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He forgot to leave room for “Dumbass”

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Daddy’s Little Girl

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Speling counts wen it cums to tatoos

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How to spell ‘cocksucker’ in Chinese

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That’s some White Trash shit right there

Who the fuck would tattoo a kid that young? It’ll just get all stretched out of shape as he gets older and really look like shit.

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Well, I for one am impressed

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I’ll pass, thanks

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Damn, make up your mind

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Passed out at the tattoo party, did you?

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So tattoos turn women into slobs?

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Daddy’s little girl

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Tattooing cultures


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Half right anyways

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We were wondering the same thing

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Luis gets his first tattoo

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Mom renames her kid after tattoo spelling typo

The internet is full of ‘tattoo fails’. We just can’t seem to get enough of sniggering at the hideous artwork, questionable life choices and unfortunate misspellings that others have permanently etched into their skin. But one Swedish woman has turned … Continue reading

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Luis? Is that you?

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Classy as fuck

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A Warner Brothers logo???

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