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A short video of the Virginia Rally


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My kind of bar

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VA State Police drive over 100 miles to intimidate law biding citizens ahead of lobby day


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Sunday Video 10

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Sunday Video 9

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Sunday Video 8

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Sunday Video 7

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Sunday Video 6

Now try it with recoil.

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Virginia hiring ‘crisis actors’?

I didn’t check the link myself.

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Sunday Video 5

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Sunday Video 4

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Sunday Video 3

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Sunday Video 2

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Sunday Video 1

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Pat Travers Band

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Cue Jimi Hendrix

SNOWFLAKE, Ariz. (CBS Local) — Lights from a medical marijuana farm filled the sky over Snowflake, Arizona, with a bright purple glow on a recent foggy morning. Cara Smith was on her way to work at Copperstate Farms, the largest … Continue reading

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The Monstrous Failure of Political Correctness


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FULL SPEECH: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declares a temporary state of emergency

They really need to work on their subtitles.

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And now you know…..


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Good Morning

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