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At $749, you’re good to go

As demographic change sweeps away Anglo-rule from Texas, the erosion of the Anglo-American heritage of the judicial system is swift. Black Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot, who ran on a platform of ending mass incarceration (i.e. stopping police from arresting … Continue reading

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How dare you assume its species?

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Frankenstein Designer Kids

Puberty-blocking drugs, mastectomies, vaginal surgery and fake penises – all with zero chance of reversal – these are just some of the radical experimental methods being used on children. The madness must stop. Imagine that you are the parent of … Continue reading

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So much for that Happy Meal

An 88-year-old grandfather was eating with his grandson at a McDonald’s in Palmdale, California, on Sunday when a naked man came in and stabbed the elderly man, deputies said. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the naked man had … Continue reading

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She may be fucked and too stupid to realize it

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Smoothing out that ride

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Priorities, hon

Ella Dorsey, a weather presenter for Atlanta’s CBS46, said she was bombarded with “death threats” after cutting into Tiger Woods’ Masters victory to make a tornado warning. The network cut into several minutes of live coverage, splitting the screen and … Continue reading

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Pimp my ride

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Just checked ’em, thanks anyway

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The fraying edges of universal health care

If you’re wondering what Democrats have in mind when they tout “Medicare For All,” look no further than England. There are more reports of the U.K.’s National Health System’s collapse, this time featuring horror stories of rationing care for the … Continue reading

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Dumb Idea

The U.S. Army’s top officials on Tuesday had to defend the service’s decision to stop buying CH-47 Chinook helicopters to pay for futuristic aircraft and other modernization programs. MORE -Rurik

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Gittin’ him some of that pussy

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“GO FAST!!!”

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One if by land, two if by sea

The flooding Mississippi River wasn’t enough to stop a man from his home burglary attempt last week, according to a Facebook post from the St. Charles County Police Department in Missouri. MORE

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Pussywhipped dumbass

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Russian babes…

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Keeping up with the Jones

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Well, so much for his sex life

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — A man now living in Indiana is suing his parents after he says they destroyed his valuable porn collection. FOX 17 is choosing to identify the plaintiff in this story as “Charlie,” as this is a … Continue reading

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Oughta work

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