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One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of us moving into our lovely home here in Macon County, Tennessee. A year already. Damn. Any regrets? Not a one.

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. ā€” A Chattanooga woman faces drug-related charges after investigators say a small bag of her cocaine fell into a glass of water on the table where an off-duty Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy was sitting. Police charged Jekievea Monchell … Continue reading

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Gotta love a small town paper

A bush hog fatality has been in the top headlines for 2 weeks running now. Last week they reported on the accident, this week they’re keeping it in the news by identifying the victim.

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Terrorist birds

Until I moved out here, the only birds that I was even mildly interested in were dove and pheasant because other than that the only fucking birds you saw in Central California were vultures, crows, magpies and starlings. Wild turkeys … Continue reading

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Kicking back on the back porch this morning: On patrol. He does this several times a day, walking the perimeter of the property, always counterclockwise, just smelling and pissing and shitting his way along. I haven’t got a clue why … Continue reading

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Looks like Millersville TN

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National Police Week

Short post to commemorate a singularly perplexing event; today is the first day of the National Police Week. So you sidle up to the statist bar and order the happy hour concoction of a Milgram-Stockholm Syndrome on the rocks. Drink … Continue reading

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Who’s worshiping who?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The Metropolitan Government has filed a complaint seeking an injunction to permanently close a controversial swingers club in Madison. The filing made Thursday in General Sessions court, states that a permit had been issued to operate a … Continue reading

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Tennessee weather

Me and Lisa can be sitting on opposite sides of the room and she’ll look out the window on my side and say “Looks like we’re in for a hell of a storm” and I’ll look out the window on … Continue reading

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The anniversary of my rebirth

One year ago today we arrived in Tennessee. I know, one year already? It’s true. HERE I’m not going to start gushing about my new home state – you’ve heard enough already. All I can say is that it’s been … Continue reading

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On This Day

In 2016 I took the advice of my wise readers and loaded my truck with my dogs, guns and wife, shook the dust of California off my boots and headed for Tennessee, never looking back. We settled in Macon County … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Tennessee…..


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Another day in middle Tennessee

Had to drive down to Lebanon today. Saw 4 black folks. Came home.

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Tennessee don’t fuck around

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Damned ol’ Tennessee weather

80 degrees, humid, with ominous clouds all around and a tornado watch until 9 pm. The funny thing is we were in Robertson county 35 miles to the west about 10 this morning and it was fucking beautiful – maybe … Continue reading

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Tennessee Constitutional Carry killed

Last week, Tennesseans heard “a great disturbance in the Force” as a small group of House legislators killed three specific bills – constitutional carry, permitless open carry, and improved civil immunity. All three bills were killed in the same House … Continue reading

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Another reason I love Tennessee

From my local paper: For the 10th consecutive year the Macon chapter of Tennessee Right To Life will be holding its oratory contest for high school students. The contest will be held on Monday, April 3, 2017, at 7 p.m. … Continue reading

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Springtime in Tennessee

Heavy thunderstorms, high winds and hail in the forecast tonight and just as I started to say that it’s actually pretty mellow here, I saw the pecan tree in the back yard double over from the back window. A good … Continue reading

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As a young naturalist growing up in the Deep South, I feared kudzu. Iā€™d walk an extra mile to avoid patches of it and the writhing knots of snakes that everyone said were breeding within. Though fascinated by the grape-scented … Continue reading

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