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Looks like a pizza party to me

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Hey, everybody likes a change of diet now and again

A rural village in Escourt‚ KwaZulu-Natal‚ is abuzz with allegations of black magic‚ muti and cannibalism after four men‚ one of whom is a traditional healer‚ stand accused of murdering a woman and eating parts of her body. The group … Continue reading

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And in Chicago news…

At least 63 individuals were shot and eight were killed over the weekend in gun-controlled Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune, over half the shootings occurred within “13 hours from Saturday to early Sunday.” This was followed by the shooting … Continue reading

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So you only drive your (ahem) car every other day?

Electric car owners have been warned that if they attempt to boil a kettle while charging their car it will blow the fuse. The National Grid expressed concerns that an average size 3.5kW battery charger would take 19 hours to … Continue reading

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He tried to drink the liquid explosives???

A Houston man has been charged with trying to plant explosives at the statue of Confederate officer Richard Dowling in Hermann Park, federal officials said Monday. Andrew Schneck, 25, who was released from probation early last year after being convicted … Continue reading

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Can’t have everything your way, Snowflake

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Oregon has long been predicted to be a scene of major eclipse traffic jams, and even by Sunday, that was proving to be true: The Oregon National Guard was called in to Madras, a small agricultural city in the sunny … Continue reading

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Hmmm, Summer’s Eve douche, Island Splash, I think

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“This beautiful home comes complete with a corpse”

A Florida real estate agent and clients discovered human remains on a property in a rural town 30 miles west of Orlando, it was reported on Sunday. Local deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene, … Continue reading

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So your views are now your landlord’s concern?

A Manhattan landlord is trying to evict a tenant for displaying two Confederate flags in the windows of his East Village apartment. The court papers argue that tenant Will Green, who lives in a rent-regulated $1,141 apartment on East Eighth … Continue reading

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Lane Luck

I woke up this morning to a beautiful clear sky, not a cloud to be seen, probably the first totally clear sky I’ve seen since we moved here. Twenty minutes before the eclipse is supposed to start, and the clouds … Continue reading

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225 year old Columbus monument in Baltimore vandalized

Baltimore’s 225-year-old monument to Christopher Columbus, said to be the oldest in the country and the world dedicated to the explorer that is still standing, has been severely vandalized. A video posted today shows someone smashing the inscription at the … Continue reading

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227 pounds of titties

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No remorse, no accepting of responsibility

The California teen who admitted to live-streaming a brutal car crash that killed her 14-year-old sister said she realizes the video made her look like a ‘monster’. Obdulia Sanchez, 18, was charged with driving under the influence and gross vehicular … Continue reading

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Making a clean sweep

Protesters gathered in New York’s Central Park on Saturday to demand the removal of a statue of a 19th century doctor who conducted experiments on African American women slaves. A bronze likeness of Dr. James Marion Sims stands at the … Continue reading

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Your Laugh of the Day

Go HERE, click on ‘Hours, Location and Staff’ in the quick links on the left, and read the bios. Be sure to read the captions under the pictures – it sounds like somebody’s narrating a fashion show. Do NOT have … Continue reading

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SAN JOSE — Amid neighborhood backlash, city leaders have pared back one of San Jose’s most creative ideas for housing its thousands of homeless — erecting shed-like “tiny homes” for them — from 99 potential sites to just four. The … Continue reading

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To where?

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Kinda earlier for a foot fetish, ain’t it?

Either that or she stepped in ice cream.

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Somebody’s wife put a lot of thought into that


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