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Shades of Crazy Charlie Lafitte

In case you’ve missed the exploits of Crazy Charlie Lafitte you can catch Part One HERE and Part Two with the pigeon kicking HERE. Enjoy.

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Chemical warfare

Back when I was loading trucks I used to look for this shit in pallets. I’d snatch a can out and wait until lunch, then I’d go back to the dock about halfway through my break. I’d grab that can … Continue reading

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The Brotherhood of the 41

I had some errands to run today and stopped off at the post office, holding the door open for a very nicely dressed gentleman about 40 years old as I was leaving. When he walked to his truck I noticed … Continue reading

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It seems like damned near every relationship I’ve been in, the woman felt like I could be improved on. I never could understand that shit – you got together because you like each other, but after you get together you … Continue reading

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Y’all have heard me talk my Grandpa Bud before. He was my mother’s stepdad, her real dad dying in 1949 (I think) at a TB sanitarium in Oakland. My grandma Audrey married Bud a few years later. They met when … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

“I woke last night to the sound of thunder, How far off I sat and wondered…” We’ve been getting hit with some pretty damned strong thunderstorms the past 4 days, downpours of an inch in just a few minutes and … Continue reading

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A Kid’s Life by wes

A Kids Life Over on the Wild Side Too many kids today, with their face stuck in a smartphone, don’t know what they are missing out on. Being a kid in the far back country, exploring places so remote you … Continue reading

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The Great Fire of 2018 – Wirecutter Edition

A bit of a backstory first: Last year I put in a garden in the same place the previous homeowner did, figuring the ground would be easy to till and would be nice and soft. Well, it wasn’t. The soil … Continue reading

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Fun and Games – by Wes

Fun and Games What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger The truth is childhood was comprised of a lot of hard, sometimes brutal, work but it wasn’t all work, there was fun in there too. A byproduct of moving all … Continue reading

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NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – The number of Americans drinking a daily cup of coffee is at the highest level since 2012, with demand continuing to get a boost from at-home consumption and gourmet drinks, an industry study showed on Saturday. … Continue reading

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Green Grass Shower

Submitted by Wes Green Grass Shower And Other Things Animal Can, cans and more cans. We had quite the assembly line going, well actually it was a dis-assembly line. There must have been a thousand tin cans in the pile … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – by Wes

The Good The mare has been down for about forty minutes. We’ve been expecting this, just not today. A shudder goes through her and you can tell she is straining. There’s a young girl in the stall with us and … Continue reading

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Raising Wirecutter

I was a handful when I was a kid, I’ll admit that in a heartbeat. Hell, I admitted it back then. I was proud of that shit. Over the years I’ve tried to figure just what it was or wasn’t … Continue reading

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Barracks life

Most folks hear the word ‘barracks’ and a big wooden building with poor heat and huge open bays and motherfuckers on fire guard come to mind. Yeah, I never saw that – not in Basic, not in school and not … Continue reading

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There’s several different kinds of Duty. We’ve already touched on Extra Duty, so let’s cover CQ (Charge of Quarters) and Guard Duty now. CQ There’s the CQ and the CQ runner. The CQ is usually a lower ranking NCO or … Continue reading

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Now I feel bad, Mike

Because I finished work on that log not one hour before I got your letter today telling me how much you enjoyed reading about my trials and tribulations with it. Yessir, it is done. Last week I snaked a couple … Continue reading

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Last night a reader brought to my attention that one of my personal stories in this post HERE was taken from this site and posted on Craigslist in their jokes category without my permission or being credited to me. Be … Continue reading

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That’ll teach him to interfere

DERBY, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut police say a man threw another man 45 feet off a bridge because he intervened in an argument between the suspect and his girlfriend. Shelton police charged Gregory Rottjer with attempted murder in connection with … Continue reading

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Extra Duty

Extra duty is a mild form of punishment used in the military for minor fuck-ups, anything from not getting a haircut to failing inspections to being drunk in public to being a general pain in the ass. You can be … Continue reading

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Crazy Charlie Lafitte Part II

Fucking Crazy Charlie Lafitte….. I’ve told you about him before but that shit was only a hint at some of the crap he pulled over his short army career. He would try to buy kids from their parents. Not all … Continue reading

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