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Built to Last

Upstream they’ve allowed the water level of the river to fall until the dam’s top blocks can be seen as the waterfall retreats. The river’s bottom emerges and a spring shorebird skitters along the edge of the green muck, its … Continue reading

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I don’t know if this is true or not…..

How many times have you heard some urban legend, chain letter or misleading bit of news repeated and immediately found a thorough, fact-based debunking on Snopes? Like every damn day for the last 20 years or so, right? Snopes was … Continue reading

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After yet another officer-involved shooting in the Twin Cities, a Minnesota resident has taken it upon him- or herself to warn residents of potential gunfire if they make any loud noises. MORE and PHOTO -WiscoDave

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Kids Today

In a simpler time, children’s misdeeds and psychotic outbursts (A frothing temper tantrum involving heel pounding and floor revolving on being denied a pack of gum was observed recently at a local supermarket.) were controlled simply by referencing the “father” … Continue reading

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How A North Carolina Turf War Led To Myrtle Beach’s June Shooting

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, N.C. – Tammy Dunn was vacationing on the Grand Strand on June 18 when a mass shooting erupted on Ocean Boulevard. She didn’t know it then, but the shooting that rocked Myrtle Beach was about to shake her … Continue reading

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A good read

Shura: (shūrā) is an Arabic word for ‘consultation’. It is a gathering of Leaders among a Tribe or Group which contemplates an issue, agrees upon a solution, and rallies their groups towards that goal. The agreement reached provides the community’s … Continue reading

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Doing your part to save Mother Nature

In an oak woodland between canyons of the Angeles National Forest, Pascal Baudar paused in a tangle of vibrant green shoots of perennial pepperweed and purple blossoming wild radishes that many would consider unremarkable weeds. He saw lunch. MORE

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He Fights

My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum. They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.” Here’s my answer: … Continue reading

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We all knew it would roll that way no matter who was really at fault, didn’t we?

The crash between the USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine cargo ship off the coast of Japan was likely caused by the Navy crew members’ failure to respond in time. The crew on Fitzgerald ‘did nothing until the last second’, according … Continue reading

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Who gives a shit what you think?

-WiscoDave “It is just common sense it applies more controls” All righty then. Harvard pretty much wasted their time on you, huh?

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The Loud Noise Heard ’round The World

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau returned from vacation and held a press conference yesterday afternoon on the shooting death of Justine Damond by Officer Mohamed Noor. The Star Tribune reports on the press conference here along with two-minute audio excerpts. … Continue reading

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Fucking idiots

A Minnesota sheriff is blaming animal rights activists for releasing 38,000 mink from an Eden Valley fur farm this week, causing thousands of the domesticated animals to die in the wild. “If they actually cared about animals they wouldn’t release … Continue reading

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Raising Our Boys to Be ‘Dangerous’ Men

My wife Michelle and I have three sons and one daughter. Much to the dismay of foolish, so-called “feminists” like Jody Allard, we’re raising every one of them to be “dangerous,” though, not in the sense that Ms. Allard imagines. … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Michigan…..

Do you think the gun control issue is dead? Do you believe the last presidential election secured your gun rights? What if a court openly admitted it was trampling your constitutional rights, but gave you an unthinkable ultimatum of giving … Continue reading

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Wisco’s got some competition here

ARNOLD, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man says he was attacked by a raccoon as he worked on his car outside his home, and killed the animal with the only weapon he had: a hammer. Dan Waldenville tells the Tribune Review … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t go according to plan

Police in Dothan, Alabama, say a suspect entered a church Sunday night and demanded money–but received a bullet “in the upper torso” instead. The suspect was pronounced dead early Monday morning. MORE -WiscoDave

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Near misses count when it comes to nukes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – North Korea does not have the ability to strike the United States with “any degree of accuracy” and while its missiles have the range, they lack the necessary guidance capability, the vice chairman of the U.S. Joint … Continue reading

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Big Brother is watching

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday upheld nondisclosure rules that allow the FBI to secretly issue surveillance orders for customer data to communications firms, a ruling that dealt a blow to privacy advocates. A unanimous three-judge … Continue reading

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No no, tax those evil gun owners, not us!!!

In Oregon, a state known for its avid bicycling culture, the state Legislature’s approval of the first bike tax in the nation has fallen flat with riders. Democratic Gov. Kate Brown is expected to sign the sweeping $5.3 billion transportation … Continue reading

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So much for Trump’s staff following the Constitution

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department will issue new directives to increase the federal government’s use of civil asset forfeiture, a controversial practice that allows law enforcement to seize property from suspected criminals without charging them with … Continue reading

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