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Retired? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I pretty much laid on my ass all winter up until the beginning of March when that hickory came down and I started cutting it up. Since then I’ve managed to stay pretty busy when the weather permits between working … Continue reading

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The anniversary of my rebirth

One year ago today we arrived in Tennessee. I know, one year already? It’s true. HERE I’m not going to start gushing about my new home state – you’ve heard enough already. All I can say is that it’s been … Continue reading

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On This Day

In 2016 I took the advice of my wise readers and loaded my truck with my dogs, guns and wife, shook the dust of California off my boots and headed for Tennessee, never looking back. We settled in Macon County … Continue reading

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Happiness is…..

…whittling that motherfucking hickory tree down a truckload at a time. Yeah, I finally burned my other saw up and had to break down and buy a new one. Wished I could afford a Stihl or Jonsered but even this … Continue reading

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Time Life Civil War books

A couple weeks ago I remember getting a question either in the comments or email asking if my PO box accepted large packages and I replied yes, wondering if somebody was shipping me a body or what. Friday I checked … Continue reading

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All day today I’ve been feeling like something’s just a bit off, like I was forgetting something. It wasn’t anything major but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it hit me about 15 minutes ago – I retired … Continue reading

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Wirecutter – The Later Years


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Now you know who to look for in Tractor Supply

The long goatee was a casualty of the humidity last summer so now I’m sporting the New and Improved Look. Redneck chic and shit…..

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jedburger EOD


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Paul Bunyan

Remember that tree that fell across the road in front of my place a couple three weeks ago? This one? The one that I told the county crew to shove the whole damned thing on to my property and how … Continue reading

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My day

Went into town to do some shopping and looking for artsy shit for one of Lisa’s projects, stopped by the hardware store, took Lisa by Lady Doc’s, then came home to find my chainsaw parts sitting on the back porch. … Continue reading

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My getaway

Hand tools on one side, reloading and fishing shit on the other. Tools My reloading area and workbench And finally, fishing rods and a couple tackleboxes All I really have to do now is patch the roof in the adjoining … Continue reading

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Now that’s a hell of a way to start the day

I woke up this morning to one hell of a storm with the weather radio blaring a tornado warning and the wind and rain beating the house so hard I couldn’t see 15 feet. When the rain eased up, I … Continue reading

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Riding with Charlie (and Legal Lucy)

Those dogs love to ride. I think it’s for different reasons – CharlieGodammit likes to stick his head out the window and aerate his gums and Legal Lucy likes to bark at people once we get to where we’re going … Continue reading

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Times ain’t changed much

Floyd the Gay Deceiver No, it ain’t gay like we know it today but if you’ll watch the first 5 minutes of the show you’ll understand the caption. My hands down all time favorite TV show is The Andy Griffith … Continue reading

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Freshman English

Me and Lisa were talking tonight about high school, required courses, credits needed to graduate at our schools and I mentioned I had failed Freshman English 4 years running and was only pity passed so I could graduate, and while … Continue reading

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I was cruising along Rock River Road one fine summer afternoon with both my windows down, bouncing down that dirt road in eastern Stanislaus County doing about 25 miles per hour. It was a long straight stretch, the kind where … Continue reading

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For all you old timers

I used to sport a fedora like that. Almost. Mine was brown, a braided leather band with an Ace of Hearts corner on the left side and blood splattered in the front. I kept it up until a few years … Continue reading

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I used to have this old dog named Captain, a great big beast of a dog, maybe a hundred twenty pounds with long black wavy hair. I was told he was half black lab and half golden retriever when I … Continue reading

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Ration runs

I always got ‘volunteered’ for shit in the army during the warmer months when we weren’t in the field. I know why, Top told me one time when I asked. The word for word answer I got from him was … Continue reading

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