Blue Monster, 4 way hit, listen to the lights

And if you’ve never done good LSD, that title makes absolutely no sense to you.

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I swear I’ll never drink again


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WiscoDave’s BFF


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We’ve all known ’em


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Anybody got a spider?


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Shouldn’t have teased him, huh?

hundebiss gif

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Cheer up. It’s Friday.


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Oh, you poor man. You poor,poor man…..


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Smart move on Officer Friendly’s part

Arby’s said it has apologized to Florida’s Pembroke Pines Police Department after an employee at one of the fast-food chain’s locations allegedly refused to serve one of the department’s police officers.

Pembroke Pines police says one of their officers was initially refused service at an Arby’s location in town on Tuesday evening when trying to order food at the restaurant’s drive-thru. The officer was in uniform and in a police vehicle, according to a police report filed on the incident.

The drive-thru clerk, who was identified as Kenneth Davenport, 19, sounded “short” with the officer when he or she was ordering, the police report says. Police would not divulge the name of the complaining officer.

When the officer drove to the pickup window, the store manager, Angel Mirabel, told the officer that the clerk “doesn’t want to serve you because you are a police officer.” Mirabel had to order Davenport to process the officer’s credit card.

The officer expressed displeasure and concern about the safety of the food to the manager. Mirabel also allegedly told the officer that the clerk “has the right to refuse to serve” you. The officer felt “uncertain” about the safety of the food and was given a refund.

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bird gif

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Court ordered?


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Babe magnet for sure


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The Great Sammy Speaks

From Kerodin:

Of course there are eyes inside my wire. There are eyes inside all our wires. That is why we feed them dye packs. That is also why my enemies have only insinuations, half-truths, gratuitous assertions, and convenient omissions – and not one single person who can show proof that K somehow wronged them.

How about your Founders? Where’s the money, Sammy? What about all the people that bought leased into the Citadel? Where’s the money, Sammy? WHAT ABOUT MY FUCKING HOODIE, SAMMY? I ORDERED AN EXTRA LARGE AND GOT A FUCKING LARGE A YEAR LATER. HUH?

See, that’s the problem. You’ve fed so many people dye packs, insinuations, half truths, gratuitous assertions and convenient omissions that nobody knows what to believe when you open your mouth.
Fuck, I love it when Sammy writes my shit for me.

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Kentucky clerk jailed for her beliefs

ASHLAND, Ky. — Five of six deputies in the office of a Kentucky county clerk found in contempt of court and jailed Thursday for her refusal to issue marriage licenses in wake of the Supreme Court decision to allow gays to wed say they will process the paperwork starting Friday.


I bet Kerodin’s having a real hard time with this. On one hand she’s an Enemy of Liberty because she takes a government check but on the other she’s telling the government to fuck off because of her beliefs.
It’s not all cut and dried, is it Sammy?

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Board babe


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Kilted to Kick Cancer donation links

Okay, I’ve gotten several emails from folks that were confused on how to contribute their one lousy dollar (hint hint) to the Kilted To Kick Cancer drive that we’re pushing.

I’m going to make it easy and provide the link for you:
Click on a donation amount tab, hit the ‘Contribute’ button, pick Team Dragon from the drop down menu, then follow the prompts.
It’s that easy. You can even pay using Paypal.

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George Patton strikes again

I gotta tell you, the way he writes reminds me of Ol’ Remus of the excellent but now defunct Woodpile Repost.

His latest blog entry HERE

And then this from a regular reader:

Georgie Patton exposed a lie,
Told the truth and made K cry
When the III had their say,
Hellesponte ran away.


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Well, I don’t know about you but I ain’t impressed


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Apparently Angel ain’t alone

Either that or she was the one that added the text to that picture.

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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time


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