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Police helicopter deployed, karaoke machine confiscated

A British police officer was moved to activate her panic button after taking offence at a parody song making fun of former Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden being played at a garden party, bringing in serious re-enforcements to a small … Continue reading

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Wisco’s got this one all tuckered out

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When the acid kicks in


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Hi Honey, I Whittled You A House

I love hard work. I could watch it all day. Of course if I tried this, my shins would look like James Bond’s bedpost in no time. But these dudes know how to use an axe properly. Knowing is half … Continue reading

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Thursday, in a move that absolutely defies the slightest semblance of logic, the Democrat controlled California State Senate passed a measure that will lower the sentences for felons who used a gun in the commission of their crimes. Yes, you … Continue reading

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Fewer Tears, Fewer Lies and More Righteous Anger

Enough of changing your Facebook photo to the flag of the abattoir du jour, enough of the candlelight vigils, and enough of the #_____Strong hashtags. No more pleas for unity and pretending not to understand. We’re not unified, and we … Continue reading

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You gotta read this

Students at Evergreen State College – a school notable for its far-left politics and its preference for measuring students’ performance with “narrative evaluations” instead of grades – have seized control of their campus and are reportedly seeking hostages following a … Continue reading

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Wisco? Your services are needed

A wayward raccoon is to blame for a power outage that left thousands of central Florida residents in the dark. The Kissimmee Utility Authority reports that that the raccoon climbed onto a 13,200-volt piece of equipment at the utility’s Airport … Continue reading

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Thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet


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Maybe should’ve waited another week or two


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But will they lengthen that hog?

Surgeons have revealed the man who received the world’s third successful penis transplant is black – but his penis is white. It means the 40-year-old patient will have to undergo extensive medical tattooing later this year to color-correct the penis … Continue reading

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Follow-up: not guilty

Richard Henry Patterson, the Margate man who initially claimed his girlfriend choked to death during oral sex, was found not guilty Monday of second-degree murder. MORE -WiscoDave

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Why the C-130 is such a badass plane

With a squat stance, bulbous nose, four big turboprop engines, and massive fuselage, the C-130 cruises at a relatively modest 290 to 320 knots. Lockheed dubbed it “Hercules” after the mythological hero known for his strength and courage. The name … Continue reading

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Talk about kinky sex

For “rick”, this one is real Also, no golf clubs….. –WiscoDave A woman accused of tying her lover to a bed and then killing him with a circular saw has gone on trial for murder in Germany. Gabriele P. and … Continue reading

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Damned Amish thugs

It all started with a complaint over littering – and ended with two men arrested and the discovery of an arsenal of guns and bomb-making devices by Minneapolis police. Now, local authorities have flagged the arrests for review by the … Continue reading

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Kinda like Kwanzaa – a non-holiday

A measure to make former President Barack Obama’s birthday an honorary state holiday now heads to the governor’s desk after clearing the Illinois House unanimously Friday. MORE -WiscoDave

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California Gun Control in action – behind closed doors

California’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is working on 60 pages of regulatory changes for “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines behind closed doors. The California DOJ was forced to turn over documentation related to the changes because of public records … Continue reading

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Wisco goes to town

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Is a gun behind your back when checking out strange visitors considered Disorderly Conduct?

From yesterday’s North Dakota Supreme Court decision in Keller v. Keller: Karen Keller is married to Chad Keller. Chad Keller previously was married to Nichole Keller and they had three children together. According to Nichole Keller, she emailed Chad Keller … Continue reading

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Hey WiscoDave, do you know this dude?

ELKHORN—A former East Troy man argued with his wife about sex, threatened to shoot off his own penis, went into another room and fired four shots, according to a criminal complaint. “If I’m not using it, I might as well … Continue reading

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