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And now you know…..

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Damn, get a fucking room, people

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Cooter cleaner

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Well, they say there’s somebody for everybody…

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Listen to yourself

Inside this small room — lined on all six sides with deep, fiberglass spikes — there is no background noise. No sounds from the street, the vents, the outside world. Only silence. But in that silence, many visitors find their … Continue reading

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So was it a bomb, a hoax or somebody’s lunch?

The FBI is investigating the “suspicious package” and bomb threats that caused an evacuation at one of Virginia’s oldest, largest, and longest-running Civil War reenactments, Saturday. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office shut the event down after a visitor found a … Continue reading

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Some things never change

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Finally got that big boy haircut

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Taco Bell, right?

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You gotta admit, that’s a great shot

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I was thinking California, maybe Florida at first

Yes, I realize it’s Europe as so many of you were quick to point out in the comments. The caption was rephrased wrong, it should’ve read “At first I was thinking California, maybe Florida”. There, how’s that?

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You might as well be comfortable, right?

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Hell, we had a bumper crop of corn worms this year

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All righty then…

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I’m gagging

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Hell, I thought she was beyond shame

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda has a lot to be ashamed of, but it took her complicity-via-silence with Harvey Weinstein’s alleged serial molestation of young women to finally get her to admit she is ashamed of herself. MORE -JD

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And not a phone in sight…..

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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So what are they going to do about it?

Congress was warned Thursday that North Korea is capable of attacking the U.S. today with a nuclear EMP bomb that could indefinitely shut down the electric power grid and kill 90 percent of “all Americans” within a year. At a … Continue reading

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