Round up the rest of the antifa group first, assholes

The New York Police Department announced that it has enough evidence to charge nine members of the right-wing group Proud Boys and three protestors with various counts of rioting, assault, and attempted assault in connection with a brawl that erupted between the two sides a few blocks from a city Republican club following a speech Friday by Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said Monday that police recovered multiple videos of the incident and have spoken to witnesses and sources as they piece together what took place in the moments after Proud Boys and associates left the the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan.

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AK-47 vs AR-15

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Let me explain it to you in terms you’ll understand

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Farm kids…

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Tuesday gifdump

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So much in one picture…

Nails, a lifetime supply of liquid speed, those hands…

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Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Portland


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I’m having waaay too much fun with this


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Just making sure he has your attention

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Dear Kenny

From a reader. I did my AR years ago and have no plans for another, so I’m out of touch.
If you can help the man out, it would be most appreciated.

You were super helpful on a gun question a few years ago, I have another.
Thinking my winter project might be to built a complete AR w 80% lower milled out. Have you ever heard of a company called 80% Arms out of CA and their jigs + lowers? You have any other good companies that offer jigs as well as 80% lowers + uppers you might recommend? I have never tried this before, but am interested and fairly mechanically inclined…

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It never gets old

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Cannabis could disrupt a $500 billion market, says CEO of top marijuana maker after deal with DEA

It’s no secret that the world is growing accustomed to the business of cannabis, but for $9.6 billion Canadian medical marijuana producer Canopy Growth, the future is approaching faster than many expect.


The CEO said Thursday that cannabis could disrupt some $500 billion worth of global markets, calling that a more “accurate” estimate than “conservative, cautious” predictions of a $200 billion disruption.

“We disrupt alcohol potentially, cigarettes potentially, in terms of smoking cessation,” he told Cramer. “We really disrupt pharmaceutical, because whether or not you’re geriatric care, you’re dealing with arthritic conditions, you’re someone who can’t sleep, you’re going through an oncology treatment, I think you’re going to find cannabinoid therapies really hit there.”
-John Deaux

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Veritas Undercover Exposes MO Sen. McCaskill Hiding Liberal Agenda From Moderate Voters: “People Just Can’t Know That”

In the third undercover video filmed by Project Veritas during the ongoing 2018 election season, Missouri Senator McCaskill’s considerably more liberal views – “essentially the same as [Obama’s]” – are exposed as she and her campaign staff conceals them in order to court moderate voters… and she needs them as her and her opponent are essentially tied:


What sucks about all the great work Project Veritas is doing is that liberals won’t see it. They just don’t read the sites or watch Fox where it might be featured and if they do happen to stumble across it, they’ll dismiss it as a set-up.
Basically what they’re doing is playing for the audience that wouldn’t vote for these liberal politicians anyways.

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Looks like Woody found my next vacation spot

Zingerman’s Camp Bacon® is a food lover’s camp. It is a food historian’s camp. It is a camp that fills your mind as much as your stomach. We love to taste the bacon and don’t get us wrong, you will leave having tasted a lot of bacon, but we are there to share the story behind the bacon. We share with you new ways to appreciate bacon and talk about how what we feed the animal impacts the flavor of the meat you are eating. The passion of our guest speakers is edible, you can literally taste the hard work and love they put into their bacon and dishes. Join us!

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Not just California, but Southern California

Playing fetch on all fours might seem like an unusual activity for an adult, but one man who identifies as a dog says it has brought him closer to his husband.

Tony McGinn, known as ‘Tony Bark’ to his friends, says he has been into animal role-play his entire life, and refers to himself as a ‘human pup’.

The 30-year-old, who was born female and is transgender, is supported by his husband and ‘handler’ Andrew who accompanies him to regular play dates with other role-players in their hometown of Los Angeles.

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Drive-thru only

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When bowling balls are outlawed…

A bowling ball and a bar stool became weapons after an employee asked an “unruly” group of people to leave a bowling alley last week, police say.

And it was all caught on video.

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“Did somebody mention candy?”

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Fucking California, man…..

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – City contractors who have ties to the National Rifle Association must now disclose them, under a motion passed unanimously Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council.

The motion, approved by a 10-0 vote, does not ban NRA-linked contractors from doing business with the city, but would require them to disclose any contracts or sponsorships they have with the gun rights advocacy group.

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“Fuck you, I don’t have a drinking problem”

A neighbor refused to give Kyesha Sherell Willis a beer, so she took it out on her infant son, police said.

Willis, 29, of Morningside Drive, on Saturday afternoon went next door “and demanded a beer from her neighbor,” police said, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

When the neighbor refused to give her a beer, she “threw her 1-year-old son to the ground,” police said, according to the Journal. She also allegedly assaulted the neighbor, Fox 8 reported.

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