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The Great Lie About Coloured South Africans


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5 cops vs 1 disabled Vet in a wheelchair


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The Oberg Color Film Footage of Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1941

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Fun and Games at the Boat Ramp

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In San Francisco? Where’s the tutus?

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Hell yeah, now he can afford those new front teeth!

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When you’re really, really bored

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Idiots on the road

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Ray Sawyer dead at 81

Ray Sawyer of Dr. Hook has died, Page Six is told. Sawyer, perhaps best known for singing lead vocal on “Cover of Rolling Stone,” passed away in Daytona Beach, Fla., according to his publicist. MORE ***** Ray Sawyer was the … Continue reading

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Here’s a time waster for ya

Of course these freak shows took place in a time when they were relatively rare, long before now when you can see even freakier shit just by walking down any big city street or cruising the Walmart after midnight.

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Hank Williams biography

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The Dangers of a Transgender Ideology


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Titties and hot brass don’t mix

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Trolling the snowflake

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Jay Larson


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Uriah Heep

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The Transcontinental Railroad

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They don’t even mention a 5 pound serving of bacon

What the fuck is it with people having to saturate their food in cheese? That shit’s just plain nasty, especially if you wear a beard.

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Longest coyote shot on video – 1390 yards

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A great ride

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