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Military Advisors in Vietnam

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Jericho Green on Ilhan Omar


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As everybody slowly applauds…

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Stalin’s Secret Police


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Transgenderism explained through quantum physics


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Boom, and no more gender reveal parties for him

That shit’s gay anyways. He needs to be out shooting or fishing with his bros while his old lady has the party.

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Fucked around and found out

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Crosswind landing

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I want to see him try to talk himself out of that DUI

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Gentleman Jim Reeves

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Ralphie May – Parts I & II

I love this guy – he doesn’t give a shit who he fucks with.

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Best of Road Rage

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War Dogs in Vietnam

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Hickok45 cuts ties with the NRA

Corny gun-loving YouTuber Hickok45 and his son John recently announced their decision to part ways with the NRA. They’ll no longer accept sponsorship money from NRA, nor will they continue begging viewers to join NRA. From the video description: MORE/VIDEO

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To Protect and Serve

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Breaking Down “Civil War 2″ – Part Two

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Field stripping the Colt Huntsman and Woodsman

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Well, shit

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Medal of Honor action captured on video

In a recently-released video, Schilling narrates CIA Predator Drone footage of the fight that ultimately claimed the life of one of America’s ultimate badasses, John Chapman. This is the only known footage of a Medal of Honor recipient in action. … Continue reading

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