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Naw, hell no


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American Standoff

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Beginners shouldn’t play with big guns

Check out the flinch on the first shooter when the gun misfires at the 1:30 mark. Then watch the second guy.

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John Mayer

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Poor, poor snowflake

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An Khe Airfield

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An artist at work


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Don’t piss off Pops

The old man spent way too much time sticking around after he knocked him out. He should’ve just packed up his shit and his women and left.

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A discussion on SBRs and AR/AK pistols

The first 20 minutes is them showing off their rifles and talking about the cost and time waiting on a Mother May I slip from the ATF.

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Justice to Pancho Hamer Parts I & II


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Rifle Sling Storage Trick

The video starts at the 1:15 mark. -Jason

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Damn, I bet that smarted

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Dave Gardner


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Loretta Lynn

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A Knuckledraggin PSA


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189th AHC Ghostriders First Tour 1970

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Full inspection

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Jane’s Review of the Bushmaster MR6


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Tim Harmsen Of Military Arms Channel Begins An Interesting Run-To-Failure Test Of AR-15

Like me, Tim is a champion and fan of the AR-15 design. He begins an interesting test with a BCM rifle. He shot 1000 rounds in 35 minutes. We’ll see how far this goes before it gives up as he … Continue reading

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