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Dude, what the…..???

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Oh, I bet he gets all the ladies

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“Here’s your sign!”

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When she lives in a predominantly muslim country…

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Once you go black you can never go back

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Loser. You forgot loser.

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Oh yeah, big improvement

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Old skool cool

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Aptly named


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Tattooing in the Civil War Was a Hedge Against Anonymous Death

Tattoos have a long history as a means of identification in the military. In ancient Rome, mercenaries were marked with a permanent ink made from acacia bark, corroded bronze, and sulphuric acid to help in identifying deserters. Around the fourth … Continue reading

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Gotta think shit through

Mauricio Arias wears his past on his face: Eleven tattoos cover his skin from his eyelids to his cheeks, down to his neck. Images like a bloodied knife and brass knuckles tell the story of a five-year period of his … Continue reading

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Nothing says you’re a badass like a neck tattoo

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“Look Mom, I got a new tattoo!”

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Close enough for government work

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And he hasn’t been laid since he got that tattoo

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True Love

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If you need to tell people, you ain’t – just sayin’

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Jose forgot “I’m a pussy”

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Can’t say you weren’t warned


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