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50 feet per second, folks…..

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50 Cal vs Body Armor


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How about some Blues tonight with BB King?

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Harry Anderson’s stand up comedy

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How To Increase Your Cognitive Ability By Reading A Fucking Book For Once

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The Best of Tommy Robinson


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Ammon Bundy speaks to jurors in Bunkerville trial

-John Deaux

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The Lost Battlefield

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

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Man, that’ll fuck up your whole day

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And now you know…

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That boy ain’t real bright

Actually, I’m not sure who’s dumber – the guy that put the can in the stove or the stupid motherfucker that stayed behind the camera to film it.

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Gotta have a 4th of July gun video, right?

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And in the Spirit of the Day:

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The Rhodesian Bush War


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When you get stoned and go to the Taco Bell

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Oh, he’s good. Real good.


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#WalkAway Campaign – Why I left liberalism and the Democratic Party

-John Deaux

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The Great Escape


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When in doubt, knock ’em out

-Tom Hit the ‘youtube’ in the bottom right, it’ll take you to youtube where you can read the comments.

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