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How could I forget the anniversary of the best day of my life?

I left the State of California behind 3 years ago today for my new Home State of Tennessee. Three years of pure happiness. Three years of Freedom. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head to the back of … Continue reading

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A female Wirecutter


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I’ve been that fucked up before

My favorite caption when I post a picture of a drunk is “I’ve been that fucked up before” and folks, I ain’t lying. I was a heavy drinker when I was a youngster and I’ve done some seriously off the … Continue reading

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It’s true, I’m a real catch

I got a proposal of marriage (kinda sorta) the other day. I was in the Walmart parking lot behind a little old lady that stood about 4 feet nothing and she’s just creeping along towards her little SUV which was … Continue reading

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Shades of Crazy Charlie Lafitte

In case you’ve missed the exploits of Crazy Charlie Lafitte you can catch Part One HERE and Part Two with the pigeon kicking HERE. Enjoy.

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Chemical warfare

Back when I was loading trucks I used to look for this shit in pallets. I’d snatch a can out and wait until lunch, then I’d go back to the dock about halfway through my break. I’d grab that can … Continue reading

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Living (and dying) large

Live lavishly, go out extravagantly. For many of the rich and powerful, funerals are becoming the final opportunity to flaunt immense wealth, competing with weddings and birthdays as a rite of passage worthy of a small fortune. They’re choosing to … Continue reading

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It seems like damned near every relationship I’ve been in, the woman felt like I could be improved on. I never could understand that shit – you got together because you like each other, but after you get together you … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Fucking rain….. Holy shit, I can’t believe the rain we’ve gotten this past week. We had less than an inch up until the 26th with the heaviest rainfall being a fifth of an inch up ’til then according to the … Continue reading

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Wirecutter – The Later Years

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Y’all have heard me talk my Grandpa Bud before. He was my mother’s stepdad, her real dad dying in 1949 (I think) at a TB sanitarium in Oakland. My grandma Audrey married Bud a few years later. They met when … Continue reading

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Well, Happy Anniversary to me!

Yup, it was 2 years ago today that I arrived in Tennessee. You can read my post about our arrival HERE. On one hand it’s hard to believe that it’s been that two fucking years already, but on the other … Continue reading

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Today’s project

Actually it was started last fall when we sprayed Round Up on it and moved Lisa’s whatchamacallits out there around the birdhouse. This year all I was waiting on was a calm day for the wind so I could lay … Continue reading

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Six Wonderful Years

Tomorrow’s mine and Lisa’s 6th wedding anniversary and we’re looking forward to many, many more. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I love her more than words can tell.

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I believe Congratulations are in order here

Today is the Two Year Anniversary of my retirement. Lisa asked me today if I was ready to go back to work. Are you fucking kidding me? I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten out … Continue reading

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The Great Fire of 2018 – Wirecutter Edition

A bit of a backstory first: Last year I put in a garden in the same place the previous homeowner did, figuring the ground would be easy to till and would be nice and soft. Well, it wasn’t. The soil … Continue reading

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Raising Wirecutter

I was a handful when I was a kid, I’ll admit that in a heartbeat. Hell, I admitted it back then. I was proud of that shit. Over the years I’ve tried to figure just what it was or wasn’t … Continue reading

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Fuck this shit

Four or five hours of sleet followed by snow Friday. I was having a blast watching vehicles sliding sideways down the rise and then hitting the ditch. I was up to four before I went to bed about midnight. Here’s … Continue reading

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Barracks life

Most folks hear the word ‘barracks’ and a big wooden building with poor heat and huge open bays and motherfuckers on fire guard come to mind. Yeah, I never saw that – not in Basic, not in school and not … Continue reading

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There’s several different kinds of Duty. We’ve already touched on Extra Duty, so let’s cover CQ (Charge of Quarters) and Guard Duty now. CQ There’s the CQ and the CQ runner. The CQ is usually a lower ranking NCO or … Continue reading

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