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CCW Skill Evolution: Art of Defense Ep. 6

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Yup, she’s Irish

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You learn something new every day

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I’m sorry, I have to laugh every time I watch this

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The Camp Fire ignition point investigation


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15 years Concealed Carry – Lessons Learned

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And now you know

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NHRA crashes

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1911 Pistol review with Jerry Miculek

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And now you know

If you’re squeamish or not in the mood for blood and guts (literally) you might want to pass on this video.

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Realism in creature baits

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Can Liberals Survive the Apocalypse?


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Tactical Grey Glock 19


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Man, I would LOVE to have this

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Jerry Wept: A Compilation of Performances from the 1990’s

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Steep Slope Logging

Remember the Long Load video I did just recently where the logging truck was hauling out 125′ poles? The gentleman that did the video noticed the traffic coming from this site and shot me an email with this video in … Continue reading

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Arrogant Elitist and proud of it


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And now you know…

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What the fuck do Brits know about hamburgers anyway?

The best way to keep it from falling apart is to not pile so much shit on it that you can’t get it into your mouth.

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Rise and shine, breakfast’s on

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