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I notice Macon County High School ain’t on that list

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Students across the country are walking out of class to bring attention to gun violence in schools. More than 2,000 walkouts are underway nationwide, including several in Middle Tennessee. MORE

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The State of Tennessee gets some paybacks

House lawmakers on Tuesday approved a last-minute amendment to remove $250,000 allocated to the city of Memphis as punishment for the removal of Confederate monuments. The amendment, which was approved with a 56-31 vote, was introduced as a result of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Tennessee…..

Jarratt Turner told Fox 17 he loved his job. As a window washer at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tenn., Turner would don a full Spiderman suit and scrub the glass for the children inside. “These kids are pretty sick … Continue reading

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What the fuck?

It was 81 degrees here a couple days ago and today it’s… snowing. Not much, but it is snowing. Tomorrow’s supposed to be in the 60s, the next day in the 70s, but today it’s snowing.

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Where’s WiscoDave and his trusty bat when you need him?

A huge explosion at a Tennessee power plant plunged more than half of West Knoxville Tennessee into a blackout early Thursday morning. And authorities say that the explosion was caused by a raccoon. MORE -WiscoDave

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California done followed me out here

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville hosted an anal sex workshop on Wednesday as part of their six-day “Sex Week” event. On Wednesday, students at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville were invited to attend a workshop called “Butt Stuff … Continue reading

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Fucking crime wave here in Macon County

A 29-year old Hartsville man faces multiple charges after assaulting two Macon County Sheriffs Department deputies, following a traffic stop over the weekend on Akersville Road. MORE * A traffic stop in western Macon County led to two arrests and … Continue reading

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Another reason I love Tennessee

A Tennessee college senior is sticking to her guns after posting a graduation photo in which she stares wistfully off-camera while lifting her “Women for Trump” T-shirt to expose a handgun in her waistband. Despite receiving what she called a … Continue reading

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Once again, fucked around and found out

Manuel Duran, the reporter for Spanish-language media arrested this week while doing a live Internet video of a Memphis protest, has been transferred to an immigration detention center in Louisiana, his attorney said Friday. Duran is currently in the LaSalle … Continue reading

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–The Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) is speaking out against a workplace raid that resulted in the arrest and detaining of nearly 100 people on Thursday. TIRRC says the raid took place at the Southeastern Provision meatpacking … Continue reading

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Damn, I love Tennessee

A proposal to ban bump stocks in Tennessee failed in both the state House and Senate on Tuesday. The devices modify semi-automatic weapons so they can mimic the rate of fire of fully automatic guns and were used in the … Continue reading

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Ol’ Dorian fucked around and found out

It was late, a little after 10 p.m., when 17-year-old Dorian Harris walked into the Top Stop Shop convenience store in Memphis. The teen swiped a beer from the store without paying and walked out, according to police records obtained … Continue reading

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Father of the Year Part II

It all started when the 10-year-old boy struggled to eat spicy food, according to authorities. Christopher Aschnewitz’s son had trouble finishing the food Monday night at his Nashville, Tennessee home, so Aschnewitz made him do push-ups as punishment, an arrest … Continue reading

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A Special Kind of Stupid

Rep. Jeremy Faison expresses frustration with a “special kind of stupid” as one of Beth Harwell’s House committees continues to play games with his legislation on medical marijuana. Tennessee Firearms Association wants to recognize with appreciation the frustration that has … Continue reading

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In Macon County News This Week:

I skipped last week because nothing happened. The Macon County Sheriffs Department recently intercepted 6.7 grams of methamphetamine that individuals planned to smuggle into the jail. According to Sheriff Mark Gammons, his department has spent several weeks investigating a plot … Continue reading

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It’s time for the Guess The Race game!

MARCH 19–An IHOP manager was left bloodied after he was attacked by rowdy female patrons who threw punches, chairs, and plates at the worker, according to Tennessee police who are seeking to identify the assailants. According to cops, the melee … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Tennessee…..

It’s not the crime but the coverup, as the famous phrase goes. But nobody seems to pay the warning much heed. According to federal prosecutors, it didn’t stop Nashville judge Casey Moreland either. He is now ex-Nashville judge Casey Moreland, … Continue reading

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What happens when you let the monkeys run the zoo

Around the country, thousands upon thousands of students walked out of their classrooms on March 14 to peacefully protest inaction on gun laws in the aftermath of the deadly Florida school shooting last month. And then there was Antioch High … Continue reading

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Sorry kiddies, there ain’t no do-overs in real life

Students at a high school outside of Nashville, Tenn., knew the chaotic videos from their Wednesday walkout didn’t exactly show the student body in the best light. Some Antioch High School students jumped on a cop car Wednesday during what … Continue reading

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Good on them

A man in East Tennessee is living out his dream of being a police officer. Officers at the Soddy-Daisey Police Department surprised Bubba Early, a 32-year-old with special needs, with his very own police uniform for Christmas. Early would tell … Continue reading

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