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How cute is this?

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Oh yeah, hook me up

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Excited? Not much…..

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Professor flames, sent packing

Story HERE

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That tourist paradise called New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Two men were beaten and robbed Saturday night in the French Quarter, according to the New Orleans Police Department. The attack happened in the 200 block of Bienville Street just before 9 p.m., according to police. … Continue reading

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Waky waky, hands off snaky

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Fuck your 5th Amendment Rights

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When your car breaks down in the wrong ‘hood

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Dr Hook The Medicine Show – Carry Me, Carrie

Damn, talk about stoned – but they definitely got into that song.

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

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Voter Fraud in NC

Check it out. Major VOTER FRAUD discovered in North Carolina. Discovered not by the State Legislature, not by the Board of Elections, not by any “watchdog” group but by a private citizen meticulously searching through the records… -SB

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Redwood Forests – Lumber Felling & Milling 1940’s

I may have posted this before. If I have, oh well. It’s a good video -WiscoDave

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This is almost painful to watch

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

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The flip flop winch


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Megan? Are we at the right wedding?

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Antifa tranny gets his/her/it’s ass whipped

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Guess The Race

JUNE 12–A 2:45 AM melee yesterday at a Waffle House in Pennsylvania led to the arrest of five female relatives, according to police. The brawl Sunday at the restaurant in Lancaster pitted members of one family against three other women. … Continue reading

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Best of…..

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I’m sure they were just trying to put him out

It is rough to watch: A video from shows a man in flames emerging from his burning car after a Sunday night wreck. Police officers then arrive on the scene quickly—and begin kicking him before dragging him away from … Continue reading

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