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Remember this?

A Florida cop who shot and wounded an unarmed black therapist who was trying to help his autistic patient has charged with attempted manslaughter. Officer Jonathon Aledda shot 47-year-old therapist Charles Kinsey as he lay on the ground, with his … Continue reading

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The enemy within

The ranks of one of the nation’s most elite war-fighters — the Navy SEALs — are struggling with a drug abuse problem. One active-duty SEAL and two retired members recently came forward to discuss a “growing” drug problem within their … Continue reading

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Probably shouldn’t have done that


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Goodbye, Australia – we loved you

Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses after an Arabic-speaking gang shouting “F*** Jesus!” attacked a couple on a train while transport officers looked on from a “safe space” and did nothing. The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph … Continue reading

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A Clovis family won a court case against the California Department of Justice that forces the state agency to return 500 guns it had confiscated from Albert Sheakalee. The CA DOJ raided Sheakalee’s house in 2015, alleging he was listed … Continue reading

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Why you should keep a gun in the bathroom

Cops are seeking information on two burglars caught on camera assaulting and robbing a woman. The robbery took place in Everett, Washington on Thursday, when two men broke into a home in the city 30 miles north of Seattle. The … Continue reading

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So how did the California drought end?

We were told that the multi-year California drought was caused by humans, fossil fuels and CO2. So how did it end? After all in 2015, this was the standard reportage. Here’s an example from a no doubt solemnly intoned NBC … Continue reading

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Telegraph, telephone, tell-a-woman

This is stunningly interesting and hopefully will be picked up by MSM and congressional investigators. Sometimes when a person is deep inside an echo-chamber of like-minded ideologues, they might not realize what they’re saying is rather revealing to those on … Continue reading

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Practice makes perfect

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma – Three teenagers were killed Monday, shot by a man as they were breaking into his home. Officers say it happened at a home near 91st and Clearview Drive in Wagoner County. The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office … Continue reading

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When It’s Cowboys Versus Wildfires, America Wins

Out here in flyover country, we recently had some fires that devastated parts of Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. You may not have heard about them, because no movie stars’ houses were destroyed – just those of hard working farmers … Continue reading

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Katie Hopkins speaks

No anger for me this time. No rage like I’ve felt before. No desperate urge to get out there and scream at the idiots who refused to see this coming. Not even a nod for the glib idiots who say … Continue reading

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Fucking A

A 21-year-old woman with Down syndrome fulfilled her lifelong dream to present the weather report on French television last week despite previous state rulings banning those with the condition from television. Mélanie Ségard presented the weather report for the evening … Continue reading

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Guess The Race

A man offered to do a good deed at a Brooklyn restaurant — and was punished with a bone-breaking beating, cops said. A group of men kicked and pummeled a 37-year-old customer, beating him with his own cane after he … Continue reading

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Excuse me madam, I must shit

As any barista beginning their 5am shift will tell you, a morning cup of coffee is essential for a chipper attitude and a healthy psyche! The dilemma some have is that right after you indulge- it hits you. The #2 … Continue reading

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Making your homework interesting

A Danish boy has discovered the remains of a German World War Two bomber – complete with the pilot’s skeleton – in a field near to his family’s farm. Daniel Rom Kristiansen, 14, found the German Messerschmitt plane, and its … Continue reading

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Why Angel got fired from the Suicide Hotline


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A classic


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10 Things I like About White Guys

White men have been getting a bad rap lately. We’re complete idiots in commercials and on TV in general. Other races and genders roll their eyes at us and say things such as “Dear white people” in a tone that … Continue reading

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Ya think?

“According to Today, the Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas, has been giving kindergarten and first-grade students two 15-minute recess breaks every morning and two 15-minute breaks every afternoon to go play outside. At first teachers were worried about … Continue reading

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