Patriot Plate – The Story

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Patriot Plate – III to III

Bringing quality, affordable protection to the Patriot Community.
Dave “WiscoDave” Dietz

My 20th wedding anniversary was approaching and I figured that this would be the perfect chance for me to get a set of body armor. How could my wife possibly say no?
Then I started looking into prices and found that maybe, just maybe she could say no. $350 and up for a full set plus a carrier?! I know she loves me but…
I talked to Kenny about his thoughts and he mentioned that while he wanted some there was no way that even he, a world famous award winning blogger, could afford it.
My “mission” started. What if I could make my own and sell it at, basically, cost?
I looked into steel used for plate. I found a supplier. Kenny put up a post and less than 24 hrs later Patriot Plate was born!
This literally started out as a garage project and 13 sets were produced. (13 sets, 13 Colonies?)

I was hoping someone would run with the idea but there was no interest. Certain bloggers would occasionally ask about more plate being made but I had only a little interest – who would be interested in buying more? Once again, Kenny was right…
I put together a post and Kenny put it up. I was straight forward on the price and my intent to make sets available free to Patriot Militias based on sets sold. I also offered my template so that anyone else could do this too.
The idea caught fire.
Then trouble arose with my supplier and I thought it would all fall apart.

III to the rescue
A III in South Carolina had asked about my template. He too had wanted to make affordable armor available but he never thought about making it. I gave him some ideas as to suppliers in his area and left it at that.
Just when I hit the low point he contacted me and said he had found a supplier but they had a minimum order requirement.
I have orders but no metal; he has metal but no orders… III to III
And the rest is history.

What is offered
Plate is cut by the supplier from Mil-A-46100E armor plate steel.
The Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground states “The highest-performing U.S. steel alloys for armor-piercing (AP) bullet protection are manufactured to MIL-DTL-46100E, high-hardness armor (HHA) with a hardness range of 477–534 Brinell hardness number (BHN)” ARL-TR-4632, October 2008 (

MIL-DTL-46100E can be found here:

Plate can be ordered in 2 ways:
Full set consisting of 10x12x.25” front and back plates with ESAPI cuts to facilitate weapon usage and two 6x8x.25” side plates.
Cost for 1 set, including shipping is $100.00. Two full sets to the same address: $188 including shipping.

Front and back plates only (same plates as above) $84 including shipping. 2 sets to the same address; $156 including shipping.

As before, special consideration will be given to Patriot Groups meeting certain criteria. Email for more information.
It was never my intent to keep this going by myself. From the very start I asked others to step in and keep this going. I am honored to turn this project over to Doc Scheffler, owner of Main Gun Military Surplus located in western South Carolina. He also has a physical store in Augusta, GA. . He is a devout Patriot and a man that I trust implicitly to keep this going in the way it was intended. I will still be somewhat involved though this project is now in far, far better hands. Once we get through the initial phases of this, Doc plans on keeping the plates in stock, so that should speed up delivery! Being a retail store, he also takes online orders and credit cards!

It also will not be stopping with plate.
Contact Doc for information on the plate carrier deal he can give you.

More to come as things progress.

Doc Scheffler:
Main Gun Military Surplus
1661 Doug Barnard Parkway
Augusta, GA 30906

General B/S and other stuff



And a note from Wirecutter:
Me? An award winning world famous blogger? Hahahahahaha…… maybe a world famous pain in the ass.

Okay, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if your armor stops the bullet but frag hits you in the throat and you bleed to death and gets your new and pretty carrier all bloody and shit.
Here’s an idea that I heard about and put to practical use:
I took my plates and ran a sanding wheel over them to take off any surface rust, then painted a couple coats of bed liner on. When that dried, I took my brush and dribbled a border all the way around the plates near the edges. The bed liner out of the can is thick enough to form that little ridge line. When that dried, I dumped the rest of the can in the middle and then spread it around. It took 3 days to cure. You’ll know when it’s all cured up when it’s hard and not spongy when you press hard on it.
I figure I’m going to end up with about 1/4 – 1/2″ thick anti-spall lining on those plates.
Be advised that a thick layer of bed liner is going to bubble a little and do other weird shit when it starts to set up. Pop the bubbles every once in a while or let them go – your plates are going to be inside the carrier so who gives a shit if it doesn’t look pretty.
Materials needed? Your plates, some sandpaper, a small can of brush-on bed liner from the parts store (about 20 bucks) and a paintbrush.

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  1. Tardo says:

    Yaaaaaaayyy!!! You’re Making these affordable to We the People?! Amazing! Thank you for making closer to attainable lol what have u crafted for shielding of kiddos? Oooo….shields..?! Possible or silly? Why stop there…a cape representing the free man unalienable rights God gave us that is noones to take….or to each their own. Is my inner kid or nerd showing? Always wanted a sheild and cape lol thank you for your attention, dedication, inspiration and hard work for a good cause. I appreciate you

  2. 15Fixer says:

    THANKS Wisco!!!!! And thank you too, Wirecutter! Sometimes the ‘unintended consequences’ turn out good…..

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