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Zero tolerance

A Maryland eighth grader was suspended for three weeks and did not get to graduate with his class in June. This was his punishment for appearing in the background of a friend’s video in which said friend held a disabled … Continue reading

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Truer words never spoken

America’s ‘progressive’ lunatic fringe is in a heated contest with itself to see who can make the most outrageous claims of victim-hood and oppression. Such a deranged pastime can only lead to national ruin. MORE -WiscoDave

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Let’s Call The Liberals’ Second Amendment Militia Bluff

The Second Amendment is so clear and simple that only liberals, aided by a half-wit liberal law school professor-tariat that is to real lawyering as Jerry Nadler is to Chippendales, could pretend to be confused about its meaning with a … Continue reading

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Thank the Lord, she’s not gonna breed

Pop star turned Planned Parenthood activist Miley Cyrus will not consider having a child due to global warming-related anxiety, vowing not to reproduce until she is confident her offspring can “live on an earth with fish in the water.” (Fact … Continue reading

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Confederate Railroad triggers snowflakes

The culture jihadists are targeting our faith, our families and our heritage. They want to finish the fundamental transformation of our Republic that was started by President Obama. The latest conflict involves the state of Illinois and Confederate Railroad, a … Continue reading

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Anybody looking for a Starbucks to rob?

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) — Some Tempe Police officers were forced to take their coffee to go at Starbucks in the East Valley city, where officers claim an employee asked them to leave the store on July 4th. FOX 10’s … Continue reading

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Snowflakes abound in the Democratic Party

In the living room of an apartment near Wall Street last month, a group of supporters huddled around a large television watching as their candidate, Marianne Williamson, made her debut on the debate stage. The host pulled her hair nervously. … Continue reading

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Because only white people are racist, right?

A music and arts festival in Detroit is charging fans different prices depending on their skin colour. The controversial pricing plan has led to one artist pulling out of the event, saying she was “enraged” by the policy. MORE -William

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But will they do anything about it?

The video shows a woman walking down the road late at night carrying a bag before she doubles back and runs across the empty street to a Confederate monument in the median. She throws what police say is orange paint … Continue reading

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Man, Pork Chop Road would really push them over the edge

Chickens are friends for some people, dinner for others. Sometimes both. But one animal rights group feels that the name of a rural road in the Treasure Valley isn’t kind to poultry. PETA sent out a news release Wednesday morning … Continue reading

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New York gays granted extra special protections

New York became the sixth state to ban the so-called gay and trans “panic” defense Sunday, as millions of revelers celebrated WorldPride in Manhattan. The panic defense asks a jury to find that a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity … Continue reading

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When Lakeshia Ford decided she was going to pack up her life and her budding career and move from New Jersey to Ghana, her family could not understand why she wanted to make the trek to a country thousands of … Continue reading

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Amy, Amy, Amy…..

DEAR READERS: I recently ran a question from “Dumbfounded Father” in my column. This man had a 24-year-old daughter who was living with him. She had recently disclosed that she possessed a .40-caliber semi-automatic weapon, with hollow-point bullets. This father … Continue reading

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Plush Daiquiri Bar? Sounds like a gay bar to me

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) – A man who placed an order at a Texas restaurant said he received a receipt with the words “fat” and “gay” written at the bottom of it. The customer, who asked to remain anonymous, said he went … Continue reading

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Target? Or Starbucks?

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Attention Whore David Hogg is getting desperate

David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting rampage and fierce gun critic, said that he has been the target of seven assassination attempts in the past year. MORE

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More ‘historic cleansing’ in California

A university in California removed a historical symbol from its campus Friday in an effort to be “more inclusive” after a years-long campaign by Native American community members argued the marker highlighted a period of racism in the state. The … Continue reading

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This shit never gets old


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