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THOSE neighbors

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They were just wanting to make sure you stay gone

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Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before

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Thaaaaat close…

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Well, don’t fucking eat there then

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Let it go, man

As Rachel Dolezal tells it in her new book, she’s always colored pictures of herself with a brown crayon – not with a peach-colored one and certainly not with a white one. And as the white girl with freckles and … Continue reading

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I bet Rapunzel doesn’t take escalators

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Isn’t she hitchhiking on the wrong side?

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Uh-oh. You’re fucked.

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They couldn’t just block her?

A pair of 16-year-old Utah boys are facing charges of attempted aggravated murder and aggravated robbery after they lured a 14-year-old girl to a secluded area and shot her in the back of the head — all because she continually … Continue reading

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Today’s forecast: High winds

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As long as you look cool

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Mom’s got some serious explaining to do

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Shit happens

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Somebody’s lookin’ to get their ass beat

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Yeah, good luck with that

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When poo time comes…..

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And in Merry Old England today…

A knife-wielding attacker was shot by armed police in the grounds of Parliament today after pedestrians were mowed down on Westminster Bridge. An intruder with a knife managed to break into the grounds of the Houses of Parliament and stabbed … Continue reading

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Miss Hottie 1968

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