Tolerance and shit


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I’m outta here

We’re headed down to Shiloh today so comment moderation won’t be until later this evening. I know, it sucks that I have a life, huh?
It should be interesting as hell – the only battle site I’ve been to was Vicksburg back in 1976 and we were traveling across the States at the time, so it was a quick tour to say the least.
I’ve also never been a student of the War. The only kind of history that I can really get into is hands-on shit – I want to be able to go to the place, eyeball the terrain, put my hands in the dirt – and there weren’t a whole lot of Civil War battles fought in California.
I’ll post pictures later this week.

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Yeah, no shit, huh?


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Angel goes the the waterpark


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I’d forgotten how ridiculous that shit looked


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Gun porn


-Mr Smith

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On This Day

In 1863
In the aftermath of his defeat at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Confederate General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The letter came more than a month after Lee’s retreat from Pennsylvania. At first, many people in the South wondered if in fact Lee had lost the battle. Lee’s intent had been to drive the Union army from Virginia, which he did. The Army of the Potomac suffered over 28,000 casualties, and the Union army’s offensive capabilities were temporarily disabled. But the Army of Northern Virginia absorbed 23,000 casualties, nearly one-third of its total. As the weeks rolled by and the Union army reentered Virginia, it became clear that the Confederacy had suffered a serious defeat at Gettysburg. As the press began to openly speculate about Lee’s leadership, the great general reflected on the campaign at his headquarters in Orange Courthouse, Virginia.

The modest Lee took the failure at Gettysburg very personally. In his letter to Davis, he wrote, “I have been prompted by these reflections more than once since my return from Pennsylvania to propose to Your Excellency the propriety of selecting another commander for this army… No one is more aware than myself of my inability for the duties of my position. I cannot even accomplish what I myself desire… I, therefore, in all sincerity, request your Excellency to take measure to supply my place.”

Lee not only seriously questioned his ability to lead his army, he was also experiencing significant physical fatigue. He might also have sensed that Gettysburg was his last chance to win the war. Regardless, President Davis refused the request. He wrote, “To ask me to substitute you by someone… more fit to command, or who would possess more of the confidence of the army… is to demand an impossibility.”

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I wonder how long those little wheels will last?

Lan gif

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Nasty fuckers

acid_picdump_22 (1)

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Damn, that would’ve hurt


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Pretty proud of that, huh?


And if she saw that, it was probably your last blow job from her.

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Just hurry up and sign your damned name


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Meanwhile, in East LA…..


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Straight up White Trash, God bless ’em


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And you thought your job was boring


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The Red Door

“Oh fuck” my barracks room door came flying open “you’re not going to believe this shit!” My roomie Bill Pearce was excited. He went over to my locker and grabbed a bottle of Jack and took a big healthy swig and then offered me a drink of my own whiskey.
“Nah, I’m cool. What ain’t I gonna believe?”
He took another shot. “You know Trina? The hot blonde with legs all the way up to here? The one that Smitty (name changed to protect the innocent) over in Alpha company’s stone cold in love with?”
“Yeah, he told me the other day they were moving in together.” I’d met her a couple of times, seemed like a nice girl. Nice ass.
“NO!!! Oh shit…” Bill was a Joisey Boy and got animated when he got excited. “Man. Dude. Bro. I was down at the Red Door tonight…” and he was barely able to keep his laughter in. The Red Door was the cathouse downtown.
My jaw dropped. “She’s working??? Are you fucking serious? Holy shit. What floor?” The Red Door was 3 stories high. The cheaper (and uglier) girls were on the 1st, prices went up with each floor – you get the picture.
“Third” He pulled his pipe out of his pocket and packed it full of hash. “Hey, what should I do? He needs to know, but fuck, how do you tell somebody something like that?” He fired up his bowl and took a healthy toke before he was finished laughing, inducing a major coughing fit.
I was shaking my head. “Are you absolutely positively sure it was her? I mean, beyond a shadow of a doubt? You got a real good look at her?” I didn’t want to worry about something that might not even be a problem. I mean Trina looked like about a million other German girls – tall and blonde and hot.
“She greeted me by name, bro.”

A couple nights later, Bill walks in and flops down in his chair and announced “Well, he knows” and looked at me with an expectant look on his face.
“Yeah? Did you tell him or did somebody else?”
“I took him out and got him all fucked up and took him to the whorehouse.”
Fucking Billy….


That whorehouse was a fixture around town. The turks ran it, there was nothing but trouble around it and as it was once explained to me by a German policeman who was interviewing me after an incident there, “it’s an embarrassment to the community but prostitution is legal in Germany”.

There was a bar around the corner where you could buy a flat and nasty Cluss 5 dollar beer and watch porn. Right next to that was a place that roasted whole chickens and sold them to the bar crowd. Their property had 2 mean assed Dobermans that’s bitten more than one drunken GI that leaned against the fence to eat his chicken. Shit, I used to buy an extra chicken to flip over the fence hoping those damned dogs would choke on a chicken bone. Fuckers.

We all used to spend some time at the Red Door after we’d copped a pretty good buzz. It was near our favorite bars so you pretty much had to pass the building when you headed home. And of course you always always always had to take a new guy through on his welcoming 10 cent tour around town. That was always a good time – here you’ve got some kid that’s never been away from fucking Iowa or someplace and now he’s fucked up on 3 beers and we’re taking him to his very first whorehouse. Special times, memories… But yeah, we’d walk him through and show him all the ladies, get his dick all hard upstairs then take him back down to the first floor and get him laid (cheaper on the first floor, remember?) just so he’d have a good army memory to tell his grandkids someday.

I knew a young lady that worked there. Single mother, going to school during the day and supported herself by prostitution. I had met her away from the establishment and were friends. We were talking one night in a gasthaus and she told me once her education was done, so was she. She was moving to a new town and starting a new life. One day she told me good-bye and I never saw her again.
It always embarrassed me when I saw her there. There were a couple of times when the newby was getting laid I’d pay her for her time, she’d shut the door, slip on a robe and we’d play a quick game of backgammon. Not only would she beat me but the damned game cost me 30 bucks.

I could probably come up with a dozen good stories about the Red Door and vicinity including the one where I got my back broke in a fight just around the corner, but the Trina story is by far my favorite. Billy said that while the authorities weren’t notified, business was disrupted that night. Yeah, I bet it was.

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Whoops, my bad


WASHINGTON — Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul F. Zukunft has sent a scathing rebuke to the other services entitled “Our Birthday Was Thursday, Thanks For Noticing,” according to sources.

Despite ramping up publicity efforts The United States Coast Guard’s birthday passed without fanfare from the general public.

“We started posting a lot of Facebook type stuff about a week in advance,” said Zukunft. “There is absolutely no excuse as to why it was not shared by at least the Navy.”

“So, I sent them a memo, and I copied the Secretary’s of Defense, Homeland Security, and Interior. We do stuff on inland waterways, too.”

Grand Haven, Michigan, the held the nation’s only parade to honor the Coast Guard birthday. A single ride-on lawn mower painted in bold colors with a Coast Guard emblem led a small parade for an enthusiastic crowd of more than 19 people.

“We at first thought that there might be a surprise party or something planned for us” said Master Chief Steven W. Cantrell, the senior enlisted advisor to the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

“When Thursday August 4th came around and we really saw nothing, we knew no one really cared.”

On the same day the Coast Guard commemorated its birthday, President Obama celebrated his 55th birthday.

“It also didn’t help that our birthday was on the same day as President Obama’s,” said Vice Commandant Admiral Charles D. Michel. “That’s pretty pretentious and unpatriotic to steal the limelight on our birthday.”

“Thanks, Obama.”

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I loved 3rd grade…


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It’s gonna be a Hank III evening

False Hearted Lovers Blues
Classic Hank III here. I love this song.

Alone & Dying
Damned if that boy don’t sound like his granddaddy.

Lord Take My Pain
Wayne Hancock does this song too and I’m not sure which version I like best.

Smoke & Wine
A nice acoustic take here. Check out the kid on the banjo, his expression never changes, even at the end of the song. I have a feeling that boy ain’t hooked up right.

My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
Here’s Hank III doing one of Hank’s songs, wearing one of Hank’s suits. Dead ringer, huh?

Thank God for Outlaw Country.

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