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Looks like somebody bombed the shit of it

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Back to that shit again

(CNN) — It’s been debated for years: Are eggs good or bad for you? People who eat an added three or four eggs a week or 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol per day, have a higher risk of both heart … Continue reading

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What. the. fuck.

A Baltimore woman walked onto a Cherry Hill playground late Thursday afternoon, struck up a conversation with a boy she didn’t know, then opened fire on the boy and his mother, police say. Nichole George, 31, of the 900 block … Continue reading

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Crankin’ em on out

Defying remarkable odds of one in 4.7 billion, Thelma Chiaka delivered her sextuplets between 4.50am and 4.59am on Friday at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston. MORE

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Oh, come on – show pictures of the ‘kids’

Nine teens were arrested Friday after a disturbance at a middle school basketball tournament in Washington state in which as many as 70 teenagers closed in around three deputies, authorities said. Deputies from 33 law enforcement units eventually responded to … Continue reading

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“Let me work for free or I’ll kill you”

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A Lancaster County man threatened to shoot people at an assisted living facility because he wasn’t allowed to volunteer there, police said. MORE -Robbie

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He’s evidently not married

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Bass bait

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Good thing your pants were already down

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“Please tell me he lost a bet”

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Texting while walking through the bar, right?

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Splinters, bro

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What the fuck is wrong with this world?

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Just say no

Want a little kick with your whiskey? If so you’ll be elated to hear that Tabasco barrels are about to get a second life in the best way possible, aging whiskey. According to a press release, George Dickel Tennessee Whisky … Continue reading

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I’d park right next to the asshole

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Beware the brown mist

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Diversity Through Disease

NEW YORK (AP) — Add self-flagellation to the list of ways to get a dangerous viral blood infection. Researchers said Wednesday that they were initially puzzled how 10 British men had become infected with a little-known virus, because the men … Continue reading

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Seriously, just how good can Domino’s wings be?

St. Paul, Minn. (WCCO) — A customer at a St. Paul Domino’s is accused of pulling a gun on store employees after they neglected to include her chicken wings with her order. Officers say they responded to a report of … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Preppers

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I’m bustin’ a chubbie right now

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