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Right on

This is some high-level hate. A deranged man was so enraged at Barack Obama that he tossed a heavy cinder block through the plate glass window of a Harlem store last month, yanked out a mannequin of the former President, … Continue reading

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So apparently blackface is a thing in Virginia

Virginia’s Attorney General, Democrat Mark Herring, admitted to wearing blackface at a 1980 college party when he was 19-years-old. “In 1980, when I was a 19-year-old undergraduate in college, some friends suggested we attend a party dressed like rappers we … Continue reading

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Them that can’t do, teach

Sergio Herrera, a Chicago police officer, was accused in a 2010 lawsuit of teaming up with another officer to mace and beat a black man for no reason. The man was sitting in his parked car when Herrera’s colleague approached … Continue reading

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Call Pelosi instead and have her take care of it

Border residents in New Mexico say they are hesitant to report suspicious immigration activity to local and federal law enforcement because they fear the Mexican cartels moving drugs or people into the U.S. will retaliate against them. Seven residents who … Continue reading

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And in Russia news:

Numerous photos of evacuations have been posted on social media after Russia was targeted by a massive wave of anonymous bombs threats which saw thousands leave buildings as a precaution. Warnings of explosives planted in the Russian capital, the Moscow … Continue reading

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The Beginner’s Guide to the Huey

The Vietnam War was a helicopter war. Nearly 12,000 helicopters of varying types flew during the conflict, but one model in particular has taken on iconic status. Thanks in large part to the helicopter’s numerous appearances on the silver screen, … Continue reading

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Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

Seventy miles northwest of New York City is a hospital that looks like a prison, its drab brick buildings wrapped in layers of fencing and barbed wire. This grim facility is called the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Institute. It’s one of … Continue reading

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Walls Across America – Celebrity Edition

President Donald Trump has often noted that America’s rich and powerful choose to live behind large walls for protection, much like the wall he is trying to build across the U.S.-Mexico border. Nowhere has that thesis proven truer than in … Continue reading

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Seeing Racism Everywhere

The New York Times isn’t the only outlet claiming white people with soot on their faces are actually portraying “blackface.” For the Times, it was Mary Poppins and the chimney sweepers. For an opinion writer for the Arizona Central, part … Continue reading

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I’d rather suck a dick than accept French citizenship

Three Americans hailed heroes for thwarting a terror attack on a train to Paris, saving hundreds of lives, have been granted French citizenship for their bravery. Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone tackled a jihadist gunman who opened fire … Continue reading

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I wonder if German antifa are as full of shit as their American counterparts?

Radical German Antifa website Indymedia published detailed instructions for assassinating specific AfD politicians as part of the 2019 Euro election campaign. The post was published on Jan. 30 by the Anti-German Antifa Underground (AAU). MORE

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The Ruling Class and an Undeclared Civil War

Over the past 73 years, devoid of any meaningful national misfortune, the American social order has undergone a major transformation. Historically, societies tend to stratify themselves along economic or pre-ordained class lines. The United States has long prided itself on … Continue reading

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Notice how democrats are never indicted?

In a display of raw federal power unseen since Barack Obama rappelled from a Blackhawk helicopter to personally beat Bin Laden to death with an autographed copy of The Audacity of Hope, Roger Stone was arrested at his home by … Continue reading

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I’m sure Luis is behind this somehow

It was meant to highlight a polar vortex sweeping the Midwest and East Coast this week, forcing 220million Americans to contend with temperatures as low as -50F. But unfortunately, this weather forecast ended up emphasizing something else altogether. The WLKY … Continue reading

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I’m sure they can generate one

The Atlantic’s Dick Polman believes the Democrat Party needs a “new massacre” to make gun control “a first-tier story.” MORE -WiscoDave

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Beyond the Stigma: Chronic pain is the other side of the opioid epidemic

Chris Sounia’s spine was crushed and his leg shattered when a drunken driver going the wrong way on I-495 in Massachusetts crashed head-on into the limousine he was driving. Twenty-five years later, Sounia is among the estimated 19.6 million Americans … Continue reading

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Yeah well, military budget cuts and all that…

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Leaking pipes. Moldering walls. Condemned offices and balconies. Plumbing that can’t handle its load and a stormwater system dumping unfiltered rainwater into the Severn River. These aren’t the issues of a long-abandoned factory. They describe the current … Continue reading

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No no, they’re not trying to take your guns

Illinois Democrats have introduced an ambitious gun control bill that would ban the sale or unregistered possession of dozens of firearms labeled as assault weapons. Deerfield Sen. Julie Morrison introduced Senate Bill 107 on Wednesday. It would prohibit a range … Continue reading

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When your butcher gets bored


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Damn, I bet they get all the babes

If it was ever your childhood dream to drive the Wienermobile, and you currently have no occupational and/or familial obligations that would prevent you from finally achieving that dream, Oscar Mayer has a proposition for you. The Kraft Heinz-owned company … Continue reading

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