Talk about holding a grudge…

She had already picked the photograph and words. They were how she wished to be remembered.

On Sept. 22, 2015, Linda Thomas walked into the offices of a local newspaper in Freeland, a small town on Washington’s Whidbey Island. The 71-year-old asked to prepay for her own obituary. The picture was of a bespeckled elderly woman cradling a small dog in a flower garden. The text mentioned family members and asked for no flowers or service, just donations to a local food bank or animal shelter. Thomas left the date of her death blank.

But she actually had a good idea when she would go, police would later say.

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Um, remember the Posse Comitatus Act?

President Trump, during your presidential campaign you made a promise to send federal troops to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., and also one festering with feral thugs and gang-bangers who are committing genocide among black Americans right in the great city of Chicago.

I won’t quote you the homicide statistics, past and present, because by the time you read this they will have changed. Suffice it to say: They are horrific.

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Why didn’t they just fire her? Oh wait… they did… never mind

LONDON – A couple has been found guilty of murdering their French nanny and burning her body on a bonfire in their London backyard.

A jury at London’s Central Criminal Court convicted 35-year-old Sabrina Kouider and 40-year-old Ouissem Medouni on Thursday after six days of deliberation.

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Ron Paul: Republicans, Democrats Teaming Up for Federal Gun Confiscation Bill

In an email Tuesday night, former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul released an ominous statement claiming that a source they have in the Senate revealed Democrats are teaming up with Republicans to push through a massive gun control bill.

According to their source, as Paul explained, “Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are teaming up with Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to ram through one of the worst nationwide gun confiscation schemes ever devised.”

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Bar shooter killed by armed citizen

OKLAHOMA CITY – A mother and daughter were shot Thursday night at a popular restaurant on Lake Hefner in northwest Oklahoma City, police said.
The shooting occurred at Louie’s Grill & Bar at 9401 Lake Hefner Parkway around 6:30 p.m.

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Did she knock him down and tie him up or what?

A cable television technician working inside a Fayetteville woman’s home last month was forced to engage in sexual activity with her, an arrest warrant said.

Mildred Newsome, 47, of the 1100 block of Marlborough Road, was charged Saturday with two counts of second-degree forced sex offense and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery.

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“Higher… higher…”

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Madame Delphine Lalaurie

Marie Delphine Macarty or MacCarthy (March 19, 1787 – December 7, 1849), more commonly known as Madame Blanque, until her third marriage, when she became known as Madame LaLaurie, was a New Orleans Creole socialite and alleged murderer, noted for torturing and likely murdering slaves in her household.

Born during the Spanish colonial period, Delphine Macarty married three times in Louisiana, and was twice widowed. She maintained her position in New Orleans society until April 10, 1834, when rescuers responded to a fire at her Royal Street mansion. They discovered bound slaves in her attic who showed evidence of cruel, violent abuse over a long period. Lalaurie’s house was subsequently sacked by an outraged mob of New Orleans citizens. She escaped to France with her family.

The mansion where LaLaurie lived is a landmark in the French Quarter, in part because of its history and because it is significant architecturally for its size there.

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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“Let’s go home, Kelly – you’re drunk”

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The perils of urban hospital waiting rooms

I’m sure the readers I have that are doctors, nurses and hospital workers have stories that can top this. Feel free to comment with your stories.

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When the waiter dumps your dinner

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Fucking chickens are smarter than Legal Lucy

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Gotta get it when you can

SEASIDE HEIGHTS – A pair of lovers were caught having sex by a priest beneath a statue of the Virgin Mary at a Roman Catholic church in the borough on Tuesday afternoon, confirmed Police Chief Tommy Boyd.

Anthony Michael Getchius, 43, of Newark and Noelle Marie Smart, 48, of Jersey City, were each charged with lewdness for the alleged copulation in what authorities described as “a sacred area” on the grounds of Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Grant Avenue.

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Can’t say that I blame her

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More Police State Surveillance: Courtesy Of The Pentagon

There was an article by Joseph Marks of Nextgov published on 5/16/18 that was neither picked up by the larger news networks nor kept in view for long. The article is entitled The Pentagon Has a Big Plan to Solve Identity Verification in Two Years, and here is a portion of it:
-John Deaux

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CharlieGodammit and Legal Lucy’s day

I took Charlie and Legal Lucy into the vet this morning, Lucy for her round of shots and heartworm test, and Charlie for that also and grooming as well.
When they wanted to weigh them I told Charlie “Hit the scale, Stud” and I’ll be damned if he didn’t walk right over and sit down on them just like he knew what I was talking about, but fuck me running if he didn’t weigh in at 129.6 pounds. Sonofabitch, but he gained some weight over the winter.

Legal Lucy on the other hand, tipped the scales at 21 pounds but acted like she was 130, fucking growling at every other dog in the place. She was pretty pissed at me though – she thought she was just going for a ride, not to the vet’s.

Lucy came home with me but I have to go back mid-afternoon for Fatboy. He’s in good hands though, last I saw he was flopped over on his back getting a nut-rubbin from all the vet techs, all of them just fawning over him and him eating that shit up.
I may not get him back.

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