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Yeah, that lip paint will make you attractive

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Should’ve buried Fluffy just a little deeper

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How to make men keep their distance

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‘nother one

A new sexual identity has surfaced in the Bay Area, known as “asexual.” The individuals who identify with this orientation say do not have sexual attraction to other people. “Some people may be interested in other genders. Some people may … Continue reading

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Something for you to think about the rest of the evening

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And he can’t figure out why his sandals keep slipping off

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If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them

SPENCER COUNTY, Ind. – A southern Indiana animal shelter is under investigation after an employee said she was told to freeze cats alive to euthanize them. Bridget Woodson, a former employee at the Spencer County Animal Shelter, said her boss … Continue reading

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No no no FUCK NO

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Wanna hear me scream like a little girl?

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PsychoChicks – We’ve all had ’em

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Must’ve really needed that sugar fix

A Montana man who was accused of filling his water cup with soda at a fast food restaurant has been arrested and charged with multiple misdemeanors and a felony. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says police were called … Continue reading

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And now you know…

Seems to work, but maybe I was just getting lucky.

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Try explaining that to Mom and Dad

An Israeli high school student was caught exposing his buttocks during a Holocaust education trip to the Majdanek death camp site in Poland, prompting organizers to send him, and another student, home early. The incident, which was captured on security … Continue reading

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Still think you need that second cup of coffee?

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Holy shit

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Damn, talk about not letting shit go…

A Utah man crashed a small plane into his house early Monday and died, police said. The pilot was identified as Duane Youd, who was released from jail hours before the crash. Payson Police Sgt. Noemi Sandoval told reporters the … Continue reading

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They don’t check this shit out when they license her?

Parents went to pick up their toddler from “Tiny Toes” day care on Friday evening when they were not able to get in touch with the babysitter, according to a blotter report from the Colorado Springs Police Department. The parents … Continue reading

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I spy…

A researcher at UC Berkeley noticed something strange when she had Location History disabled. Her phone requested she rate a recent visit to Kohl’s, which prompted her to ask on her blog, “So how did Google Maps know where I … Continue reading

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Lazy fucks

My ex used to get pissed when we went to the doctor’s office and I’d take the stairs while she took the elevator – to the second floor. “You make me look like I’m lazy.” Nooo, YOU make you look … Continue reading

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