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Oh well

It’s been a year since we moved to Tennessee and I still don’t feel comfortable pissing off the back porch with the light on.

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The Road to Marburg

“Awright listen up guddammit. I don’t want no motherfucking clowning, shucking or jivin’, you got that? We’re proceeding with 5 vehicles and we will travel in a convoy and blah blah blah…..” Sergeant Smith was strutting around like he was … Continue reading

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When men get bored

That serial killer email post that I did had a comment regarding some spam busters and got me to thinking about one that I posted about on my old blog a little over 4 years ago. It was spread out … Continue reading

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Live and learn

I may have gotten took on them fucking chickens. I figured 4 hens would be enough to keep us in breakfast eggs – 4 birds kicking out an egg a day or so and me not being a big breakfast … Continue reading

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“Operate” on himself….. sheesh

BURLINGTON, Mass. – A New Hampshire veteran was nearly forced to operate on himself after he says the Department Veterans Affairs refused to pay his medical bill. It was a simple accident that landed John Irish in the hospital with … Continue reading

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Chickens and shit

I finally ate some fresh eggs this morning. Finally. Now we’re out of eggs so the little bitches better get back to work. I’ve never raised chickens for eggs before, actually I’ve never raised any birds for my own personal … Continue reading

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I’ll be damned, the chickens must’ve read my post

Remember what I said earlier about if them damned chickens didn’t start laying I was going to have chicken and dumplings for supper? Uh-huh. I got home this afternoon and there wasn’t just one egg in the nesting boxes, there … Continue reading

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Toady Jones lives!!!

Y’all may remember The Toady Jones Incident from a week or so ago and how upset I was over it, but I’ve got some good news – the motherfucker is alive – a little worse for wear, but alive. I … Continue reading

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Egg on my face – not in my belly

Seeing as we live outside of town and we do go through quite a few eggs, me and Lisa decided that it would probably be worth our while to get 3-4 chickens so I bought a prefab coop from Tractor … Continue reading

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It’s war on birds

Yeah man, I was in the garden yesterday and noticed in my future corn patch some new shoots spaced every few inches apart starting to push and shove their way through that clay. “Fucking A, shit’s already startin’ to pop, … Continue reading

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Paul Bunyan

Remember that tree that fell across the road in front of my place a couple three weeks ago? This one? The one that I told the county crew to shove the whole damned thing on to my property and how … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit has come up with something new over the past couple months. Just about the time I think I’ve seen it all that big yella bastard comes up with something else. He’s been shitting in front of my shop and … Continue reading

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Now that’s a hell of a way to start the day

I woke up this morning to one hell of a storm with the weather radio blaring a tornado warning and the wind and rain beating the house so hard I couldn’t see 15 feet. When the rain eased up, I … Continue reading

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SFC Jerry M. Shriver

I “met” SFC Jerry Shriver through a few books and ordered a a POW/MIA bracelet, only specifying that they send me a bracelet for a California soldier. Imagine my surprise when they sent me one for SFC Shriver. When I … Continue reading

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Riding with Charlie (and Legal Lucy)

Those dogs love to ride. I think it’s for different reasons – CharlieGodammit likes to stick his head out the window and aerate his gums and Legal Lucy likes to bark at people once we get to where we’re going … Continue reading

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Freshman English

Me and Lisa were talking tonight about high school, required courses, credits needed to graduate at our schools and I mentioned I had failed Freshman English 4 years running and was only pity passed so I could graduate, and while … Continue reading

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That ain’t shit

I’ve been so broke I’ve raided chicken ranches for their strays. I’ve lived off of corn mush for a week. My weekly shopping once consisted of a case of japanese noodles and a dozen eggs. I’ve cooked a half a … Continue reading

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I used to have this old dog named Captain, a great big beast of a dog, maybe a hundred twenty pounds with long black wavy hair. I was told he was half black lab and half golden retriever when I … Continue reading

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Ration runs

I always got ‘volunteered’ for shit in the army during the warmer months when we weren’t in the field. I know why, Top told me one time when I asked. The word for word answer I got from him was … Continue reading

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Damn, that looks delicious

I had an old lady once that insisted I was an alcoholic because I took a cold beer with me to take a hot shower. “No” I told her, “I cop a quicker buzz standing under a scalding hot shower … Continue reading

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