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What could possibly go wrong?

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I’ve bought drugs from this dude before

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So you’re not real bright…

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Oh well, it was nice while it lasted

A longtime spokesman for the state court system accidentally butt-dialed a Post reporter — yukking it up about how “I barely show up to work” while pocketing a $166,000-plus salary and boosting his taxpayer-funded pension. After speaking by cellphone with … Continue reading

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I bet she’s frigid – second groaner of the day

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So Right Wingers can start beating people with dreads?

This Colorado man is avowedly not a neo-Nazi. But he believes his long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides haircut got him mistaken for one — and nearly stabbed to death by a confused anti-fascist. Joshua Witt, 26, escaped his brush with hairdo-doom with a … Continue reading

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Well, this is fucked up

Jennifer Dailey opted to have her stillborn daughter cremated two years ago, and has been reeling from the loss ever since. When she finally worked up to looking inside the urn, according to WTAE-TV, she discovered that her daughter’s cremains … Continue reading

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Yeah yeah yeah…..

(CNN) – North Korea warned Sunday that the upcoming US-South Korea military exercises are “reckless behavior driving the situation into the uncontrollable phase of a nuclear war.” Pyongyang also declared that its army can target the United States anytime, and … Continue reading

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Fast food – go ahead and groan

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I feel safer already!

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“We must destroy the village to save it”

While Antifa members don’t fit a single category, they say many are millennials and many live on society’s fringes: undocumented immigrants, transgender people, low-wage workers, those who don’t conform to the traditional 9-to-5. And their methods are often violent. Antifa … Continue reading

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Nothing like having your kid share your perversions

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Looks like the jedburgers are in town

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And in Florida news…..

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – A Delray Beach man wasn’t happy that a nearby McDonald’s didn’t have any ice cream, so he pulled out a replica AR-15 rifle while he waited in the drive-thru line, police said. Jerry Henry was arrested … Continue reading

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Wait… what? Joanie On A Pony? Seriously?

Another day, yet another statue of a military hero is reportedly under fire. This figure astride a horse was vandalized with the spray-painted words “Tear It Down.” Who was this historical figure? General Lee? Stonewall Jackson? Nathan Bedford Forrest? MORE

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Take a picture, it lasts longer

I saw  a video a few weeks ago where a guy got caught perving on a woman and she kicked the living shit out of him.  

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Who doesn’t like midget porn?

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Oh wait, maybe that’s California – they were running about 4 bucks a dozen when we left. Here they’re about a dollar a dozen.

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Ben Carson’s a white nationalist?

Maxine Waters’s latest rant against Donald Trump and his administration was so unhinged, it amounted to word spittle that could be heard on any street corner in L.A. Appearing before the Los Angeles Community Review Board, Waters launched into Trump, … Continue reading

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