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Some folks just don’t know when to quit

Police in East Cleveland released bodycam footage of an incident that involved a violent suspect continuing to fight officers after getting shot in the stomach. Two officers were injured during the fight, although the suspect was eventually subdued. VIDEO -Steve

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Trump’s Skull & Bones Treasury Secretary


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No wonder they’re not in jail


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The Inevitable Death of Gun Control: The Future of Untraceable Homemade Firearms


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Why I’ve got a dash cam

-Jack Russell Of course I’ve never used mine seeing as there’s just not much need for one here in Macon or Sumner Counties unless I need video of me running over possums, RACcoons or snapping turtles.

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Meanwhile, in Michigan…..

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Some easy listening with Emmylou Harris

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Gentlemen, may I present the Tongue Dance?

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Here. Hold my beer.

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Women drivers

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Because Fuck You, that’s why

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I’m guessing one of those butt-ugly Glocks with no real safety

-WiscoDave ***** At least he let out a manly yell when he shot his nuts off – I’d have been screaming like a little schoolgirl.

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You have GOT to watch this campaign ad

What a fucking idiot – like some teacher is going to grab a can of pepper spray and charge somebody with a gun. “We don’t know why Mrs Reynolds didn’t take one for the team”

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Snowflake comedienne has on-stage meltdown

Yes, I assumed it’s gender.

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No need to guess the race – it’s on video

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Testing Gryojet Guns

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Death castles? How about flak towers?

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And now you know

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Youtube terminates Brownell’s instructional channel

YouTube suddenly terminated the channel for the firearms parts company Brownells, the company claimed on Saturday. “Brownells’ YouTube channel has been terminated without warning or notice,” Brownells’ Twitter account stated. MORE -Stormfax

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