Remember these?

SMLM (Smell ’em) – Soviet Military Liaison Mission – legalized spying by some treaty way back when. The Soviets had them in West Germany and the Americans had them in East Germany, or so I’m told.

We had them creeping around our sites when we went to the field, although I’d only seen a couple of them and that was while driving in a convoy on the autobahn as we were traveling to the field.
One of my buddies encountered one about a quarter mile from our site outside of Marburg once. We were under standing orders that if we saw one, we were supposed to detain them – without blocking their vehicle in, without using or displaying a weapon in a threatening manner, and without physically touching them. Good luck with that.
Hoagie was our head generator mechanic and was making a parts and bourbon run back to Heilbronn when he saw a SMLM about a half klick from our site taking pictures of our tower. By doing that he can tell what kind of systems we were operating by the type of antennae and where we were shooting to by the azimuth of our dishes. Seeing as they probably already knew the max range of our radios which was supposedly highly classified at the time, it would be pretty easy for them to map out our entire network.
Anyways, Hoagie sees Comrade Igor snapping pictures of the tower and seeing as Hoagie had never seen a real live Russian officer before and thought there might be a nut rubbing in it for him if he actually captured one, he pulled his jeep over and announced to the guy that he was now a prisoner of the United States Army and the State of Georgia and if he knew what was good for him, he’d best surrender peacefully. He said Igor flashed him a big smile with a mouthful of stainless steel teeth, told him in heavily accented English to fuck off, took his picture, then climbed into his car and drove off. Hoagie dutifully radioed it in with as much detail as his hangover wracked brain could muster, then continued on his way.
The next night after Hoagie returned we were all sitting around inside the motor pool’s tent passing a bottle and a bowl around and Greg asked him just what in the fuck else did he expect the guy to do, and Hoagie told him he wasn’t sure but he had hoped the dude would at least do one of them Cossack dances for him before he split.
Hell, we were all pretty much surprised the guy actually understood what Hoagie was saying – he was from some fucking dirt road intersection in northern Georgia and spoke with such a heavy southern accent that sometimes even we required an interpreter to understand what he was trying to say.

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I bet those sudden stops are a bitch

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Bullshit – you gave them to us, you take them back

MEXICO CITY June 14 (Reuters) – Mexico has not accepted that the United States send it an unlimited number of asylum seekers, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said, ahead of meetings with U.S. officials on Friday to determine the expansion of a controversial program.

Ebrard said officials would discuss which cities the program, known as Remain in Mexico, would expand to, as well as how to measure the number of people and which nationalities Mexico would accept.

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Fucking Massachusetts…

The recent shooting in Virginia Beach, Va., shows that the most severe gun-related problem facing our society is the proliferation of guns containing a semiautomatic mechanism. The gun used in this incident was a .45-caliber handgun, not an “assault rifle.” The connection between the handgun used and an assault rifle is the incorporation of a semiautomatic mechanism in both. This mechanism automatically ejects spent cartridges and loads new ones. Both styles of weapons accept high-capacity magazines and can handle large-caliber ammunition. While we focus on AR-15 style weapons, literally tens of millions of semiautomatic handguns are sold to the general public. These are the weapons that function exactly the same as the Virginia Beach gun.

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Friday gifdump

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When you’re no longer at the top of the food chain

Airmen rescued a man who suffered “significant injuries” in a bear attack Monday west of the Interior community of Galena, a spokesman for the Alaska National Guard said.

Few details were available by Monday evening. The National Guard had not identified the victim, described the extent of his injuries, or said what kind of bear was involved. The rescue happened 75 miles west of Galena, said David Bedard, spokesman for the Guard’s 176th wing.

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As if denying them water wasn’t enough

John Diepersloot squinted under a bright Central Valley sun, pointing to the damage to his fruit orchard that came with the California bullet train.

He lost 70 acres of prime land. Rail contractors left mounds of rubble along his neat rows. Irrigation hoses are askew. A sophisticated canopy system for a kiwi field, supported by massive steel cables, was torn down.

But what really irritates Diepersloot is the $250,000 that he paid out of his own pocket for relocating wells, removing trees, building a road and other expenses.

“I am out a quarter-million bucks on infrastructure, and they haven’t paid a dime for a year,” he said. “I don’t have that kind of money.”

Up and down the San Joaquin Valley, farmers have similar stories. The state can take land with a so-called order of possession by the Superior Court while it haggles over the price.

But farmers often face out-of-pocket costs for lost production, road replacement, repositioning of irrigation systems and other expenses, which the state agrees to pay before the final settlement.

Those payments and even some payments for land have stretched out to three years. State officials have offered endless excuses for not paying, the farmers say.

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San Francisco Barbie

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What Exactly Is a Broody Hen and How to Stop It?

Your hen is squawking whenever you approach her and she won’t leave her nesting box, what’s wrong, is she ill? Far from it and chances are she is just broody and wants chicks. If you aren’t planning on having chicks this can be problematic because the hen in question will stop laying eggs.

Whatever the case, you can be certain that if you want chicks and need a broody hen there won’t be one in sight, however the day you don’t want a broody hen is the day you get one!

Certain breeds of chicken are more likely to turn broody, read our guide on chicken breeds if you want to know more about this.

Let’s take a look at how to spot a broody hen and want you can do to stop her being broody.

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Large number of women’s bloody underwear found in truck

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) — Sources tell News4 that the trucker arrested for attempting to kidnap a woman who ran out of gas on May 22nd in Clarksville, had a large volume of evidence has been found.

The woman was handcuffed and beat with a pistol by Roy Nellsch. She managed to get one hand out of the handcuffs to escape from his semi, and then was able to alert police, providing them with a license plate number.


Nashville Judge Mark Fishburn signed a search warrant for the truck, and inside the TBI found a large number of women’s underwear. Some were said to have blood on them.

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New Zealand mosque shooter pleads not guilty

The man who allegedly killed 51 and injured others at two New Zealand mosques in March pleaded not guilty Thursday.

The charges include 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder, and one count of terrorism.

Psychiatric reports ordered during his previous court appearance found that the accused was mentally sound to enter the plea.

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The truth hurts if you’re a snowflake

Terin Humphrey, a gymnast and former US Olympic athlete who won two silver medals at the 2004 games in Athens, has been fired from her position as a USA Gymnastics’ (USAG) athlete representative after she posted a controversial meme on her Facebook page, KSHB-TV reports.

According to the media outlet, the meme in question – a picture accompanied by a caption reading “What Champions consider coaching, the entitled consider abuse” – was posted by Humphrey in May, and quickly generated considerable backlash online, with comments ranging “From I’m garbage to my house is going to be burnt down,” as the athlete herself noted.

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Good news for everybody except Californians – those people are royally screwed

New York (CNN Business)Here’s some good news for drivers in the United States: Gasoline could fall below $2 a gallon for many Americans later this year.

Retail gas prices have been falling steadily for several weeks now. The national average currently stands at $2.72 a gallon for regular gas, according to AAA, down 17 cents from the 2019 high in early May and down 7 cents in just the past week.


I paid $2.30 a gallon a couple days ago.

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get even more bizarre in California

The state of California has made no secret that it wants to let as many people out of prison as possible.

From the early release of inmates through AB 109, to filling parole boards with felon friendly commissioners, to decriminalizing a litany of felonies and drug offenses with Props 47 and 57, Sacramento lawmakers are bending over backwards to dramatically reduce the state’s inmate population.

Despite all of these efforts, the number of inmates hasn’t dropped dramatically enough to satisfy the state’s ruling Democrats, so they’re kicking tires on a new approach — rigging the jury system so no one gets convicted in the first place.

This most recent push is Senate Bill 310, authored by state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, and would allow Californians who have prior felony convictions to serve on juries.

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PsychoChicks – we’ve all had ’em

HENDERSONVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Hendersonville Police arrested a woman Monday in Smyrna following a two-month arson investigation.

Police say 48-year-old Tiffany Hummel set five house fires at a home on the 300 block of North Birchwood Drive. Hummel is the fiancée to the renter of the home.

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Nope, not Florida

A South Carolina woman has been arrested for DUI after she was caught driving a toy truck down the road on Monday.

Megan Danielle Holman, 25, turned heads when she took the children’s item for a spin down North Church Street and North Broad Street.

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Ghetto convertible

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Fuck that

Tennessee will be issuing Real ID drivers licenses this summer.

If you don’t have one by next fall, it could hamper your travel plans.

Congress passed the Real ID law in 2005 in response to 9/11. It set a security standard nationwide for driver licenses.

So, what does this mean for you?


I already had to show my birth certificate as well as my California driver’s license to get my Tennessee license. They can wait another 5 years until this one expires.

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Evil sorcerers at the Census Bureau

(CNN) — House Oversight Committee member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the Trump administration Wednesday for the controversial addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census, saying the question was “magically added.”

The Commerce Department announced last year that a citizenship question would be included in the upcoming 2020 census. The move has sparked controversy and a high-stakes court battle as critics say that asking about citizenship status will lead to an inaccurate population count which serves as the basis for decisions about how to allocate federal resources and draw congressional districts.

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Yeah, a Califas plate should’ve fooled ’em

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. — This vintage-looking license plate didn’t fool a police officer in Southern California.

A Moorpark officer recently pulled over a tractor-trailer to conduct a traffic stop for a false license plate, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said in a release Monday. The plate appeared to be designed after California’s 1960s vintage plates — though with some obvious differences.

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