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The resemblance is amazing

Los Angeles-based photographer Christine McConnell has created a wonderfully unique family album by recreating a series of portraits of different generations of her female relatives, spanning 200 years. Her photo project called “Seven Generations of American Women,” is a beautiful … Continue reading

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The day after I struck it rich

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Happy happy!!!

Happy Birthday, Miss Lisa! I love you and thank God for every day we have together.

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No sissy poetry for me

Under the wide and starry sky Dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die, And I laid me down with a will. This be the verse you grave for me; “Here he lies where … Continue reading

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Worm was a new guy we got into the company about mid 1980. He was a wheeled vehicle mechanic and was from Kansas or Nebraska or some other flat place and was just a good solid kid. He was a … Continue reading

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The closer it gets to cooler weather the more I get to thinking about that big ass log laying down at the end of the property. Some of you may remember the day that damned old hickory getting blown over … Continue reading

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So I got me a new friend

His name is Wayne. Since we’ve moved in the property just to the north of us has been vacant. It’s an acre lot, maybe an acre and a half, and the only structure on it is an old metal barn … Continue reading

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The Field

I wasn’t much of a garrison troop when I was in the army but I loved being out in the field. It’s a good thing too because we spent damned near the whole winter in the field, coming in for … Continue reading

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Garrison Duty

It was a challenge keeping us busy when my company was in garrison for the summer. I mean, let’s face it, when your primary mission is to communicate in bad weather, good weather ain’t doing it a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Pet peeves

Pet peeves – I’ve got tons of them and the list gets longer the older I get. Most of them I can just bite my tongue and deal with it, others just flat out piss me off. Here’s my list … Continue reading

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I knew this ol’ boy named Ralph when I was in the army. It seems like I had met Ralph a few years earlier and while he kinda sorta recalls the circumstances, he never copped to actually meeting me. Me … Continue reading

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Right in the middle of saying Grace…

On the back porch saying Grace: “Lord, we ask that you bless this food, our family and our friends and… why, there’s that damned chicken right there!… thank you for letting us witness your power today. Gotta run, in your … Continue reading

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Well, shit.

Lost another chicken today – I went to change the water and clean the bowl and the white one made a break for it. I chased it around and then the li’l bitch took off and flew into the treeline. … Continue reading

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Fuck. Yes.

8/16/17 41 magnum @ 10 yards, 18 rounds 220 gr SP 20 grains H110, CCI Large Magnum Pistol Primer

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

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Tower school

When I went into the army back in ’78, I had a couple of motives – I wanted to learn a trade and I wanted to get the fuck out of California. I had been there about 6 months and … Continue reading

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Man, Lisa’s wanting to have a yard sale this weekend to get rid of some of the stuff we’ve she’d accumulated so I was out in the woodshed hauling stuff out of there and loading onto the trailer. Now that … Continue reading

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Shorter of Breath And One Step Closer To Death

Happy Birfday to me, Happy Birfday to me….. Yup, it’s the big day. I never was much on birthdays, even when I was a kid. There’s only a couple that I can remember right off hand. I remember my 10th … Continue reading

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The Chow Hall

Army chow. I’ve seen good and I’ve seen bad. By far the worst I ever saw was is Basic Training. Not just the food but the entire dining experience, there’s no ambiance at all. They run your ass over there, … Continue reading

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Loading and lounging

It’s only been in the mid 70s here for the past few days and I’ve been taking advantage of that and the fact we’ve been grandkidless for a few days by doing a little midday reloading. My reloading setup is … Continue reading

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