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Asleep At The Wheel – Greatest Hits

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The M-1 Garand


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How hard is it to get shit out of a wet suit?

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Any questions?


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Transportation units in Vietnam

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CWII in America – Who Would Win? In-Depth Analysis


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American Truck Historical Society in Reno


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Never race a dog – they’ll beat you every time

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Whoops, my bad

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How to Clean and Maintain a Ruger Mini 14

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Well yeah, that’s one way

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Wait for it…

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Angel, Angel, Angel…

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Good Morning

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Spetsnaz Special: The Legendary Kalashnikov

Be sure and check out the dweeb at the 7:38 mark. I’m surprised they didn’t edit that out.

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Drug face

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So easy a girl can do it

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Nurses in Vietnam

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