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Damn, and I thought we had snowflakes

German police have rescued a man after he called for help saying a baby squirrel would not leave him alone. Emergency services received a call on Thursday from the man, who claimed he was being chased down the street by … Continue reading

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The Fire That Inspired a National Network of Lookout Towers

In 1911, the US Forest Service was tasked with putting out fires as fast as possible, a mandate driven in part by a huge fire that burned across a massive section of United States the year before — a devastating … Continue reading

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Hunting over bait

Chicago Police are under fire after allegedly parking a ‘bait truck’ full of designer shoes in an impoverished neighborhood, two days in a row. Activists allege on at least one occasion last week, police parked the partially open truck near … Continue reading

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BRB – gotta take a quick dump

Look, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little time to yourself — yes, even if that means sneaking away to the bathroom. You’re busy! If the only way you can carve out a little chunk of solitude is to linger … Continue reading

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“Wisco? Are these yours?”

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Did Anonymous hammer Q already?


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SWAT Officers Who Shot LaVoy Finicum Speak For The First Time

The state police SWAT officer who investigators say fired five times at refuge occupation spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum said Monday he second-guessed himself when he learned of an unaccounted-for bullet hole in the roof of Finicum’s truck. In the days … Continue reading

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“Criminal prosecution of the Special Agent was declined” – Now, What’s for Lunch?…

From the Boston Marathon bombing investigation through the San Bernardino terrorist attack; passing the Garland, Texas cartoon terror shooting; and continuing through Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub; and then through the Parkland shooting and into Las Vegas -via the Mandalay Bay- we … Continue reading

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This woman has never stepped foot into the real world

A gun control activist who took part in Saturday’s “March on NRA” called for a total ban on firearms and laughed at the fact that some people thinks it is okay to shoot home intruders. An NRA camera crew was … Continue reading

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“We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives”

A Santa Barbara city councilman inadvertently let slip the primary purpose of progressivism in 21st century America. The city recently criminalized the use of plastic straws. Speaking to that issue, Councilman Jesse Dominguez said, “Unfortunately, common sense is just not … Continue reading

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Turn out the lights, the party’s over

Well, gentle friends, the hour has struck and the Captain is soon to retake his rightful place. Hopefully he will find no cracks in his crystal egg. As has been the custom, we begin with a quiet recitation of A. … Continue reading

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Your Friday Evening Florida Report

This is the heartwarming moment a group of college buddies carried a disabled girl onto the beach after seeing her family struggling with her wheelchair. Dustin Smalley and his friends were relaxing on St. Pete’s Beach in Tampa Bay last … Continue reading

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Fish Fry Friday

The week is nearing its’ end. Soon this place will be reclaimed by the rightful owner. But until then… As is our habit, we start once again with a quiet recitation of A. Shepard’s Prayer. Long days make for long … Continue reading

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There is No Place for Compulsory Schooling in a Civilized Society

A woman is facing 30 days in jail because her son missed too many days of school. His 82% attendance record wasn’t enough to keep her out of court. Just let it sink in that you can be put in … Continue reading

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This isn’t culture war. It’s worse.

Progressives continue to astonish normal people with their complete incomprehension of normals (as Kurt Schlichter calls them) as human beings. Perhaps that’s because they don’t see us as human beings. They call us unsavory names – deplorables, bitter clingers, toothless, … Continue reading

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Rummage your way to survival

Well, made it past the halfway mark with no pitchforks and torches visible on the horizon. We’ll take that as a good thing. As is our habit, we start once again with a quiet recitation of A. Shepard’s Prayer. As … Continue reading

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Fucking A

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – A Louisiana woman was brought to tears after her father captured a heartwarming moment between a store employee and her little brother while shopping at a Rouse’s grocery store. In a video post shared to … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again – by WiscoDave

Well, as far as I know Herschel hasn’t come screaming out of the woods to end this little escapade so either all is going well or he’s blissfully unaware of what is going on. We start day two in front … Continue reading

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Well, cattle are sacred there so they had to find a goat

In a ghastly act of animal abuse, a pregnant goat was allegedly gang-raped and killed by eight men in Nuh, Mewat. The suspect, all believed to be drunk, stole the goat from her owner Aslup’s house and took her to … Continue reading

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Xin Loi and training

My good friend and Brother WiscoDave told me a few days ago that Herschel over at The Captain’s Journal had asked him to sub for a few days. He was kinda sorta nervous about it, but I told him he’d … Continue reading

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