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Maingun has become a major presence in our community of Patriots with his handling of the III to III Patriot Plates.
His store also carries many more items that you may want/need/gotta have, so to view his online store go to:
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Some bio about us:
Maingun started in 2007 in South Carolina. Small businessman who started selling military surplus stuff at gun shows. We’re in the Western part of the State, home of the old 96th District. Lots of good history in the area with modern day lessons on how small groups of dedicated folks can make a difference. Our county produced 10 Governors, in a state where the rich power brokers are all in the east. The battle of 96 was the first ground battle in the South in the revolutionary war. The Star Fort still exists. Two major battles, once with the good guys on the inside and once with the good guys on the outside. Oddly enough, all of the folks who fought in the battle on both sides were born in the colonies! No Brits involved!

When the wife retired a couple of years ago, we decided to add internet sales to our store. She’s the webmistress and it drives her crazy. She’s good at it though and it’s working.

In March of 2012, a big building opened up in Augusta, GA, and the rent was reasonable so we opened a physical store too. Our market niche is that we sell genuine military surplus. No aftermarket crap.

My guiding military principle is that I won’t sell something for more than I would pay for it. We live the lifestyle too, so I know what it should be worth. Sometimes this means we are out of stuff. No big deal though. I wouldn’t buy an ammo can for $20-$25 for sometimes we don’t have them. We’ll get them again.

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I have always had a problem with the Army’s ceramic plates for normal folks. They are fragile as hell. I’ve got stacks of them that break from dropping, from putting something heavy on them, you name it. Something that breaks with one hit is not a good idea for the resistance.

I’ve looked at steel plates. Expensive and I wasn’t sure how good they were. The AR-500 stuff always made me suspicious. I could never find a Mil-Spec on the stuff. I figured the military probably buys more armor than anyone, so if they weren’t interested in it, then something must be wrong with it. When I finally got a steel company to talk to me, I asked about AR-500 versus this Mil-A-46100E. They started laughing at me. They told me that AR-500 is not made as ballistic anything. It’s claim to fame is that it is abrasion resistant. Usually used for the decks of ships and floors of armored vehicles! I didn’t want that. I wanted the strongest ballistic armor possible and my target goal was to get a set out there for $100. We did it.

I found Dave’s story about his adventures with a 4×8 sheet of steel. I thought I’d try it. Dave was great. Sent me all the info he had, sent me the template for cutting the stuff up, was very friendly. Real people as they say.

Then the problems started. No one would sell me the steel. Some folks told me that the government had restrictions on it. One place told me that I had to buy an 8 foot by 19 foot sheet and pay shipping from Canada! Finally found a place in Florida that would sell it to me and cut it up professionally. Only problem was that I had to buy almost two tons of the stuff!

Well, we decided to go ahead with it. Finding the money was a challenge, but we did it. And we put the word out. Folks like you and others put the word out perhaps a little too quickly. Enthusiasm is great, but I didn’t have the steel yet and got 30-40 emails a day asking for information on how to get the plates!

And then the fun with the steel folks. I said they were out of Florida. While that is true, their warehouse is in West Virginia, and they ship the raw steel to a local factory on the other side of Atlanta to do the final cuts. Well, the steel never got delivered to the Georgia plant. Long story short, I ended up calling the CEO of the Corporation and pleaded my case. They worked all night and finished them at 0530 in the morning! The side plates were still warm when they showed up at our store! I had to load some of them up to take to a gun show that we had already paid for, and we got back Sunday night.

Packing and shipping the plates was “fun”. Didn’t screw up too bad. One guy that ordered two sets got one set (he complained – rightly so) and someone else got two sets when he ordered one set (haven’t heard from him yet). We shipped two packages twice (post office caught that and brought them back). Wife was wore out. She told me that it was good that she was all wore out because otherwise she would kill me.

But the plates are out there. 141 sets out to Patriots.

I am really proud of this product.

Along the way, folks started to ask about plate carriers and such. All I had was the military vests. So, I decided to get a dealership with Condor and Fox and see how cheap we could get vests to Patriots. We’ve got that now too. Dave and I both agree that III to III may be a way to broker our purchasing power and get stuff we all need and want at a cheaper price than is possible elsewhere.

One of the most frustrating things I deal with at our store is all of the folks that have come to prepping late in the game. I’m glad that they have finally seen the light, but there sure are a lot of companies out there that are taking advantage of folk. Wise foods comes to mind immediately. I spend more time educating folks than I do selling to folks. Try to teach them on how to do the right things for less and how not to waste their money on crap. Like I said earlier, we live the lifestyle too. We offer free classes on stuff and I love to see the lights go off in people’s eyes when they realize that they did something that they never thought possible.

Her’s a sample of some of our feedback. It’s a page out of our “Tac Tips” that I send out regularly. Not sales flyers, just good information to help folks.



Doc & Terri
Maingun LLC
706 772 5150
“Genuine Military Surplus”

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