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But he went home safely, right?

The school resource deputy who was on patrol at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14 resigned Thursday after video surveillance showed he never entered the school, even though he “clearly” knew there was a shooting … Continue reading

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Fuck ’em with a mesquite stick

Last November, a 74-year-old rancher and attorney was walking around his ranch just south of Encinal, Texas, when he happened upon a small portable camera strapped approximately eight feet high onto a mesquite tree near his son’s home. The camera … Continue reading

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“I just wanted to see her pee-pee”

ST. LOUIS ( — Missouri governor Eric Greitens was indicted Thursday on one count of invasion of privacy. The charge says Greitens knowingly took a photograph of a woman in a “state of full or partial nudity without the knowledge … Continue reading

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Another failure

CNN’s FOIA of Broward County 911 records has produced a steady stream of scoops about Parkland, Fla. school shooter Nikolas Cruz fleshing out much of what is publicly known about Cruz’s background and the various reports made warning the FBI … Continue reading

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Well, that was quick

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“Hey, fuck you AND those nosy motherfucking neighbors!!!”

A woman torched the home she lost in a divorce and ended up burning 19 neighbors’ homes on the same street, police say. Adrienne Satterly, 41, allegedly piled matresses on the floor of her old marital home in Atlanta, Ga, … Continue reading

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“Fuck ’em”

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he’s considering pulling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers out of California. Why? Because he feels the state is giving his administration “no help” in targeting the violent MS-13 gang, especially in Los … Continue reading

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Maybe she thinks Pedro will stop to bid on the job

Democrats have been pushing this false narrative that President Trump is mentally unfit to hold office, but maybe it’s time we look at Nancy Pelosi’s fitness. And by maybe, I mean definitely. This is the woman who thinks George W. … Continue reading

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Our ‘allies’, huh?

It is well documented that the Australian Labor Party sent staffers to work against Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign. The story was well documented and raised a bit of a stink in Australia because the operatives were funded by … Continue reading

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Damn, talk about making a bold statement…

A man in his 20s crashed his car through the emergency room entrance at Middlesex Hospital Thursday morning and apparently set himself on fire, Mayor Daniel Drew said. Drew said the act was intentional, but he would not speculate on … Continue reading

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Be careful who you boycott

The CEO of X Product’s anti-gun rights rant on Facebook has caused a fair amount of backlash from the 2A community. Unfortunately, Ion Productions, makers of the XM42 flamethrower, is caught in the middle of this debacle . . . … Continue reading

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When they take the old line “Coffee, Tea or Me” seriously…

A man with a knife crawled through the window of a Kent coffee stand early Tuesday to kidnap and sexually assault a bikini barista, police said. Less than a day after police released surveillange footage of the attack and pleaded … Continue reading

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Assault With a Deadly Hot Dog – yup, Florida…

When store employees wouldn’t sell a Florida man a beer, cops say he assaulted them with hot dogs. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says 35-year-old Cavan McDaniel was caught on surveillance video first throwing a hot dog at the people … Continue reading

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Good Morning

I can think of better places to camp. That spot’s too exposed to wind, rain and lightning. Not only that but if there’s a depression in that spot, it’s going to fill with water when the storm does hit.

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A prominent Pittsburgh attorney has been charged with dozens of counts of sexually abusing his dog. According to a police report, witnesses say they heard Ivan DeVoren engaging in sexual activities with his dog, Snoopy, on several … Continue reading

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How Banks Could Control Gun Sales If Washington Won’t

-John Deaux

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You got something against free marinara sauce?

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Oh, the irony…

Conservative commentator Pam Geller revealed on Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday morning that her panel on free speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had been canceled because she refused to remove Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit as a … Continue reading

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Oh, man…

Authorities in northeastern Arkansas are trying to determine the cause of death for two newborn twins whose bodies were discovered inside of a suitcase along a rural road last week. MORE

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I’m gagging here

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