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Wait….. what???

PALATKA, Fla. (WGFL) — A Putnam County man was airlifted to a Jacksonville hospital Tuesday after he was bitten on the tongue by a venomous rattlesnake. Putnam County Fire and EMS Battalion Chief Paul Flateau said they responded to a … Continue reading

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Who says cops don’t have a sense of humor?

The people of the Bay Area are known for their devotion to healthy lifestyles. So it only made sense when the Newark, Calif., Police Department, just outside San Francisco, made this generous offer on Facebook last week: “Is your meth … Continue reading

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Right on


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Milfy Monday once again

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WE’RE #3!!! WOO-HOO!!!

An Austrian tank platoon came in first in this year’s NATO tank competition, co-hosted by the US and Germany. Newcomer Ukraine finished second to last, beating out Poland. MORE -WiscoDave

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Training pays


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Then they’ll just go out and steal more

Trevor Brooks, a convicted murderer who attended a Silicon Valley entrepreneurship program after getting out of prison, has an idea he thinks could reduce the rate of gun violence in Baltimore: Let people use an app to turn in guns … Continue reading

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Might as well get a little enjoyment out of it


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Rats. Uh-huh. You bet.

Police in the Indian state of Bihar, where alcohol was outlawed last April, have accused rats of decimating the majority of the stash of booze confiscated over the past year – over 40,000 cases, or about 900,000 liters. According to … Continue reading

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NK Prepping EMP Catastrophe Aimed At U.S. Homefront

TEL AVIV – While the international community and news media focus on North Korean missile tests and the country’s nuclear program, one expert warned on Sunday that North Korea may be secretly assembling the capability to take out significant parts … Continue reading

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Several of you have noticed that Wisco hasn’t been contributing news items and pictures lately and have inquired about it, wondering if he was okay, did the RACcoons finally ambush him, did his wife get tired of his shit or … Continue reading

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Read it and weep

EDITORIAL: What Did Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms Know and When Did They Know It? Yesterday, both Rock River Arms and Springfield Armory severed ties with their own private lobbying group, The Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA). Both companies … Continue reading

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Headed to Wisco’s

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For WiscoDave

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Remember this?

A Florida cop who shot and wounded an unarmed black therapist who was trying to help his autistic patient has charged with attempted manslaughter. Officer Jonathon Aledda shot 47-year-old therapist Charles Kinsey as he lay on the ground, with his … Continue reading

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The enemy within

The ranks of one of the nation’s most elite war-fighters — the Navy SEALs — are struggling with a drug abuse problem. One active-duty SEAL and two retired members recently came forward to discuss a “growing” drug problem within their … Continue reading

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Probably shouldn’t have done that


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Goodbye, Australia – we loved you

Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses after an Arabic-speaking gang shouting “F*** Jesus!” attacked a couple on a train while transport officers looked on from a “safe space” and did nothing. The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph … Continue reading

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A Clovis family won a court case against the California Department of Justice that forces the state agency to return 500 guns it had confiscated from Albert Sheakalee. The CA DOJ raided Sheakalee’s house in 2015, alleging he was listed … Continue reading

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Why you should keep a gun in the bathroom

Cops are seeking information on two burglars caught on camera assaulting and robbing a woman. The robbery took place in Everett, Washington on Thursday, when two men broke into a home in the city 30 miles north of Seattle. The … Continue reading

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