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Riding with Charlie (and Legal Lucy)

Those dogs love to ride. I think it’s for different reasons – CharlieGodammit likes to stick his head out the window and aerate his gums and Legal Lucy likes to bark at people once we get to where we’re going … Continue reading

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Freshman English

Me and Lisa were talking tonight about high school, required courses, credits needed to graduate at our schools and I mentioned I had failed Freshman English 4 years running and was only pity passed so I could graduate, and while … Continue reading

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That ain’t shit

I’ve been so broke I’ve raided chicken ranches for their strays. I’ve lived off of corn mush for a week. My weekly shopping once consisted of a case of japanese noodles and a dozen eggs. I’ve cooked a half a … Continue reading

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I used to have this old dog named Captain, a great big beast of a dog, maybe a hundred twenty pounds with long black wavy hair. I was told he was half black lab and half golden retriever when I … Continue reading

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Ration runs

I always got ‘volunteered’ for shit in the army during the warmer months when we weren’t in the field. I know why, Top told me one time when I asked. The word for word answer I got from him was … Continue reading

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Damn, that looks delicious

I had an old lady once that insisted I was an alcoholic because I took a cold beer with me to take a hot shower. “No” I told her, “I cop a quicker buzz standing under a scalding hot shower … Continue reading

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Just had to do it, huh?

This may be the single greatest aviation story ever told, it’s about the iconic SR-71 Blackbird whose full operating specs are still classified to this day. The story, from the now out-of-print book Sled Driver by former SR-71 jockey Brian … Continue reading

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My day

Rolled out of bed about 7 and fucked off til about 10, then went into town to the post office to mail off some Christmas packages, then came home to wait on the woodcutter. Let me back up a minute. … Continue reading

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3 policemen shot in separate incidents

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – A police officer was killed in Texas and another wounded in Missouri in apparently unrelated ambush-style shootings, while a third officer was shot and wounded in Florida, authorities said on Monday. The latest attacks on U.S. … Continue reading

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Yard selling

I’m not a big yard sale person. I don’t really get into the whole yard selling thing, going to or having them. I don’t have a good enough eye to spot a bargain and luckily I realize that, I don’t … Continue reading

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My day

Y’all may have noticed posting as been kinda sparse today and comments didn’t get moderated until this afternoon. I’ve been busy. My in-laws and us had a joint yard sale at their place today as well as tomorrow and Saturday. … Continue reading

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Fun with Tourettes Syndrome

-WiscoDave Hey, I’ve always maintained that if you absolutely have to have a syndrome of any kind, Tourettes is the way to go. Which brings to mind the last time I saw somebody with Tourettes – it was just over … Continue reading

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More reasons I love Tennessee

I took off this afternoon to pay bills – I’d much rather pay them in person than by mailing them in or in the case of my garbage bill, paying by mason jar – and I told Lisa I’d be … Continue reading

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..

I can’t wait for winter. I haven’t seen a real winter since what, 1981? when I got out of the army and left Germany. In central California you’ve got basically 2 seasons, hot-n-dry and cool-n-sometimes wet, with about a week’s … Continue reading

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My Saturday

I went to Mike’s funeral today. While I was there I hooked up with DixieDennis who drove down from western Kentucky and Doc from Maingun LLC who drove in from Georgia, both of whom I’ve exchanged emails with and wanted … Continue reading

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The Red Door

“Oh fuck” my barracks room door came flying open “you’re not going to believe this shit!” My roomie Bill Pearce was excited. He went over to my locker and grabbed a bottle of Jack and took a big healthy swig … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Tennessee…..

Lisa keeps the living room and back porch radios tuned to our local country station that plays that pop country shit so I kinda tune the music part of it out. My favorite part is the news and commercial breaks … Continue reading

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I hate this shit. Fucking hate it.

Every time I’ve been hooked was because the fish threw the hook just as I was fixing to lip him and let me tell you what, a 1/0 Tru-Turn worm hook can dig through a lot of meat, especially when … Continue reading

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I used to run around with this ol’ boy named Skeeter back in the mid 80s. He was a good sized guy, maybe 6 foot tall and 170 pounds but Skeeter’s nickname didn’t come from his appearance, it came from … Continue reading

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Concerning my departure for Tennessee…..

Oh wait. Maybe I should’ve titled that ‘Concerning my arrival in Tennessee’. My bad. We’re here. We left California on the 21st and got here about 6 PM on Wednesday the 27th. I did it without telling y’all because of … Continue reading

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