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Mom renames her kid after tattoo spelling typo

The internet is full of ‘tattoo fails’. We just can’t seem to get enough of sniggering at the hideous artwork, questionable life choices and unfortunate misspellings that others have permanently etched into their skin. But one Swedish woman has turned … Continue reading

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Luis? Is that you?

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Classy as fuck

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A Warner Brothers logo???

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Daddy would be so proud

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At least the spelling’s correct

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“There, I fixed it”

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Straight up White Trash, God bless ‘im

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Keeping it classy

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Damn, she seems bitter

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Spelchek faled u agin

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I’m getting mixed messages here

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So tattoos cause you to be a bigger slob?

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Should’ve beliefed in your second grade teacher

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Mistake? Or fetish?

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I honestly don’t know…

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Sammy and Cav Med get matching tattoos

Cav Med has been trying to leave shitty comments about me again while professing his love and devotion to Sammy so I thought this was appropriate. The stupid fuck doesn’t realize you don’t do battle on a man’s own ground.

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Daddy would be so proud

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Rough breakup?


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