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The natural progression of things

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Ooops, sorry ’bout that

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So she doesn’t go down then?

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You still have to pay child support, ya freak

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What about stupid tattoos?

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Shouldn’t that be across her back?

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Straight up White Trash, God bless ‘im

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Daddy would be so proud

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Issues. Serious issues.

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Just a wee bit overdone

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June Cleaver – The Later Years

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Aw, they’re finally growing up

Call it a strange sign of the times. Some doctors, like Sterman, say they are noticing more and more millennials coming in because their ears have become deformed from overpiercing and need reconstructive surgery. And it’s not just ear piercing. … Continue reading

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Babe magnet

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Knucklehead (see what I did there?)

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Oh hell no

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And you’re a dumbass

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Check out the girl in the background…

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See? There really IS somebody for everybody!

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Even spellcheck wouldn’t have helped this one

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