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At least they have a sense of humor

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Fucking DC cops…

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — When a car in front of him went out of control, flipping into a ravine on the Suitland Parkway on Sunday night, Benjamin Davis, III could’ve driven by. But, he says he knew people needed help. So … Continue reading

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When Nonviolence Isn’t Enough

In August 2017, Richard Hubbard III stopped at a red light in Euclid, Ohio, but his front bumper went a few feet past the white line. The cops pulled him over. That’s no surprise: Police in Euclid, Cleveland Heights, and … Continue reading

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Cop killed by ‘friendly’ fire at Borderline Bar shooting

THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) – Authorities reported Friday that the Ventura County Sheriff’s sergeant killed during the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill last month in Thousand Oaks was struck by friendly fire during a shootout with the gunman. … Continue reading

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A small price to pay for a man’s life

Three years after two sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a Council rancher, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family has been settled for $2.6 million. Adams County sheriff’s deputies Brian Wood and Cody Roland shot and killed Jack Yantis … Continue reading

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At least the cop went home safe that night…

A Colorado police officer who shot an armed Vietnam war veteran in his home after he had just killed an intruder who attacked his 11-year-old grandson will not face charges, the District Attorney said Monday. District attorney for Colorado’s 17th … Continue reading

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Crooked cops? No way!

A Texas man is accusing several police officers in Northern California of stealing three pounds of legal marijuana from him during a traffic stop, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed earlier this month. And he’s not the only … Continue reading

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Antifa in Seattle confront journalist with an AR, police threaten him for filming

Portland based video journalist and Quillette writer Andy Ngo (who happens to be gay and Asian) made the trip north to Seattle to cover a pro Constitution rally put on by III%’ers and other conservative groups, as well as the … Continue reading

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Sure, uh-huh, you bet

The Chatham County Police Department is asking residents to provide the serial numbers to firearms in order to help police find them if they are stolen. WTGS reports that numerous guns are stolen in the county, 90 have been stolen … Continue reading

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He didn’t like working for Dallas PD anyway

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Police units taking two hours to show up to a shooting or a robbery. It’s what one Dallas Police officer says department records show and he’s on a mission to do something about it. MORE

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Cop gets pissed for being treated like a citizen

Four St. Louis city officers are facing multiple federal felonies for beating an undercover cop whom they mistook for a protester — and then conspiring to cover it up. The officers, Dustin Boone, Bailey Colletta, Randy Hays and Christopher Myers, … Continue reading

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Damn, I wonder what a chili dog would’ve got her?

A Georgia woman is suing after she served jail time for a drug charge due to a roadside drug test falsely labeling a bag of blue cotton candy as methamphetamine. WMAZ reports Dasha Fincher spent almost four months in jail … Continue reading

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Right on

DETROIT (WJBK) – An internal investigation has been launched at the Detroit Police Department after two different precincts got into a turf war as they converged on an east side neighborhood. Neighbors who live on Andover on Detroit’s east side … Continue reading

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A little quick there, weren’t you, Officer Friendly?

Fuck, even I could tell that he was holding a cell phone.

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ALPR in America

Fewer symbols in America represent a sense of freedom more than an automobile on the open roadway. But in recent years, law enforcement and private companies have developed new technologies to automatically document our comings and goings and where we … Continue reading

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Another “I’m the only one in this room qualified enough” incident

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office now believes the deputy who was shot while looking for an illegal hunter was injured by his own service weapon. Deputy Jarrett Turner was shot in the foot Monday evening. The sheriff’s office calls it … Continue reading

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Fresno cops shoot former police captain

Police received a call at 11:30 a.m. from a woman at a home near Moody and Colfax avenues who feared a man in the home with a history of recent mental health issues might try to kill himself, Dyer said. … Continue reading

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At least the officers went home safe that night

Police in the Chicago suburb of Midlothian allegedly shot and killed a security guard who had stopped a bar shooting and was holding a suspect at gunpoint. WGN reports that a group of men was asked to leave Manny’s Blue … Continue reading

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DC police – harassment’s fine as long as they don’t get violent

Concerning the antifa mob that surrounded Tucker Carlson’s house last night: Police officers in the area responded to the 911 call when the mob formed and have told the Post that they will increase their presence in the area in … Continue reading

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Oughta work

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