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Unintended Consequences

People trying to conceive a child could be hit by delays to foreign sperm donations under a no-deal Brexit because of additional red tape, technical papers have revealed. Danish semen made up almost half of all non-British male reproductive material … Continue reading

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Again? This time with a happy ending

Volunteers with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona usually aren’t supposed to activate their lights and sirens. But when one eagle-eyed volunteer spotted something strange going on with a semi-truck pulling out of a gas station, he didn’t hesitate … Continue reading

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Pass the salt, please

Doctors have found there is no evidence of a link between high levels of bad cholesterol and heart disease, a study says. And with this claim, a number of leading cardiologists say statins, taken by millions of Brits to tackle … Continue reading

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A shame, she might have been pretty at one time

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Heel, damn it, heel

Police arrested a man Saturday at the York Fair after he allegedly yanked a leash that was attached to his wife’s neck, causing her head to snap back and red marks around her throat, according to charging documents. Walter William … Continue reading

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All loads must be secured

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Fucking Kentucky, man…..

Police in Livingston, Kentucky, said a woman intentionally defecated on an officer to avoid being arrested. Amanda Peters, 26, was arrested around 2 a.m. on Saturday at her home, online records showed. She had been wanted on an outstanding warrant … Continue reading

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My Great-Grandmother had a solution for that

For the past seven years, a family from Taiwan’s Chiayi county had only been able to access their kitchen with rubber boots on or risk getting electrocuted. Even turning on the faucet with their bare hands was a risky affair … Continue reading

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I think I can hold it just a little longer


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Oh yeah, loads of fun

The man, who has not been named, was in a head-to-head battle with UK Chilli Queen Shahina Waseem during a chilli eating contest. He swallowed a Ghost Pepper – one of the world’s hottest – during the fiery competition. Ms … Continue reading

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Texas? TEXAS?

After she says her male friend was suspended for wearing makeup, Jasmine Richards is fighting to change the rules for future students at her high school in Pearland, Texas. “I’m really big on self-expression, especially when it comes to being … Continue reading

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Check out the dude with his phone tucked into his drawers like he’s expecting a call that’s more important than getting paddled by a black chick.

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Meanwhile, in Merry Old England…

Police are being warned not to say “good egg” out of fear it could be seen as being racist – but one caller who owns a shop bearing the phrase as its name says why he won’t be in a … Continue reading

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A vision of hell

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The Big Picture


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Next thing you know they’ll be issuing jizz rags

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One log load – almost like the old days

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When John Force was your kids’ bus driver

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Anybody got a blowtorch?

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PsychoChicks – We’ve all had ’em

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