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Trolling Gavin Newsom

Starting at the 1:01 mark – Mike_C bumped it up for ya. It’s hilarious. -Mike_C

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Florida, Baby…..


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I never even noticed they were gone

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Another one of those life lessons

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Here’s a time waster for ya

The woman surfing is incredible.

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Just another day at the range with a Glock


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For the older folks on Halloween


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Happy Halloween, Luis!


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And now you know… for what it’s worth

I think of street food and I go back to when I was a kid. Street food to me was brats with fresh brotchen and hot mustard or kabobs bought from some one eyed Arab of questionable parentage on a … Continue reading

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Adam Calhoun


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I bet they weren’t expecting that

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Here you go, guys

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Why I could never work with the general public

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Hurt, didn’t it?

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Best of ZZ Top


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Rack ’em up

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Slicking up your Blackhawk

My Ruger pal Elmo turned me onto this video. If you go by the manual, you have to remove the grip frame from the gun to change out the springs which really isn’t that big a deal anyways – it … Continue reading

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Don’t kids think anymore?

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And now you know…

“You got to sneak up on this like a covey of quail…” -Doc

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Assault With a Deadly Taco

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