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Maybe they should lock their car doors, hmmm?

TULSA, Okla. (KOKI)- Authorities in Tulsa say a man is in custody after allegedly stealing a police officer’s weapon from a patrol car. Investigators say Tulsa police officers were patrolling near 51st and Memorial when they spotted a man rummaging … Continue reading

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Conn. Dems Want New State Police Dept. Just for ‘Hate Crimes and Violent Right-Wing Extremism’

Democrats in Connecticut’s State Senate have proposed creating and funding a new department within the state police focused specifically on “combating hate crimes and violent right-wing extremism.” Not all violent extremism, just right-wing extremism. Antifa, the radical left-wing anarchist group, … Continue reading

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To Protect and Serve

A West Virginia attorney claims sheriff’s deputies assigned to a drug and fugitive task force unlawfully entered a client’s home without a warrant and has the video to prove it. Civil rights attorney John H. Bryan said that upon finding … Continue reading

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Your Friday Morning Florida Report

A controversial Miami cop was suspended with pay after he argued at a Miami City Commission meeting last week that he identifies as a black male, despite his Caucasian complexion. MORE

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What the hell, Kentucky…..

Kentucky — An ominous bill that is currently making its way through the Kentucky Senate aims to give police unprecedented unconstitutional powers. These new powers will allow cops to stop anyone they want and demand that person tell them who … Continue reading

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VA State Police drive over 100 miles to intimidate law biding citizens ahead of lobby day


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Committed a crime and is still on the police force

WESTMORELAND, TN (WSMV) – Fifty-one days after she pleaded guilty to assaulting a suspect she had just arrested, former Westmoreland police officer Amanda Wolfe is still an employee of the city. News4 Investigates confirmed since her guilty plea, Wolfe has … Continue reading

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Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca Likely Headed to Prison After Supreme Court Declines to Review Case

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is likely headed to prison after the U.S. Supreme Court denied a last-ditch, long-shot request to review his case Monday. MORE

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Suspended with pay for something anybody else would be jailed for

A Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy is on paid leave after apparently leaving his badge and a loaded gun that were found by a child at a South Lake Tahoe rental home. MORE ***** Tahoe’s in Nevada, South Lake Tahoe’s … Continue reading

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Can this cop get any dirtier?

A former Houston police officer who has been charged in connection with a deadly 2019 drug raid that left two people dead is facing accusations that he provided false testimony that led to the wrongful conviction of a man in … Continue reading

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“I did not touch those bodacious beautiful titties”

A Los Angeles Police Department officer accused of fondling a corpse during a death investigation entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment Monday, officials said. David Rene Rojas, 27, has been charged with a count of having sexual contact … Continue reading

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The shit HE posts on Facebook…..

Heath Swafford had an unusual request of the Morgan County deputies who arrested him last weekend – He wanted his picture made with them. Law enforcement obliged and a smiling and handcuffed Swafford is seen posing next to three deputies … Continue reading

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Attention whore

A Kansas police officer who initially claimed McDonald’s employees wrote “F*****g pig” on his cup has resigned, the city’s police chief said. “In (our) investigation we have found that McDonald’s and its employees did not have anything whatsoever to do … Continue reading

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“Sorry ’bout that”

WILMER, Ala. (WALA) — A huge investigation underway after a woman is shot during an undercover warrant roundup. It happened Thursday morning at a home in Wilmer on Old Moffat Road. Turns out the suspect agents were looking for was … Continue reading

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200 rounds…..

Two robbery suspects and 21 law enforcement officers exchanged nearly 200 bullets in this month’s deadly shootout at a busy Florida intersection, an official with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said. Those are preliminary figures from the early stages … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in New Yo….. Sacramento?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A security guard, a man and an “aggressive” dog were hurt by shrapnel after a Sacramento officer fired his weapon at the animal Wednesday night outside a Safeway store, police said. MORE

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I wonder how many people he arrested for DUI

Aurora, Colorado officials are calling for an independent investigation after a police officer was found drunk behind the wheel of his car while on duty, but never charged. VIDEO

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Suspended – not fired, not charged – suspended

An off-duty Chicago police officer has been suspended for six months after authorities say he shot an unarmed, autistic black teen during a chase in 2017 on the city’s South Side. The Chicago Police Board voted 7-2 to suspend Sgt. … Continue reading

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Your Friday Afternoon Florida Report

Winter Park, FL — Bobbie Sapp, 49, is a registered nurse, who has no criminal past. Despite never having committed a crime, because of the backward justice system in America, coupled with violent police welfare checks, Sapp is now facing … Continue reading

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It’s cool, it was an assault umbrella

A California police officer responding to reports of a man pointing a rifle at people and vehicles Saturday opened fire with an AR-15 when the man brandished what appeared to be a firearm at him, police reported on Facebook. It … Continue reading

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