And yet another use


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Give her a break, she’s new at this


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Me and my guys

.me and the boys

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Fuck the feds

Remember when the Justice Department announced last year that it would be launching some pilot programs devoted to “countering violent extremism”? Now Rep. Michael McCaul wants to create a federal Office of Coordination for Countering Violent Extremism and house it at the Department of Homeland Security. Under the Texas Republican’s Countering Violent Extremism Act, introduced late last week, the new bureau would be responsible for a range of activities, including “identifying risk factors that contribute to violent extremism in communities in the United States,” “assessing the methods used by violent extremists to disseminate propaganda and messaging to communities at risk for radicalization and recruitment,” and “establishing a counter-messaging program” to push back against extremist ideas. The office would receive $10 million a year for the next five years, and a new post—the “assistant secretary for countering violent extremism”—would be created to run it.

The bill is worded broadly enough to attract support both from liberals worried about domestic right-wing terror and from conservatives (such as McCaul) whose chief fear is jihad. That’s because it rests on a belief that has taken hold in both parties: that fighting “radicalization” is a good way to root out terrorism….. MORE

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Flaunt it if you got it, Mom.


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Probably charged with a hate crime too


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I feel ya, son


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Rock that shit, Shorty!

........rock that shit

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Angel goes to the beach


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My first book


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Fucking tweekers…..

A mother was arrested at Vintage Faire Mall on Tuesday on suspicion of shoplifting with her 4-year-old son.

The 24-year-old woman was in the JC Penney department store with her child on Tuesday afternoon when she allegedly put about $100 worth of merchandise in her purse, according to Modesto Police Department spokeswoman Heather Graves.

The suspect was confronted by two loss-prevention officers when she tried to leave the store, and a struggle ensued. She allegedly bit both officers while trying to escape, Graves said.

The woman eventually was handcuffed and and put into a room with her son. There, she convinced the boy to open the door so she could escape, Graves said.

The loss-prevention officers again caught the woman, identified as Desiree Servin.

Servin was arrested on suspicion of robbery and possession of methamphetamine. Her son was released to the custody of a relative.

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“And he was in Paradise before his head hit the ceiling…”


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A Chinese Wirecutter…

picdump-13-05-10-106Looks asian to me.


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For that tight ass bitch Cheryl Crow


Two squares of paper, my ass. She ain’t never seen what I can do to a toilet after a night of tequila, chilis and roast goat.

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Well played, Stud. Well played.


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Union made


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history-team-restingTeam resting near the top of the Pass in the 1860s

I was going to go up to Sonora Pass today but had some things come up so I put it off til tomorrow. Miss Lisa’s going to spend the day with her mother and sister-in-law Fina making enchiladas so that works out great – a day in the mountains and then come home to some delicious mexican food. I love me some motherfucking mexican food.

I have absolutely no plans other than ending up at the Pass sometime tomorrow and being home later that night. I’m not even taking a long gun with me. So now my big decision is do I take the direct route up and spend the entire day at the summit on the old Sonora/Mono toll road or do I fuck off all the way up and maybe end up someplace entirely different? I really need to get serious about documenting that damned road and mapping it out, but I’ve had some great times with previous fucking off. Yeah, I don’t know, I’ll make up my mind in the morning.
I am remarkably prepared though. I already have my truck loaded with my pull-out gear, metal detector, my 2 week pack, sleeping bag, camera, tripod, handgun ammo, spotting scope, etc. Usually I’m tearing through the house at the last minute and still forgetting shit. Oh yeah, I need to put my binoculars on the table next to my keys while I’m thinking about it…

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If I was single I’d just quit fucking

Forget sex robots, virtual reality porn, and any of the other technological advances feared capable of disrupting current sexual mores. The biggest threat to sex as we know it is the coming revision of U.S. sex-crime laws. For a glimpse into this frightening future, look no further than Judith Shulevitz’s latest in The New York Times. Shulevitz chronicles how “affirmative consent” (the principle, often referred to as “yes means yes,” that the mere absence of a “no” is not sufficient permission to proceed sexually) has been quietly spreading from California universities to colleges across the country, and could soon mutate out of academia entirely.

The American Law Institute (ALI)—a respected body of professors, judges, and lawyers that draft model laws oft adopted in whole by state and federal government—has spent the past three years deliberating over sexual assault statutes (an area it hadn’t revisited since 1962). A draft of the group’s recommendations, released in May, endorsed “the position that an affirmative expression of consent, either by words or conduct, is always an appropriate prerequisite to sexual intercourse, and that the failure to obtain such consent should be punishable under” criminal law.

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The SSI mafia


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I’ve been that fucked up before

.fucked up

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