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Nice. Real nice.

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Why you’ll never see a live cat on my property

Lisa loves birds and we’ve got several bird feeders and quite a few places that I won’t disturb during nesting season. We’ve got quite a few varieties here – bluebirds, robins, cardinals, dove, blackbirds, swallows, hummingbirds and the occasional buzzard … Continue reading

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I got nothin’ here

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Might as well get comfortable

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Look Ma, no cavities!

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“Go make your bed before you go out”

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Time to play the “Guess The Race” game

CHARLOTTE, NC – Inside the Mecklenburg County Jail, Zerrell Fuentes came up with a plan to have his wife, mother and three underage girls help him make bail, prosecutors say. Now all three members of the Charlotte family face an … Continue reading

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Looks like Oakland needs a Bernhard Goetz

(CBS SF) — Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train were robbed, and in some cases beaten, when dozens of juveniles stormed aboard the train and forced them to give up their property, police said. The incident happened at … Continue reading

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A man’s nightmare – a woman who really never forgets a damned thing

A woman has opened up about her astonishing ability where she can remember virtually every single detail of her life since she was 12 days old. Rebecca Sharrock, from Brisbane, has Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) – a rare condition … Continue reading

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Who in the hell would name their dog Harrison?

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It’s catching on with middle aged white dudes too

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Yeah, you might want to re-think that

SEOUL, April 23 (Reuters) – North Korea said on Sunday it was ready to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military might, as two Japanese navy ships joined a U.S. carrier group for exercises in the western Pacific. … Continue reading

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Evidently there’s a whorehouse ahead

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Modern relationships

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Herding cattle in a car again, huh?

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See? There’s some good in everything bad

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Now Kimmy’s threatening China

Having repeatedly threatened the annihilation of its neightbor to the south, and most recently warning of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” against the US, one day after it emerged that Pyongyang appeared to have resumed activity at its Punggye-ri Nuclear test … Continue reading

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Granny looks so proud

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