What Teenage Girls Looked Like in the 1850s

What did the mid-19th century girls wear? And how did their hairstyles look like? These cool pics that show you a glimpse of teenage girls from the 1850s.


I love looking at old photographs to the point that I can waste entire evenings over at the Library of Congress website. Sometimes it’s Civil War photos, other times it’s mining camp photos, but a lot of times it’s just portraits like these.
What’s always struck me was the stern expressions the subjects wore, but there’s a good explanation for that and no, it’s not rotten teeth seeing as meth or Mountain Dew hadn’t been invented yet. It was the exposure time and who in the hell can hold a smile that long?

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As long as she remains stationary…

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Making Gun Choices – Comfort, Reliability, Power, Simplicity in that Order

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Switching gears here for this column I’m going to shy away from the politics of our right to bear arms this week. Why? Well, honestly I’m kind of sick of talking about or hearing about or even reading about the problems over at the NRA and the deceptive liars in the Democrat party, and frankly, every once in a while you have to put that crap down to stay sane, so here goes.

Recently I’ve moved into and out of a few guns. What I mean by that is I’ve recently traded a few firearms and freshened up my safe with some newer hardware. I love that!

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Meanwhile, at Pepe’s Coffee Shoppe & Immigration Services (Se Habla Espanol)…

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Not too shabby for an ugly woman

Hillary Clinton may not have been able to shatter the glass ceiling for millions of girls around the country, but she has been very successful in helping her own daughter break the bank.

Chelsea Clinton, 39, took home just over $600,000 last year for her work as director on the boards of IAC and Expedia, according to records obtained by DailyMail.com.

The IAC board met just six times in 2018, while some members of the Expedia board were only obligated to attend two meetings last year.

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Gun review entertainment

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Oughta work

Shit, if you can’t afford a tubing bender, just pack that sucker full of sand, then bend it.

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One common ingredient of every liberty brief is a senior enlisted service member, standing center stage in front of junior personnel in a sit-kneel-stand circle, bellowing warnings about dos and don’ts so outlandish they are inevitably met with scoffs of those in attendance.

“You know the only reason I bring this up is because it’s been done before,” the top would say, no matter the perceived insanity of the scenario.

One 32-year-old soldier provided even more obscure material for lengthy liberty brief orators Wednesday when he climbed over a safety railing near an active volcano to get a closer look — and promptly tumbled from the 300-foot cliff and into the Kīlauea caldera after losing his footing.

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My Childhood Vocabulary Lessons Came from Channel 19

“There’s nothing but smut and vulgar, nasty, old cussing men on that channel,” I remember my mother scolding me as I turned the CB radio in my dad’s pickup truck to channel 19. I probably wasn’t any older than eight years old at the time — a scrawny and mischievous farm kid living in Nowhere, Virginia.

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Monday gifdump

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Name something you won’t see in Britain

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Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny

“Who would be free themselves must strike the blow…
“By their right arms the conquest must be wrought.”

So wrote Lord Byron of Greece’s war of independence against the Turks, though the famed British poet would ignore his own counsel and die just days after arriving in Greece to join the struggle.

Yet Byron’s advice is the wise course for the United States, and for the people of Venezuela who seek to free their country of the grip of the incompetent and dictatorial regime of Nicolas Maduro.

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Fucking Mondays…

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“Ma fuckin son right here” – Mother of the Year material for sure

LITHONIA, Ga. (CBS46) — For more than a decade, CBS46 has been questioning local restaurant managers about critical health violations. It’s not uncommon to get the cold shoulder when speaking with management about a failing inspection. But even we weren’t prepared for what happened this week.

“You can get that out of my face,” a Denny’s employee told CBS46’s Adam Murphy and Dmitri Lotovski. “I’m going to call police.”

This week, Denny’s on Panola Road in Lithonia scored 52-points and a ‘U’ for unsatisfactory. The health inspector busted them for expired deli meat, flying insects and raw eggs on bacon and cheese. But these violations pale in comparison to this violation of civility.

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Mama was right, I am a bad influence

Our grandkids live in Franklin Kentucky, so when the grandson wants to come spend the weekend with us, we usually meet them in Westmoreland at Mike’s Foodland which is just about halfway.
I like shopping Mike’s because it’s got a good selection to choose from, it’s clean, and the prices are good. It also helps that they’ve got good employees.

One of the workers there is John, a young man with Down’s Syndrome. Great guy, just as friendly and cheerful as he can be, and let me tell you what, John’s about the hardest worker I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him standing around doing nothing. He’s either bagging groceries, stocking shelves, rearranging displays, helping people load their groceries, shit like that, and when he doesn’t have anything to do, he’s pushing a broom or mopping a floor. His shirt front is always dirty but it’s not a hygiene problem – it’s dirt from working. Seriously, I was on my way to Portland once and stopped in for a donut just as he was getting to work and his shirt was spotless. I came back through a couple hours later and stopped in again to get some groceries so I could avoid Walmart, and his shirt was as grimy as it usually is. Like I said, a hard worker and not afraid to get dirty.
I swear, if half the people on earth had that guy’s attitude and work ethic, the world would be a much better place.

Last month I picked up the grandson and went in to get him some ice cream. As we were leaving, John bid me goodbye and told me “Be careful, mister. It’s starting to rain.”
I looked out the front window and it was just pouring down. “Thanks, John, I’ll do that. It’s raining like a pure bitch out there. Have a good day now.”

Sunday morning I was dropping off the grandknuckledragger and remembered some shit I needed to pick up, so I went in, got my groceries, and as I was being rung up, John stopped what he was doing and came over to bag my groceries, giving me a look of recognition.
As I was leaving he walked me to the door, gave me a huge grin and said “Be careful, mister. It’s raining like a pure bitch out there!!! Have a good day now.”

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After Chaos at the Annual Convention Can NRA Turn the Tide?

Fayetteville, AR – -(AmmoLand.com)- The NRA’s annual conference, held this year in Indianapolis, has been a cause of controversy. But not for the usual reasons surrounding the debate over gun control in America, but for the ousting of the organization’s president, Oliver North, and over questions of the leadership of Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president, and regarding the group’s finances. These internal struggles are fighting for attention amidst stories about Russian efforts to use the NRA as a part of their interference in U.S. elections.

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Uh oh, it’s the Internet PO-lice

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Your Monday Morning Florida Report

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP/Meredith) — A Florida man is accused of torturing his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter by burning her, shooting her with a BB gun, using a shock collar on her and wearing a werewolf mask to scare her.

Andrew Ross Celaius was arrested April 9 but additional charges were announced Wednesday. Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan described videos investigators found of the 37-year-old torturing the child as “the thing nightmares are made of.”

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Hmm, I wonder if knuckledraggin made the list?

The Poynter Institute has apologized for publishing a list of 515 news websites it deemed “unreliable” after backlash from readers and on social media regarding “weaknesses in the methodology” used by the nonprofit publication.

The index was compiled from “fake news” databases curated by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at University of Southern California, Merrimack University, PolitiFact, Snopes and data designer Chris Herbert. Publications originally on the list included the Washington Examiner and the Washington Free Beacon.

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