinstein, who is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the office has gotten some “disrespectful … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley Hypocrisy: EXCLUDE ASIANS As Students—Want Boalt Name off of Law School

UC Berkeley limits the number of Asians it allows to enroll, though qualified. Just because they are Asian. Yet, at the same time the powers to be at Cal want to get the name Boalt off the law school building. … Continue reading

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Forcing their lifestyle on others

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) — Berkeley residents may soon be asking themselves, where’s the beef? The city council just passed a resolution requiring vegan food be served at city events and meetings once a week. MORE

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And she’ll be complaining when her son gets bullied once he starts school

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Do they actually believe this bullshit?

Fairfax, VA – -( A twist on an inaccurate old anti-gun talking point is making the rounds on social media. On September 10, anti-gun public relations professional Wendy Zipes Hunter tweeted about a purported recent trip to drug store. Hunter … Continue reading

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Prof who shot himself on campus to protest Trump apologizes, now says he did it to ban AR-15s

Mark Bird, the professor who shot himself in the arm in a university bathroom in protest of President Donald Trump, now says that he actually did it because he wants to ban AR-15s, among other issues. MORE ***** He shoots … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Merry Old England…

Police are being warned not to say “good egg” out of fear it could be seen as being racist – but one caller who owns a shop bearing the phrase as its name says why he won’t be in a … Continue reading

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Might want to concentrate on water storage and fire prevention first there, stud

SAN FRANCISCO — He’s mostly shed the “Governor Moonbeam” nickname, but Gov. Jerry Brown pointed California toward the stars as he closed out a global climate change summit here Friday. “We’re going to launch our own satellite — our own … Continue reading

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Boy, that showed Trump, didn’t it?

A longtime College of Southern Nevada sociology professor is facing felony gun charges in connection with an on-campus shooting on the second day of classes. Mark J. Bird was charged last month with discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, … Continue reading

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Poor babies…

A federal appeals court on Tuesday shot down a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over alleged abuse protesters say they received at a campaign rally in 2016 after he repeatedly urged the crowd to “get ’em out of here.” Two … Continue reading

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Holy shit, it’s worse than we thought

A Yale Daily News survey of freshmen students at that university found that more students of the class of 2022 identify on the LGBTQ spectrum than as conservative, and that queer freshmen even outnumber other sizable demographics in the class, … Continue reading

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Made for each other

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What a dumb fuck

It took Michael Moore to correct anti-gun protester David Hogg’s proposal for Canadians to meddle in American elections. After screening Moore’s anti-Trump “Fahrenheit 11/9” at the Toronto Film Festival, Hogg and other Parkland, Florida high school students joined the millionaire … Continue reading

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They needed a study for this?

BOSTON — For some, it’s the best four years of their lives. For others, it’s a period of constant struggle, whether academically, socially, or both. College brings about new experiences and challenges for young adults that can be difficult to … Continue reading

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No worries there

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Florida fucks with snowflakes

Palm Beach County teachers who were offended by an “In God We Trust” sign displayed in front offices prompted the school district on Wednesday to come up with a new way to comply with a recently approved state law. The … Continue reading

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A one dollar fine and no jail time for assault

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – A Charlottesville jury is agreeing with a judge’s previous ruling, finding a man who punched the organizer of the Unite the Right rally last year guilty of assault and battery. Fifty-year-old Jeffrey Matthew Winder was found … Continue reading

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The Kavanaugh hearings: this is not democracy, this is rule-by-mob

I’m sure most of my readers have been following the farcical proceedings on Capitol Hill this week, as Senate hearings began into the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Justice of the Supreme Court. We’ve seen ridiculous, disgusting … Continue reading

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Why’s everybody always gotta complicate shit?

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When you crave attention from people you’ll never meet

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