Patriot Vendors & Businesses

Welcome to the Patriot’s Vendor page. I can vouch not only for their products and business practices, but also for their heart and souls as Patriots. Please support their efforts and help them to make a living doing what they love to do.
Shooting and reloading supplies. From their site: Still based in Appalachia, continues to pride itself on friendly customer service, competitive prices and most of our employees are, themselves, shooters and reloaders. That means when you call in with a question about ammmunition or reloading components, odds are good we have somebody that’s willing to lend a hand and has actually used the product themselves. Pair that knowledge with fast shipping and a flawless inventory tracking system that ensures you don’t get stuck waiting on a backorder and you’ll be hooked!
Ammo from Patriots for Patriots.

Bills Custom Wood Products
Outstanding custom woodwork made to order.

JBS Custom Artwork
Absolutely fantastic custom art. You gotta see this.

Main Gun Surplus
Home of the famous Patriot Plate – affordable body armor.

Mike’s Monkey Fists
Monkey fists for those less than lethal situations as well as braided 550 cord bracelets and lanyards.

Yellerdog Predator Calls
The best fucking predator calls made, bar none.

Zoomie’s Shirt Shack
III Percenter and Patriot wear from Zoomie.

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