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See, I’m getting mixed messages here

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Regrets much?

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Fuck. yes.

I wandered out of my room this evening after stripping off my sweaty T-shirt and my 7 year old grandson took a good hard look at me. Now, this kid had seen my forearms before and his daddy is lightly … Continue reading

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Common sense tattooing

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Think before you ink

If you’re weighing up whether or not to be permanently etched with a tattoo, you may want to cast your eyes over these shocking photos. In the pictures, compiled by BoredPanda, Men and women have shared before and after photos … Continue reading

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Like when somebody fucks up your tattoo?

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Freak show

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Nice. Real nice.

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The natural progression of things

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Ooops, sorry ’bout that

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So she doesn’t go down then?

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You still have to pay child support, ya freak

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What about stupid tattoos?

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Shouldn’t that be across her back?

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Straight up White Trash, God bless ‘im

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Daddy would be so proud

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Issues. Serious issues.

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Just a wee bit overdone

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June Cleaver – The Later Years

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