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What a fucking idiot

Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan pushed a radical idea on Twitter: Parents should pull their children out of school until elected officials pass stricter gun control laws. His tweet came hours after a shooting rampage at a Houston-area high school … Continue reading

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Boulder City Council bans ‘Assault weapons’

Boulder’s City Council unanimously passed a ban on assault weapons, even as it faced down a threat of legal action during Tuesday night’s meeting. Attorneys from Mountain States Legal Foundation, speaking during the open comment section preceding the vote, vowed … Continue reading

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Whoa, time for more sensitivity training

LA CAÑADA (CBSLA) — Nearly two weeks ahead of their day of nationwide racial bias training, coffee chain Starbucks is facing new accusations of racism after a Latino customer discovered a racial slur written on his coffee order. A Latino … Continue reading

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These fuckers just don’t give up, do they?

‘In addition to POC centered events there will be antiracist workshops for white folks’ Students at the embattled Evergreen State College, which made national headlines last year after it hosted an event that asked white people not to come on … Continue reading

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‘Facts Work, Why Don’t You Get Some’: Tucker Battles NM Candidate Who Said ‘F*** the NRA’

Tucker Carlson got into a fiery debate with a U.S. House candidate in New Mexico who aired an advertisement in which he said “f— the NRA,” as Carlson asked the candidate whether he actually knew gun control policy or the … Continue reading

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Trolling the feminists

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Shut the fuck up, kid

Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting survivor David Hogg popped back up on social media Tuesday to issue yet another inane declaration. “Why doesn’t congress have clear backpacks???? Aren’t they unsafe???” he indignantly wrote, angry over a recent rule that … Continue reading

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Students say Trump doesn’t deserve Nobel, but Obama does

Students at UC Santa Cruz were quick to shoot down the idea of President Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but had no such qualms about Barack Obama winning the prize in 2009. Since his election in 2016, President Donald … Continue reading

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Classy, Pat, real classy

When you don’t have anything intelligent to add to the conversation, try dropping an F-bomb. It makes you seem edgy and nobody will notice your complete lack of understanding or intellect. That’s what a democrat running for Congress did. In … Continue reading

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Oh, you poor thing!

Bobby Rodriguez, 21, wiped off his makeup Wednesday night because he wanted to dance. Rodriguez, of Kingsville, was in Corpus Christi for a night out and says he was denied entry to Whiskey River nightclub because he was wearing fake … Continue reading

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California snowflake assigned a bodyguard by school

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Bullying was front and center in Woodland on Thursday. After months of pressure from fed-up parents, the school board officially addressed the issue. The outcry follows at least two recent cases of severe bullying that gained public … Continue reading

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So much for getting a quality education

A Cornell University senior stripped to her bra and underwear during her thesis presentation — and got two dozen others to join in — to protest her professor’s contention the week before that her clothing was inappropriate. MORE

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Another snowflakes melts down

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Time to sue the dogshit out of everybody involved from the Dean on down

Leandra Westbrook, a junior at Kent State University, claims she was wrongfully detained by campus police after students overheard her talking about her concealed carry license. Westbrook, a junior studying political science, told Campus Reform that she had a phone … Continue reading

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Desperately trying to hold onto her 15 minutes of fame

Kathy Griffin, who last year suffered backlash after posing with what appeared to be the decapitated head of President Trump, took to Twitter on Monday to offer a grim assessment of her current situation, saying that she’d been placed on … Continue reading

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I’m in

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Fucking snowflakes…..

A New Jersey mom went to her daughter’s school and complained about her not making the cheerleading squad — so now everyone gets to make the team. ​ “All my hard work has been thrown out the window,” seethed cheerleader … Continue reading

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It seems these folks are a tad confused

A University of California, Berkeley task force is blaming conservative students for destructive protests on campus, saying that hosting conservative speakers was “likely to incite a violent reaction.” MORE

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The liberal media darlings know as the “Parkland Students” think they’ve found some hypocrisy because VP Mike Pence’s appearance at the NRA national convention will be a gun-free zone. That’s not actually true and much of the confusion comes from … Continue reading

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