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Unloader, not so much

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True Love will never let you down

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I’m guessing somebody’s wife came home unexpectedly

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At least she’s wearing a helmet

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PsychoChicks – We’ve all had ’em

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I don’t know whether to smack the kid or the parents

My ex used to have a saying: “Smack the parents and the kid will straighten right up.” It was probably the most intelligent thing to ever come out of her mouth.

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Damn, you’re looking mighty butch today

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Making his displeasure known

If you find yourself doing a double-take while driving down Route 128 between Westford and Fairfax — yes, that is a seven-foot-tall sculpture of a raised middle finger, carved from a 700-pound block of pine and perched atop a 16-foot … Continue reading

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Oh yeah, every man’s desire…..

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After seeing her picture, I’d have passed too

A “very violent” mohawked Missouri woman clobbered her live-in lover as she demanded he perform oral sex on her, the victim and authorities said. Amy Nicole Parrino, 43, was busted on charges of domestic assault and sexual abuse for the … Continue reading

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The Day Mrs Gieszinger Flipped The Fuck Out

O say can you shear? A deranged teacher in a California public charter school cut a student’s hair while dramatically shouting the national anthem, shocking video shows. “What so proudly we hail!” an off-key and inaccurate Margaret Gieszinger, 52, belts … Continue reading

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess Walmart

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The Life of the Party

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Looks like Charlene got a little splash on her face

A 61-year-old woman in Cincinnati has been arrested after dumping hot grease on another woman during an argument, police said. Charlene Thompson is facing charges of felonious assault after the attack on Sunday at a residence in the 5100 block … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace

A fuller picture of a cemetery in ghastly disarray emerged Thursday as the longtime caretaker of a graveyard in Connecticut’s largest city was arrested and officials described in new detail shocking discoveries that included human bones and casket pieces scattered … Continue reading

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“But they’re so cute and cuddly!”

If the words of the director at a wildlife rehab center do not register, maybe the pictures she posted will. The images show scratches, cuts and scarred flesh. The injuries occurred because Emilie Nelson, who runs North Carolina Wildlife Rehab, … Continue reading

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Suspended from University of North Texas for… owning a gun?

Temple, TX – -( Brandon Masin is a 25-year-old student at the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law. He is the founder of the law school’s chapter of The Federalist Society, the only conservative student organization on … Continue reading

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When you don’t pay your rent on time

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — Police say a man held another man at gunpoint, bound him to a chair and then told him he could choose between death in the desert or having a nail hammered through his genitals. According to charging … Continue reading

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Talk about a sticky situation

Consider this the International House of Mistakes. A landscaper smeared himself in maple syrup during a break while working at a Connecticut home to watch porn and then secretly recorded himself having sex with a female co-worker when she joined … Continue reading

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So Mr Allen’s a fucking communist then, huh?

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