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Matt’s 2 cents worth


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As if denying them water wasn’t enough

John Diepersloot squinted under a bright Central Valley sun, pointing to the damage to his fruit orchard that came with the California bullet train. He lost 70 acres of prime land. Rail contractors left mounds of rubble along his neat … Continue reading

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The truth hurts if you’re a snowflake

Terin Humphrey, a gymnast and former US Olympic athlete who won two silver medals at the 2004 games in Athens, has been fired from her position as a USA Gymnastics’ (USAG) athlete representative after she posted a controversial meme on … Continue reading

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Police use of DNA leads to backlash in database

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — After California detectives used a popular online DNA database to track down a suspect in the decades-old Golden State Killer slayings, other police agencies quickly adopted the same technique. Since that case was cracked last … Continue reading

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Target Celebrates Gay Pride Month By Grooming Your Kids

Check out the new Target display at select stores. Yep. That’s the kid’s section. But what someone does in their own bedroom is none of my business, am I right? I mean, it’s not like anyone wants to turn your … Continue reading

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What, he didn’t know NY cops are above the law?

Jose Rodriguez has been a repo man for three years. “It gets crazy sometimes,” he said. But he said he experienced nothing as crazy as what happened May 30, when he was driving near the 120th Precinct stationhouse and came … Continue reading

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The Invention That Won WWII

housands of flat-bottomed boats plowed through rough seas under cold gray skies. The smell of diesel fumes and vomit was overwhelming as the small vessels lurched toward the beaches. Waves slapped hard against the plywood hulls while bullets pinged off … Continue reading

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Well, that’s nice…

Hundreds of illegal aliens from ebola-stricken Democratic Republic of Congo were dumped in the streets of San Antonio, Texas this week. The aliens didn’t speak English and according to a local reporter, San Antonio is in desperate need for French … Continue reading

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Tampering with the jury?

Publicly accusing jurors of disregarding “the clear evidence our team presented” when the trial is not over is another baffling move by Oberlin College. MORE -WiscoDave ***** You can’t convince me (nor the judge either, most likely) that the email … Continue reading

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But they seemed like such nice people…

Everyone not lying to themselves predicted when the federal government under Bill Clinton – aided and abetted by Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities and World Relief Minnesota — plopped 30,000 Somalis down into the midst of the kind, virtue-signaling, eager-to-help … Continue reading

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VERDICT: Jury awards Gibson’s Bakery $11 million against Oberlin College

The Jury in the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case has reached a verdict. According to our reporter in the Courtroom, the jury awarded $11 million. Here are the details: Allyn W. Gibson awarded $3 million, David Gibson $5.8 million, … Continue reading

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Muslim ex-cop gets only 12 years for killing Justine Damond

A former Minneapolis police officer was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison this morning for the fatal shooting of an unarmed Australian-American yoga teacher after she had called police to report a possible sexual assault. Mohamed Noor, 33, … Continue reading

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Dating advice from antifa

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And I will lift them up…

This is the heartwarming moment a boy with cerebral palsy was able to make his dream of scoring a basketball shot come true as his friends and teachers lift him out of his wheelchair and up towards the net. Tristan … Continue reading

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Good going, NYT, good going

The New York Times unmasked a group of freedom fighters in Honduras who dared to take on the much-feared MS-13 gang. The U.S. publication printed their names, published photographs of their faces, families, and homes — allegedly without permission — … Continue reading

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For a second I thought this article was about Memphis

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A sweetheart deal on petroleum between Venezuela and Haiti ended last July, which led to a 50-percent increase in the price of fuel. In response, Haitians took to the streets, burning tires and blocking roads. In … Continue reading

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D-Day picture gallery

“As one officer said,” war correspondent Ernie Pyle wrote shortly after the invasion, “the only way to take a beach is to face it and keep going. It is costly at first but it’s the only way.” On June 6, … Continue reading

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The British Royals’ official Twitter account has caused bemusement after tweeting a video with a message saying that the Queen met leaders of ‘‘allied nations” that took part in D-Day. And that included Angela Merkel. The Royal Family Twitter account … Continue reading

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I’m surprised she even found her gun in her purse

MILWAUKEE — Police have charged a man who was shot Wednesday outside Milwaukee Police Headquarters. Investigators determined the woman who shot the man was acting in self-defense. MORE -WiscoDave ***** And the Money Quote, considering she was right in front … Continue reading

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Fired for doing the job the right way

Last Halloween, I dressed up like a teacher — not exactly an alter ego; I have a certificate — went to the local high school, and substituted in Family & Consumer Science. There was a small ruction in third period; … Continue reading

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