The religion of peace strikes again in Paris

A police officer has been killed and two others were seriously injured by a gunman in one of the most popular areas of Paris.
The attacker is believed to have deliberately targeted the officers and was known to security services.
He was then shot dead and an anti-terror investigation is under way into the attack.

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I bet that rattled their fillings

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No, that’s what you deserve for putting it there

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You can have her

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Yeah, who the hell knows…

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Yard sales in the big city

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Room with a view

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That’s going to be a gooey greasy mess

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Good thing he has his swimming suit on

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Your Good Morning Girl

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Fucking pussies

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — A scheduled appearance by conservative commentator and writer Ann Coulter at the University of California later this month has been canceled because of concerns about safety and security at the event.

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She could probably afford the bail

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Lane Luck

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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Look at all them chirruns

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American Totalitarianism Wears A Black Mask

It is no surprise that Berkeley, California has become the scene of another significant battle in the culture war which has erupted across America in recent months. Berkeley is a bastion of the American neo-Marxist left and is at the heart of their 60’s mythology. Last weekend though, for the first time in living memory, the totalitarian American left was defeated on their home turf.

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Dogs do take on their master’s personality, ya know

An intoxicated Chihuahua has added to the criminal troubles of its owner, according to Pennsylvania court records.

Thomas Bloedel, 44, was arrested Thursday after he was found to be drunk behind the wheel of his 2014 Subaru Outback. Bloedel slammed the SUV into a pole outside a suburban Pittsburgh home.

Bloedel, cops say, was not alone at the time of the crash. The vehicle’s other occupant was Maxwell, Bloedel’s dog. And like his owner, Maxwell (pictured at right) was also plastered, according to a criminal complaint.

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“Daddy, why is my ice cream crunchy?”

ASHES were scattered off the stern of one of the Manly ferries last Tuesday in an emotional tribute to a loved one.

But the minute-long ceremony did not all go according to plan as some of the ashes blew down the side of the ferry and onto passengers.

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Didn’t help none

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We’re having waaaay too much fun with this


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