My freshman year…

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feeling cute, might throw my computer up against the motherfucking wall later, idk

I’ve had nothing but problems with this site ever since GoDaddy resurrected it from the dead Monday. They did their part, now it’s time for WordPress and Jetpack to get it together.

First it was just trying to figure out the new page editor that I post from. I finally got it down, but damn it’s 3 times harder and takes 3 times the work the old one did, and that’s supposed to be an improvement? Really?
Now my problem is I can’t schedule anything up front because whenever I do and come back to check it later, I’m getting a ‘missed scheduling’ message. This has happened in the past, maybe once or twice a week which ain’t bad considering that I do well over 100 posts per week, but now it’s every damned post. I have yet to have one single post publish at its scheduled time since Monday afternoon when the blog came back up.
The thing is, I generally post anywhere from 1 to 3 days up front so I’ve got time to take care of everyday life. I could leave the computer for 3-4 hours, come home, and moderate comments and not trip on it. But now? Between posting and tech support, I’ve been a slave to this computer to make sure you get the amount of posts you’ve come to expect.

I used to schedule so you’d have either a news item or a picture post every hour from 0001 to 1930 every day except Fridays when I’d go balls out and give you a post every 15-20 minutes from midnight to midnight, that way you’d have a fresh post whenever you came here. What’s happening now is I’m scheduling posts from 0001 to 0700, and then getting out of bed at 0500 and manually re-posting them after I have my coffee and read the news, so basically all I was doing the night before was just staging them.

I can’t continue to do that. I’ve got a life to live, errands to run and shit to do. I think what I’m going to do instead is do your early morning post the way I’ve been doing since Tuesday, but instead of manually doing a fresh post every hour after that, I’m going to bang those fuckers out 3-4 at a time every 3-4 hours until Jetpack (who furnishes me my page editor) gets their shit together and either fixes it or tells me how to fix it. Hopefully it’ll get back on track soon. Yes, you’ll get your 20-22 posts a day, just not at the rate of one per hour.
But the usual Fridays with 60-80 posts? That ain’t gonna happen until I can pre-schedule again. I generally start scheduling Friday’s posts on the Saturday before – you know, my ‘day off’ – but there’s no way in hell I’m going to sit in my chair and manually do a post every 15-20 minutes. I just don’t have time for that shit. For one thing, my wife takes a massive dose of medication every Friday for her rheumatoid arthritis that flat out fucks her up. I mean, she’s sicker than a dog and usually can’t even get out of bed for the day, so I’ve got her to take care of that day – it’s that whole ‘for better or for worse’ thing that keeps biting me in the ass. The best I can promise you for Fridays is a regular day for the foreseeable future.

Anyways, all I’m asking is that you please be patient with me while I try to get it back on track. And while I’m thinking about it, I may take Sunday off so I can touch bases with all my new friends over at Tech Support.

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Father of the Year

(Meredith) — A father is accused of using his 11-month-old son as a “human shield” during a botched drug deal in Philadelphia.

Nafes Monroe, 25, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment following the incident last month.

Police said Monroe had his infant son, Yaseem Jenkins, in the car with him when he attempted to buy drugs with counterfeit money on Oct. 19. The alleged drug dealer became upset and opened fire, striking the baby four times, the Associated Press reported. The child was shot once in head, once in the chest and twice in the buttocks.

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Gangsta as fuck

Three Indiana judges involved in a Downtown Indianapolis fight in May that ended with two of the judges shot have been suspended without pay after the Indiana Supreme Court determined they committed judicial misconduct.

In an opinion issued Tuesday, the court said judges Bradley Jacobs, Andrew Adams and Sabrina Bell “engaged in judicial misconduct by appearing in public in an intoxicated state and behaving in an injudicious manner and by becoming involved in a verbal altercation.”

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The shit I post on Facebook

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And now you know…

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When 20-year-old Sarah Butler went missing in November 2016, her family said they weren’t aware of messages between their daughter and the man who would later be arrested in connection with her death.

But when Butler was discovered dead on Dec. 1, 2016, her friends were able to get into her account on social media platform Tagged and found conversations with a 23-year-old man named Khalil Wheeler-Weaver.

In one of the exchanges, Butler jokingly asked, “You’re not a serial killer, right?”

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Tuesday gifdump

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Damn, and I thought California was bad

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So what happened to the crime rate?

Zerlean James is somber as she watches African-Americans leave Fulshear.

The 82-year-old remembers the days when black residents worked in the city as sharecroppers, farmers, maids, cooks or, in her words, “whatever little work they could get.”

They saved money, purchased a home and built their lives. But now, land passed down from generation to generation is being sold off because family members can’t financially maintain it.


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Supreme Court rules that Sandy Hook families and survivor can sue Remington

The Supreme Court said Tuesday a survivor and relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting can pursue their lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used to kill 26 people.

The justices rejected an appeal from Remington Arms that argued it should be shielded by a 2005 federal law preventing most lawsuits against firearms manufacturers when their products are used in crimes.

The court’s order allows the lawsuit filed in Connecticut state court by a survivor and relatives of nine victims who died at the Newtown, Connecticut, school on December 14, 2012 to go forward.

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Next time you’ll watch where the hell you’re going, huh?

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Gotta get it where you can

An American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Salt Lake City was diverted to Tulsa, Okla. after a man allegedly grabbed the crotch of a passenger sitting next to him, according to a release filed by the United States Attorney’s Office on Friday.

James Clayton Cholewinski-Boy, 32, was charged with abusive sexual contact of a female passenger by federal prosecutors “as a result of [his] alleged actions on the plane,” the release stated.

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Well, I thought you might be lonely

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Enough ass eating for you!

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Your Wednesday Morning Florida/Okie Report

PENSACOLA, Fla. — An Oklahoma police chief and one of his officers went to Florida for a law enforcement training conference, but something went terribly wrong.

Michael Nealey, 49, was arrested and will be charged with homicide after the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office found Police Chief Lucky Miller dead in their hotel room, Amber Southard, chief public information officer for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN.

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Good Morning

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She seems nice

A 14-year-old girl was arrested and charged with murder after police say she tied down and killed a 59-year-old Philadelphia man known for his animal rescue efforts.

Philadelphia police said they responded early November 5 to a report of a man in distress. Police entered the home and found a man, later identified as Albert Chernoff, partially tied to the bed with a massive head wound and several slashes to his chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Pieces of shit

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. (WAFB) A high-ranking Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy and his wife, a Livingston Parish school teacher, have been arrested and accused of child rape and the production of child pornography, among other disturbing charges.

Among the evidence seized in the case are photos that show the two suspects nude with an unclothed child, a source familiar with the case said.

Dennis Perkins, 44, and Cynthia Perkins, 34, were arrested Wednesday, Oct. 23 as the result of a criminal probe headed up by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office.

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