WHAT??!! The judge didn’t buy him dinner too?

A suburban Cook County Pace bus driver, accused of twice sexually assaulting a passenger who was traveling from a cerebral palsy treatment center, has gone free after posting a bail deposit of just $400. And, now, the judge who lowered his bail has removed the man from electronic monitoring.

Prosecutors alleged that on at least two occasions in January, 60-year-old Burnell Johnson parked his Pace bus, covered a surveillance camera with his hat, and then sexually assaulted a 33-year-old female passenger who is visually impaired and has cerebral palsy. The victim could not give legal consent because she functions as a six-year-old, according to prosecutors. Burnell also told the woman to send sexually explicit photos of herself to him, prosecutors said.

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McDonald’s, tossed salad, and toilet paper

Americans are encouraged to embrace diversity and be culturally sensitive to those who have flouted our laws and invaded our nation. Meanwhile, illegal aliens arriving in America have no such requirement. Instead, trespassing tribes relocate, and when they do, rather than assimilate, they transfer habits and activities indigenous to the countries from whence they migrated.

Thus, Americans suffer from illnesses that are easily traceable to third-world bathroom habits (TWBH) and lack of hygiene in the developing world.

It’s not news that illegals work in restaurants as food-handlers. These restaurant workers migrate from countries where, prior to kneading tortilla dough, post-toilet hand-washing is not required.
-John Deaux

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Oops, somebody done fucked up

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Coin toss for a paid vacation

ROSWELL, Ga. (CBSLA) — Two Georgia police officers have come under scrutiny after video emerged of them deciding whether or not to arrest a speeding driver based on the flip of a digital coin.

Body cam footage of the April 7 incident shows Roswell Police Officer Courtney Brown berating 24-year-old hairdresser Sarah Webb, asking her, “So you think driving that fast on a wet road is a smart idea because you’re late for work?”

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He didn’t bring water for his dog?

(Meredith) — A dog owner in Florida is left heartbroken after losing his seven-year-old dog to salt water poisoning after spending a day at the beach.

Chris Taylor and his labrador O.G. played for hours in the water at the beach on Monday. That night, O.G. began to have stomach issues and was lethargic the next day. By Wednesday, O.G. wasn’t eating and wasn’t responsive.

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Guess the race

A waitress required 15 stitches after she was attacked by four women she served Tuesday night at a Henry County Applebee’s, police said.

The women beat and punched the waitress and stabbed her in the forearm with a steak knife, McDonough police Maj. Kyle Helgerson told AJC.com. They allegedly took her tip money before they skipped out on a $62.57 bill.

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Hillary Clinton Says Kavanaugh Will Bring Back Slavery

On Friday morning, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, would bring back slavery if he is confirmed to the nation’s highest court.

“Let me say a word about the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” Clinton told the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) at its national convention. “This nomination holds out the threat of devastating consequences for workers rights, civil rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights — including those to make our own health decisions.”

“It is a blatant attempt by this administration to shift the balance of the Court for decades and to reverse decades of progress,” the former Democratic presidential nominee declared.

Then came the kicker: “I used to worry that they [the Republicans] wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950s. Now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850s.”


I find this amusing seeing as liberals, particularly minorities, are doing their damnedest to take us back to days of Jim Crow with their self segregation.
If that’s what they want, they can have it, just don’t blame us for it.

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It must’ve been a slow weekend in Florida – this was the best I could come up with

Of 88 unprovoked shark bites that the Florida Museum of Natural History documented around the globe last year, more than one third took place along the shores of Florida, the shark attack capital of the world.

But the vast majority of those attacks were on southern beaches between Cape Canaveral and Miami. Shark encounters are relatively rare farther up Florida’s Atlantic coastline and are almost unheard of in northernmost Nassau County.

Or so they were before Friday afternoon — when consecutive attacks sent two people to the hospital and shut down Fernandina Beach, just south of the Georgia border about 25 miles northeast of Jacksonville.

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And the Left is whining about this

A green card is no longer an immigrant’s insurance policy against deportation.

Documented immigrants can now be deported from the United States if they break the rules of federal and state programs that offer public benefits to immigrants.

New guidelines implemented by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services say that immigrants who abuse “any program related to the reception of public benefits” will be summoned to appear before an immigration court.

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Little bundles of joy

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Fighting ‘fake news’ with the law

Paris (AFP) – Some countries are bringing in legislation to fight “fake news”, a particular menace during election campaigning, but critics warn of the danger to freedom of expression and the media.

Here is a look at the situation in a selection of countries.

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An honest, hardworking people…..

A man suspected of attacking his wife with a chain saw in Whittier had been deported 11 times since 2005, immigration officials said.

Alejandro Alvarez Villegas attacked his wife in their home Wednesday, with their three children inside, according to Whittier police. The 32-year-old then fled the scene in a stolen car.

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Meanwhile, in Los Angeles…

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Free Tommy Robinson rally draws thousands

Thousands of pro-Trump and Free Tommy Robinson protesters gathered in London today to show their support for the American president and to bring awareness to the plight of jailed activist Tommy Robinson.

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California steps even further to the Left

The California Democratic Party snubbed U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Saturday by handing its official endorsement and a badly needed boost to state Sen. Kevin de Leon, her longshot Democratic challenger.

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Morning, Wisco


Yup, Luis gets titties, WiscoDave gets RACcoons.

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Morning, Luis

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Found the vegan!

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Wait….. what?

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That’s some White Trash shit right there

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